Texting Turns to Sexting Ch. 03

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I’m Rob and a very lucky retiree living on the Coast of Central California. My current adventure is taking place at Pismo State Beach Campground. I’ve met a lady named Nanette by way of a chance encounter at our local adult sex store. Our initial texting that turned into sexting has led us to finally meet in person.

My 25-foot trailer is parked here in the North Campground at Pismo State Beach. Nanette joined me yesterday and we met face to face for the very first time. To our surprise, we did see each other while shopping at the Diamond Adult World last month. She was checking out push-up bras while I was perusing corsets. A mutual friend of ours, Lynette, is the Assistant Manager at the sex shop.

Since arriving yesterday, we have enjoyed several sexual encounters including a double-penetration session last night using her strap-on. We made great use of the camp table outside under the stars. Our first encounters pretty much wiped us out and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

We manage to sleep until 9:00AM Saturday. Both of us wake about the same time. Nanette rolls over to face me and we snuggle and kiss until 9:30. Finally, I am ready to start the day and get breakfast cooking. I pull out the Firestone grill from the back of the truck and set it on the table. In our haste last night, we left the blankets on the table overnight. I fold each one and tuck them back into the trailer. Nan is up and brushing her teeth.

“Hey sweetheart, I hope you are hungry for some bacon and eggs?”

“After last night, I am starving. Can I help you prepare anything?”

“Yes please, you can start the water for the coffee. The pot is under the sink.”

Nan brings me a cup of joe while I cook up the bacon and eggs on the grill. She is wearing her blue Hawaiian shift and nothing else underneath. She stands beside me as I cook. I put my arm around her shoulder and hold her close.

“It doesn’t get any better than this; bacon frying up, a view of the blue Pacific and a lovely lady to share it with.”

“It doesn’t get any better, unless I do this.”

Nan grabs my hand resting on her shoulder and puts it squarely on her right boob. I squeeze her tit and feel her nipple harden under her dress. Wow, she is feisty in the morning.

“Well, aren’t you getting started early today?”

“Yes I am. Oh my god. How about we spend the day on the beach, or in one of those dunes over there?”

Nan points out to the dunes just this side of the shoreline. I concur with her suggestion.

We enjoy our breakfast sitting at the camp table. Several people walk by and look our way. We wave to all the passers-by as we eat and drink. The sun is up in the sky and warming up the day. My canopy provides all the shade we need. We wonder if any of the fellow campers walking by heard us last night or saw us fucking our brains out. It’s quite possible, especially when Nan yelled out she was cumming.

Nan and I spend the rest of the morning chatting and relating past adventures. It turns out Nan is a frequent visitor to Diamond Adult World as well as Avila Beach. When her husband and the neighbor take off on their fishing expeditions, she heads off to the beach. She doesn’t spend a lot of time under the sun which explains her fair complexion. On several occasions the neighbor’s wife, Hannah will accompany Nan to the beach. They usually spend time at Pismo Beach and have only been topless together at Avila a few times. I told Nan that I first met Lynette when we were at Avila Beach. I didn’t go into details, but I did mention she was topless and has beautiful tan breasts with chocolate brown nipples.

“Rob, I think the three of us should visit Avila Beach. I’m sure you would love to be there with two topless ladies. Oh my god.”

I tell Nan that’s a terrific idea. I don’t tell her that I’ve been there many times with two naked ladies and have made love out by the rocks. She can learn that fact later. Nanette helps me clean up before we get ready to go to the beach. Back inside the trailer she removes her summer dress as I watch. She is a sexy lady. I love watching her pink pointy nipples. She puts on a string bikini that matches her summer dress.

“I love your swim suit Nan. You look extremely sexy.”

“Yeah, sure. Not bad for an old lady. Oh my god.”

“I think sexy for any age.”

Nan steps back into her blue dress while I pack our picnic basket. I have plenty of water and some snacks to keep us happy. Nan holds the towels, sunscreen and floppy hats. We walk out toward the sand using the same path we used yesterday. I help her over the same wooden fence and we head toward a bunker to the right.

“Rob, let’s go over there to that dune. We’ll have some privacy.”

I like the way she thinks. We find the dune I pointed out yesterday. The indentation is deep and the tall grass sways in the breeze. I help Nan step down into the dune and we spread out the blanket before putting down the towels. We kneel and find ourselves in our own little world.

Nan removes her yavuzeli escort dress and then takes her bikini top off. She smiles at me as she lowers her bikini bottoms.

“Come on Rob, lose your shorts. Nobody is going to see us way down here. Oh my god.”

