Teased by Silk

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“Babe, can you come and give me a hand?”

She’d just got back from a long business trip, so I’d run her a bath ready for when she got home – candles, bubbles, the works. I’d left her alone so she could wash off the journey, relax and feel human again. Now she calls me upstairs.

I push the door to our bedroom open, and I see her on the bed. I see her eyes shining, her wide smile, hair still damp and starting to curl. Her head is propped on her arm as she lays on her side facing me. She’s wearing a new silk gown, cream coloured with white flowers. It ripples over her body like water, clinging to her curves. She is incredibly beautiful; my heart skips a beat as I stand, stunned, in the doorway.

“Miss me?” she asks.

In reply I fly to her, kneel by the bedside, and kiss her. My hands go to her face, slide behind her head and pull her into me. I flick my tongue across her lips, and they open for me; I slide inside and taste her mouth. My hand strokes down the material of the gown, soft and smooth. I feel the heat rising from her body, still warm from the bath, or maybe from the kiss. I bring my hand to the front of the gown, keen to feel skin against my skin.

“Easy, tiger,” she says. “We have all evening.”

I pout, and she laughs, then sucks my lip into her mouth.

“Stroke me,” she says. She lies down onto her back, and I begin to run my hands over the gown. “Gently,” she coos. “Fingertips.”

Somehow I muster the patience not to rip the gown from her and take her hard and fast, as my cock demands. It has been a long week for me. But she is right; that would be over in minutes. We have the time.

I cup her face for a kiss, then break away, stroking her cheeks, tucking her hair back behind her ears. I caress her shoulders, stroke the silk down her arms, drawing my fingertips back and forth across her. I come back to her shoulders and then down the sides of her body, brushing gently past the swell of her breasts and down to her waist.

She reaches up behind her head to grab the bars of the headboard, which raises her breasts and brushes her nipples against the material. I can see they are hard with arousal. I stroke deftly over the fullness of her breasts, careful to avoid the nipples at first. Drawing circles around them, then using my thumb to brush counter to the movement of my fingers. When, finally, I stroke gently over one nipple, I hear her gasp and her back arches slightly. I look up to her face; her eyes are closed, her mouth agape, until she draws her bottom lip between her teeth.

I cup one breast in my hand, and use the other to flick at the nipple, using the silk of the gown to tease at her. “Yes…” I hear her say, and I look up to see her watching me. I look down the length of her. The gown only reaches to mid-thigh; on one side she has drawn her leg up to rub her foot along the other leg, and the gown has pooled in her lap. I have to touch her thigh, and run my fingertips up her freshly-shaven smooth leg, across her knee and over the softness of the skin inside her leg. Somehow I stop myself shy of the treasure at the top of her leg, and instead bring my hand to the other thigh, resting it over the leg, and dancing small circles with my fingertips just where the gown ends.

“I love you so much,” I say. We kiss again, long and deep and passionate. Our souls reach for each other.

I feel her hand on my forearm. She pulls my hand up her thigh, pulls my fingers onto the centre of her heat. I start to tuck my fingers into the leg-hole of the underwear.

“Not yet,” she says, breaking off the kiss. “Over the top.”

So, I start to stroke, up and down, over the softness of her lips, covered in the smooth silk. I stroke almost imperceptibly along her lips, and up and over the nub at the top, then back down. I feel her twitch as I slowly work her over.

“Fuck…” I hear Bostancı Escort her whisper. Somehow sexier than making her scream. I wonder who is teasing whom.

The gown has fallen open, revealing her glowing skin and the fullness of her breast. With my spare hand, I stroke the flesh before me. I see goosebumps on her skin, although it is not cold in the bedroom. I begin to gently caress the areola, stroking over the nipple at the same pace as my other hand works over her clit. I reach out with my tongue, and flick it across the nipple; she jumps. I blow across the damp skin, then lower my lips over the nipple, flicking at it with my tongue as I suck the soft flesh against my mouth.

She starts to moan. I raise my hand to her face, stroke her skin, then slide my hand over her mouth, smothering her voice. I continue my relentless teasing with my fingers against her clit and my tongue on her nipple. She growls, and starts to buck her hips. I see her nostrils flaring, and can feel the dampness of the material between her legs. I apply more pressure on her clit, circling round and round, ignoring her lips now and continuously working her pleasure spot. Her skin is flushed and her chest heaving. Then her back arches and she draws her legs up so her feet are flat on the bed. She clamps her hands over mine against her pussy, preventing me from moving while she rides her orgasm.

