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7:43 AM

“Daddy, Daddy wake up.”

“…huh? What. Oh. Hey little man, what’s goin’ on?”

“I want to go to the pet store today.”

“*eyes still not open* You do?”

“Yeah. I want a hamster.”

“Okay. Tell you what little man: come wake me up again at 9:30 aight? We’ll go together then.”

“What do I do until then?”

“Play with your brother. Play video games, watch some Looney Tunes. Daddy no function sleep well without.”

“Okay Daddy.”

“Are you really going to take him to the pet store today?”

“*cuddling in to Mommy spoon action* Sure. Maybe he’ll want a reptile like his old man.”

“*giggle* He’s not getting a reptile.”

“*snuggling into her neck harder* Why not?”

“Because reptiles need a lot of responsibility compared to mammalian pets. And you’re not taking care of his reptile on top of your own.”

“I forgot about the responsibility part. Maybe a hamster would be good to start helping teach him about responsibility.”

“*smiling* My thoughts exactly.”

“*starts nibbling on her neck* God it’s sexy Şerifali Escort when you’re right.”

“*giggling* Hmmm, really?”

“Yeah. Let me show you how sexy it is.”

I start gripping her breasts. Feeling how soft and supple they are, her nipples are so adorably tiny and hard. She starts pressing her butt against me hard, over and over, up and down. It feels amazing. My dick is taking control of the bloodstream. Baser instincts beginning to dominate. Ooh, ooh ooh ooh! Start biting her neck in response, sucking her sweet neck. She moans. Start to press against her with my hard dick. She interrupts:

“Hold on.”

“Huh, what?”

“*grinning* I’ll let him have a pet reptile if you really show him how to be responsible, but…”

“What, woman, what?

“…you have to go down on me.”

“Pssh. Oh okay. You make it sound like it’s a chore.”

“Just do it, then you can make the decision yourself as long as I’m not in charge of it.”

-She turns her head around and quickly licks my face jawline to eye. I quiver.



Continue İstanbul Escort kissing her neck and fondling her breasts. Kissing her down her neck, her ripe neck…suck on her nipples for a bit. She quivers and starts breathing more heavily. Kiss her further down her navel, I pull her legs apart and I slide part of myself under her body to prop her up, my dick near her face now. I gaze into the face of God. I kiss her once on the lips, savoring the wetness on my lips, I keep planting smacks on her before my tongue can’t resist any longer and I begin piercing her rose repeatedly. She jerks her lower back and pelvis. Ow.

She starts fondling my throbbing dick next to her face. It feels really good relieving the pain with some pleasure. I feel my mouth drop a little bit by accident. Spread her pussy open with my fingers and start licking the grooves, rubbing her clit lightly with the tip of my nose. Ahh, the taste of pussy is truly sublime. Every taste bud in my tongue is activated with the sweet yet salty and natural taste it has. Ümraniye Escort She gasps very loudly GOD I hope the kids didn’t hear that because I do not want to explain this scene.

I’m getting harder and harder. She starts rubbing my dick much faster now. She’s trying to keep in sync with where she’s at down here. Move my tongue upward and lightly pelt her clit with it, then start sucking it lightly. I can feel it get wetter in my mouth as I lap up the juices. She increases her speed in jerking my dick. She’s loudly gasping with every breath now. Her legs are locked around my head tightly saying:

“Don’t stop.”

I’m so hard that my dick hurts now. She spits in her hand and goes full throttle on my dick. I feel it swell up with my cum. I’m about to cum on her unless she points me elsewhere. I can feel it at the event horizon; I increase my tongue’s intensity until she lets out a shriek and a full body spasm before she collapses completely, with my dick firing cum over her neck and breasts. My face is wet. Her upper body is caked in it right now. I rise from beneath and look at her amusedly; she’s exhausted right now.



“That was amazing.”

“Would you expect anything less? I’m going to see if the pet store has any king cobras in stock…”

“*smiling widely* Oh stop it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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