The Adventures of Katie and Sarah Ch. 06

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Katie and Sarah had returned from the classes the other day, ate a light dinner, and then went straight to bed. They didn’t see either Jackie or Tina, but both knew the sinister duo would have another rush assignment to complete.

Sarah woke up first and notice a note on the table stand. It read, “Nice job sucking cunt, Cunt. Pam told me all about it last night. Reach into your own ass and yank out the next rush assignment before Katie wakes up. Do a good job on this and you will both get a treat. Signed, Jackie.”

Sarah reached around and inserted her fingers into her ass just as Katie was starting to rise out of her slumber. After retrieving the note, Sarah opened it, read over the instructions, and then told Katie they had to hurry to get to class. Their rush assignment was to take place that afternoon. Both girls took a quick shower and then got dressed, wearing identical pink tank tops and tight gray shorts which just barely covered the folds in the bottom of their asses. Each had a pair of hot pink flip-flops for their feet.

It was 2:30 p.m. when Sarah and Katie met back at their college’s main courtyard.

“Katie, we have to go to the mall. Jackie wants us to try on some new outfits.”

“Well that sounds easy. Let’s go.”

Both girls ran to the parking lot where Sarah had stashed her mom’s car. They only had 15 minutes to get to the mall to meet their first objective.

Katie and Sarah drove on the freeway to get to the mall, passing honking truckers and SUV’s along the way. Every driver got an eyeful of the girls when ever they came up beside us.

Their hearts were fluttering and their nipples were pressing tight against the infant-size tank tops Jackie picked our for them.

The girls walked into “Cassies,” a shop that specialized in clothing for the hot petite girl. A salesgirl came up to them as they entered.

“Is there anything I can do for you,” she said. “Maybe I should check you out first. Turn around.”

Both girls look at each other, wondering if this was part of Jackie’s assignment.

Before they could turn around, the salesgirl said, “I said strip you bitches. You walk in here with your Cunt and Pussy Whore collars. You must be total sluts. Let’s prove it. Now take off your tops and shorts and kick-off your flip-flops.

Katie and Sarah removed their clothes and turned around so the salesgirl could run her fingers up their asses.

“I think I have just what you bitches want,” she said. Katie and Sarah were told to go back to the changing room and wait for her to return.

They walked to the back of the store and found an open storage room, but no closed off changing rooms. Neither girl noticed the security cameras near the ceiling aimed to catch all the action.

The girl returned with a handful of tops and said, “Try these on while I find you bitches some mini shorts to cover your pussies with.”

Sarah put on a tiny top with a cartoon bird on it, and Katie tried a tank top which barely covered her boobs, either from the top or the bottom.

“Get out here bitches, on the double,” the girl yelled from the other room.

Katie and Sarah entered the storeroom and found a group of girls from their college. Katie noticed Nora, the girl she made cum in the school hallway, was among the group.

The salesgirl had closed the store, and invited all of her friends and co-workers at the mall to come have some fun.

“Come out here and show my bitches your slutty asses,” she said.

With no choice, not knowing if Jackie or Tina was watching or if the girl would call them as soon as they disobeyed, both girls walked into the center of the room. Sarah and Katie put on different tops the salesgirl threw their way, sometimes intentionally tossing them at their feet so the girls would have to bend over to get them. Each top was smaller than the next, until she told told the girls to take off their tops, and did not give them a replacement. Now both Katie and Sarah were stark naked in the clothing store with everyone’s eyes on their tits.

Several of the girls approached them, using their hands to manhandle the girls. All the action was making Katie and Sarah quite horny, as both girl’s pussies had ground super wet and slippery to the touch.

Katie was pushed to the floor moaning in delight as she was covered by three girls. Sarah also was covered with girls eating and pawing at her every which way. One girl put her tongue in Katie’s pussy and darted it in and out, using her fingers to play with her clit. She came several times this way and also when another girl started squeezing her nipples and then letting go, squeezing and letting go, all the time giving her deep French kisses.

After an hour of entertaining the girls, Katie and Sarah were told to leave the store and were handed the tops and bottoms they wore to the store.

The sales girl said they had to get dressed outside the store. Both left and started to dress when they saw a group of girls lining the way to the stairs.

Standing in front Eryaman Escort of the stairs was a group of girls they knew from school. As they got closer, the girls parted allowing us to get to the stairwell, but quickly blocked their path. One of the girls told Katie and Sarah they could get dressed at the top of the stairwell.

