Sweedish Pleasure Pt. 03

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It was the Friday evening after my first fuck with Sophie. She had texted me a few times during the week but no plans had been made to meet up again. I didn’t expect to during the week, she was a high school senior and probably had plenty of things on her plate. I had gotten home late from work and was exhausted after a long week. I was ready to just have a quick dinner, maybe check out the basketball game on TV and head to bed. I must have been more tired than I realized because I fell asleep in front of the television. I found it was still on but it was the buzzing of my phone in my pocket that had woken me. I checked the caller ID and was pleased to see it was Sophie.

“Hey Sophie. How are you?”

“Tommy, I’m sorry to call you so late. But I really need you.” She sounded scared and worried, hearing her tone woke me up right away.

“What’s going on?”

“I went to this college party with my best friend and I think some guy put something in her drink. She’s really not looking good, could you please help us?” She was frightened and I realized how protective of her I had become.

“Just text me the address, I’ll be right there.” I jumped off the couch put my shoes on and ran off to my car. As I settled behind the wheel I got the address from Sophie. The GPS let me know I was only 20 minutes away. I texted her back to let her know I’d be there soon; to look after her friend and not leave her alone until I arrived. My heart was racing. I figured Sophie had drunk a little but she would be safe. I didn’t think I would get so attached to her. I felt like kicking myself for being stupid knowing damn well I was only good to her for some clothes and probably mocked me to her friends about how easy I was. With all that being said or at the very least thought of, she really sounded like she needed help and I was not about to take the chance of anything happening to her if I could help.

I got to the address and it was a full out college party. The music was loud and from my car I could see all the cans and bottles on the front lawn. I texted Sophie letting her know I was outside. She replied right away asking me to come inside and help her get her friend to the car. They were hiding out in the bathroom on the second floor. I ran inside the party through the grinding bodies and drunken college students. It was pretty dark except for some cheap ass strobe light and incredibly difficult to maneuver. There were way too many people and with all the alcohol that had been consumed very few of them were coordinated at the moment.

I reached the stairs and finally got to Bostancı Escort the bathroom at the top. I knocked and yelled to let Sophie know it was me. She opened the door and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. True it was a dire situation, but I could not help but notice how hot she looked. She wore the tightest leather pants I have ever seen, looking almost as though she had been dipped in black ink rather than actually wearing anything. It clung to her perfect legs and the curves of her hips almost magically. She wore a dark red top. Her beautiful blonde hair was straight and framed her gorgeous face marvelously.

She smiled at me and for a minute there I almost thought she was glad to see me. She hugged me tight.

“Thank you so much for coming. She’s really not well. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do.” I held her tightly against my chest and gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

“You’re fine you did the right thing calling me. Where is she?” She was lying in the tub and she was really out of it. “Leslie? Leslie?” Sophie tried to wake her by calling her name a few times but she wasn’t responding. I felt her pulse and was glad to know it was there. She was just passed out and had probably been given a date rape drug.

I lifted her out of the bathtub and told Sophie to lead the way out of the house. With a lot of maneuvering, some pushing and a lot of screaming we were able to get to the car without incident. I laid Leslie down in the backseat and told Sophie to get in with her and keep an eye on her.

“She’ll be fine; she was just given a date rape drug. She just needs to rest until the effects wear off. Where should I take you?”

“We can’t go back to either of our places our parents would kill us, we weren’t supposed to be here and if they see her like this we will be in deep shit.”

“Where were you supposed to be?”

“Sleeping over at a friend’s house.”

“Okay I’ll take you two back to my place and she can rest until the drug wears off.”

“Thank you so much Tommy.”

I drove us back to my place. During the trip Leslie woke up groggily and asked where she was. I figured that was a good sign. She laid her head back on Sophie and fell asleep. I kept checking the back to see if they were okay. Sophie would catch me sometimes and smile at me. By the time we got to my building Leslie was conscious enough to mumble a few words. I carried her into the elevator and straight to my apartment. I took her my bedroom; Sophie took off her shoes and helped me settle her down on the bed.

“Stay with her okay? I’ll go Erenköy Escort sleep in the living room. Are you alright?”

“Yea I’m fine just a little shaken that’s all.”

“Hey it’s understandable. But you did the right thing today, and took good care of your friend.”

“Thank you again for coming Tommy, you really didn’t have to. I didn’t know who else I could call.”

