Take @ Chance Ch. 03: By Them

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This is the final part (well final for now) in the story of a night of passion between two women who met by chance when their trains broke down opposite each other. They had connected through a lesbian pickup app called ‘Take @ Chance’.    

Chapter 1 told the story from the perspective of Laura, a straight soon-to-be married woman who desired that for one night she was a lesbian submissive slut to Debbie.    

Chapter 2 told the same story from the perspective of Debbie who was the predatory lesbian that seduced and ravished Laura. Their agreement was that they would spend a night of unbridled lust together and then walk away, no strings.    

When we left the story Debbie was worried that Laura wanted more so after setting the app to allow Laura to track her, slipped her phone into the backpack of a London-bound commuter.  

What I would say is that people change with time so you may not read what you expect to read.  


Laura looked around the student union bar and inwardly sighed, though outwardly she smiled at the different girls who had given her the eye. Since moving to Durham University six months ago she had been with pretty much every lesbian or bisexual available female on campus. She had even managed to convert a few who were unsure but curious, but none of them was Debbie.

Laura still remembered that night with Debbie when she found out that she wasn’t really that interested in men. She had also discovered a side of herself that she never knew existed, the desire or rather the need, to be dominated by another woman. She had followed the signal on the phone to London thinking she was pursuing Debbie, ready to throw herself at her feet and beg to be her sub.

Eventually she accosted a tall Indian man with a beard who quite clearly wasn’t Debbie in Starbucks. A heated conversation then took place with the man insisting he had no idea what she was talking about but finally agreed to search his bag. On finding the strange phone, further protestations of innocence ensued as Laura tried to grab the phone which the man held out of her reach, demanding she proved it was hers. With tears pouring down her face, Laura stopped as she realised what had happened and turned away, leaving the man standing with a bemused look on his face.

Laura caught the next train to her boyfriend’s parent’s house where she should have gone the night before and was confronted by a worried Tim and his very snooty parents. Much to their shock and then anger, Laura told them that she was breaking off the relationship for personal reasons and left.

Returning to Manchester University, she completed her degree and then applied to Durham for a postgraduate course. The fact that she passed her degree, let alone got a first, was something of a miracle. On an evening, after studying for a few hours, she would frequent the BDSM scene in Manchester, throwing herself into the role of submissive with great enthusiasm. The trouble was, regardless of what was done to her by both men and women, at the point of orgasm the only face she saw in her mind was Debbie’s.

She stopped letting men pick her up and concentrated on women, advertising herself on the Take @ Chance app as a willing submissive with no limits. She would like to think she was a good submissive, and everyone told her that they enjoyed time with her. More than one wanted to make it a more permanent arrangement with talk of collars, but Laura politely declined as none of them quite had that spark that she had gotten from that one night of random passion. The truth was she yearned after Debbie, who had spurned her by running away

On her way to Durham, her small car packed with her whole world, Laura had an in-depth conversation with Oliver, who was sitting on the passenger seat. The conversation was perhaps a little one-sided as Oliver was in fact a mechanical white owl that she had bought when she was enthralled with the world of Harry Potter.

“So Oliver,” Laura began, “I have tried being a sub…” as she spoke, she shifted in the seat, “…but the only person who has really done it for me is Debbie and she has, as they say, fucked off,” Oliver said nothing, but that was to be expected really as Laura chewed her bottom lip before she went on. “I fully accept that we agreed we go our separate ways and it was a no-strings night of lust, but she could have waited for me.”

Laura laughed ironically in the empty car as she thought to herself, “That was a stupid comment girl, pull yourself together, no strings meant no strings, get over it.” Then clearing her throat, she returned to lecturing the mechanical owl who had remained stoic throughout. “So I am thinking, new home new start and I will be Miss Laura from now on and woe betide any sub who steps out of line.”


“Are you free this evening Laura?” a timid voice said, breaking her from her thoughts. Looking round, Laura found herself confronted by the hopeful face of Jenny Wright, otherwise known bursa escort as “Bunny.” Jenny had earned the nickname as she had hopped from bed to bed in her first year at halls and was always willing to hop into anyone’s, they simply had to text.

Laura stayed silent and stared at Bunny who swallowed nervously before she added under her breath, “Ma’am.”

