That New Guy Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

Note: If you haven’t already, read the previous chapters of That New Guy, which are prequels to this story.

Back at the office, Meg wanted to find Deb to let her know that the stakes had just been raised but Jake just needed something to eat. He headed to the break room and was debating what to buy from the vending machine when Deb walked in. His first thought was that Meg must have told her what had just happened and that Deb had come looking for him to initiate whatever the next step was going to be.

“So, I guess Meg told you that she took me out at lunch,” he said, trying to sound casual.

“No, actually I haven’t seen Meg,” she replied, “but I’m assuming, since you’re buying something from the vending machine, that you didn’t get anything to eat while you were out with Meg. That’s a shame because, if I had taken you out, I would have offered you something to eat…something soft and smooth and wet.”

His gaze dropped from her chest down below her waist, then up to her face. “Smooth” was the word that stood out. Not that he minded a bush, especially a nicely groomed landing strip like Meg had, but eating a smooth pussy was always a treat. Deb was just looking back at him, knowing that the power was about to shift back her way.

“Shall we meet after work and I’ll make sure you get something to eat?” she asked. When he nodded dumbly, she turned around and walked out, not even sticking around to get the tea that she’d gone in there for in the first place.

Just as Meg had, Deb found Jake waiting for her outside the building at the end of their workday.

“Should I just follow you?” Jake asked.

“Yes,” she replied, “but don’t get lost. I’d hate to be sitting there all alone with no one to feed.”

They got in their vehicles and he trailed her out of the parking lot. She knew of a different secluded place they could park where there was no chance of being interrupted. She lived alone and could have taken him home but she didn’t necessarily want him to know where she lived. When she parked and shut off her car, he pulled in beside her and did the same. She stepped around to the back of their cars and, when he joined her, she hiked up her skirt, revealing that she’d slipped her panties off before they’d left the office.

“Hungry?” she asked, sitting up on the trunk of his car with her legs spread and her heels on the back bumper. He didn’t even respond; he just started kissing his way along her soft, smooth inner thighs, alternating from one side to the other until he reached her shaved pussy. She was already wet just from thinking about him eating yavuzeli escort her pussy and this was getting her even more worked up. When he ran his tongue up her slit and tasted her flowing nectar, she moaned and lay back against the back window. She cupped her tits through her blouse, running her hands over her hard nipples, then started to unbutton her blouse. He was watching as he lapped at her pussy, happy that he was apparently going to get to see her succulent tits as he was eating her. His cock was already rock hard and he was feeling pretty certain that, even if Deb didn’t know that Meg had fucked him, she would probably take advantage of the opportunity, anyway. It wouldn’t be the first time he got laid twice in the same day by two different women, but it would be the first time it had occurred with two coworkers. He had a strong feeling that he was going to love this new job.

While he watched Deb caressing her tits through her bra, he was focusing his licking on her clit as he slipped a finger into her hot, slippery pussy. She moaned again and was starting to gyrate her pussy toward his face in rhythm with his pumping finger. He’d had his fair share of success with women, and he was well aware that it was due more to his looks than his brains or personality, but, to his credit, he always did his best to provide satisfaction when he was put in a position to do so. He knew that his looks could only keep women interested for so long so, rather than trying to develop his intelligence or personality, he focused on being a good lover. He figured if women were shallow enough to be interested in him for his looks, they would be more likely to have sex with him than to want to have a deep conversation with him. And if he was able to satisfy them, they’d be more likely to come back for more even if there were no deep conversations.

So he was putting his years of experience with eating pussy and making women cum to work on Deb and clearly having the desired effect. Deb hadn’t really known what to expect aside from probably some enthusiasm but she knew that enthusiasm didn’t always equal skill or orgasms. When Jake started to devour her pussy, which was already fired up from thinking about probably fucking him, she was truly impressed and knew it wouldn’t take long before she was cumming. She was savoring the skilled use of his tongue as she unfastened her bra and raised it up off of her tits. She knew he was looking up at them and figured that would encourage him even more to want to please her. She played with her nipples a little bit and lifted her tits up so that she could suck on them but mostly just made sure they were visible to him. As he sucked on her clit while pumping his finger in and out of her, she moaned gutturally and could feel her body tensing up in anticipation of cumming.

She moved her hands down from her tits to his head, not pulling him against her pussy but holding him in place while she humped his face. He continued to finger her, feeling her pussy becoming wetter and more engorged, while alternately licking and sucking her clit. Finally, all of the tension suddenly left her body and she slumped on the trunk of his car, her body shaking and twitching as she came. He didn’t let up when she started cumming and managed to draw her orgasm out even longer. He only raised his head once she’d finally gone still. His attention was, of course, drawn to her heaving breasts as she was trying to catch her breath. He stood up and reached out to caress them, causing her to moan.

