Sylvia’s Switch Ch. 06

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I still had almost a week left with the lovely Kathy, to whom my Mistress, Susana had loaned me, and I was determined to make the most of it.

I was missing my Mistress, certainly — my love for her was something very special, dating back to when she had rescued me from a life of abject misery with my husband. I didn’t even want to think about those times.

But life with Kathy was fun, and when she had caned me so viciously, the joy I experienced was a tangible thing, the recent memory of the kiss of that cane on my buttocks making me wet all over again, as her servant, Sandra, soothed balm into my raw wounds.

I turned my head to look at her. She was jet-black, her straightened hair framing a pretty, oval face. She had come to my room wearing a short white, fur-trimmed, baby-doll nightdress, which contrasted startlingly with her velvet-smooth, ebony skin. Sharply-pointed breasts poked firmly at the translucent material. She had extra-long nails, which I knew were natural, and which she had painted white. They were tracing welts on my skin, some of which extended around the sides, almost to my belly.

‘Mmmm,’ I murmured, ‘that’s nice, Sandra!’

I put my hands up to cup her breasts, and feel their firmness through the silky nylon, and she murmured appreciatively as I found the hardening nipples between finger and thumb. I tugged the hem of her baby-doll, and pulled her down to me, then kissed her hard on the lips. She melted instantly against me, and allowed me to push my studded tongue into her mouth, exploring, while she pushed her lithe, delicate little body up against me. She was firm all over — not an ounce of fat on her, but somehow she managed not to be bony or skinny, with nice rounded buttocks which yielded when I ran my hands down to them.

‘Oh,’ she moaned, as I parted her arse-cheeks, and lightly touched a finger to the tiny puckered hole of her rectum, and her breathing had quickened noticeably.

‘Come and lay with me, Sandra,’ I told her, ‘the Mistress has given me permission to sleep with you tonight.’

‘But Sylvia,’ she said, as she climbed onto the bed beside me, ‘why did my Mistress cane you so horribly, cause all these marks?’

‘I can’t expect you to understand, my dear,’ I replied, ‘but I wanted her to punish me, wanted it more than anything.’

She looked seriously at me, her big brown eyes liquid and lovely. ‘I think I understand. Do you think she will punish me too?’

I laughed. ‘She may, if you want her to. Perhaps you should ask her.’

‘That’s enough talking,’ I said, and pulled her close, feeling the entire length of her pressed against me, then felt for her pussy, stroking the smooth flesh of her shaven mound, and reaching her crack. She obligingly opened her legs to me, and I drew back so that I could see the folds of her labia.

‘Open your pussy for me, Sandra,’ I told her, and, after hesitating just a moment, her eyes never leaving mine, she reached down with both her slender hands and stretched her cunt-lips wide apart. I bent to look at the treasure within, and saw her glistening pink vagina, beckoning me. There was no resisting such beauty, and pulling my long hair out of the way, I went down on her, plunging my tongue straight into the hot depths of her cunt. She tasted wonderful, a musky essence that thrilled me.

‘Oh, Sylvia!’ she moaned, ‘that’s wonderful,’ and she diddled her clit with a long finger as I fucked her with my studded tongue. Her breath was coming in short gasps as I found her rhythm, and then she screamed something unintelligible as a climax overcame her, and juices oozed from her cunt.

When she had recovered, I showed her how to repay the favour, teaching her to lick my sensitive arsehole, then to ram two fingers deep into my velvet tunnel while she tongued my cunt. I came deliciously, then we slept, my arms around her smooth black body, one of her slim legs flung over me. We awoke during the night, but caressed each other gently back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning she had gone, and I heard her whistling tunelessly as she pottered about below in the kitchen.

Kathy awaited me when I got downstairs, sipping her coffee, immaculately dressed in a sky-blue silk jersey dress, her silky blonde hair loose about her shoulders.

‘You look ravishing, Miss Kathy,’ I told her, and she smiled coolly.

‘Did you have a good night, then?’

‘Yes thank you, Miss Kathy.’

‘That’s good,’ she said, then: ‘Look, I have to go out now, to see a producer. I shall bring him and his wife back for lunch. Perhaps you would help Sandra this morning for me? She has to prepare the meal. I want you to dine with us, Sylvia, and I should like you to wear the clothes Sandra has been instructed to lay out for you.’

With that, she left the table, and was gone.

