That Concert

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This is my first ever attempt at writing, recording some of the great times I’ve had.

The story below is true, I’ve not even attempted to stretch the truth, it’s exactly how I remember it.


The house lights dropped and the 8’000 strong crowd immediately roared. They’re about to start. It’s showtime.

The crowd surge forward anticipating one of many iconic riffs that could open the long awaited return of this band.

The jostling of the crowd is intense, I’m used to this but this is a big show.

I’m Just over 6ft and solidly built. I’m now only 10m away from the stage. It’s tight, body on body, pushing, trying to edge through to the front.

Then it’s on. Lights and noise. So loud I can’t hear myself screaming at the top of my voice. The crowd is frantic. One moving organism all in sync with an iconic opening track. This band is at the peak of their power.

There’s now a big push in the crowd. I reach forward, someone smaller than me is falling. I steady them but it’s so frantic with the jostling and the rhythm, everyone is still on the move.

The first song ends. It’s all crowd noise, deafening but a temporary relief from the pushing.

“Good Evening” says the very recognisable rock voice. Those two words again bring ear splitting crowd roar.

Our city is isolated, we’re at the end of the road, the most isolated capital in the world. If a touring act comes, it’s either first or last stop on a world tour. As a result, when a big act rolls through town, it’s always an awesome crowd. Tonight is no exception. It’s a sellout and the crowd is pumped.

The second song starts, another classic. The crowd’s jumping and thrusting forward again. Another push and I grab the same small body in front of me by the shoulder to stop them falling. It’s a girl, long dark curly hair. That’s all I can see. It’s wall to wall. I can’t see down past my own chest.

As usual, some bigger guys, big like myself try now to push forward to the front. I’m blocking, making them go around, trying to keep position, trying to keep this girl in front of me out of the fray.

A few songs in and it starts to settle. Squished bodies now have an inch of space so it’s only skin on skin, slippy with sweat but no longer the aggressive push and shove.

I just feel the sound, it’s awesome, this is me, I love live rock shows.

I’ve got the girl in front of me, she’s steadied. I can see over her head so I’m fine with her in front of me. It’s a tactic of a concert goer, have someone smaller in front so you never get blocked out. She can stay there. You have to defend your ground. I’ll defend our ground to keep her there and my view.

Another classic jolts the crowd back into full energy. She’s jumping up and down right in front of me. Shit, I can feel her ass rubbing against me. It feels tight, it feels great. Uh oh, I know what’s coming.

Embarrassingly I can feel myself getting hard. That tight ass in denim rubbing against me is waking my cock. It feels so good, I can’t do anything, there’s no room, she’s jammed up against me. It’s getting harder.

I’ve got to reach down and adjust my cock as it’s too obvious. As soon as I put my hand down, her ass is jammed up against it. It’s denim clad, it’s tight. I adjust my cock so it’s pointing upwards in my jeans. Not so obvious as the solid bar that was across my front.

The crowd’s swaying now. I’ve got my arms forward stopping the crush coming in from the sides. She reaches up at Maltepe Escort one point and grabs hold of my arm to keep her steady. It’s strong. I’ve never had to work out much, I’m all muscle. She holds on to it. The hand stays there.

I steady too and she eases back, safe alongside my arm. She’s now leaning back for support. I can feel my cock against her ass as she moves with the music. I can feel my cock in the recess between her ass cheeks through her jeans. Although I can’t see it. I can feel through my cock she’s got an amazing ass.

Next thing there’s a hand on my jeans, feeling my cock. It doesn’t panic when it feels the hardness. It stays. Testing.

Is she moving her hand up and down now? Fuck!!

The hand goes and her ass is immediately pushed back onto my cock. It’s deliberate, no question. She’s pushing the crack of her ass back against my cock. Denim on demin, it’s tight on both her and me. I’m sure she’s rubbing a bit more now. Fuck it feels good. 7 inches straining against denim.

Next the hand comes back, I’m fucking rock hard now.

