Taking It Slow

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I loved the feeling of Ian’s tongue on my clit. The man was an oral sex god! The first time we’d fucked, he’d gone down on me like my pussy was the best meal he’d ever had. Every time since, his tongue action had gotten better. I just wished I could see him more often; if it wasn’t for his job, which kept him busy almost a hundred hours a week, I would have dragged the man into bed and stayed there permanently.

Tonight, we’d managed to find time to get together for the first time in a month. God, I’d missed his mouth! His tongue flicked my clit, then moved to my cunt. Ian could fuck me better with his tongue than most men could with their cocks. I plunged over the edge, screaming, “Fuck, yes, Ian!” as I came.

The next step was usually me taking Ian’s eight-inch cock in my mouth, but tonight he had other plans. “You taste fantastic,” he said. “I want to taste more.”

“Go for it,” I said breathlessly. I wasn’t sure I could take another orgasm like that one.

Ian had something else in mind. Something new. He licked from my pussy down to my ass.

I’d fantasized about anal sex, but most of the men I fucked either weren’t interested or found the idea downright disgusting. One guy had fingered my ass while I sucked his cock, but that was the closest I’d gotten to anal action until now. I couldn’t believe Ian was actually licking my asshole. And I couldn’t believe how good it felt. “Holy fuck!”

From between my legs, Ian met my eyes. His lips curved in a grin as he slid his tongue into my ass and swirled it around. Damn! I’d heard that the nerve endings in the ass were far more sensitive than those in the pussy. That was definitely being proved to me now. I squirmed and writhed in pleasure as he tongued my ass. When he plunged two fingers into my cunt, it immediately sent me over the edge. “Fuuucccckk!”

“You like that, don’t you,” he murmured. “You like feeling my tongue on your ass.”

“Yes.” I lay back, panting. “Fuck, Ian, I’ve never felt anything like that!”

“I’ll have to make sure you feel plenty more of it, then.”

He scooted up beside me and leaned in to kiss me. I turned my head; I couldn’t quite stomach the idea of his mouth touching mine after touching my ass. He laughed. “It’s not that bad, but okay.” Instead, he kissed my cheek. “You know something?”


“You have the hottest ass I’ve ever seen. I want to fuck it.”

“You want to fuck my ass?”

“Hell yeah. Do you want me to?”

If he fucked my ass as well as he fucked my cunt, I’d die and go straight to heaven. “Yes. But…”

“But you’ve never done it before, we don’t have any lube, and you need to prepare.” He grinned. “I didn’t mean tonight. You’re going to need a butt plug, and I bet you don’t own one yet.”

“Um, no.”

“Well, if you want me to fuck you in the ass, you have to get one.” He stroked his thick cock. “This is a little bigger than anything your ass might be escort bayan seks hikayeleri used to. A butt plug will stretch you out.”

“Uh huh.” As much as I wanted to feel his cock in my back hole, I wasn’t completely sure I wanted some plastic or rubber thing stuck in me. But the idea excited me almost as the idea of having my ass fucked did. “So where do I get one?”

“Online, or at that adult store I’ve told you about intown. The store might be better, because you’ve only got one week.”

“Till what?”

He slipped his fingers into my pussy. “Till I fuck that sweet ass of yours. Just thinking about it’s got me so horny I can’t even think.”

Straddling him, I said, “I guess I’d better do something about that.”

“Guess you should.”

I took his cock in one hand and guided it to my cunt. With one hard downward thrust, I had him inside me. “Something like this?”

“Damn straight. Fuck me, babe.”

I rode his cock straight to another orgasm. As I came down from it, I felt his cum spurt inside me. “You’re so fucking hot!” he exclaimed.

I planted a long, hard kiss on his mouth. “Likewise.”

We cuddled for a few minutes, then got dressed. Time to leave the hotel and go back to our real lives. Outside, beside my car, Ian kissed me and reminded me, “One week from tonight. Same time, same place. And have your butt plug in your ass so you’ll be ready for me.”

“You want me to drive over here with a plug in my ass?”

“Only if you really want me to fuck your ass. See you next week.” He gave me a hug and walked away.

Fuck. Just the thought of driving, of walking into the hotel, of Ian seeing me with a butt plug in place made me horny all over again, despite the fucking I’d just had. I went home and went straight to bed with my favorite vibrator, bringing myself to a few more orgasms with the image of Ian’s cock in my ass.

That weekend, I went to the adult store and picked out my first butt plug. That was the name on the box, “My First Butt Plug.” I couldn’t help cracking up when I saw it, but at least the name made it easier for me to know which one to get. “Want some lube with that?” the cashier asked when I brought my purchase to the register.

“I have some.”

“Okay.” He rang up the package and gave me the price. I paid and hurried home to try it out.

In my bedroom, I opened the package and took out the butt plug. It was larger than I’d expected, but I was pretty sure I could make it fit. “Relax and use plenty of lube,” I told myself as I stripped.

To help myself relax, I took out my vibrator and held it against my clit till I came. Then I lubed up my ass and the butt plug. Lying on my side, I bent my top leg toward my chest. I’d read somewhere that this was the easiest position for anal, and I wanted to see how accurate that claim was. I worked the butt plug into myself slowly, stopping every few seconds to give myself a chance to relax and adjust. Finally, the base of the plug rested against my ass. The plug was all the way in. And it felt fucking amazing!