When I went to my room, I saw what I had been given to wear, laying across my newly-made bed. There was a black corset, a completely sheer black nylon long-sleeved shift-dress, and a packet containing black seamed stockings. By my otele gelen escort bed stood a pair of black platform shoes, with silver needle heels. Although I would ordinarily have been excited at the idea of wearing such an outfit, I was aghast at the prospect of being exhibited in front of complete strangers thus attired. There was no point in getting dressed up just then, so I slipped into a track-suit and went down to give Sandra a hand. She seemed embarrassed, and didn’t meet my look when I bade her good morning, but our brief conversations gradually loosened her up, as we got on with preparing a big spread for our guests.

‘Do you know these people?’ I asked her.

‘I’ve met them once,’ she replied.

‘What are they like?’

‘He’s gorgeous, and she’s nice as well, I think.’

‘How old?’

‘Quite old,’ she said, ‘hard to tell, but over forty, anyway.’

I caught Sandra smiling an embarrassed smile at me then — she realised that it had been her youth talking. She couldn’t have been more than twenty, after all.

When I next glanced at my watch, twelve was approaching, and I went up to dress.

I took a quick shower, then brushed my long, thick, auburn hair until it shone, and took care over my make-up — I didn’t want Kathy to show me off to her guests in less than perfect condition.

I fitted the corset around my body, then pulled its strap fastenings as tight as I could bear them, doing up the buckles at the side. When I looked in the mirror, I was satisfied. My waist looked reduced, tiny, and my breasts sat on top of the lace frill at the upper extent of the garment. I rolled on the stockings, straightened the seams, and cinched them to my corset’s garter straps. The corset was cut high, front and rear, so that my buttocks, as well as my mound, were quite free. I pulled the dress over my head, and its hem fell to the floor in a whisper of soft nylon. In the mirror, every detail of my body, from my sharp, pointed, breasts to the start of my crack, and the little chains that dangled from my navel and from the ring through my clitoris, was visible through the black, transparent material. I stepped into the shoes, and checked my lips, adding just a little more gloss. I had left Mistress Susana’s collar in place — if that had got me punished, I didn’t care — my love for my true Mistress overrode all other concerns. As I watched myself walk on last time towards the mirror, I had a sudden flashback to my previous life. ‘Life before Susana,’ I would have to call the book I knew I should never write, and I reflected upon how my beloved Mistress had rescued and converted me. And now she had loaned me to the beautiful Kathy — an adventure I was enjoying. I smiled at my erotic image.

Justine and Sergio arrived with Kathy soon after I got downstairs. The darkly handsome Sergio, on being introduced to me, raised my hand to his lips, and, out of my eye-corner, I saw that Sandra, standing by in her tiny black miniskirt and fishnet stockings, was practically swooning. But I was much more impressed by his French wife. Justine was a platinum blonde, her straight, immaculately cut hair reaching down to her slim waist. Her eyes were a pale blue which leant her an almost unwordly look as she regarded me under long, long, lashes, a tiny smile on her luscious red lips. Tiny lines around her eye-corners and the inevitable sign of age around her neck placed her nearer fifty then forty.

She wore a black, completely transparent blouse, but unlike me, she had covered her breasts under it, with a lacy black bra, through which her nipples were a dusky hint. Her skirt was narrow, tight around her knees, and shiny stockings encased her shapely calves, over a pair of fashionable heels, which I thought may be Blahniks. When she spoke, I realised with a shock of fascination that she had a tiny diamond inset into one of her front teeth, just like Davinia, the ‘shemale’ to whom my Mistress had once lent me. Then I noticed her hands. Her interest in self-decoration extended to her nails, which were sharp-pointed, maroon coloured, and very long indeed. She interested me, I decided.

But that Kathy was also extremely interested in her became obvious as we ate. The food turned out fine, but my attention was upon the interplay between Kathy and Justine, who sat opposite one another, whilst in front of me was Sergio, whose eyes seldom strayed from my practically naked breasts. Justine’s hands kept disappearing beneath the table, and I felt sure she was stroking Kathy’s silken thighs, giving me a ridiculous pang of jealousy.

Sandra, serving at table, paid a great deal of attention to Sergio, so that the result of it all was a sexually-charged tableau.

Kathy said, almost formally, when we had finished our sweet, ‘Shall we all go to my room? I have the impression that that would be a popular idea.’

So saying, she clipped a leash onto my collar, and gave me a little tug. I followed her meekly upstairs, and we all trooped into balgat escort her capacious bedroom, then she turned to Sandra, who had trailed in behind us, and said, ‘Go and change now, as I told you earlier.’

