The Anatomy of an Affair Ch. 04

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With a girl it’s not really cheating, is it?

‘It wasn’t really cheating was it,’ was how Jenny was thinking? ‘It’s not like it was with Dean after the wedding when she slept the night with him’ she thought?’ ‘It’s not as if she had let a guy pull her in a club or bar and then let him fuck her later,’ she pondered. No it was different to any of those, it was a completely different situation and one that had no connection to letting a guy seduce her.

It wasn’t really even being unfaithful to Tom her older married lover she persuaded herself. With Dean there was no doubt. It was patently clear that she was being unfaithful to Tom although she felt able to justify it to herself. After all Tom still had sex with Emily, Tom still got up from hotel beds and went home to his fat cow of a wife and Tom still fingered or fucked Jenny on the back seat of his BMW X6 once or twice a week. Jenny was lonely. She slept by herself nearly every night, they never went on dates, danced together or went shopping. They couldn’t, he was married and ran a prestigious car dealership in the town where they both lived and anything other than a hotel room now and then and the back seat of his car was ‘too dangerous’ he always claimed.

“Fuck the danger,” she had recently screamed at him standing in just her black, lacy top holdups in a hotel where they had just fucked. “I want more.”

“More what?” He replied infuriating her even more with his calmness.

“More of you. I want us to have a life.”

“We do Jen.”

“You call this a fucking life, she ranted her little tits wobbling as she shook with anger.

Smiling Tom said softly. “Actually Jen yes that is exactly what we have a fucking life.”

It got nowhere of course. They never did. The arguments that Jenny and Tom had more frequently nowadays solved nothing. Eighteen months into their affair the forty six year old married man and the twenty six year old single woman were more and more beginning to realise the futility of their situation. Affairs such as theirs they both realised never really went anywhere. He was too much into his marriage, children and job to risk it all and she would have such difficulties living with a man old enough to be her father and to have a step son her age. So like many in positions similar to theirs they soldiered on with little idea how it would end up.

‘No’ Jenny thought, ‘it’s not wrong, I’m free, I can do as I wish. I don’t owe Tom my loyalty and faithfulness. He never asks about other men and I don’t ask when he fucks the cow do I?’

A couple of weeks had passed since that ‘fucking life’ row. They had kissed, fucked and made up that night before Tom had left her naked apart from the holdups in the hotel room at just after nine. And now she was nearly naked again. This time she was just wearing a pair of white linen trousers. No top, no bra, no socks, tights or stockings and no shoes. She was bare breasted and barefoot and felt that very soon she would be bare completely. And not only was there no bra or shoes there was also no Tom. No Tom or Dean or any other man. No, Jenny was laying on a bed in a quite large, detached house in Cockfosters in the arms of a woman in her early forties with who she was about to make love.


After the night with Dean at the wedding, Jenny had felt so much guilt and remorse. She knew that what she had done was wrong, but with the tortuous logic that lovers often apply to unfaithfulness she was able to justify somewhat being with him and having a night of torrid sex.

“Yes Tom he has,” she replied to the ‘has he fucked you yet?’ question he had posed as they lay on the back seat of his car in a secluded spot in Epping Forest.

Tom was quite surprised, but not entirely so. After all he could not give his twenty six year old mistress much of a life and she made quite huge sacrifices for the sake of their affair. He had felt for some time that she needed more than what she got from their relationship and in his mind it had only been a matter of time before Jenny, either met a single guy who she would take up with, or started putting it around with other guys. So when he had put the question to her about whether Dean had fucked her yet, her reply did not shock him. Surprisingly, given that he felt he loved her, the vision of her having sex with Dean rather excited him. Equally, the thought of her taking up with a guy and maybe getting engaged and even married while he and she carried on struck him as the perfect outcome.

“So what happened?” He asked cupping her bare breast in the blouse that was open to the waist.

After a degree of beating about the bush she explained the mix up by the maid of honour who had arranged the guests’ accommodation.

Half-heartedly Tom said. “Well you could have said no.”

“Yes I suppose I could, but how often do you say no to Emily?”

“Touché. So was it good?” He enquired pinching her nipple and bending so he could suck it into his mouth.

“Actually Tom,” she replied looking into his eyes and stroking his cock. “It was.”

“What did you do?”

“We fucked.”