“You are getting forgetful Bunny,” Laura said sharply, and reaching round bought her hand down hard against Bunny’s right buttock. The sound of the slap was covered by the noise of the bar as was the moan of pain and pleasure that escaped Bunny’s lips.

“Sorry Ma’am,” Bunny said, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Show me,” Laura barked. Bunny blushed a deep red then moved her position before sliding up the material of the thin dress she was wearing. She had no underwear on, so the cheeks of her ass were clearly visible, as was the red imprint of Laura’s hand.

“Do try harder Bunny,” Laura said softly, “Now what did you have planned for this evening?”

Laura heard the bar become hushed, and as she looked at the door she saw the formidable figure of Ms Delany scanning the premises. When she spotted Laura, she set of across the carpet like a battleship at full steam ahead. At 50 she was head of scientific research and one of Laura’s lecturers who would be influential in Laura’s doctorate grading. She cut a matronly figure, with the tweed skirt stretched across her wide hips as the buttons on her white blouse strained to contain her very ample breasts. Her black professorial robe flowed and flapped behind her like the pennant on a warship. Stopping in front of Laura, who had returned her attention to Bunny, she placed her hands on her hips. “Your paper is overdue,” she huffed, and waited for Laura to respond.

Laura didn’t respond directly to Ms Delany but instead spoke to Bunny, who gave the impression of a rabbit caught in car headlights and would rather be any place else.

“Did you hear something Bunny? Sounded to me like a request by someone to have my fist in their cunt… again.”

Agatha Delany said nothing but could feel herself colour up as she became wet remembering the rampant sex session with Laura a few days earlier. Her pussy flipped as she recalled the feeling of Laura’s hand deep inside.

“You said that would remain between us,” Agatha protested.

“And you said you would give me until today,” Laura spat as she stood. “If you check your inbox you will find the paper is there. Now I am going to Newcastle for a change. Bunny, take Agatha back to her rooms, and when you get her there fist her until she comes like a cheap whore.”

Laura smiled to herself. She knew that although Bunny was very much sub when it came to sex, she did love to fist other women so should be a match made in heaven.


Debbie looked around the bar called Foxie’s and studied the bride’s mother Mary jiggling her ass as she gyrated on the small dance floor. She had only agreed to tag along to the hen night tonight as she was hoping to get a crack at the bride-to-be. She had seduced Mary a few weeks ago after picking her up on the Take @ Chance app that she still used. As she sipped her vodka and tonic she recalled the meeting with Mary the week before.


Debbie logged onto Take @ Chance with her log-in name of ‘Dee_Light’ as she had never logged onto Debbie_D again after putting her phone in the Indian’s rucksack, knowing that there was every likelihood that Laura would break her promise and try to follow. She often thought about Laura and wondered what she was doing and if she ever got married to the grey man with the domineering mother. Debbie wished that she could have been worthy of Laura’s love, but she knew in her heart that she would have caused the same heartbreak that she had caused to her family by being ‘the spawn of Satan’ as her mother so quaintly put it.

Scrolling through the messages of past lovers who wanted to connect again and the vast array of adverts for spam sites, Debbie settled on the ‘seeking’ section to see what was about. She was almost slavering when she came across the entry, “Naughty Mary, 50, divorced, seeking something new and someone who will take control.” Reading the bio Debbie built a mental picture of the woman who described herself as having, “long flowing brown hair and dark smouldering eyes.” Her description went on to say that she had, “a full womanly figure full of curves and was in good shape for her age.” The two things that really caught her attention were the line, “Available for use and want to meet up as soon as possible,” and the second was the fact that she was online and within 2 miles, which meant she was in town and looking.

Debbie was acutely aware of catfishing where a man would pose as a woman online and try to get pictures or sexy texts. If she was just in the mood for flirting, she would play along and often enjoyed the pictures she was sent that were often lifted from the internet. When they said bursa escort bayan they wanted to meet she had a sure-fire way of checking things out. It would also tell her if this was really a sub-straight virgin, ripe and ready for the picking.

DEE_LIGHT: Hey like your bio and would love to be your first one.

There was a pause as Mary must have been checking out Debbie’s profile which only had a couple of sexy but not to revealing photos without her face.

