SX69 – Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 24

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This is the twenty-fourth in a series of stories about a scientist named Edward Vitello who has in his possession a very, very powerful love potion developed in a secret government sponsored research project that, to his dismay, was cancelled. He is determined to continue the research by doing human trials on a wide variety of selected women.

The chemical is called SX69. It is an extract of Bonobo monkey DNA combined with a molecularly altered Oxytocin from the common shrew. Bonobo monkeys use constant sex as a social bonding tool and female shrew’s mate for life after one whiff of a male’s unique Oxytocin. The potion works exactly on human females as it had with animals in the lab.

Do read the previous installments which chronicle the use of SX69 from the first subject, a sweet young librarian name Sarah, who is still a happy member of Professor Vitello’s harem of women in England. He also has a harem in Cambridge of brilliant women of science led by a world-renowned scientist named, Janette Frohlich, PhD. They love their life after being dosed with SX69 and are doing advanced research on it.

There are many erotic twists and surprising turns along the way in the previous twenty-three installments. These include bringing a young man named Keith MacLean as a test subject to form his own harem of SX69 dosed women. Professor Vitello is his mentor and financier.

In this chapter, Dr. Frohlich and her team of female scientists have reformulated SX69 into a libido enhancer for women, what the public calls, ‘Viagra for Women.’ The market for this drug would be enormous and the benefits to womankind are immense.

Edward is having the sex life of a sultan but always keeps in mind that he is conducting a serious human drug trial for the SX69 potion and any derivatives of it. His motto is, “I have much work ahead of me combining science and pleasure.”

The Search for “Viagra for Women”

My Name is Dr. Janette Frohlich. I am the lead scientist on project to design a libido enhancer for women. We are now at the stage of testing this drug on women in the presence of a male surrogate. How will their sexual instincts be enhanced and how will they act out stronger sexual impulses with the male surrogate? Today is our first test subject, Mrs. E.

My mission for the last six months has been to develop a temporary libido enhancer with the more permanent SX69 drug as the base. First, we were able to reduce the Oxytocin bonding agent from long term to five to ten hours based on the subject’s psycho-sexual makeup. The Bonobo sexual instinct enhancer was left as is to offer a female an extremely fulfilling sexual experience. But our latest breakthrough was finding a method to reverse most of the added boost to their libido. We were able to clear most but not all of the libido enhancement but finally decided that this is an added benefit to the subject. Because of this, it should be noted that long term use of the drug will incrementally after each dose, increase a human female’s sexual instincts and pleasure quotients to eventually beyond social norms. A warning label on the drug will be required.

The drug has been in a beta trial for dosage levels and safety for the last five months. This was done on female university student volunteers in a controlled laboratory setting. We started with extremely small dosages and raised them gradually. We check the subject’s physical arousal levels such as skin sensitivity and vaginal moisture generation. We also monitored their erotic thought processes. Members of our team would ask questions of the subject at ten-minute intervals. When we went above the optimal dosage there were some incidents where the female test subjects would masturbate vigorously with any handy object or with their fingers if no suitable object was available. No injuries were reported. When we were confident that we had found the proper dosage levels, the Phase I trial was complete

Of course, we could not test the drug on unsuspecting women. This is the #MeToo age and besides, it is simply not ethical. The team went to great lengths to assemble a list of women who volunteered to be test subjects. An advertisement in a high-end woman’s magazine had garnered hundreds of replies. It seems that many women are disappointed in their current sex lives and strive for change. They want passion in their lives and in their relationships.

The list was distilled down to thirty names. Woman of various ages from twenty to forty were chosen from all walks of life. They were single and married, working and stay at home. Different religions and races were included. The ladies had to have at least a high school diploma, and many were university graduates. The participants were given a thorough health and fitness checkup. This was a great sample group.

The participants all signed a waiver agreeing to the experiment. They were told a male sexual surrogate would be present after they were given a libido enhancing drug. Any sexual activity would be strictly Bostancı Escort voluntary on their part. They filled out a complete sex history and added their goals for the future.

Specifics of test area: Sitting room with table and two chairs, large sofa and music system. Non-alcoholic beverages in a bar fridge. Door to bedroom with bed. Two-way mirror on entire wall for researchers to monitor the subjects. Four video cameras with audio to record the session.


. Mrs. E.