As Sandra slipped out of the door, Kathy was sliding down the zipper at the back of her dress.

‘Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, Justine?’ she said, and the older woman started to unbutton her blouse. In an instant, Kathy stood in nothing but a skimpy satin garter belt, stockings and stilettos, and the first thing she did then was to fetch an upholstered stool for Sergio to sit on — he was intended, I realised, to be a spectator! Kathy pulled me down onto the bed with her, tugging at my leash, and put her arm around me as we watched Justine undress. Self-consciously, she unclipped her bra, and slid the straps from her elegant shoulders. With some reluctance, she revealed nice round breasts, still quite firm for her age. Then she went about unzipping her black skirt, and wriggle it down over her hips, and let it fall to the floor, leaving her in stockings, garter belt and a pair of loose, silk, white French panties.

‘Leave your stockings and belt on, why don’t you?’ said Kathy, and Justine stepped up to the bed, whereupon Kathy, looking her in the eye as she did so, smoothed the panties down past her hips, so that they whispered silkily down over her stockings. She stepped out of them, then sat, almost primly, on the edge of the bed, her hands still lingering around her breasts and pubis, in a futile attempt to cover up.

I noticed that she had a neat, well-trimmed triangle of brown pubic hair — obviously her natural colour. She was oddly ill-at-ease, making me think she may have been a novice at this kind of thing. My mind went briefly back to my own first time, with Susana — how I missed her, even though it had been little more than a week since she had loaned me to Kathy. Meantime, I had slipped my shift off, and was sat in just the cruel corset, which, although uncomfortably tight, made me feel incredibly sexy, and my stockings.

Kathy reached over and took Justine by the hand, and she looked coyly at the two of us, as Kathy’s other hand was fondling one of my breasts while I stroked her thigh with long, langorous movements. Justine found herself being coaxed towards Kathy’s other side, and soon the three of us were side-by-side, while Sergio watched intently, hand in his lap, surreptitiously stroking his cock, I thought.

‘Prepare Justine for me, darling will you?’ Kathy said quietly, and I wriggled around to the older woman while Kathy started to masturbate gently, her hand now moving rhythmically between her slim legs.

I knew what Kathy wanted, and slid my body up against Justine’s, then, taking her chin in my hand, I forced her to kiss me. At first she was reluctant, keeping her lips closed, but when my studded tongue wriggled its way between them, she quite suddenly relaxed, and opened herself to me, allowing me to explore her mouth with my tongue, at the same time kneading her soft breasts with both hands, until I heard her little moan of pleasure. Then I pushed my knee between hers, causing her to part her silk-clad legs. I sought her pussy with my hand, and found that she was moist. Beyond moist, in fact — she was wet! I opened up her labia with my fingers, then knew it was time to step things up. I licked the whole of her slender torso, pausing to bite gently on a nipple, drawing a long, sonorous moan from somewhere in her depths. My tongue worked its way down, down, around her little triangle of wiry hair, and found her pussy, making her writhe, as I shifted between her legs, then she opened up completely for me, as I lapped her juicy pussy, lingering with my tongue around her fast-growing clit, then plunging it deep into the sweet, hot depths of her cunt. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Kathy was busy lubricating a long, flexible, double-ended dildo, whose acquaintance I had made, whilst beyond her, Sandra had returned, now wearing the white, fur-trimmed baby-doll. She was stood beside Sergio, who was fondling her naked arse, while she skilfully liberated his stiff, livid prick from its trouser-prison.

Kathy nudged me out of the way, and, as she straddled Justine’s legs, handed me the dildo.

‘Would you like to moisten that for us, Sylvia?’ she said, then began to kiss Justine deeply.

I took the rubbery implemement, and introduced one lubricated end into my vagina. It slipped deep within me very easily, but felt nice as it buried itself deep in my hot, wet cunt. I gave it a few long strokes, in and out, then reversed it and did the same with the other end. I reluctantly handed it over, and Kathy inserted one end deep into the lovely, familiar sweetness of her fuckhole. She lay back, her legs astride Justine’s, while I took the other end of the dildo, and thrust it into the older blonde’s eager cunt. She groaned with sheer passion as her inner lips closed around the fat false prick, and, elvankent escort glancing over to her husband, I saw that Sandra had taken his rampant shaft deep into her throat, and was massaging his balls, as he watched his wife being fucked with the dildo. I slid up to her and busied myself kissing her, while she teased my nipples to fantastic erection. As I did this, I suddenly felt Kathy’s long-nailed index finger penetrate my arsehole, and I knew then that an orgasm was well on its way.