Holding their clothes in their hands, Katie and Sarah walked up the stairs at a slow pace allowing everyone in the mall to check out their hot bodies.

When they got to the top of the stairs, the girls were told to get dressed outside the mall. Katie and Sarah hurriedly walked through the food court naked, hearing whispers of people eating or working at the different food stalls there. Once outside, they quickly got dressed and ran to the car, with only minutes to spare to return to the house.

Upon their return, Jackie greeted Katie and Sarah at the door, a big smile across her face. Katie and Sarah didn’t know if this was the end, or another beginning.

The next morning, Jackie surprised Katie while she was in the shower.

“Katie, instead of going to school today, you and Sarah will be the guests of my alumni friends who are here to take you away.”

Katie stood there letting the water run over her body without saying anything or moving. “Katie, they are waiting for you. Sarah is already downstairs. Get out of the shower now, grab a towel and get your ass downstairs,” Jackie said.

Katie turned off the water, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her still wet body. She walked down the stairs and saw Sarah was already with Jackie’s four friends

“Katie darling, get your sweet ass over here. We are running late,” the tall, busty lady said. Katie walked toward her and she put her hand on her lower back, pushing her outside. All Katie was wearing was a little towel, which barely covered her breasts and came just down far enough to cover her pussy. The lady opened the side door of a van and told Sarah and Katie to get inside. There, the girls were met by another woman who told Katie to remove the towel and told Sarah to get out of her clothes. Now both girls were naked with the exception of their sorority name collars.

The woman cuffed the girls hands behind their backs and placed them in seats, putting the seat belts on them for further restraint. She then stuck nipple clamps on their tits. The woman slipped a chain through the clamps on Katie’s nipples and through the clamps on Sarah’s nipples, so every time Sarah’s tits moved, Katie’s did, and every time Katie’s tits wobbled from the ride, Sarah would feel the same thing.

The sensations kept Katie and Sarah occupied during the drive. Katie told Sarah her pussy was so wet from the sensations, as with every motion of the car she was closing in on a massive orgasm. My cooing, the light sound she makes as she reaches her climax, started to annoy one of the ladies, who reached around and stuffed some panties into her mouth.

“You can’t wear these, bitch, but they fit fine in your mouth,” she said.

Having the panties in her mouth actually was a blessing as it gave Katie something to bite onto to keep herself from messing up the car. She was certain her feminine lusty scent was permeating the car, as she could hear the women chatting amongst themselves about how both she and Sarah were hot bitches.

The girls did realize how long they had driven before the car stopped in the middle of their town’s downtown, and pulled around into the alley in back.

Rene, the driver, worked in the building, on the top floor. She had arranged with her boss to use the conference room for the evening. Rene, and the tall busty woman, Julie, unbuckled Sarah and Katie from their seats. Katie still had the pantie gag in her mouth and their hands were cuffed behind their backs. The chain connecting their nipple clamps was removed, but the clamps remained crunching their tender nipples.

“It’s about time you two bitches got here,” Nancy said. “What took so long?”

“We had to gag this one to keep her from cooing like a little bird,” Rene said, pointing to Katie.

“Rene, take these girls up to the conference room for our party. We will meet you there,” Carol said.

The conference room was on the top floor of the eight story building, and getting there was not easy. While Carol, Nancy and Julie rode in the elevator, Rene forced Sarah and Katie to walk up the stairs in front of her so she could get a good view of their butts, taping their every move with her cell phone.

Rene took the gag from Katie’s mouth and put it in her purse, saying, “Be a good little bitch or your gag goes back in your pretty little mouth.”

After 15 minutes the girls were at the top of the building, glowing from the perspiration which drenched them from head to toe. “Rene, get Pussy Whore and Cunt into the shower and clean them up,” Carol said. Looking up Katie saw that Carol and Julie were already naked and Julie was slipping out of her panties. Julie was Sincan Escort stacked and had nipples at least two inches long. Katie’s eyes got big as she watched her walk around the room, and Katie got giddy when she saw her pussy was bare.

Rene undid our handcuffs and told the girls to wash each other down. She turned on the shower nozzle and Katie rubbed soap into a washcloth before giving it to Sarah. Katie began washing Sarah’s beautiful chest, making sure to get underneath her boobs, washing her arms and shoulders, her back, her butt, her legs and feet and back up to her gorgeous pussy, lingering there for a few minutes until Rene told me to get to it quick.