I moved it in and out slowly, fucking myself with it. Damn… if doing it myself with a butt plug felt this good, I could only imagine what Ian’s cock would feel like. I felt an orgasm building. To speed it along, I rolled onto my back and grabbed my vibrator. I was so wet the vibrator slid along my slit and into my cunt almost on its own.

Holy shit! Both holes were full, and the feeling was incredible.. Now I knew why some women swore by double penetration. Two cocks… That fantasy propelled me to such a hard orgasm I almost blacked out.

I lay there for a moment, recovering. “Hell yeah,” I said out loud. “My ass is going to be fucked.”

A few nights later, I put the butt plug in my ass, dressed in a low-cut shirt and miniskirt, and drove to the hotel. It felt strange sitting down with something in my ass, but a good strange. A strange that brought moisture to my cunt. The excitement of doing something so slutty, so nasty had me tingling from head to toe within the ten minutes the drive took.

As usual, Ian had arrived first, and had left a note on the dash of his pickup with the room number on it. I went to the room and knocked. When Ian opened the door, he grabbed me and dragged me inside. “You look so fucking hot!” he said. “And what are you wearing under that skirt?”

I turned my back to him and flipped up the skirt’s hem so he could see the plug protruding from my ass. “Just what you told me.”

“Good girl.”

He turned me to him and kissed me, his tongue opening my lips and twining with mine. Slipping his hand into the top of my shirt, he rolled one nipple between his thumb and fingers. “God, Ian, set me on fire,” I murmured.

“That’s the idea.” His other hand found its way under my skirt, and he thrust two fingers inside me. “How does it feel having something in your pussy with the butt plug in your ass?”

“It’s making me so fucking wet. I can’t wait to fuck you, Ian!”

“Is that so?” He stepped back and stripped off his tight black shirt and jeans. “Get those clothes off, then, if you’re so ready to be fucked.”

I was naked in seconds. Ian pushed me back onto the bed. “Hurry up and get that cock inside me!” I ordered.

“Not so fast.” He knelt on the bed in front of me and put my legs up on his shoulders. “I want to taste you first. You know I love how delicious you are.”

As desperate as I was for his cock, I couldn’t turn down his tongue. He gave a little oral attention to each of my tits, sucking the nipples till they were almost painfully hard, then made his way south. When he sucked my clit into his mouth, I had to stifle a scream. “Mmm, you are wet,” he said. “And pretty damn horny, I’d bet.”

“Fuck, yeah.”


He thrust his tongue into my cunt and fingered my clit. “Oh my fucking god!” I shouted as an orgasm ripped through me.

Ian’s eyes met mine as he moved his tongue down to my ass. He licked around the base of the butt plug, then slowly pulled out the plug. Discomfort mingled with pleasure as my ass was opened to him.

“I’m going to eat your ass, then I’m going to fuck it,” he announced. He got off the bed and took a small bottle of lube out of his pants pocket. Tossing it to me, he said, “While I rim you, I want you to lube up my cock. Get it good and slippery so it will go right into that tight, sexy asshole of yours.”

He knelt beside me, facing my feet, and brought his tongue back to my asshole. I opened the lube and squirted an ample amount into my hand, then rubbed it onto his cock. He moaned as he tongued my ass, and I kept stroking his cock, enjoying how turned on he was as much as I enjoyed how hot he made me.

After a moment he said, “Enough. You’re going to make me cum, and there’s only one place I want to do that.”

“In my ass?” I said.

“In your hot, tight little ass. How do you want to do it?”

I got into the position I’d used to insert the butt plug. “Like this.”

“Perfect. Opens you right up for me.” He moved into position behind me. “You ready for my cock, baby?”

“I’m ready for you to fuck my ass,” I said.

Ian put the head of his cock against my asshole and pushed. His head entered me easily; the plug had stretched me enough. But as he pushed his cock further in, I tensed up. “Relax,” he said. “I’ll take it nice and slow, but right now, I can’t get in any further. You want my cock in your ass, don’t you?”

“Fuck, yes.”

I took a deep breath, in and out, and relaxed enough for Ian’s cock to slide further into me. It hurt, but the pleasure outweighed the pain. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine.” I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled. “Keep going, baby. I want you all the way in.”

Slowly, centimeter by centimeter, second by second, Ian slid his cock into me. I kept my breathing deep and even, keeping myself relaxed. Finally Ian said, “I’m all the way in, baby. How does it feel?”

“Kind of painful,” I admitted. “But I don’t care. Fuck me, Ian.”

“It won’t hurt for long.”

He slid partway out, then thrust his cock back in. As he picked up the pace of his fucking, the discomfort faded and all I felt was intense pleasure. “Oh, fuck!” I cried. “You’re really doing it. You’re fucking my ass!”

“Yes, I am, baby. I’m fucking your tight little asshole. Play with yourself, honey. Flick your clit while I fuck your ass.”

I slipped my hand between my legs and fingered my clit. “Holy shit! Oh, my god, Ian! Fuck!” I let out a wordless scream as I came again.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous when you cum,” Ian said. “Baby, your ass is so tight I can’t hold back. I’m going to cum. Do you want to feel my cum in your ass?”

“God, yes!”

“You got it.” He gave a few more thrusts. “Fuck! Yeah!”

His warm cum filled my asshole. I lay still, a smile on my face. I loved learning a new skill.

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