They were şehitkamil escort beginning to get a buzz from the conversation and although, deep down they both realised that this could be a real game changer in their relationship, they wanted to talk more.


“In the bedroom.”

“What happened?”

“When he fucked me the first time I was still wearing my bridesmaid’s dress.”

“Jesus Jen,” he said squeezing her breast and thrusting his cock into her hand. “How?”

“He rolled the top down and pulled the skirt up.”

“That’s hot. How did he fuck you?” Tom asked as his fingers slid into her again. He pushed them in and out as she pumped his cock.

“From behind with me leaning against the dressing table.”

It was not much longer before they made each other cum


It had started simply enough: chatting at the gym as they rested between work outs, seeing each other in the pool and sauna and chatting more, having a juice in the gym bar after they had finished and then meeting for lunch.

Despite the age gap they got on well, they felt at ease and comfortable with each other and so they opened up. Elli told her that she was separated and was waiting for her decree nisi and financial settlement to come through and Jenny told her about Tom. Elli explained that her near ex was a serial womaniser and Jenny said that Tom was married and would not leave his wife.

“Right bastards aren’t they?” Elli laughed her rather large breasts jiggling as she did. She was forty two with long blonde hair and a body to die for. Large breasted with a trim waist and very womanly hips, she had great legs and a gorgeous arse. Although striking, she was not beautiful, her nose was too large and her eyes too narrow for her to described as that. She was, though, attractive and what she may have lacked in facial beauty she more than made up with her bodily attraction.

“What men?”

“Who else?”

“Yes all men are bastards aren’t they?”

Over the next couple of months they returned to the ‘all men are bastards’ topic several time, usually laughing and joking about, but taking it no further.

They were at the gym’s summer garden party where they got hit on by most of the male PTs and some of the single male members. As they stood at the bar in the late afternoon with their glasses of wine Elli said.

“How you been getting on?”

“Well two gropes on my bum, a hand slid alongside my boobs and an erection pressed against me, you?”

“Same on the bum, my tits squashed against two chests and a couple of invites into the woodshed.”

“Oh yes I was asked if we would like to go to a club afterwards.”

Looking at each other and smiling they both said at the same time. “All men are bastards aren’t they?”

They decided not to stay at the party, but instead go out to dinner. That was a rare treat for both of them and they decided on an Italian in Hadley Wood, which was just a short cab ride from the gym party and both of their homes.

They both chose pasta and with that the first bottle of Frascati went down very quickly so they indulged themselves to a half bottle of Chianti. They chatted easily and covered a whole raft of subjects until they were sipping their after dinner espressos. “Seems a shame to end such a lovely evening so early,” Elli said looking at her watch and noting it was only nine-thirty. “Why not come back to my house for a night cap?”

The cab only took ten minutes to arrive and another ten to reach Elli’s lovely house just down the road in Cockfosters.

Sitting opposite each other across a table in the kitchen things moved dramatically, quickly, intimately and very erotically. They were talking about men and where their lives might go.

“I am not sure I want another man in my life,” Elli told her young friend.

Smiling Jenny replied. “And I am not sure I want any in mine.”

The potential significance of what they had just agreed seemed to strike both of them at the same time and they stared at each other for a moment or two until the older woman said.

“I wonder what that means then Jen?”

Jenny was lost for words as she also realised that the statement could have some far-reaching ramifications. She mumbled.

“I don’t know Elli, do you?”

They skirted around the issue for a while until Elli said.

“Could you cope without a man Jenny?”

“Easily without a man, not sure about without sex.”

That phrase innocently coined and honestly said by Jenny hung in the air for a while before Elli said softly and rather hesitantly as her heart pounded so loud she wondered whether her young friend would hear it.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean that does it Jen?”

Their eyes locked as Jenny replied in a near whisper as her pulse raced and her heart also pounded.

“No Elli, I guess is doesn’t really does it?”

They were both amazed at the direction the conversation was taking for they had not previously discussed it and neither of them had ever spoken to another woman before in such a way. Each was feeling their emotions welling up as they chatted. Although nothing had been said or done that could in any way imply a bisexual undercurrent to their relationship, they had become very close, had seen each other at least partially naked in the showers at the gym, both had hearty sexual appetites and were sexually adventurous.

“Have you er, um, er…? “

“Had any experience?” Jenny suggested hearing her friend struggling.