I lift my hand from her mouth, and she gasps a few breaths. I stroke her face again and brush my fingers over her lips. She takes two fingers into her mouth, and starts to suck at them, flicking them with her tongue, reminding me of how well she sucks my cock. She lowers her legs again, releasing my hand clamped between them, and I resume stroking the lips of her pussy, careful to avoid the sensitive clit so soon after her climax. She sucks my fingers down into her throat, showing off, staring at me, knowing what this was doing to me.

“That looks uncomfortable,” she says. My cock is straining at my jeans. “Allow me.” I stand up, and she undoes the button and fly and pulls the denim down my legs. Underneath, I am naked. “Expecting company?” she teases. Then she leans forward, and slips her lips over the head of my cock. I feel that familiar warmth and wetness, as she sucks me in and runs her tongue around the sensitive head.

I have to lean slightly to continue stroking her pussy while she devours my cock. She pulls the underwear tight over her pussy; I can clearly see the outline of her lips and the nub of her clit pressing against the fabric. I continue stroking up and down over the slit. As she pulls at the fabric, it begins to draw into the slit itself, revealing the swollen flesh of her lips. She has shaved those, too; this is new.

“Wow,” I say in surprise.

“Mmm-hmmm,” she hums, sending pleasurable sensations along my cock.

I must touch them. Skin so soft, as I caress her lips with my fingertips. I feel her moan as I stroke them, a finger on each lip and one along the fabric in her slit. She grabs my ass and pulls me onto her face; I feel her throat muscles clamp around the head of my cock. I can’t stop myself any longer, and I pull the underwear aside, sliding my middle two fingers all the way into her soaking but tight pussy. She brings her legs back up and out, feet planted on the mattress, as I hammer my fingers into her, slapping at her clit with the palm of my hand each time I get knuckle-deep into her pussy. She pulls her folds open for me as I continue, all the time swallowing at my cock. I know she can’t breathe; that she is choosing this pleasure over her own safety. It’s unbearably erotic. I feel my orgasm approaching, but I don’t want this to end yet. Reluctantly I draw my cock back out of her mouth, and concentrate all my energy into the fingers I’m ramming into her.

“FuckfuckfuckFUCK!” she screams, and Kadıköy Escort she’s cumming hard, squirting and flooding the bed like she can when she gives herself fully to the pleasure. I slow the pace and draw my hand back out from between her legs; my fingers wrinkled and my wrist and forearm sore from the effort.

I kneel back beside the bed, and lean back in for another kiss. I can taste myself in her mouth.

“So, how much did you…” I ask, nodding down to her lap.

“Why don’t you go and see?” she suggests.

I walk round to the foot of the bed, and start to climb up between her legs. She bites her lip again as I tuck my fingers into the waistband of the sodden underwear. I feel amused by the counterpoint of her sudden shyness compared to the erotic display of a few moments ago. I draw the material from her sex and down her legs; she has shaved completely, leaving just soft perfect skin behind.

“You’re beautiful,” I repeat. I can’t take my eyes away from her pussy, finally revealed to me in naked glory. I run my hands up her thighs and across that freshly exposed skin. Entranced, bewitched, I lean forwards and kiss her pelvic bone, down the crease of her leg and onto her thigh, and across to her soft lips. I suck the lip into my mouth, marvelling at this new sensation. Her scent is intoxicating. My tongue is inside her, my lips over hers, her clit against my Cupid’s Bow. I feast, and she provides.

I rise back over her body, kissing my way up her abs, her breasts, to her face.

“Take me,” she breathes.

“No, I’m too close,” I reply. Instead, I lie down beside her, and resume the kiss. Gently I glide my other hand up her thigh and easily slide my two middle fingers back inside her, tucking the others up into my palm. More gently this time, I curl the fingers and gently start stroking at her g-spot.

“Did you, you know, while I was away?” she asks. We’d promised each other we wouldn’t masturbate while we were apart. It makes the reunion that much more charged. I shook my head, and kept on stroking.

“God, I love what you do to me,” she says, as I nibble at her neck and work my mouth down to her other breast.

But from this angle, the finger action is a little uncomfortable; my index finger crumpled against her pelvic bone. I move back up for a kiss, and while our tongues dance, I slide my index finger back across her clit and slip it into her pussy with the others. She opens her mouth wider and makes me kiss her more deeply.

I work my hand over her, my thumb on her clit and three fingers spread wide inside her tight pussy, stretching her out. I can feel her muscles pushing back against me. Now my little finger is hurting, twisted at an awkward angle across her perineum, slick with her juices. I slide my hand back out a little so I can change angles, drawing the tip of my little finger back across her skin until it rests against the bud of her ass.