“Fuck me,” she said without even opening her eyes. He didn’t have to be told twice and quickly had his cock out and was guiding it toward her smooth pussy. They both moaned as he slid easily into her snug, slippery pussy. So that she wouldn’t slide away across the trunk, he hooked her legs over his arms so he could pull her toward him each time he pushed into her. As he started fucking her, he was watching her tits bouncing along with his rhythm. She was savoring the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her, especially appreciating it because it had been a while since she’d last had a real cock inside her. She still reached down to caress her clit, only to heighten the experience, but his focus remained on her tits so he was not fazed by not being able to watch his cock sliding in and out of her smooth pussy.

The way he was holding her legs and pulling her toward him each time he thrust into her initially was just what she wanted but, as he continued to fuck her, she started to feel the trim around the back window digging into both the back of her head and her lower back. She couldn’t manage to adjust her position to remedy the situation and it was really starting to become a distraction, so she had to have Jake stop, even though she really didn’t want him to take his cock out of her.

“Hey, hang on a sec, okay,” she said and he stopped with his cock still embedded deep inside her, “Let’s just do a quick change here.”

He slipped his cock out of her as he set her legs down then stepped back. The truth was, with his shin and knees braced against the bumper, he had been feeling a little bit of discomfort himself. Deb hopped down off the trunk, making her tits bounce enticingly but causing her skirt to drop down and cover her pussy. When she turned around, though, and hiked her skirt up to her waist again as she leaned forward, he stared appreciatively at her ass. She spread her feet apart as she rested her head on her arm, which she laid on the trunk. Expecting him to slip back inside her and reach for her swinging tits, she was surprised when he hunkered down behind her and ran his hands over her ass before running his tongue along her dripping pussy. The truth was that she didn’t find her ass to be her best feature which, with an amazing set of tits like hers, was not unexpected. Jake, however, found a nice, round ass to be incredibly hot.

He licked her pussy again only briefly before standing and guiding his cock back into it from behind. He was still running his hands over her ass as he started to fuck her again but soon slid them up to her waist so he could pull her backwards and watch her ass jiggle each time his hips tapped against it. He could feel his cock becoming even harder and thicker as he stared at her ass and held onto her curvy waist. Between that and how hot and slippery her pussy felt, he could feel his orgasm beginning to stir up. He definitely wanted to make her cum again before he did, though, and thought that stimulating her nipples might help, so he reached forward and cupped her swinging breasts. Feeling his hands on her tits and her hard nipples brushing against his palms definitely helped Deb with the level of pleasure she was experiencing but she still slipped her free hand down between her thighs to massage her clit.

Despite wanting to make sure she came before he did, Jake was gradually fucking her harder, savoring the feeling of thrusting into her hot pussy. Fortunately, as his cock continued becoming harder and thicker, Deb could feel an increase in pleasure as a result of that and of him fucking her harder. Combined with her fingers on her clit and his hands on her tits, she was building up very quickly toward an orgasm that promised to be long and intense. Even as the rest of her body started to tense up in anticipation of cumming, her fingertips were still moving over her clit right up to the moment that the floodgates broke and her orgasm washed over her. She let out a cry of pleasure and her body trembled as Jake continued fucking her, which ultimately helped draw her orgasm out even longer. As her pussy was flooded with additional lubrication, he was relishing the increase in the pleasure he was feeling as a result. He straightened up and took her by the waist again, continuing to thrust hard into her but now watching her ass jiggling again and making himself even more aroused as a result. By the time she finished cumming, he was on the verge himself, but he had the presence of mind to realize that he was not sure whether cumming inside her would be okay.

“I want to cum on your tits,” he croaked, then forced himself to pull out of her amazing pussy. This wasn’t the first time Deb had heard this, nor would it be the last, so she turned around quickly once he’d pulled out of her, squatted in front of him and squeezed her tits together. He wrapped his fist around his cock and started pumping it, pointing it toward her impressive cleavage. She was watching his hand move up and down his tool, resisting the urge to wrap her lips around it. When he started to spurt with a groan, she stuck her tongue out on the off chance of catching a few stray drops of his cum. His attention had been on her tits as he’d been pumping his cock so he didn’t miss that she’d stuck out her tongue and, after the first few spurts, he guided the head of his cock toward her mouth. She licked the last few drops of jizz from his cockhead before scooping up what had fallen on her tits and sucking that off of her fingers.

Once she’d finished cleaning herself up, at least as much as she thought was necessary considering she would be heading home, she stood and started pulling her bra back into place. The hem of her skirt had dropped down to cover her pussy again so, once she was buttoning her blouse up again, she was surprised that he was still standing there with his softening cock in his hand.

“I’m going to take off,” she said, “so I’m going to suggest that you don’t stand out here alone with your cock in your hand.”

It was as if he suddenly snapped out of a daze and he laughed embarrassedly as he got himself tucked away.

“See you tomorrow,” he said as she slipped back into her own car and started it up. An idea had occurred to him as he’d been watching her slurp down his cum and, as he drove home, he went back to thinking about it. If they were that competitive, he was pretty sure he now had a plan that could test exactly how far they’d be willing to go.

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