“Yes, is that alright to ask?”

“Of course it is and just a little. You?”

“Nothing really other than a few vague suggestions. What happened with you?”

“Oh just some dirty dancing in a club in Ibiza that led to a Dutch girl and me snogging.”

“When was that?”

“Couple of years ago now?”

“Nothing since?”


Again they went silent as both of them pondered. Like most, or at least many, young and youngish women they had both wondered just what it would be like with another woman; they were as the modern colloquialism put it, somewhat bi curious, but then who wasn’t? Lesbian scenes had become such a popular add in to many films, TV shows and books and lesbian relationships were quite openly reported in the newspapers. Stars and celebrities admitted having bi flings and lesbians were openly acknowledged at such institutions like the BBC news and Bake OFF. It seemed to many that society was almost encouraging women to at least try it with another female.

“And you Elli?”

“I used to play and was quite good at tennis so I was approached a couple of times then.”

“When was that?”

“Oh my god ages ago when I was eighteen or nineteen, back in the nineties.

“How far did you go?”

“Oh like you I imagine, a few kisses and some gropes.”

Smiling Jenny offered. “A bit like the party then?”

Elli laughed. “Somewhat, but slightly more scary I think.”

“But more enjoyable Elli?”

“Hmmm hadn’t thought, but yes I guess they were.”

Elli got up and went to the fridge. She pulled a bottle of Pino out and undoing the stopper, without asking she refilled Jenny’s and her glass.

“Is Mrs Saunders trying to get me pissed?” Jenny asked smiling.

“Would you like her to?” Elli replied sitting in the chair next to Jenny and not across the table to her.

“Actually Elli I think that sounds like a good idea.”

“Well you don’t have to drive and in fact Jenny,” she said pausing. “You don’t need to go home, Brad has the kids this weekend.”

“So while the cat’s away?”

“Yes Jenny this mouse might play, like to join me?” She asked leaning forward and putting her hand on the top of Jenny’s, which was resting on her leg mid-way between her crutch and knee. As she did her silk blouse gaped and Jenny saw the fullness of her gorgeous tits in the tight, white bra.

Feeling incredibly nervous, Jenny lifted her glass and took a sip of her wine. Looking her friend right in the eye she said sounding far more assured and calm than she felt.

“Is Mrs Saunders making a pass at me?”

Elli felt equally nervous and had to build all her courage to have made the move on her young friend. But having done that she did not feel she could go back and, indeed did not want to.

“Does it feel like a pass Ms Hills?”

“Yes it rather does feel like it,” Jenny replied as Elli squeezed her hand.

Leaning further forward so their faces were almost touching Elli whispered. “Well if it feels like a pass Jenny then it almost certainly is on isn’t it?

“Oh,” was all that Jenny could muster by way of response.

Equally lost for words Elli replied. “Is that ok Jenny?”

“Yes Elli, yes it is ok, very ok,” she gushed.


It seemed to Tom that since the wedding when Jenny had slept with Dean that something had changed in their relationship. Sure they still had their time in his car, although as the days got longer that became more difficult and, of course riskier and the occasional afternoon and evening in a hotel. They even managed two whole nights together. One when Tom came back from Germany a day earlier than he had told Emily and the other at his home when his wife was in Scotland playing golf. Jenny particularly enjoyed having sex with Tom in his marital bed even ensuring that she slept on the same side as Emily did. The sex was still good for Tom although the real early day’s magic had worn off a little, it was something else that he could not quite put his finger on. He had asked Jenny several times if she was seeing a guy or guys, he had smiled and believed her when she said she wasn’t. So it remained a mystery.

The night they had sex at Tom’s home in the bed he had shared with his wife Emily for many years Jenny was laying on her front half asleep. Tom had licked her to her first orgasm and then had fingered her to her second. Both had been strong, satisfying and enjoyable for Jenny and exciting and stimulating for Tom.

Unless it was one of the rare occasions when they had an extended time or overnight together, Tom no longer tried to fight age so he usually did not try to cum more than once; in any case he got almost as much pleasure from making her cum as from his own climax. Supporting himself with his hand on his head and his elbow on the bed he was on his side looking down at his lovely, young mistress. Wonderfully naked her legs were slightly parted so that the wet, pinkness of her puffy lips and a few strands of her reddish, tawny hair could be seen between them. The pert, rounded cheeks of her near perfect bum were relaxed and they too were slightly parted so that the darker serrated skin of the entrance to her anus was also on view. For some reason that seemed like a magnet and it particularly attracted him.