I love how free and easy she is. I also love the fact that she is naked. I unbutton my shorts and drop them to the blanket. My cock springs into action.

Nan looks closely at my hard-on, “Oh my god. What is that around your cock?”

“It’s my new cock ring. Do you like it? I’ve been wearing it all morning. I love wearing it around my shaft and balls.”

“Yes, I love it. It makes your cock look even bigger if that’s possible. Oh my god.”

Nan steps over to me and grabs my cock with both hands. She traces her fingers around the hard rubber circle and then grabs my balls.

“You’re the first man I’ve ever seen wearing a cock ring. Oh my god. This is going to be a fun morning. Oh my god.”

“Well young lady, first things first. I need to protect your fair skin with sunblock. I brought some SPF30 for us.”

Nanette lays down on the towel. I open the sunscreen and rub it onto Nan’s back. I admire her body as she lays in front of me. She is as naked as can be. I squeeze sunscreen directly on her wide ass cheeks and begin to rub the cream into her flesh. I use both hands to squeeze and mold her bottom. I move from cheek to cheek and then I dip my fingers between her ass crease and rub her pink rosebud.

“Oh Rob, that feels so good, but your cock felt so much better. Oh my god.”

I pour some sunscreen on her shoulders. I use both hands to rub the lotion into her skin. I move my hands down to her waist and cover the sides of her tits with the sun protection. I knead and squeeze her side boobs.

“You really like my boobs, don’t you? Oh my god.”

I smile and nod my head as I reach under and palm her round mounds. I pinch her pink nipples to emphasize the point. I move my hands down her body one more time and grab each cheek as I complete my task.

Nan asks me if I would like to protect her front as she is ready to sit up. I jump at the chance to put my hands on her fabulous body. She rearranges herself and sits up in our little hideaway. I sit behind Nan and wrap my legs around her body. I scoot up until my cock presses into her rear. She feels my seven inches.

“I feel a hard cock back there, and I love it. Oh my god.”

Nan grabs sun screen and dribbles some lotion on her firm tits. I reach around, grab hold of her boobs and massage the cream into her pale skin. I rub her mounds with my palms and lift her boobs up. They slide though my hands and then I pinch her pink nipples.

I continue to massage her breasts and her nipples. I can’t get enough of her tits. Nan spreads her legs to let me to rub her pussy. I continue down her stomach to her inner thighs. I stroke her pussy lips with my fingers. I want to make love with Nan right here in our own private space.

With my arms still wrapped around Nan, she spreads her legs a bit more, so I have room to stroke her inner labia and clit. I use this opportunity to stimulate her pussy and prepare her to be taken right here. Nanette grabs my hand and holds it tight against her pussy. My fingers rub her wet slit as I stroke her labia and flick her clit several times.

“Oh my god Rob, if you keep doing that, I’ll want to fuck you right here.”

“Well that’s my intention my dear.”

“Oh my god.”

Nanette takes deep breaths as I continue to stroke her pussy. She grabs her tits and pulls her nipples. She stretches the pink nubs and keeps them erect. My cock is so hard, pressed up against her ass. I look down and see some pre-cum forming on the tip. My cock ring keeps my shaft stiff and thick with veins pulsing.

I want Nan to enjoy her climax before I do. Her inner labia flare as I encounter her wet slit. My fingers slide along the folds and dip between her pink flaps. The more I stroke, the wetter she becomes. Two fingers separate her labia as I search for her G-spot. My fingers press deeper and deeper into her gash. I slide two fingers along the top of her gash and feel the hard ridges of her G-spot.

“You are hitting all the right spots. Oh my god.”

I slide my fingers back and forth along her ridge and her clit hardens.

“Rub my clit baby. Make me cum.”

I use a circular motion to stimulate her pink pearl.

“Oh my god.”

Nan’s breathing increases and her thighs quiver as her orgasm reaches the tipping point. I increase the speed of my touch. I rub up and down her labia and circle her clit several times to send her over the edge. Nanette’s body shakes with each pass of my fingers. I hold my hand against her pussy moving my fingers around and around until she grabs my hand.

“Enough Rob, oh my god.”

We hear voices close by. There must be campers walking to the beach. If they get any closer, they might stumble upon us. We sit silently for a few minutes. As the voices grow weaker, I stand to survey the area. I see four people ten yards from us walking toward the ocean. Any closer and they would have tumbled into our laps. I see other people walking and running on the sand. It’s a busy day here on the Central Coast. The sky is blue, and the sun is shining.