When Justine offered was still manipulating my sensitive tits, her breath was coming in ragged gasps as she was pounded by Kathy, the dildo buried deep inside her, and Kathy’s finger in my arse was joined by another, my climax came, came upon me in a beautiful, slow, all-enveloping wave, which transported me to a world of brilliant colours I didn’t want to leave.

When I came back to earth, Justine was shuddering as her own orgasm hit her, and, looking beyond, I could see Sandra, her mouth open, as Sergio’s cock exploded, shooting his hot load of cum all over her face. I knew that Kathy too would have climaxed — she had remarkable control, and could cum almost at will.

‘I’m going to miss you terribly when you return to Susana,’ said Kathy. We were in bed naked together, much later, on the evening of the day of our lunch with Sergio and Justine.

‘I want to thank you for helping me with Justine,’ she said, ‘she is going to come and live with me.’

Surprised, I said, ‘But she’s married!’

‘She’s going to leave him. Anyway, so are you married.’

‘You just said you would miss me,’ I said, ‘but you’ve been making plans to live with Justine.’

‘It’s not the same. I’ve loved having a slave these last ten days. I suppose I must really be a dominatrix.’

‘You could try to convert Sandra into your slave. She asked me if you would punish her one day.’

‘Hmmm,’ she mused, ‘I’d never thought about that. Perhaps I’d like to try it.’

‘Well, you certainly seem to enjoy punishing me — as much as I love being punished!’

‘I’ve been wondering what it feels like to be punished, to experience a hard caning, for instance.’

‘It’s really exciting. At first it hurts like hell, but then something seems to take over. I have sometimes cum twice while I’m being whipped.’

Talking like this was having an effect on Kathy, and she threw a long, slim leg over me, bringing her open pussy within easy reach of my hand. When I put it to her crack, she was soaking wet, and was breathing heavily before I had my fingers inside her.

Kathy gave a tug at my hair, howing me that she wanted me to flip over. Both of us loved the ’69’ position, and her tongue was soon working, first on my pussy, then what I loved best, her long tongue poking into my super-sensitive anus. When I returned the favour, my stud grazing the portals of her rectum, she cried out sharply and juices oozed from her cunt.

Later, exhausted, we lay in each other’s arms, and we were just like that, entwined toghether, when Sandra brought us breakfast next morning.

Kathy went shopping, leaving me to try on dresses. She had a wardrobe-full that she said she would never wear again — they had been worn just the once, for promotions and the like — and she said I was welcome to any of them. I liked a short, tight black velvet cocktail dress, and was still wearing it when Kathy returned.

She showed me what she had bought. It was a long leather riding crop, just like the one Susana had.

‘That’s nice,’ I remarked, and told her that Susana used one on me frequently.

‘I suppose it must hurt?’ she asked.

‘Yes, a great deal.’

‘I’d like to try it out.’

‘What, now?’


‘I’ll get ready then,’ I said. I started to unzip my dress at the back.

‘No, no!’ said Kathy, ‘I want you to try it on me.’

‘But……are you sure?’ I wasn’t sure she realised how much it was going to hurt.

‘I’m sure. I’ll go and get ready.’

She was wearing a fabulous cream Armani suit. ‘I’ll go get into something more suitable,’ she said.

I waited in the lounge until Kathy came back, wearing a short blue silk baby-doll nightdress, which only reached down to just around her pubis, where it was prettily trimmed with lace. She had pinned her long blonde hair up in a twist.

She walked up to me and kissed me.

‘Let me be your slave, for once, Sylvia. I want you to hurt me, please, mistress!’

‘Take your nightie off,’ I told her sharply, throwing a cushion on the floor, ‘and kneel!’

She obeyed, putting the baby-doll over a chair back.

She looked lovely, kneeling there, her straight back and slender form so elegant, her firm, round breasts thrusting out like a challenge. She looked around at me almost imploringly, for all the world as if I was about to grant her a favour.

‘You know I’m going to hurt you, don’t you?’ I said.

‘Oh yes, please do!’

‘Put your hands up to the back of your neck!’

I tested the feel of the long leather crop, and it made a satisfying swish as I wielded it. Making sure of my aim, I touched it to her slim white back, then drew my arm back, and gave her a first, brutal stroke just below the shoulder blades. She gasped at the severity of the stinging blow, and turned this way and that a couple of times, but her hands stayed where they were.

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