Tales from the Cove

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Introduction —

This is a story of a retired man living in a high-rise condo in south Florida. For the past twenty or more years, he was a corporate nomad. When there was a problem with an account, it was his job to fix it. He continues to fix things now. He fixes the lives of women whose fate brought them together in the swimming pool at his condo.

The women share one thing in common. They live by a script that someone else has written.

Clay Walker got up and stretched, rolling his head about and hearing the familiar snap, crackle, and pop, and decided it was time to pack it up for the day. He wrote about life around the cove where he lived for the community’s free weekly rag.

He went to the pool deck of the condo building where he lived to look around. About half the building was owned by folks who would come for a few weeks every year. Most of those units were available for short-term rentals of a week or more. Being on the beach and looking out towards the ocean gave the air a wonderful sea breeze. Toss that in with an abundance of warm sunshine. For many, this cove is paradise. Snowbirds thought so and paid handsomely to stay here.

As Clay walked out onto the pool deck, he saw his partner in crime, Bubba. Who had been a detective up north until he got shot in the line and grabbed an early retirement. Like many ex-cops, Bubba had an interesting take on life and the people he ran into. “Hey Clay, how they hanging?” Echoed across the deck. Some visitors might have taken offense. But Bubba didn’t care. He usually found ways to offend almost everyone.

His friend’s question got the usual response. “One’s a little lower than the other. But dey both are topped off and ready to go.” This led Bubba to shake his head as they walked over to the cabana bar.

The two old friends took their regular bar stools, where they could look out and survey the comings and goings on the deck. “Clay?” Bubba began, “how in the hell does an ugly old son of a bitch like you get so much stray pussy?”

Clay sat there listening to his drinking buddy go on and on. At last, Bubba stopped for a moment. “Bubba, you ain’t figured it out yet? I listen to them unload about their husband, boyfriend, or kids, or you fill in the blank. Nod sympathetically and agree with them. Yeah, baby, you’re right. They suck. So? Darling, when are you getting a man who can make you smile?”

“Bubba, another set of lines I get hit with all the time is my husband can’t get it up. I love him. But I need to get my pussy pounded. I want to feel like a woman. Well, I’m the guy that can do that too.”

Clay stood and shook his head, “Now, Mister Officer man, well, I had a little filly come see me last night. It seems her husband doesn’t give her what she needs and wants. I do.”

Putting his empty glass on the counter, he stretched a little as he stood up. Then he tossed his t-shirt over the back of the bar stool to save his place. Clay walked over to the edge of the pool and dove in.

After swimming laps for twenty minutes, he slipped out of the pool, grabbed a pool towel, and headed back to the cabana. While walking across the pool deck, an attractive couple seemed to be walking in his direction. Naturally, he slowed down for no reason but to enjoy the view. The man, Clay assumed was the husband, stepped up to him. Asking, “excuse us, but are you from here? My wife and I just got in today. We’re hoping to find someplace nearby with fresh-caught seafood for dinner. Do you know any place like that?”

“Hey, I’m Clay, and yes, I live here in the condos just about year-round. I didn’t catch your names?”

The man spoke up, “I’m sorry, I’m Al, and this lovely lady is my wife, Connie. We’re from New York. My company brought me down here for conferences and training. Connie let me know quickly that she would tag along with me. Otherwise, I ain’t going.”

That comment made Clay laugh, “Yeah, I’ve heard that before. You know the old saying, ‘where you go, I go.’ Welcome to our little cove in paradise.”

“Let me answer your question. The sun is going to set in about forty-five minutes or so. No problem. As you can see, the moon Elazığ Escort is already up, so you’ll have plenty of natural light after sunset. Me? I’d head up the beach and walk around the rocks over there.” Clay pointed to a stone jetty running out into the water. And the couple both nodded their heads enthusiastically. “Just past the jetty, you’ll see a small marina where many charter fishing boats go out. Right there on the shore, you are going to see a shack. That’s Dixie’s. When you see it, you will be tempted to walk on by. It looks like a dump. It is a bait house and dive shop where all the charter boats in the marina get their supplies. Al? You might decide you want to go fishing while you’re here. Dixie’s is where you charter your boat for the day.”

“So, Al? You go fishing for the day, and it’s time to head in. You had a wonderful day out and got close to your limit. So you’re heading back in. Now, I got you a question. What are you going to do with your catch? You could have released them, but you didn’t. So, Al? Are you bringing all these fish back to the sweet and lovely Connie to clean and cook for you?”

Before Al could say a word, Connie jumped in. “If he came in the condo or even home with a bunch of fish. You know, he’d be walking funny for a couple of weeks.”

That quick comment caused all three of us to chuckle. “You know, Clay. She would. I for damm sure I’d walking damm funny. Just like she said.”