I watch the ocean surf for several minutes and then I feel a wet sensation on my cock. I look down to see Nan’s lips wrapped around my shaft. She grabs my cock by the base and sucks four inches down her throat. Nan commences to bob her head back and forth, applying extreme pressure to my root as she moves. She moves back and my cock pops from her mouth, saliva dripping from my shaft.

“Rob, your cock was inches from my face, I just had to suck it. Oh my god.”

Nan leans forward and takes more of my shaft between her lips. I look out over the horizon and watch the waves crash on the sand as she blows me. She is very talented. Her tongue moves all around my cock as she bobs and sucks. The people on the beach can’t see what’s going on down in the dune. They have no idea I’m getting sucked off while I watch them cavort. Nan tugs on my cock, pulling me down onto the blanket.

“Rob, make love to me right here. Oh my god.”

Well, well, it’s just another fantasy coming true. Nan rolls onto her back and spreads her legs. She is a lovely vision with her round alabaster breasts standing proud, capped by bright pink nipples fully erect and begging to be sucked. I see her puffy, smooth pussy lips with a hint of moisture along her inner labia waiting for my cock. Her neatly trimmed triangle of light brown pubic hair adorns her mound. The tight curls ending just above her inflamed clitoris, clearly visible.

I kneel between her legs and lower my body to hers. I feel my hard cock press between Nan’s thighs. She spreads her legs wider and I readjust myself enough to place my tip along her moist entrance. I lower my hips and I slide between her silky labia. She is so hot and so wet. I feel my entire shaft surrounded by a velvet glove. Nan squeezes her pussy to welcome me into her paradise.

“Fuck me slow babe, you feel so good.”

Nan wraps her legs around me as I slowly slide my cock in and out of her pussy. I move my hands just above her shoulders on the blanket to support my weight. Our eyes meet as we make love in our own little world. I feel the sun on my back and press my hips flat against hers. I flex my shaft and Nan squeezes her cunt to hold me tight.

“You feel divine Nan; your pussy is so tight. Let’s make this last.”

My chest rubs against her tits and hard nipples. I thrust in and out. I savor the feeling of her wet juices coating my shaft. We continue to stare into each other’s eyes; wide smiles cover our faces. She moves her legs down around my thighs forcing me deeper into her core. Our lips meet in a tender kiss that deepens into a passionate connection. Our tongues parry back and forth, moving from her mouth into mine and back again.

“Make love to me, Rob. I dreamed about this moment when I was in the video booth sucking your gorgeous cock.”

I lift my hips, pulling my cock up from within Nan’s pussy and drop down again. Nan keeps me buried in her cunt with the pressure of her legs on my thighs. Nanette maintains a tight lock. I maintain a steady rhythm, moving up and down, gliding within her wet pussy. I press her ass into the soft blanket. My orgasm is close.

“I’m going to cum Nan. The tip of my cock is so sensitive.”

“Don’t hold back Rob, fill me up with your cum.”

I press my hips into hers one more time and hold my body against Nanette. My cock throbs and I release my several thick ropes of cum deep into her pussy. She keeps me locked in place as my body spasms and several more spurts fill her cavern. After several minutes, I feel myself soften and slide out. I roll to my side with my left leg draped over Nanette’s thigh.

“That was fabulous Nan. Let me take care of you. You deserve another orgasm.”

“Rob, I need a little while to recuperate from my last one. Oh my god.”

We lay back on the blanket and look up to a cloudless sky. Nan holds my hand as we rest.

“Nan, what do you say to a dip in the ocean?”

“That would mean I have to put on my bikini. I’d rather play here and be naked with you. Oh my god.”

The sun and orgasms have us feeling lazy. I close my eyes and drift off only to be wakened by a chirping phone. Nan rolls over to the side of the blanket and grabs her cell. She reads her screen and immediately sits up. Nan has a perplexed look.

“What is it sweetie?”

“It’s a text from Hannah, my neighbor.”

“Is everything alright? You look disturbed.”

“She says she went over to my house last night, saw the porch light on and my car in the driveway. She knocked but I didn’t answer. She was worried, so she went by this morning and still no answer. She says she is going to contact Jack.”

“Who’s Jack?”

“My husband. Oh my god. I need to get ahold of her before she does that.”

“Text her back Nan. Let her know you are OK.”

“That won’t be enough. I’ve got to speak to her in person. I’ll text her right now, but I need to go. I need to make sure she doesn’t contact Jack.”