“There’s no need to thank me. I couldn’t leave you like that. You sounded like you really needed help. Get some rest. Tomorrow morning I’ll drive you two back to your car okay?” I laid a soft kiss on her forehead and left them to sleep. I went to the living room to get some sleep on the couch.

I woke up a few hours later and Sophie was lying next to me. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her towards me.

“You okay? Can’t sleep?” I asked her.

“Not really. I just have a lot on my mind.”

“Like what?”

“Why did you come tonight? I gave you head and we fucked in your car. But both those times I got something in return. Tonight I just asked for help and you didn’t even try to get anything from me.”

“Sophie you needed help so I came, it’s nothing you need to overthink.” She turned around and wrapped her arms around me; kissing me with her soft lips. This wasn’t like the kisses from the car; they were slower and more intimate.

“You’re a good guy Tommy. Thank you so much.” She kissed me again, pushing me onto my back and climbing onto me. I wrapped my arms around her and enjoyed the kiss. I pulled her onto me and she straddled me grinding her pussy against my hardening dick. I placed my hands on her ass enjoying the feel of her. She began to kiss my neck and run her tongue from my jaw to my ear. Licking and sucking on it. I stood up and switch positions, now I was lying on top of her. I reached down and unbutton her pants and began pulling them down her sexy legs. I got back to kissing her as she pulled down my pants and began to stroke my cock. I put my hand up her shirt seeing she had worn no bra and began playing with her tits. Her nipples were getting hard and I enjoyed toying with them as I inserted a finger into her pussy.

She moaned out loud and began rocking her hips against my fingers. I had one finger fucking her tight cunt while my thumb rubbed and ran on her clit.

“Oh shit! How are you doing this?” She asked. I smirked.

“Doing what?”

“Make me feel so good, so horny. Make me want you so bad.”

“You want me?”

“Yes so bad.”

“I want you too.”

“Then fuck me, please.”

“Whatever you like.” I added Göztepe Escort an extra finger into her and started pumping into her pussy hard and fast. She grabbed me and practically fucked my fingers driving herself closer to orgasm. “Oh shit, oh yes, I’m so close.” I pulled my fingers out of her and she almost whimpered. “Why? Don’t go. Don’t stop.” I got off of her and went through my wallet pulling out a condom. I quickly put it on and got back to her. I removed her top, as well as mine and we were both finally naked. I grabbed her and sat her down on the edge of the couch; I spread her legs wide and lowered myself in between. My knees on the rug and her legs splayed out around me. I held my cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed in. When the head penetrated her she almost yelled. She looked so sexy taking my dick. I pushed in a little more, slowly. Teasing her and making her want more. I laid my head on her chest and sucked in a nipple; licking the sexy tip as I pushed into her inch by inch. She tried to push herself up but I held her hips in place and let myself set the pace.

“Tommy, stop teasing me!”

“Oh no young lady. I’m going to have my way with you tonight.”

I finally pushed myself all the way into her, and felt her pussy almost snuggle me. I laid my torso on top of hers and kissed deeply. Sucking her tongue into my mouth I started picking up the pace and ramming my dick into her at a high clip.

“Oh fuck, oh god I’m cumming.” And cum she did, her juices covered us and I had to hold on tight so I wouldn’t slip out of her as she came all over the place not able to control herself. I didn’t stop fucking her. I only sped up the pace, ramming my dick deeply into her; making sure to grind myself against her clit on every in stroke. I grabbed her ass and held it as I fucked her as if our lives depended on it. “Ooh shit, ooohhhh shit , I’m cumming again… ooooooohhh shit!!”

Before she was even done I pulled my dick out of her spun her around and took her from behind. I pierced her pussy so fast and hard she came again right then and there. I was close now, and was ready to burst. I grabbed her hips and drove into her, the sounds of our bodies slamming into each other was resonating through the apartment. “Shit I’m cumming.” And just like that I saw white as I came into the condom, not even slowing down my rhythm as I continued to assault her young pussy with my pumping fire hose of cum.

I pulled out of her and we lay down on the couch together. We were both happy and satisfied with stupid grins on our faces.

“If Leslie wasn’t drugged up you would have woken her up.” I joked to her.

“Probably, my god I’ve never been fucked like that before.”

“It was pretty amazing.”

We kissed and got comfortable. We both closed our eyes and drifted off to into a well-deserved sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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