That set of comments got me thinking,,, mmm? “Dixie’s will buy the catch that the charter boats bring in. You’ll see the day’s catch laid on a bed of crushed ice when you go there. What you do is pick out the fish you want. They will clean it and cook it for you over a charcoal fire. Then bring it to you. They have a fair choice of beers so that you won’t die of thirst waiting for dinner. Then walk back here, enjoying a nice moonlight stroll along the beach. Guys, welcome to our corner of paradise.”

The following morning found Clay nursing a cup of coffee and fighting a case of writer’s block. The best he could do was stare at the screen and watch the cursor blink mindlessly at him. There was no question in his mind. He was fighting a losing battle. For sure, he knew exactly what he was going to do. Get up, slip on a swimsuit, and go down to the pool deck to see if Connie or something else of interest might be there.

When Clay walked out on the pool deck, the silence told him that Bubba wasn’t around, which could be a good thing, tossing his t-shirt over an empty chair. He dove into the pool and did his usual twenty minutes of laps. As he got out of the pool, he heard someone, a woman, cheering. Looking around, he saw that Connie was tucked away in the corner of the deck. She was stretched out on a recliner half hidden in the corner, nursing a large container of coffee.

Seeing her over there, the thought crossed his mind, writer’s block is a good thing sometimes. Clay wandered over to where she was sitting. “Good morning, Connie. Did you guys find Dixie’s last night?”

Clay’s question brought out an explosion from Connie. “OH MY GOD. THAT PLACE IS AMAZING. You’re right. Had we stumbled onto it, we never would have stopped. That was the freshest fish I’ve ever had. And the fish was cooked on the longest charcoal grill I’ve ever seen. Amazing. Total amazing. The guys sitting around all had charter boats, and we got talking to them. Thank you, Clay. We had a wonderful time there. And the walk back along the beach in the moonlight was so nice.”

The expression on Connie’s face was as if a light bulb had come on. So very warm and thankful. Clay smiled, “ya know when most of us locals want seafood. That’s our go-to place. Anyway? What do you have planned today?”

Connie looked around quizzically, “well, I plan to prove I can be lazy all day. I plan on doing nothing more than maybe going somewhere close by to get something to eat. We didn’t rent a car, so any place I go has to be close by. Why do you plan to sweep me off my feet and take me around the Kasbah?”

All Clay could do to answer Connie’s question was laugh. “Woman. I heard this neck of the woods called Elazığ Escort Bayan many things. But never the Kasbah.”

Reaching out for her hand, Clay suggested. “If you’d like to ride around the Kasbah and see what’s here. I’d be delighted to escort you, young lady.” As her fingers slipped into his hand, he helped her to her feet. “Tell you what. Let’s run upstairs to my condo. I need to get out of this wet swimming suit and get dressed. Then we can go out and roam around.” Her response was a happy smile.

Thirty minutes later, they were headed out along Beach Drive Connie exclaimed, “Clay! You didn’t tell me you had a sex mobile.”

That led to shaking this his head, “a what?”

Connie was sitting there giggling, “this is a sex mobile. Or at least that’s what we called a convertible when we were kids. Just getting in your car gave me chills. Hell, at home, we have the standard mom mobile to haul things around.” With that, Connie leaned back and let the wind sweep over her. The change in her was remarkable. It was as if all the tension she carried around was being blown away. Now, she was becoming a carefree woman.

As they drove aimlessly around, Connie softly called out, “hey, mister driver man. Do you know any place around here where we might find a bite of breakfast or lunch or something?”

Reaching over, Clay placed his hand over hers. “Connie, that’s the direction I’m headed in. I do hope you have an appetite. Cause Polly’s is famous for huge portions.”

That got a smile and a chuckle from Connie. “Clay, you have no idea how hungry I am for a huge portion.”

Well, all right then, let’s see how this plays out. Clay and Connie pulled into Polly’s Dinner and found themselves a booth in the back. After they ordered and Connie leaned back and let her eyes close. “Clay, I shouldn’t dump this on you, but dammit, I am.”

She began. “Clay, I love my bonkers husband totally and completely. He is the best man in my world. But he is no saint. Then again, who is a saint?”

“We have been together for twelve years and married for ten years. At first, shit, he was all over me all the time. He wanted to play with me and tease me everywhere we went. And hell, that was a turn-on for me. Knowing I am a very desirable woman. In the past few years, our sex life has died. Now it’s in the graveyard. Last night was, to me, amazingly romantic. We were walking along the beach in the moonlight. I wanted to find a place where we could be alone. We would be out of sight and fuck like two dogs in heat.”

“Clay, it is simple. I am a very frustrated woman.”

No surprise. It didn’t take us long to get back to the condo. On the drive back, we held each other’s hands. But when we got to the building. Understandably, Connie and I walked through the lobby properly. Then the elevator door closed. And I had a hellcat in heat wrapped around me. She dove into my arms, and our lips were locked together. When we got to my condo, our clothes ended on the floor. Then we got to the bedroom. When Connie first saw me naked, standing beside the bed. She looked at me and softly cried, “oh shit, you are going pound me with that thing. Aren’t you?”