(Nanette): Hi Hannah, I’m OK, I just didn’t hear you knock. Don’t contact Jack, I’ll be over in a little while.

“I’m sorry Rob, I’ve got to go. I’ll ring for an Uber.”

“Before you do Nan, maybe you should get dressed. I love your boobs, but you might get arrested flashing them to an Uber driver.”

“Oh Rob, you are too funny. I’m getting dressed right now. Oh my god.”

“Nan, don’t call Uber, take my truck, it will save time.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, I’m sure. But when you get back, I’ll expect you to flash your boobs at me.”

“Oh Rob, you’ve already seen them.”

“Yes, I have, and they are perfect. And your pink nipples are to die for.”

I help Nan put her bikini back on and then she steps into her sun dress. I stuff my cock back into my cargo shorts and gather our belongings. I help Nan climb up and out of the sand dune. We walk back to my trailer hand in hand.

I give Nan my truck keys and send her on her way. To be honest I could use a break. My cock needs a little rest. I’m sure she’ll think of some good story when she shows up in a strange vehicle. For now, I’ll grab a quick nap before she returns.

Just after one o’clock I hear my truck pull up to space 07. I get up from the bed and head outside to greet Nanette. She parks on the gravel drive and hops out. She is not alone. The passenger door opens and a lady steps down holding an overnight case. I walk up to Nan with a confused look.

“Hey Rob, I’d like you to meet my neighbor, Hannah. Hannah this is my friend Rob.”

Hannah walks around the back of the truck and extends her hand. We shake hands as if we just met for a business meeting.

“Rob, Hannah would like to join us for today and tomorrow. I hope you don’t mind. We talked about how a girl’s night out would do us a world of good, since our husbands abandoned us this weekend.”

“No, of course not. We have plenty of food and plenty of room. Welcome Hannah, I hope you’ll make yourself at home in my humble trailer.”

“Thank you, Rob. I’m looking forward to spending time with you and Nan. She said you are an old family friend and just arrived in town.”

Well, considering the circumstances, a little white lie is in order. I take Hannah’s bag and lead them into the trailer. I size up Hannah as I show her my layout. She is a short little thing, maybe five-feet one at best. Hannah is a bit thick with heavy thighs, wide hips and huge tits. She is wearing denim shorts which are bursting at the seams, and a tie-dye tee shirt that doesn’t hide the roll of fat around her midriff. I’m guessing her huge boobs are natural and hang low.

“So, Hannah, Nanette tells me you are a neighbor and very good friend. I hope you gals haven’t had lunch, I was cutting up some left-over steak for sandwiches and have a fresh batch of potato salad. I hope you enjoy wine coolers Hannah, I have a case that we need to kill this weekend.”

Nan helps me take the steak and fixings for sandwiches out to the camp table. The same table she was bent over last night getting DP’d. I’m sure that won’t be happening tonight. Actually, I cut up the left-over steak last night, but who’s going to tell. Hannah joins us at the table sipping a wine cooler. I plan to keep her drinking heavily to loosen her up.

We all take turns making sandwiches. I dish up the salad, chips and fruit for everyone and then open another wine cooler for Hannah. She gladly accepts it. I propose a toast… To old friends, neighbors and good times at the beach. Here’s to fun times with two sexy ladies. We clink bottles. Nan gives me a quizzical look as if to say, ‘what are you up to’.

During lunch, I propose an afternoon at the beach soaking up sand, surf and sun. The girls are up for it. Hannah is very enthusiastic. She says she hasn’t been to the beach since last summer when she and Nan went to Avila Beach. I open another wine cooler for Hannah. After lunch I offer Hannah the opportunity to change into her bathing suit in the privacy of my trailer.

“OK Rob, what are you doing? Getting Hannah drunk? Sexy Ladies?”

“Well, what did you tell her? I’m a long-lost friend? In town for a short time?”

“I panicked. I couldn’t tell her we’ve been fucking our brains out for the past twenty-four hours. Oh my god. So, what do we do?”

“Leave it to me, I have a plan. Ply her with alcohol and then seduce her. Once she gets a taste of my cock, she won’t be revealing any secrets to anyone.”

“Oh right, and you think she’ll be craving your cock after a few cocktails? Oh my god.”

“You did.”

“Very funny Rob. I wasn’t drunk. I knew exactly what I was craving.”

For lack of any better plan, we decide to test the waters. Hannah opens the trailer door, having changed into her swim suit and a paisley print coverup. I let Nan change next. Hopefully, she’ll be wearing her string bikini again. While she is changing I converse with Hannah.

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