She’s now rubbing her palm up and down again through my jeans. This time, there’s no denying it, she’s rubbing my cock. I’m so hard, it’s no secret, I can’t hide it so I’m cool let her explore, let her know I’m ok with her handling it.

She lays her head back on my shoulder and really gives my cock a rub, a rub that tells she’s curious, to feel the full length and shape but also a knowing rub. A rub that she knows she’s turned me on and that she’s safe. What a beautiful horny creature, I’ve not even seen her face. She’s hot. This is fucking hot.

Then the hand’s on the stud at the waist. She gives it a tug, she can’t get it undone as it’s too high behind her with her hand facing back. I don’t even think. I reach down in the tightness between us and take her hand. I put it back on my cock then I reach up and undo the stud. I reach again for her hand and take it up to let her feel the stud’s undone. Permission granted. No urgency, just cool exploring.

She slowly unzips the fly, my jeans are tight, no way they’ll fall down. He her hand goes down my shorts. Oh fuck that feels so good, my cock is so hard. I can’t believe it, a hand job to one of my favourite bands.

A song finished, both her hands go up in the air cheering. She’s totally safe now, she’s leans back against me. Her shoulders easily fit across my chest. Her tight ass is again against my cock, she bends her head back right onto my shoulder. I don’t kiss her neck, I just graze my chin against it, letting her feel her sensuality.

My hands go to her hips and I slide them upwards. They easily go under her top and I feel her skin. It’s so smooth and soft. I’m caressing up to the bottom of her ribs. She’s trim, her body feels sensational, smooth skin, I’m so into this.

Her head is right back on my shoulder. She’s surrendered to her own sensuality now. She’s lost in the feeling of my hands on her bare skin. I bring them around to feel her back. I run my hands up and down the side of her backbone. It’s tight, small and beautiful. She’s a stunning creature. My mind thinks of her naked, sprawled out, no inhibition to need to cover up.

My hands now find their way back up to where they were. Now I move slowly upwards. I feel the base of her bra. It’s light. It’s a satin type material, not heavy and lacy with underwire, just minimal. I’m waiting for the pullback, the recoil that says I’ve gone too far. It doesn’t Ümraniye Escort come. I want her and I feel through her body there’s consent.

I discreetly move a hand up. The material is so thin and silky, I feel her jolt as it brushes over her nipple. She’s sensitive, the nipple is small but rock hard under the satin bra material. Her head is rubbing back against me, as is her ass. Her arms are in the air dancing to the music. It’s dark, it’s sweaty and every one is moving, we’re invisible in what we’re doing.

Both hands now brush the nipples, she’s squirming to their touch. I don’t want to be too obvious so I place my hands back on her hips, briefly feel the shape of her ass. It’s devine, tight and small. Back to her bare skin, I’m holding the bottom of her ribs and I’m momentarily lost in the sound and the feel of her skin as we sway.

Her hand comes down. It’s straight into my shorts. No testing for permission. She’s more urgent now. She’s felt my cock, she’s played with it, in moments, she’s blatantly giving me a hand job.

I reach one hand around her waist, pull her back tight to me, my hand goes up, feels her hard nipple again and she jumps with how sensitive they are. I reach back around her and feel for the clasp. I give her time to refuse but there is none. I undo the tiny clasp and my hand immediately traces around where the bra was to the front and up to fully cover her bare breast.

It’s a beautiful size, a handful with a super tight nipple. I can tell her areole would be small, coin size with a tiny but super sensitive nipple. Mentally I’m sure they’re light pink.

She’s squirming now, she’s so aroused.

Her hand is all over my cock. Switching from tugging up and down to light finger nails under the head. She’s reached down to my balls but the angle and the tightness of the space don’t allow for much.

I run my hand down her taught stomach, it’s electrifying for both of us. I’m half holding her tight, half arousing her to the feel of skin on skin. If she ups the tempo now I could come.

I get to her waist band. I can feel her hips thrust forward, I know she wants what I want to give her. I reach for her jeans stud and her other hand immediately comes to meet mine and open her jeans.

My hand again traces up and down her stomach but this time drops beneath the waistband all the way down to the top of her pantyline. Like the bra, the panties are thin satin, they’re so thin, they do nothing other than represent underwear.

