Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 09

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I was called to the Marriage bed of Catherine De Medici, in order to use my Magickal arts to entice her husband, King Henry II into her arms and to make her womb fertile, to bloom with sons. She had been married young. One day, as I entered the Queen’s Chambers, I was startled to see a young, French physician attending her. He caught my eye with his solemn, intelligent gaze. It was Nostradamus.

He was known for his Healing arts, his vast knowledge of herbal medicines. I assisted him with many procedures to make the young Queen fruitful. He was her personal physician. We gave offerings to the Great Mother, Isis, in silence, for times were changing and the Court was falling away from the old ways. Whispers in the dark forest followed us as we gathered roots and herbs. I chanted silently and charged her womanly Cauldron to produce life. And she did… Queen Catherine soon became with child, then children. King Henry was busy with mistresses, especially Diana, but she was determined to rule. She wanted more from Nostradamus though. He was beginning to get a reputation of being a seer… gaziantep bayan escort a soothsayer.

He would go into states of meditation, staring into fire, scribbling away at his notebook. He taught me all the ways of the Second Sight. We sat together many a moon, learning the Secrets of the Ancient Mystics. The Queen asked him to be her personal astrologer and he gathered all her children’s birth dates as well as her own and gasped in fear. He told me later that he saw a terrible civil war, and the streets ran with blood. Dead bodies everywhere. We fled the Palace that night and hid in the mountains. He took me that night, burying himself in my lush body, drawling long sighs of pleasure from me.

Sometimes Faun, my son, would come to visit me and bury his huge phallus into my steaming twat as Nostradamus would fuck my throat with his curved cock and mutter nonsensical words even as he poured his seed down my gullet. I swallowed the essence of his genius many times. Always scribbling, he showed me the ways of the Stars, and the Star People. Many a fortnight, I knelt between his long legs licking and sucking at his manhood as he wrote increasingly intricate notes in different languages.

“Come to bed,” I would beg, as Faun laid waiting for me, stroking his large, veiny eager young cock as he dozed off. We cuddled together with much Love and Trust. I especially loved the times that Nostradamus would lie beneath me, thrusting into me as my Lord and Consort licked and sucked my hard clitoris, occasionally giving the Seer a nice tongue-bath as well. Faun preferred women, but was always attracted to the presence of genius.

We fucked and fornicated in the long tall grasses…amongst the goats and the sheep. We were happy for a time. Occasionally we would bring young maidens into our bed, as my desire for young womanhood had grown. I loved to make love to young girls, tracing my tongue all down their bodies, imbuing their innocence with a touch of carnality. I enjoyed their tight pussies and hearing them cry out with passion as I licked them to orgasm. They would play with my lush breasts as my punani glowed with Sex Magick. It was erotic to hear them slurping away and enjoying my deliciously well-fucked pussy after one of my lovers spent his lust inside of me. I loved their tight little bodies and their cries of ecstasy as I used my special fake man-hood that Faun had made for me to make their pussy walls grip and spasm as I twiddled their Little Gods. Nostradamus especially enjoyed the young women sitting on his bearded face as I rode his hot cock and fondled their budding breasts. But things started to become grim.

For Nostradamus was growing more paranoid by the day. Tomes we had poured over were getting tossed in the fireplace. Notes shredded like so many flakes of snow. People were beginning to whisper that he was ruled by evil spirits, or was fake. He feared being beheaded, or accused of Heresy. The Plague was here and so many lives were lost. Many of the Elite were actually great admirers of his work. Queen Catherine made him Counselor and Physician-in-Ordinary, to young King Charles IX. We started to drift apart. I started to feel my Wanderlust again, for the Magick we had made together was merely Embers now.

I left quietly, in the Dawn with Faun trailing me, and keeping me company in my Heart as he always did.

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