Tales of a High School Senior Ch. 2

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Life was good. I was a happy person. I did have one problem, though. You see, apparently Jessica (as wonderfully great as she was) was only making her wonderful (gag) boyfriend jealous. So all I got out of the deal was the one time fuck. My job was good; my new car was fairly bad ass. And my grades were OK. But I did have the recurring problem of NO SEX.

I’m in a band. The name of my band is Grounded. This is actually for real, no fantasy. I am the lowly drummer. (Strong hands ha, ha) We play mostly college rock, i. e. Radiohead, Weezer, Bright Eyes, and Pavement covers, and some original stuff. If you’re ever around the OK area, look me up and we’ll do a party concert… Anyway, one night at a band practice in Todd and Chris’s apartment, there was some… action.

We had just started when their OTHER roommate, Wesley, brought home a quarter sack, a couple six packs, and my favorite, a fifth of tequila. Needless to say, we struggled through about 3 more songs watching Wesley get the bong ready… After that we REALLY had to struggle through our songs… We were pretty wasted. A practice on a Friday night quickly turned into a party. People were called, and girls were invited.

One girl in particular. Her name was Laura. I knew her through Todd and wanted her, so I slurred to him to “call up Laura and invite her fine ass.” She showed up already a bit stoned. Just the way I like it… already numb to my idiocy. She is about 5’4″, long black hair and about 125 lbs. She probably had 34-d tits; they were big for a barely legal girl. The party quickly turned into a concert, and I (being that I was still a stupid high-school guy and still liked hard rock) persuaded Todd and Chris to play “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. For those of you uninformed of the lyrics of said song, the main chorus is “I want to Fuck you like an animal, I want to feel you from the inside, I want to fuck you like an animal, you get me closer to God” or Kartal escort something of the sort. The ENTIRE song I spent staring at Laura and those big, big tits bouncing up and down and she moved to the beat. She noticed, and when I noticed that she had noticed me staring at her, I mouthed the words “I want to F-U-C-K you like an animal” as Todd sang (garbled) them. She turned kind of red and smiled a big pretty smile, turning me on like a motherfucker.

After the song, we were tired of playing, and I was tired of just looking at Laura. I wanted her VERY badly and my already hard dick was probably plainly visible to everyone. I was just buzzed enough to not care. I walked over to Laura and put my arm around her. “So. You like the band? Do you think we’ll ‘hit it big’?”

“Probably, as long as you concentrate on the music as much as you do girls in the crowd.”

“Oh, I only pay attention to the really hot girls who I want to get it on with backstage.” Real smooth, Ray…

“Really? Well I suppose I was ‘the girl’ tonight, eh?”

“But of course! I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Up until this point, we had obviously been halfway joking. Then she turned to me, grabbed my hand, and looked me dead in the eyes. “You know, Ray, I really like you. I’ve liked you for a long time, ever since you joined the band, but at first I was dating Chris and I didn’t want to break the band up, especially if it meant losing you. But the way you were staring at me, and wanting me,” she slightly rubbed my still hard dick, “God, Raymond it turned me on, and I’m a little drunk, and, and, Do you think Todd will mind if we spend the night in his room?”

“Wow. Um, I’m sure not.. I’ve never really had a girl be this forward… Are you sure you want this?” SHUT UP RAYMOND AND TAKE HER UPSTAIRS, YOU DUMB-SHIT!!

“Yes, I do, badly!”

“OK, I’ll be up in a minute, go get ready.”

I sat down on Kurtköy Escort the couch next to Todd. He passed me the joint and said, “what was that all about?”

“I just got invited upstairs with Laura to your room… all night. Can we use it?”

Todd just laughed and said, “Sure, as long as you clean up the stains. Ha, ha, ha”

I grabbed the half-hidden bottle of tequila and bolted up the apartment’s creaky steps. I finally had some pussy. Hopefully this time I could STAY with Laura. She’s so beautiful.

When I opened the door, it was dark in the room, and I saw the outline of a naked girl’s body in the bed. I knew it was her, and my almost soft dick instantly sprang to life. I was ecstatic. I walked to the bed, took a long hard drink of tequila and handed the bottle to her. She wordlessly took a sip and handed it back. I set it on the nightstand. As I turned back to face her, she started unzipping my pants. My hard cock jumped through the opening of my boxers. Her face was so close to it I could feel her hot breath on the head. I lolled my head back and fell into a drunken and drugged state of total ecstasy and euphoria all at once as her mouth slowly engulfed my dick. Her skillful tongue made small circles spiraling downward to the base of my dick. She increased speed and sooner then I knew it, I was thrusting my hips into her mouth. After only a few minutes, I shot a long stream of white hot cum down her throat. She slowly let my dick slide out of her mouth, licked her lips and said “I hope you last longer than this when you’re fucking me.”

“I will, unless your pussy has a tongue like THAT,” I stupidly blurred out.

I slowly undressed and slid into the bed with her, feeling her tight nipples brush my body. I laid on top of her, savagely kissing her, and my hand traveled down her body to her pussy. As my fingers entered her, she moaned and bit my lip. I finger fucked her while Maltepe Escort we made out and soon she came. She bit my tongue this time. That’s ok, it felt good.

She rolled on top of my, and sat on my legs, my dick going straight up her belly. She lifted her hips and torso up with her legs agonizingly slow. Once she had her pussy as high as the tip of my dick, she shimmied forward a little bit so my dick head rubbed her clit and positioned itself right at her opening. She quickly descended, driving my dick into her. It was amazing. When she hit bottom, I felt my dick poking the very top of her cervix. She got a painful/sensual look on her face. She rode me like you wouldn’t believe. She went slow, then fast, then with an erratic rhythm. It was AWESOME, I can’t describe it any better then that. This girl had skill, and she knew it. Finally, after scratching my neck, chest and stomach up with her nails, she came for the last time, and I couldn’t take it anymore. As she screamed she squeezed her pussy muscles very, VERY tightly, so tight it almost hurt my dick, and I came. Explosively. I shook and almost cried. I had never came like that in ALL my life. It was… amazing. She collapsed on top of me and fell asleep.

I awoke a couple hours later, still in her. I was soft, but she was sitting up staring at me. She was grinding her hips against my dick and moaning. It didn’t take long for Ray Jr. to take notice. My dick sprang to life once again. This time I sat up, pushed her on her back, and still in her, threw her legs over my shoulders. I fucked her hard and watched her tits bounce with my thrusts. I needed to come. It was pure animal rage, and I was SERIOUSLY fucking this girl. I pumped harder than I ever had before. It was great. I finally came, and fell back.

The next morning, Laura and I meandered downstairs, shared a couple bowls of marijuana, and I drove her home. Little was said. When she got out, she kissed and licked my cheek. And got out. I looked on the seat, and there was a folded up gum wrapper. On it read in pretty girl-handwriting:

Laura—555-6789 I love you!

“The feeling is mutual, babe,” I said softly. I lit up a Camel Wide and sped home to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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