She is writhing now, it’s an insistency in her body that knows she wants to be touched lower. Every slow centimetre I move towards her pussy I feel nothing but sensual rhythm of her hips guiding me to where she wants to be touched.

Inside her panties now, I feel the top of her hair is super fine and soft. Then the heat hits my hand. She’s on fire down there. As my hand gets lower, her fine hair is soaked. The back of my hand which is against the fabric of her panties is soaked from the wetness she’s spread. Her skin is so soft there. There’s not a blemish, the heat and the wetness is intoxicating on my fingers.

I draw my index finger up, slowly until it meets the bottom of her slit and it’s surrounded by wetness as I bring it upwards towards her centre.

Her hands go up in the air. Her head is back against my shoulder and she’s writhing to the music with a mixture of her ass against my cock and her pussy against my finger.

I touch her clit ever so softly İstanbul Escort and she clenches her whole body forward. It’s like someone had punched her in the stomach the involuntary movement was so primal.

I ever so lightly touch again and she buckles once again. I cover her pussy again with my whole hand, not wanting to over intensify. The heat and wetness is incredible, her whole pussy is a wet mat of fine hair.

My finger traces up again and this time she holds firm and my finger lightly traces her clit. I do the faintest of circles and she’s back thrusting against my hand and back against my cock.

I reach my middle finger down and it finds her entrance. It’s so wet, I can’t even feel tightness on what is such a tight body.

I slip my finger in and her hand meets the back of mine to help me thrust to the speed and depth she wants. There’s no delay for permission or approvals now, this is unconscious arousal.

She’s no longer rubbing my cock, this isn’t about me now, this is totally about her. Every nerve her body is on fire, every muscle of hers is about to explode.

Two or three trusts later and I feel a throbbing of her cunt muscles around my finger then the squeezing of her thighs so tightly I can’t move my wrist. She buckles and buckles in convulsions as wave after wave rock through her.

Her head comes so far back on my shoulder she’s looking straight up to the roof now. I kiss her neck strongly with a wide open mouth, a vampire kiss without the teeth. It’s enough to make her buckle again.

My hand is soaked. I can feel wetness all the way to my wrist. She’s exploded and now she’s limp. I feel I’m holding her up as she leans on me. It feels her whole weight is impaled on my finger and her juices run down my hand. She’s still writhing on my finger though with no urgency or energy, they’re just involuntary movements as she comes down.

I can’t help it, I have to taste her. I bring my hand to my nose then mouth. It’s fresh, light, she’s a goddess who’s just found nirvana oblivious to the 8000 screaming sweating rock fans around her.

She’s spent now. She’s wanting re-assurance and comfort now. She cuddles back and we sway back and forth together as one.

The encore has started, we’re into the final songs. Not a word has passed between us. I’ve not even asked her name, it wasn’t needed, it was all by mutual touch in the darkness and noise of the show.

I zip up my fly and I reach around and we join hands and do up her jeans. I have one last feel of her beautiful light bush before wriggles one last time and she closes her beautiful pussy away. She reaches back for her bra and it’s done quickly without anyone noticing.

The house lights come on, they’re bright and the crowd immediately is on the move.

She’s gone from my arms and I look to see for her in the light. Who is it? Which way did she go? I can’t believe she’s just slipped into the crowd. I should have asked for her name, a number.

I instantly think of how much I’d love to fuck her. How her body moved and how I’d love to feel it move on top of mine.

I feel a light grab on my arm and a kiss on my neck and then a double pat on my arm. She’s kissed me out of nowhere. I look around in the crowd and the glare of the bright house lights. Which one is she? There’s a group of four girls together close by, are they looking at me? Is one of them her? Do they all know?

I’m at a loss but with a sense of satisfaction that I’ve given a beautiful sensuous creature a rare anonymous, uninhibited freedom to come so hard surrounded by 8000 people.

To this day, I still don’t know who she was.

Thanks for reading.

If you message me, I’ll happily share the concert details with you.

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