“Nononono, I can’t take it,” she says. But we both know she’s lying. I take her nipple back into my mouth, and flick it with my tongue. I corkscrew my fingers back into her cunt, pinching at her clit with my thumb. I feel her asshole pucker, and the tip of my little finger slides into her forbidden warmth.

“Shiiiiit,” she exhales. Her ass sucks my whole finger inside her, until my hand is flush against her groin. Slowly I begin to ripple and work my hand – fingers stroking over her g-spot, thumb on her clit, all causing the finger in her ass to slide back and forth as I work her over.

“God, I feel so full,” she says. I have to sit up so that I can roll my wrist properly, to get the right rocking motion. I look down at my hand, covered in her juices. My fingers all slippery inside her cunt. Feeling the thinness of the wall between her pussy and her ass. I am compelled to lean forwards and suck her clit, lick her Göztepe Escort lips and taste what my hand is doing to her. I feel her hands in my hair as I lap at the sweet nectar my fingers bring forth from her depths. I hear her breath catch as the orgasm takes us both by surprise.

I rise, to see her whimpering slightly. “Sore?” I ask her. She nods. I start to take my hand away.

“No, just in my ass,” she says. So, I pull my little finger out. She passes me over a wet-wipe, eyebrow raised.

“You serious?” I check.

“Fuck yeah. Stretch me,” she orders.

I shape my 4 fingers into a cone, and slide them back into her pussy, working that same corkscrew motion that she loves. This is a far as we’d gone up until now, but I sense this time would be different.

My fingers are smeared in her, sliding effortlessly in and out. I tuck my thumb into the centre and keep working, while she rubs her clit, knowing her own pace and needs.

“Push,” she says. So close, so close. But my knuckles are catching on her. She loves how they grind against her clit while I work, but it looks like this is as far in as we can get.

“Fuck no, I’ve got to have it,” she says. She passes me over a bottle of baby oil. I squirt it over my hand, her pussy, her hand, and together we work it round and over our skin. So slippery, so right. I resume the twisting of my wrist, and I can feel her working loose…

Then suddenly, I’m in. I’d been pushing to help the knuckles clear the opening, so when it gave my hand sank deep into her pussy. Instinctively I curl my fingers into a fist.

“Fucking hell,” I say, looking at her lips clamped tight around my wrist. “You took it!”

I look up at her face. She’s panting, fast and hard, staring at my arm sticking out of her cunt, eyes agape, unbelieving but proud.

I start to pull back, but she grabs my arm with both hands, “Fuck no, don’t move, not yet,” she says. I can feel her pulse on my whole fist, her cervix rubbing against the side of a finger. I run my free fingers round her lips, where my hand disappears inside her. She starts rubbing her clit, urgently. I start flexing my fist, squeezing then releasing, in rhythm with her hand.

Ever so slowly I start rotating my wrist, drawing my hand over her walls as they pulsated. Then I pull back, stretching her out until my fist sticks against her opening, then release and she pulls me back in. So little movement, but so much reaction.

“You ready? It’s gonna be big,” she said. I nod. She doesn’t need to tell me when the orgasm crashes over her; I feel the whole of her pressing down on me.

“Aaaarghhhh!! FUCK ME YEAH!!” she screams, and grabs at my wrist with both hands. “For the love of God don’t move,” she says, as her body rocks. She’s practically sitting upright, hugging her knees, as she sprays up my arm and her whole body convulses. I uncurl my fingers, and her cunt pushes my hand back out as the muscles contract in rhythm.

I look at her face, flushed, eyes slightly crossed, mouth wide open and nostrils flaring as she tries to catch her breath. She collapses backward onto the pillows, spent.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” I say, leaning in for a kiss, pressing myself against her. She still can’t speak. I reach down to my aching cock, looking to guide it into her.

“Hell no, too sore,” she says.

The baby oil catches my eye. I sit on her lap – I can still feel her pussy twitching as the orgasm subsides – and drizzle it over her perfect breasts. As I lean forward to rub my cock between them, she reaches up and strokes me. Suddenly I am overcome, and my load spills over her face and chest. She smiles, and keeps milking my cock until I am completely spent.

“No need to ask if you enjoyed that, then,” she acknowledges. I laugh, and snuggle into her arms.

Later. “I need to clean up,” she says, rising from the bed. “Look at the mess you made of me; I’m going to need a shower after the bath.”

She disappears into the en-suite. I lay back, exhausted.

She pokes her head back round the doorway. “Oi! You joining me, or what?”

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