Age: 29 Height 5′ 6″ Weight 127.5 Lb. Measurements 36B-25-34 Married

Profession: Stay at home mother of 2 children ages 5 and 3

Fitness: Pilates and yoga twice a week. Likes to hike.

Sexual History:

Sexual touching after eighteenth birthday in high school. Progressed to fellatio in university but no cunnilingus. Lost virginity on wedding night. Had one extra-marital affair with a young motorcyclist who stopped to repair her flat tire. Reported multiple orgasms in that coupling but very few with her husband who she loves dearly. Once called a male escort agency when her husband and children were away but did not consummate a sexual act due to guilt and being timid.

Current Sexual activity: Infrequent. Sexual penetration with husband one to two times a month. No oral sex. Masturbates with electric dildo once a week. Fantasy is most often of the motorcyclist of her one affair. Also has fantasies about a neighbor who flirts with her.

Her objective for participating: Wants to awaken sexual desire and have a healthier sex life. Wonders if her unfulfilling sex life is hers or her husband’s doing. She feels that she will not have sex with the surrogate since her marriage vows are very strong. But she is hoping the libido enhancement will unblock some inhibitions that will help her and her husband’s sexual relations.

The Session Notes of Dr. J. Frohlich:

From my and my team’s observation posts in our lab next to the test room we will record our observations. It was decided that Dr. Vitello would be the male surrogate rather than Keith MacLean. Dr. Vitello is older and is more like the subject’s husband with which she wants to stay bonded.

The subject is led into the room by Melissa Stewart PhD., a research team member. The room has soft lighting but excellent visibility for our scientific observations. Hidden cameras record everything. Soft music is playing.

Dr. Stewart: Mrs. E, let me go over the procedures. After I leave, the male surrogate will come in and introduce himself. Remember that you have complete freedom to refrain from any activity with him. Simply proceed at your personal comfort level.

If, after meeting him, you wish to proceed, he will give you a sealed envelope in which there is gauze pad with the drug agent. Open the envelope and inhale fully the active ingredient. You should feel the effects almost immediately. Don’t worry. It is very pleasurable and will dissipate in four to five hours. From then on, proceed as you wish. After an interval of three to four hours, you will feel sleepy. After you awake, the effects of the drug will be gone.

The experience of Professor Victor Vitello, Surrogate

My part of this experiment is simply to be the sexual surrogate. Dr. Frohlich’s team are the scientists. Due to absolute secrecy surrounding SX69, we can only use myself and Keith Maclean as male surrogates. Dr. Frohlich wants my participation to be that of a sexual surrogate partner for the female subject, not a researcher. I will follow the subject’s wishes and boundaries. As such, I will take off my scientific hat and become just a male, ready and willing to have sex.

Looking through the two-way mirror, I see an attractive lady. She has a fit, womanly body. She’s wearing a classy, beige, wool skirt that hugs her buttocks nicely. It is a conservative mid-knee length. Her gold, satin blouse buttons up the front. Only the two top buttons are modestly opened. She is wearing expensive brown leather high heels. This is a woman who dresses to impress.

Her hair is blonde, shoulder length and recently styled. Her nails are a conservative length and perfectly manicured a light beige to match her outfit.

When Dr. Stewart leaves the room, Mrs. E paces nervously as she waits for me to arrive. She comes to the mirrored wall directly on the other side of me and checks her lipstick then steps back and straightens her skirt over her crotch area. Next, she turns and looks over her shoulder to see how her bottom looks in the skirt. She runs her hands over her buttocks to smooth the woolen fabric. My penis thickens at the thought of me grasping her tight ass very soon. I’ve read her intake report and hope she is wrong about not having sex with me. I go over and enter the room.

“Hello Mrs. E, my name is Edward, nice to meet you.” She is standing with her hands clasped together protectively in front of her crotch area.

I offer her my hand. She blushes and says, “Nice to meet you too.” We Kadıköy Escort shake.

I say, “Why don’t we sit at the table and chat a bit.”

“That would be fine.” In a very feminine manner, she sits.

We are across from each other. Mrs. E smiles nervously at me.

I compliment her, “I must say I love your outfit. It’s very classy and the colors are very becoming.”

She breaks out in a big smile of relief and replies, “Thanks very much.”

I continue, “If you are okay with me, then why don’t we continue with the process. Should we?”