NAUGHTY_MARY: I like what I see. You have private pictures, can I see them?

Debbie smiled to herself as this was a pretty standard response and now the test to see if Mary was genuine or not.

DEE_LIGHT: Sure, no problem, but first you need to call me by pressing the phone button on your screen.

At this point either the other person would go offline and their profile vanished, or on the odd occasion they would reply. Debbie waited to see what would happen, and, to her delight, the phone in her hand buzzed.

“Hi, this is Mary, is that Dee?”

Debbie smiled to herself and knew the next step was to take control quickly and check to see if the caller was truly wanting to be a sub.

“Yes, this is Dee, you said you wanted to meet up and have someone take control,” and before Mary could comment Debbie went on, “Meet me in the Royal Station hotel bar…” Debbie glanced at her watch, “…by nine o’clock. If you are late then I may not be there.”

Debbie navigated to release her private pictures, which not only included clear facial pictures of herself but also some very explicit pictures of her and a variety of women with their faces obscured.

“I have sent you some pictures so you know what I look like.”

Debbie had to resist giggling as she heard the gasp and, clicking off the phone, slipped it into her pocket. Mary would either be there or not Debbie thought to herself as she stepped into the foyer of the hotel. As she moved across the lobby she smiled and winked at one of the women working behind the desk, who blushed deeply. The hotel was a grand affair though its glory days were long behind it now.

Sitting at a table in the bar with a glass of prosecco in front of her, Debbie saw a well-dressed middle-aged woman scanning the room and clearly looking for someone. Debbie smiled at her as she came over and said breathlessly, “Hi I’m Mary and I am hoping that you are Dee or I am going to feel a fool.”

Debbie looked at her and said quietly, “The question is… if I am not Dee-Light would you still want to lick my pussy?”

Much to Debbie’s amusement Mary coloured immediately, and with a wave of her hand a waiter appeared and took their drinks order. “Oh and John, please could you tell Jenny that I would like my usual room.”

A few minutes later, and after drinks had been served, the woman from behind reception appeared holding a key in her hand.

“Your usual room Madam, and I finish at ten if that is of any use to you?”

Debbie could see the look of confusion on Mary’s face, so she leant forward and said in a voice that was loud enough for Jenny to hear as well, but not loud enough for others to follow.

“Jenny likes to use a strap on and I am sure you won’t mind the company…will you”

Mary downed her drink, “Well, I am ready when you are,” she said firmly.

Debbie remained seated, “Are you sure you wish to deliver yourself into my hands? Once you commit there is no going back, you are mine for the night.”

Mary didn’t respond but Debbie could tell by the way she started to flush, the increase in the rate of her breathing and the way her nipples were straining against her blouse that this was exactly what she wanted.

Debbie stood up, went to the lift, and pressed the button, not bothering to see if Mary had followed. When the lift arrived she was followed by a panting Mary who remained silent until it reached the right floor. As the doors closed and took the lift away, Debbie remained standing with a confused Mary at her side.

“Strip,” said Debbie quietly, and when Mary didn’t respond repeated more firmly, “strip or fuck off now.”

There was a momentary look of panic on Mary’s face as she looked up and down the corridor. She then removed her outer clothing until she was standing in just her bra and panties. “I said strip,” Debbie repeated leaning against the wall. At that moment the lift sprang into life and started to rise.

Mary didn’t know what to do. Part of her wanted to run and hide but yet another part of her was telling her to obey.

Debbie watched the indecision run over Mary’s face and bought back for a fleeting moment the visage of sweet Laura. Perhaps I should have taken the chance, she thought to herself wistfully as the lift pinged to announce its arrival. At the same moment, Mary divested herself of her skimpy underwear and stood naked as the doors opened.

A smiling Jenny stood there with a bag in her hand and looked at Mary with a wry smile. Jenny had seen many escort bursa women strip for Debbie on the hotel CCTV and some run away, though surprisingly few. Indeed, she herself had fallen under Debbie’s spell and done the walk down the corridor with nothing more than a smile on her face.

“Seems your new slut is eager,” Jenny said conversationally as she watched Mary dance from foot to foot watching the lift and the corridor.

“Maybe I should leave her here for a while,” Debbie said with a level voice.