Katie washed Sarah’s face and let the water run through her long blonde hair. All the time Sarah was washing her, rubbing Katie’s nipples and sticking the washcloth into her pussy.

Once they were clean, Rene threw them towels and told the girls to dry each other off. They returned the towels to Rene and were led then gave Rene the towels to the conference room. In the middle was a large oval table. Nancy told the girls to get on top and lay on their backs with the tops of their heads touching each other. This was all kind of weird, as the girls would not be able to see each other, but could hear everything that was said. would not be able to see Sarah, but would be able to hear everything she said. Carol and Julie began tying their ankles to the legs of the table, and tied their wrists to eye-hook bolts sticking out of the table.

Rene crawled on Katie, wearing a bra and g-string, her mouth closing onto Katie’s and her tongue stroking the inside of her mouth. In a daze Katie heard an order to take off the g-string, but she hesitated.

“Remove my g-string bitch,” Rene said, slapping Katie across the face. She pushed her ass into Katie’s face and she grabbed her g-string with her tongue and gripped it with her teeth. Katie slowly inched it down her shapely body. It had a musky smell to it, as if Rene had gotten aroused watching Sarah and Katie all morning. After she climbed out of it, Rene stuck the g-string in Katie’s mouth. It was not a gag, but a way to force Katie to smell Rene and taste her.

Katie heard Sarah groaning, and could only imagine that she was getting her pussy licked all over. The sounds she made reminded Katie of how she would sound when they used to fool around at her mom’s home. It brought Katie pleasure on top of what Rene was doing to her, darting her tongue in-and-out of Katie’s hot pussy. Katie clamped onto the g-string to stem her orgasm,but could not hold it for too long, letting Rene taste her young woman cum. After a minute Rene looked up at Katie with a grin on her face, all sticky with her fluid, and told Katie to lick it off.

Rene came closer and put her face close to Katie’s. She removed the g-string gag, and Katie started licking her own wetness off of Rene’s mouth, nose and cheeks. Rene then planted herself on Katie’s face and ordered her start licking.

Katie thought to herself that for someone nearly twice her age, Rene had a hot pussy. Rene started grinding her pussy into Katie’s face, causing her nose to tickle Rene’s clit. Not wanting to leave that position, Rene stayed for a few minutes, lifting up every 30 seconds to give Katie a quick breath of air, and then plopping back down for more.

Rene was nearing orgasm and Katie heard her say to get ready, not knowing what she meant. That is, until Rene came and squirted hot streams of cum into Katie. Rene tasted sweet and Katie had no problem swallowing all of it. Rene gave Katie a kiss on the lips.

Katie heard Sarah gasp quite a bit, and in the overhead light could see her reflection. Carol was on top of her with a large strap on, fucking Sarah’s tight pussy until it her lips were red, fat and open, and Julie was behind Carol, sticking another strap-on into Sarah’s butt. I could not believe it when I saw Nancy riding Sarah’s face. Sarah was the “toy” in a four-way.

When the women got off, and got off of Sarah, she was covered in their sweat and cum. Nancy turned around and sat on Katie’s face, telling her to eat her out before their lunch break. Katie used her tongue and nose to let Nancy reach a very big orgasm, which left her drenched in Nancy’s pungent pussy juice.

“Stay put bitches. Don’t talk to each other while we are gone. Carol, Nancy, Julie and I are off to a fine restaurant for lunch. Maybe we will be back later to let you loose,” Rene said, cackling as she and the others left the room.

Katie could still taste Nancy and Rene’s oragams mixed together in her mouth. They laid atop the table for what seemed like 20 minutes before two girls walked in. Katie did not turn to see them, but assumed they were girls from their giddy laughs upon seeing them spread out on the table.

“What have we have here,” said one of the two girls who entered the conference room where Sarah and Katie were tied down, awaiting the return of the four ladies who had used them and were Etlik Escort returning for what could be another sex workout.

“Looks like a couple of lezzie whores,” said the other girl. Katie recognized their voices as two girls from their sorority house. “How did they know we were here,” Katie thought to herself.

Alexis had long black hair and perky breasts. Alexis strode up to Katie in her sexy walk and used her right index finger to trace Katie’s cum-laden lips.

