Teacher’s Pet

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Big Tits

‘Pay attention Grant!’ yelled Ms Elle, ‘Do you want an after school?’

Grant quickly sat up in his chair. He knew that and after school detention with Ms Elle sucked, people always said that.

Grant continued writing in his book. ‘Miss! Miss! yelled Daniel, ‘I need some help.’

‘Come and see me after school, Daniel, my doors are always open, I’d be happy to have you in there. Come in on me.’ Grant chuckled to himself, because he new his teacher didn’t know how that sounded. His biology teacher was Ms Elle, and she was really gorgeous. She was only about 5 and half feet tall, with a small body frame, except for her breasts. She had nice mousy hair, that sat around her shoulders, a nice swifty ass, which was always delightful, and the best breast Grant had ever seen. He often daydreamed about having them juggled in his face.

‘Grant! Come and see me after school in my office!’

Grant groaned, but was happy to finally be in detention with Ms Elle.

After school he went in to see Ms Elle sitting at her desk. She looked angry, but still beautiful.

‘Come with me, Mr Fulton’ she said, so Grant followed her. He followed her past all the teachers into a spare bio class. She sat down on one of the tables. As soon as she turned around, Grant expected to get yelled at, but she was smiling. Somehow, Grant was turned on by her wicked smile, and almost immediately got a hard on.

‘You know you shouldn’t be daydreaming during your last year of school, Grant’ she said, almost whispering.

Grant swallowed hard. ‘What were you dreaming about, Grant?’ she said as she switched her crossed legs. Grant could have sworn he had seen no underwear. ‘Were you dreaming about me, Grant?’

He couldn’t believe he heard this. But he answered anyway. ‘Yes miss, Kartal escort I was.’

Ms Elle sat up, and asked, ‘Have you ever seen a girl’s pussy, Grant, with your own eyes?’ And Grant actually choked on that. ‘N-n-no miss’ he answered. ‘Would you like to, Grant?’ Grant’s hard on was nearly ripping his boxer shorts. He couldn’t believe it.

‘Y-yes miss’ he said. At that, Ms Elle sat back and pulled back her mini skirt. Grant could see Ms Elle’s pussy. He could see the pubic hair, shortly trimmed, and the beautiful lushness of it. ‘Touch it, Grant’ she whispered, so soft that Grant could hardly hear her. Grant took a step forward and put his hand to her pussy. He touched the lips, and ran his index finger around the edge. ‘Now put your finger in me’ Ms Elle said.

Grant stuck his index finger in her pussy. He could feel the wetness of Ms Elle’s walls and ran it up and down a bit. Then he stuck his middle finger in. He pushed them a bit, and could hear her letting out tiny moans. Grant quickly caught on, and ran his thumb around the outside, like he had done before. He could feel Ms Elle’s wetness running down his hand and wrists now. He stayed doing this for about two more minutes until Ms Elle moved and stopped him. She pulled his fingers out with and audible ‘pop’.

She leaned forward and whispered in Grant’s ear ‘Come here, Grant’. Grant stepped forward. Grant was wearing really bagging jeans, and they were loose around the waist.

As he stepped forward, Ms Elle’s hands shot down his pants and into his boxers. She clasped onto his cock, and Grant nearly came. ‘Oh my’ said Ms Elle, ‘so big for only a young man’

This made Grant swell up with pride. He was a big 10 inches. He had gone through puberty fast. With her other hand, Kurtköy Escort Ms Elle pushed Grant’s pants down. Grant went red to be standing there with no pants on, but got relieved of that when Ms Elle started stroking his cock. This went on for another minute before Ms Elle got down off the table, knelt down and put her lips onto the head of Grant’s cock. Grant leant against the table behind him as Ms Elle started sucking on him, then moving down his shaft. Grant was surprised how much of him she consumed, her being so small and all. She sucked on him for a another minute, even deep throat, and then Grant felt that tingly feeling in his balls, only this time it felt hot on the inside of his legs, and in his stomach, and he tried to whimper to Ms Elle, but she just looked him in the eyes, and started sucking harder. Just then Grant came, into Ms Elle’s mouth. To grant, this felt absurd, But Ms Elle swallowed it all.

The she got up and licked her lips. ‘You naughty boy’ she said in a mock angry voice.

Grant smiled and bent to pull up his pants, but Ms Elle stopped him. ‘We haven’t finished this lesson Grant’ She grabbed grant, and swung him around and sat him on a chair, with his cock erect up in the air. Ms Elle pulled off her skirt and threw it to the floor, then grabbed her top and pulled it over her head and threw it at Grants face. Grant moved fast to pull it off his face, so that he didn’t miss the show. It smelt of beautiful perfume. But when he pulled it down, Ms Elle had already got her bra off and was standing in front of Grant, completely naked. Grant’s dream of having her beautiful breasts, full and luscious, with their perfectly shaped areolas on them, and erect nipples, came back to him.

Me Elle walked over to him, and lowered Maltepe Escort her self onto the head of his cock. It wouldn’t go in, so Grant helped her wet the head with her cunt juices. Then he lowered on to him, she groaned audibly at this, and Grant felt so good. He started thrusting his hips and Ms Elle bobbed up and down on his cock. He had her tits in his face, and it was everything he imagined, only he had his teacher on his lap, and she was nearly full of his cock. He started pulsating more and Ms Elle started whimpering, ‘please be gentle Grant. I’m only used to my boyfriend’s 8 inches’. Grant didn’t care. This was for him. He started breathing really heavily and thrusting deep into her. He was happy to see that Ms Elle was nearly taking all of him, but only about 8 and half inches. He was determined to have her fully on him. He rammed her hard, and got about 9 and a half. Ms Elle was crying now, and Grant was surprised, but glad that she had brought this upon herself. He pumped more and got her to his balls. Ms Elle let out a squeal, so Grant stopped for a moment. He was getting the tingling feeling again. ‘No, don’t fucking stop’ she heaved, ‘Fuck me! I want to stay full of you cock forever! Fuck me harder!’ At this Grant Started jack hammering into Ms Elle’s tiny body, and she whispered ‘We’re going to cum together, Grant, keep fucking me!’ Grant felt the tingling again and could feel Ms Elle seizing up. So he pumped hard again, and got the feeling from his balls into the shaft, and with one last thrust came deep into Ms Elle.

There was too much cum from the both of them, it dribbled out onto Grant’s lap. Ms Elle had nearly collapsed on Grant, so he pulled her small limp form off him, and set her down. She came out and they got dressed with out a word. Ms Elle managed to mumble ‘you’ve been a bad boy; I want to see you in detention tomorrow’. Grant smiled.

They walked back through her office and Ms Elle said to another teacher, ‘I just had to give him an extension lesson in human anatomy’ and they walked past.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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