Jenny had to restrain her laughter as Mary looked like she was either going to faint or wet herself with fear. At the point the lift started moving again Mary’s eyes were wide as saucers with pleading.

Debbie strode down the corridor as Mary almost ran after her with Jenny bringing up the rear watching Mary’s ass wobble delightfully. Jenny loved fucking older women and she guessed this one was about the same age as her own mother. She felt herself get wet as she remembered the night Debbie had fucked her mother as she watched, then had her fuck her own mother, something she still did on frequent occasions.

“Well, what have you got?” Jenny heard Debbie say sharply breaking her from her thoughts.

Opening the bag Jenny produced a pair of harnesses with substantial silicone cocks already in position and held them up for inspection.

Debbie clapped her hands with glee and a sharp intake of breath from Mary. “I am not sure I can take one of those,” stammered Mary.

“That’s OK,” laughed Debbie as she started to strip, “you will be taking both of them… now best you get them ready.”

As Jenny stripped Mary took one in each hand and started to suck each of the dildos in turn, wetting them with her mouth and covering them with her spit.

“How’s your mother?” Debbie asked.

“She is well, and missing you,” Jenny said as she admired Debbie’s lean form.

“We will have to get together again soon,” then, turning to Mary, she held out a coin. “Heads I get your ass, tails Jenny does.” Mary watched the spinning coin as Jenny fastened the harness around herself, adjusting the dildo until she was satisfied. Debbie had caught the coin against the back of her hand and laughed, “heads, so you had better have made sure it’s wet.”

Jenny lay on the bed holding the dildo by the base, “come on, hop on.”

Mary straddled Jenny’s hips and placed the tip of the phallus at her pussy lips before gingerly pushing down. Despite her wetness, the dildo was larger than anything Mary had taken before, so it slipped slowly. When she paused, panting hard Jenny gripped both of her hips and pulled her fully down until the girl-cock was fully home. Mary whimpered with pain and pleasure as her body throbbed when she felt Debbie reach around and pull on one of her large hard nipples. Then she yelped loudly as Debbie attached a steel nipple clamp she had taken from the bag Jenny had bought. There was a chain connecting to another clamp which Debbie fasten around the other nipple letting the teeth dig into the sensitive flesh.

Debbie then went to the door and propped it wide open so anyone who walked past would get a clear view of the bed with Mary impaled on Jenny’s dildo. Mary couldn’t see the door but felt the draft as she realised she was on display. The thought of being shown in this way made her even wetter, and she started to ride slowly up and down.

Debbie laughed. “Seems the slut likes being on show, so let’s see if she can make enough noise to get some watchers.”

Debbie had picked out the bottle of gel from Jenny’s bag and squirted a generous amount along the shaft. Then she inserted her gel-covered fingers quickly and savagely into Mary’s ass, twisting them around, drawing a loud groan. Climbing onto the bed, Debbie placed the head against Mary’s anal opening and snarled, “beg.”

“Please,” Mary whimpered quietly.

“Please what?” Debbie said, “what do you want… exactly what do you want.”

“Please fuck my slutty ass,” Mary groaned loudly.

Debbie placed a hand on each of Mary’s shoulders and levered herself into Mary, burying the dildo fully inside her bowels. Mary’s mouth opened in a silent scream with the two plastic cocks separated by a thin wall of flesh filling her completely. Debbie pulled back, bringing Mary with her so Jenny’s dildo half left Mary’s pussy. Then Debbie drove back down, pushing Mary onto Jenny’s dildo. The noise that erupted from Mary was that of pure lust as she started to convulse in orgasm.

Debbie smiled at Jenny over Mary’s shoulder as they moved in synchronisation, with Jenny thrusting up as Debbie thrust down. Then they would switch so that as one drove in as the other pulled out, fucking Mary like a rag doll who rolled on a continual peak of orgasms.


“Hey there, don’t you love me anymore?” said a slightly tipsy Mary as she stood in from of Debbie, swaying slightly.

“I guess it’s OK for you to flirt openly with women then,” Debbie laughed, as she ran her fingertip over Mary’s blouse, tracing the outline of her nipple making it start to stand.

“Not in public,” Mary shivered but she could feel herself getting wet at Debbie’s touch. “Perhaps we could go somewhere quieter and pick up where we left off?”

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