“Who’s pussy have you sucked recently, Katie?” she said. “Karen, it looks like we can have some fun with these two sluts.” Karen had short red hair and fair skin, with what looked like 34C boobs and a nice rounded ass. Katie could see Karen out of the corner of her eye stripping off her clothes and straddling Sarah in a 69-position. Alexis soon took off her clothes and did the same to Katie, making Katie lick out her ass as she licked Katie’s pussy and stuck her fingers into Katie’s butt. Katie thought Alexis ass tasted OK, and it seemed to bring Alexis to orgasm. Alexis then shifted higher up Katie’s face and stuck her pussy in Katie’s mouth. Katie licked her out. Alexis had such a nice pussy, smooth with no hair. Katie found her clit easily and sucked it until it was fully erect, bringing Alexis to another orgasm.

Karen apparently had a good time, yelping as she came three times. Then they switched, and Karen straddled Katie, ordering her to suck on her nipples.

“Bite down on them, bitch, but not too hard,” she said. Katie squeezed her tiny nipples in-between her teeth, bringing her to another orgasm.

All of a sudden the four ladies entered the room, and they were livid.

“Girls, what the fuck is going on here!” Rene said in a stern voice. “Yay, who the fuck do you think you are fucking our bitches,” Nancy said.

“Sorry mom,” they both said. Omigosh, Katie thought to herself. Alexis and Karen were Rene’s and Nancy’s daughters. Katie had eaten out the daughters of both woman, as their mothers.

The two younger girls grabbed their clothes and ran out of the room buck naked, their asses waving goodbye at us with every step.

“You two bitches got used up well today,” Carol said. “Wait until you see what we have coming up next.”

Katie and Sarah did not know if that was a good thing or bad, but knew it would involve being used by them.

Rene came up to Katie and untied her wrists and ankles, and Julie did the same for Sarah. They helped them off the table. Both girls were so sore they had trouble walking. Nancy said she would give us outfits to wear downstairs. While she and Julie and Carol took the elevator to the bottom floor, Rene pushed Sarah and Katie toward the stairs. Sarah and I took the stairs.

Rene came up to the girls from behind and inserted two metal balls in their pussies. Without saying a word about it, Rene told the girls to start moving. move. With every step the girls took the balls inside their pussies moved, causing increased arousal feelings building up. Katie could hardly concentrate as Rene said to move faster. Both girls held onto the handrail with their hands to steady themselves, as their legs had become rubbery and were quivering from excitement. By the sixth floor Sarah and Katie had already cum once, and both were on their way to a quick second orgasm.

“You better have cum dripping out of your sweet pussies when we get to the bottom floor,” Rene said, who was slapping their asses with a paddle every few minutes. The girls were a complete mess when they reached the bottom floor. Their pussies were overflowing with cum which dripped down their legs and their feet. Both were glowing from sweat. All of a sudden Sarah started having cum gush out of her pussy, making a puddle trail on the floor between her legs

Rene reached into their pussies and removed the balls, then grabbed them by the arm and pushed them into a first floor boutique in the building where Carol, Nancy and Julie were waiting with a fourth woman who I took to be the shopkeeper.

“These bitches need some hot clothes for the rest of the day. What do you have in your bitch section,” Carol said with a cackle in her voice.

“These will do,” the shopkeeper said. She handed two tiny stretch material shorts and two baby tees to Julie, who threw them on the floor and told Katie and Sarah to put them on.

Katie squeezed into the top and poured herself into the shorts. Both items left little to spare. Sarah looked quite fetching in her identical outfit.

“You two girls look the bomb,” Rene said. “Turn around so I can see your tight asses.”

The girls turned around, hearing admiration from the five women in the room. The shopkeeper stayed behind as the rest of them left the boutique and started walking on the sidewalk. Sarah and Katie thought they must have looked like two used-up cum sluts, with their hair mashed up, cum trails running out their mouths and down their legs, and clothing so tight it was almost transparent.

They walked past a bus stop and were told to stop. A bus soon pulled up and Rene told the girls to get on board. Apparently she was taking them without Carol, Julie and Nancy. When the door closed behind them, Katie and Sarah realized this was no ordinary bus. It was a private coach, with two short rows of seats in front and a back room with a door. There were 12 women seated in the rows.

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