“Yes, that would be fine.”

“Okay. Here is the envelope. Just open it up. You will see a white gauze pad. Inhale deeply through your nose near it.”

She opens it and does as instructed. I have seen many women dosed on SX69 but never any with the new formula. Her eyes close. Almost immediately her face seems to relax and the edges of her pale pink, lipstick covered lips turn up in a slight smile.

It is important I get the subjects feelings as the trial proceeds.

“How are you feeling?”

Her eyes open and her pupils are dilated. “Very good, yes, very good. I can feel a pleasurable wave of bodily sensations wash over me.”

“That’s perfect. Things are going exactly as they should be.”

Her face is glowing with more energy and she sits more erect with her lovely breasts more uplifted. I can feel the staff of my penis fill as I envision fondling her breasts. She has very little experience with sex other than with her husband so I must go slow.

She licks her lips sexily and smiles at me openly. These are sexual signals I recognize. I put my hands on the table towards her. She looks down at them and I can see that she is thinking intensely.

Finally, she says, “Do you mind if I hold your hands?”

I say, “No, go ahead. I’d like that. I’m here totally at your pleasure. Just ask.”

Her eyes widen as she absorbs that thought. Her hands slide over mine. She closes her eyes and gives a little sigh as she covers them. Her hands are warm and very soft. Shifting her chair closer, she strokes the back of my hands.

Nervously, she says, “This is very hard for me. I apologize if I’m not good at this.”

I reassure her, “Not a worry. Everything is good. Why don’t we go and sit on the sofa? It’s more comfortable there.”

She gets up and walks ahead of me. The soft wool skirt hugs her ass cheeks very sexily. She sits at one end and I at the other. Her skirt has risen up her thighs and she modestly pulls it down. I sit a few feet from her with my arm over the back of the sofa. Dr. Frohlich has instructed me to let the subject make all the advances. That seemed okay when she said that but now I’m wanting to go over and have my way with her. She’s ripe for a fuck even if she doesn’t know it yet.

She is running her hands over the wool fabric of her shirt on her thighs. She obviously is having intense tactile sensations. I can see her nostrils flair as she breathes deeply. Her eyes glaze over as she is looking inward as primal urges swirl in the erotic recesses of her brain.

She opens her eyes, licks her beautiful full lips and slides over to me. She hugs against my body and my hand goes from the back of the sofa to her far shoulder. Her head nestles under my chin. Her perfume is sweet and flowery. When she shifted over her skirt rode halfway up her tanned thighs. This time she doesn’t pull it down. It takes all my willpower not to run my hand up between her legs to her pussy. He firm breast is against my side.

I whisper, “I love the smell of your perfume. It is very sexy. You are very sexy.”

She gives a big sigh and says, “Oh thank you for saying that.”

A dam seems to have broken and she kisses me sweetly on the neck. My dick is now titanium hard and painfully at the wrong angle. She can see how she’s affecting me as I adjust it and it makes a tent in my pants. The scene is crazy-making. I must move on. Fuck the go-slow rules of the experiment.

“Mrs. E. Is it okay if I feel your beautiful body?”

“Oh Edward, is it okay if we kiss for a bit? My body and mind are saying go on but my marriage vows are so strong. I’m sorry. I don’t want to be difficult.”

“No, no, no. This is all good.”

I put my fingers under her chin and lift her lips to mine. She puts her hands behind my head and pulls me to her lips. Her mouth opens and we French kiss deeply. Our tongues dance together. She breathes deeply through her nostrils. I wrap my arms around her back and our bodies mash together. I slip my hand to her ass and massage it through the cashmere soft wool of her skirt. She gives a groan deep in her throat as my strange new hand fondles her bum. Our mouths part and she kisses my ear. I can sense new dams breaking in her primal brain. The distinct smell of her love juices fills the air. I know the power of SX69. Her pussy must be on fire.

I whisper. “Your ass feels so great.” She kisses my neck in appreciation for the complement. Göztepe Escort I take my other hand and massage both ass cheeks deeply. She’s moaning almost constantly as I fondle her. Should I feel her breasts? Before I make a move, she takes my hand and moves it to her chest. I cup her breast through the silk blouse. It is firm and womanly. Her nipple is like a hard pebble.