I was standing at the edge of the bed with my cock at half-mast. Hanging there like it was teasing Connie. Saying to her, come and get me. You know you want to. I chuckled at her, “baby, that’s the only cock I have, so I guess that’s what you’re going to get.”

Connie crawled over to the edge of the bed. Carefully looked at my cock. “God, Clay, you are huge compared to my husband. How big is this monster you are going to stick in me?”

Standing there and watching her stare, almost in awe of my cock. “Hun, if you want, I have a tape measure you can measure it with.” That only got a sly smile and chuckle. As she reached up and slowly ran her fingers back and forth across my cock. Then, almost cautiously, she leaned forward and placed a tentative kiss on the head of my cock.

Then looking up, she said, “I haven’t done this in ages. But it’s like riding a bike.” Lightly running her lips over my cock head as her tongue slipped out to tease and taste Escort Elazığ me. While my fingers slowly slipped in and out of her fine hair. I lightly directed her movements back and forth as she felt more comfortable.

I stretched out on the bed next to her. My hands slowly slid over this lovely woman who had been neglected for so long. Softly running across the cute cupcakes on her chest that was topped with bright red cherries. Teasing and playing made the volume of her plaintive cries go up. Squeezing a breast, the nipple almost exploded while l nibbled on it. Then I tried to swallow her sweet little breast. The noise,,, the cries increased as she rolled all over the bed. Reaching down, I ran my fingers slowly over her bushy mound. I stopped now and then and pulled on kinky matted hair that covered her mound. This made Connie call out even more. Clay knew from experience that when his fingers ran over her clit. She would slide into a loud climax. That would take her for a ride down from the edge and into the valley. That is precisely what happened as he softly pinched her slippery clit.

Connie reached over and fell into Clay’s arms. He was holding her close as she slowly got her breath. “Clay? How? Did you do that? Make cum so hard?”

Clay rolled his eyes, chuckling. “Baby doll, I didn’t do anything. You did it all by yourself.”

He slowly began showering Connie’s neck, then both sweet, soft breasts with light, quick kisses. Stopping moving around next, he nibbled on those swollen damp lips. When that happened, Connie released a long slow hiss. Her hips rolled in time with Clay’s tongue dancing over her wet cunt. Then a finger slipped into her pussy … then two. Which led to her begging Clay. “Clay, you must put that monster cock in me. Fill me. Take me. Fuck me so hard I can’t walk. Just fuck me like a rag doll.”

While Connie was mumbling and moaning, Clay had moved between her knees and lifted her legs up and apart, so she was wide open.

Kneeling there, he jerked his rigid cock up and down, landing it on that super-sensitive clit. That led to an immediate volley of more cries. Then it happened. The head of his cock parted the inner lips of her pussy as he slowly began to give Connie what she wanted and needed. A hard cock in her pussy. Over and over again, she called out, ‘yeesss, oh yeesss.’ They moved together as if they had made love with each other a thousand times before. It didn’t take long before Clay was balls deep inside Connie as he petted her G spot.

Her next climax had to be a new record. Her pussy grabbed Clay’s cock and milked him until he was dry.

As they spiraled down from the heights of their climax, they molded their bodies into each other. Two became one as they drifted to sleep in each other’s arms.

“OH!!! Shit.” Connie screamed as they heard the non-stop pinging coming from her cell. Telling the world, she had a text message. She grabbed the phone, pulled up the text, and then looked over at Clay. “Ahhh, it’s from Al. He’s going to hang with the guys after the meetings. He hopes to be back after 8. So, baby, we got a little time. I sent him a text telling him I had fallen asleep and, no problem, that I’ll get something from the Cabana Bar on the pool deck.” With that, she curled back up in Clay’s arms as her fingers went on a fishing expedition.

Soon she called out. “Lookie at what I found me. A nice cock that needs to be cleaned up after all the arduous work it did earlier.” With that, her tongue ran over the head of Clay’s cock. Swiping it clean. “Oh yesss, that tastes so good. I wonder what the shaft will taste like?” Slowly running her tongue along the shaft of his massive cock Connie licked away until the cock was spotlessly clean. Then nudging the pole to one side with her nose. The attack on his balls began. First, with soft, gentle kisses followed by sucking one and then the other ball in her mouth. All the while. Clay lay on his bed, almost paralyzed by this insane vixen that had fallen into his lap and his bed.

Finally, she sat up, wearing nothing more than a huge smile. “Clay, I so want to stay here with you. But we both know that’s not to be. I have to get back to my place and be the cute little wife again. He’s going to leave around eight or so in the morning. I’ll call you after he leaves, and we’ll get back together. Now, you get some rest. Cause, old man, I intend to get more of that magic cock again in the

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