They were both quite into bums and they loved their anuses being played with and enjoyed returning the favour to their partner. Jenny was one of the few women Tom had ever been with for free who was willing to and claimed to enjoy licking his bum, which she did from time to time. He stroked it and ran his fingers into and along the deep crease. Jenny grunted.

“Nice?” He asked.

“Mmmm lovely, you know I like it.”

“And this?” He said pressing right on her hole.


Tom leaned forward and kissed one of Jenny’s cheeks. He licked, gently bit it then lifted his hand up and stroked it. Jenny loved it and slowly wiggled her bottom in appreciation. Tom pulled on the cheek opening her crease wider, slithered his tongue down into the deep crevice and then ran it along the base of it passing across her anus a few times. The sensitive area reacted to Tom’s attention and Jenny felt surges of beautiful sensations roaring through her body. She lay fairly still with her eyes closed, but purposefully and meaningfully opened her legs wider. Seeing her glistening lips more clearly he slid his hand upwards and ran them along her wet pussy finding her clit and easing the folds away from that. Taking her hand he pressed her fingers to the stalk of such intense sensations and muttered.

“You do that and let me do this,” Tom said as he pressed the tip of his tongue right on her bum hole. “Ok Jen.”

“Mmmmmm oh yes,” she sighed back rubbing her clit and revelling in the dual sensations.

Tom brought his hand up and once more ran his fingers along Jenny’s slit slowly focusing on the delight of the epicentre of her anus. It was now wet from his tongue, but to make sure he ran his fingers along the crease between her lips and rubbed her juices into the skin around her bum hole. Then he pressed. Jenny knew what he wanted and she opened her legs a little wider and wiggled her bum in agreement. He pressed a little harder.

“Ok Jen?”

“Yes,” she sighed back as with the hand that was not attending to her clit she found his cock that she was thrilled to feel was rock hard.

“That’s nice,” he whispered pressing harder.


“Mmmm yes.”

He pressed harder and his finger slid in up to the end of his fingernail.

It hurt, but then it always did and Jenny knew it would soon go away. She raise her stomach from the bed a little way as she felt him pressing harder. It went further up her until his forefinger was in her up to the first knuckle. He stopped for a while to let her get used to it. She did quite quickly and he pressed harder. It slid in almost to the second knuckle.

“Oh fuck,” Jenny gasped as the pain and the pleasure coincided in the most wonderful way. She lifted herself up a little further.

Tom knew it was ok now and that he would be able to go all the way with fingering Jenny’s gorgeous arse. His finger slid further and further up her until it could go no further, it was buried in his young lover’s arse right up to the hilt.

“Ok darling?” he asked wondering just how his marriage might have turned out if Emily would have indulged him with more adventurous sex as Jenny did.

“Oh yes, Tom,” she groaned back slowly pumping his cock.

“Well what do you want now Jenny.”

She knew what to say and knew that what they both said would arouse each of them even further.

“Your finger up my arse.”

“Not your cunt tonight Jenny?”

“No my arse.”

“You do your cunt and I’ll do your arse shall I?”

“Yes you do my arse.”

“Do what to your arse Jenny?”

“This what you are doing.”

“What am I doing, what do you want me to do.”

Slowly as if rehearsed, as indeed it was in a way for recently they had used dirty talk a lot more Jenny said.

“I want you to finger fuck my arse Tom.”

“Until what you slut?”

“Until Tom,” Jenny groaned pumping his cock faster. “Until you make me cum.”

Almost as she said that she started to cum and that together with her pumping hand sent him over the top and the spunk shot from him all over Jenny’s lovely arse.


Things were becoming increasingly difficult at work. Although they were pretty sure no one knew they were a number, keeping it that like that was frustrating and awkward. Meeting after work meant leaving at roughly the same time. Sneaking off for the odd afternoon was complicated. Doing things in the office like kissing or Jenny modelling the sexy underwear he bought her was risky. In some ways, though, it was even more difficult to avoid looking at each other with love and lust and to resist touching and saying intimate things to each other.

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