She undoes the top two buttons of my shirt and puts her hand inside and feels my pecs skin on skin. I take that as a sign she wants the same. I undo three buttons of her blouse and reach inside to her light beige, lacy bra. It has a clasp at the front and I reached for it.

Knowing my intention, she gasps, “Oh dear me.” I open the clasp and cup her bare breast. She hides her head in the crook as my strange hand gropes her silky soft, firm globes. She sighs and whispers, “Oh sweet Mary, that feels so good.”

More dams seem to be bursting as I pleasure her breasts. In a more husky voice, she asks politely, “Is it okay if I feel you down there?”

“Please do.”

Her hand goes to the tent of my pants and she runs the palm of her hand down the shaft to my ball-sack.

She let’s out a big groan, balls her fist and sits back.

“Oh lordy, I shouldn’t be doing this. This isn’t like me. I think I’ll have a drink of water.”

I jump up and say, “Let me get you that.” I pour her a glass of carbonated water and hand it down to her. Her skirt is back down to knee level with her knees tightly together. Her blouse is still unbuttoned and her bra still opened but her bare breasts are hidden behind the silk material. She is sitting in the middle of the sofa, not back at the far end. That and her top still open are good signs.

I pour myself a glass as well and sit back down sideways on the couch facing her. She sips her drink deep in thought and soon leans back on the sofa with her torso towards me. This has her knees somewhat apart. Her arm goes to the back of the sofa. Mine is there too and she puts her hand over mine sweetly.

She seems to be warming back up. I admire her respect for her marriage vows but I’m sure lust is rising in the primal areas of her brain. It just needs a little push to unleash her inner fox.

“Mrs. E., you are a very sexy woman. Your husband is so lucky. You don’t know how you effect men.” I reach down to the tent in my pants and stroke my cock through the fabric. Her eyes widen at I feel myself.

“Yes, you are so beautiful, so desirable.” She licks her lips and her eyes take on a hungry look. She rubs her knees together likely to give her pussy some friction.

“I hope you don’t mind if I touch myself while I look at your sexy body.”

Breathlessly she says, “No, that’s fine.” She licks her lips again and stares down at my crotch.

I ask “Is it possible for you to lift the hem of your skirt just a bit? I’d love to see more of your lovely legs.”

She hesitates, thinking my request over in her mind, then blushes and lifts the hem up to mid-thigh. She sees my eyes ogling her legs and she looks away shyly.

“Wow, Mrs. E. your legs are very sexy. Very nice.” She parts her knees just enough for me to see a bit of the crotch of her beige silk panties. I don’t think she realizes how much I can see. Or maybe she does.

She gives me a brazen look and says, “You have a nice body too.”

“Thank you so much. I appreciate that.” She gives a big warm smile. “Let me show you some more of it. Would you like that?”

She puts her hand over her mouth like she’s trying to stop herself from speaking. I take the moment to take off my shirt quickly. Her eyes go wide. I undo my belt, unzip and pull off my slacks. I’m not wearing underwear. My cock stands proudly up.

The hand goes from her mouth, “Oh sweet Mary.” Her eyes look around frantically. Then she reaches into her open blouse and cups her breast while closing her eyes. Her other hand is sliding over the bump in the skirt above her crotch with a flat open palm. When the tips of her fingers slide lower and dig into the depression of her skirt where her pussy resides, a smile of pleasure crosses her luscious, full lips. Mrs. E. is getting very horny.

I stroke my cock slowly as I watch this woman who was so prim and proper just a short time ago, get more raunchy by the minute. What a horny sight. I touch her calf with my bare foot and her eyes shoot open. She stares at me stroking my dick. Her legs open wider. She wants to show me her crotch. The beige silk panties have a huge wet spot and I can see her pussy slit through the soaked silk material.

“Oh yes, Mrs. E., you are such a sexy woman.” Her face is becoming a picture of lust. I can sense inhibitions are melting in her brain but she still needs a bit of a push. If I can get her to hold my cock, she’ll be hot for a fuck guaranteed. “If you want to touch me, it’s okay. I’d like that.” I release my cock and point to it. Her hand goes from her breast and she hesitates.

“I don’t know.”

I shift towards her and take her hand and pull it towards me.

“Go ahead. It’s okay. Just touch it. It’s all good.”

She bites her lip then gives a groan and moves to me and grips my steel hard erection. She kisses me under the ear in complete submission.

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