The Arrangement Ch. 02

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“Look at this place!”

I struggled up out of a deep sleep, momentarily disoriented, to find Carol standing in the middle of the room, hands on hips, surveying her surroundings. I looked at my watch. Six-forty. We had slept through the night.

Carol had discarded the ruined shirt from the night before and was now standing naked in the middle of the room. In our haste the previous evening, I had been conscious of her body’s special beauty only in a general sense. Now I propped myself on one elbow and studied her more closely as she moved about the hotel room examining its amenities. Her breasts were high, firm and beautifully shaped. Long perfect legs rose from small shapely feet to meet in a triangle of golden hair. A tiny waist accentuated her slender hips. Her round little ass blended nicely into a delicate back, almost completely covered with cascading blond hair. Her skin was flawless.

I could feel a familiar stirring between my legs. She was breathtaking and she seemed to have no inhibitions about parading around, completely naked, in front of a man she hardly knew. For my part, I was more comfortable with the sheet pulled up to hide my growing erection.

“Look at this place!” she repeated. “Have you ever seen anything like it? Wait until you see the Jacuzzi and fireplace in the other room. And the bathroom is big enough to play tennis. The shower has three shower heads! And look at these mirrors!”

I glanced around. She was right, the room we were in was beautifully appointed. The media center housed a sixty-inch TV, DVD player and stereo system. The unseen Jacuzzi and fireplace intrigued me. Several erotic fantasy images raced through my mind. Glancing at the strategically placed mirrors, I was sorry we’d slept away so much of our allotted time in the room.

“The desk clerk didn’t say anything about a fireplace.”

“Well, it’s there, right across from a Jacuzzi big enough for a diving board.”

Carol continued to move about the room for a minute or two, examining the room in detail. As she did so, the expression on her face changed slowly from girlish delight to somber thoughtfulness. Finally, she crossed the room to sit facing me on the bed, tailor fashion. My cock swelled.

“Scott, I think it’s time to talk,” she said, looking pensive.

“All right. Last night you said you had a plan. Want to tell me about it?” I offered, my erection dwindling.

“It wasn’t so much a plan really, more of an idea. I had a notion that we should pay them back in kind. Set something up so Brad and Kelly could catch us like we caught them. Then they’d know how it feels. But I want us to look as comfortable together as they seemed to be. So I thought we could sort of rehearse the performance for however long it took to plot our revenge.”

“Looks like we got a good start last night.”

“I guess we did,” Carol responded, blushing prettily at the mention of our incredible encounter the night before.

“So, when did that idea first come to you?”

“It flashed through my mind when I was waiting for you in the lounge. After that, things sort of went haywire and I didn’t really think about it again until this morning.”

“Well, as gratifying as it might be to pay them back, it won’t work. Not like that anyway. Have you ever seen an X-rated movie?”

“Maybe,” she grinned.

“Those people are professionals at screwing in front of others and they usually can’t keep their performances from being wooden and insincere. I’m neither actor nor exhibitionist enough to handle that kind of thing. Besides, if I really thought they were watching us, I’d probably never get it up.”

“That would impress them,” Carol giggled.

“I’m serious. I suppose we might be able to videotape ourselves and leave a copy or two lying around. But I think that’s called ‘evidence’ and we don’t need any of that getting loose. In any case, whatever we did would look cheap by comparison to them because we’d be acting for the camera. They weren’t. They looked natural and uninhibited. Just like we were last night. If they had seen us, they’d have received the shock they deserve. But they didn’t and I can’t think of any way to set up what you’re after.”

“You’re right. It was just a thought. Besides, I’m having second thoughts now anyway.”

“How so?”

“This will sound funny but I’m not nearly as pissed off at them as I was last night. Our going to bed together took the edge off my anger. Last night I could have gleefully strangled them both. This morning I’m not sure exactly what I feel, but it isn’t murderous.”

“I know what you mean. Twelve hours ago I thought my world was ending and then you came into the picture. Now I find myself thinking about you and me, rather than them. And I don’t want to go home. At least not yet. For one thing I don’t know how I’m going to handle the situation when I get there. For another, you are beautiful and sexy and I haven’t had nearly enough of you. Last night blew my mind.”

Carol looked at me a long moment and said, “I thought it was pretty Maltepe Escort special myself. The whole thing was the most erotic experience of my life. What we saw from your deck and what we did here was beyond anything I’ve ever even fantasized about. I want more too, but I don’t see how we can avoid going home today. Once we confront them, the lid will get blown off this whole mess and I’ll end up feeling like I got cheated out of something good. That pisses me off.”

“But we don’t have to go home today.”

“How can we avoid it?”

“Easy. I call Kelly and tell her I’m staying over a day to meet with another client. You call Brad and tell him there’s been a scheduling snafu and you have to stay over in Dallas for a night.

“Don’t you think Kelly will get suspicious?”

“No. My travel schedule is always pretty fluid because clients constantly change things. Plus she’s going to be so delirious over the prospect of another night with Brad she won’t give it a second thought. I’ll bet she calls him thirty seconds after I tell her I’m coming in a day later. By the time you call Brad he’ll be at such a fever pitch he’ll buy anything.”

“I guess you’re right. Flight attendant schedule changes are an occupational hazard. Brad will see it as routine.”

“Well, there you go; nothing to it. We just bought ourselves another day.”

Carol looked thoughtful for a moment. Then a smile began to play across her lips.

“You know what we’re doing, don’t you?” she asked, laughing and shaking her head. “We’re deliberately offering up Brad and Kelly for another night so we can behave just like them, even though we were outraged victims just a few short hours ago. We’re as bad as they are.”

“I know, and I don’t really care. The fact that we’re here in this room together doesn’t make me feel guilty at all. If they had behaved themselves, we wouldn’t be here. But they didn’t and here we are. And here’s another thing fate threw at us. If my cell phone hadn’t died, we wouldn’t be here under any circumstances. I’d have called that cab, spent a miserable night in a motel somewhere, and probably would have gone to a lawyer today. But regardless of what put us here, being with you is an unexpected and very pleasurable result that I’m not all that anxious to give up.”

“I’m not ready for this to end either.”

“Then we stay. But there’s a little more we can do.”


“We go home Saturday evening and face the music, right?”

“I suppose we have to.”

“You fly to Dallas again Monday, right?”


“I’ll go too. I have a client there who wanted me to spend some time with his firm on this trip but I was in a hurry to get home so I put him off. I’ll call today and arrange to meet him Monday afternoon. You and I can get together Monday night to see where things stand after we’ve each been home for a little while. By then we’ll have some idea about what comes next. I’ll probably fly back on Tuesday’s flight with you.”

Carol stared at me. She understood that I was leaving the door open for something of greater duration to develop between the two of us. I held her gaze. She barely hesitated.

“Okay. Then let’s do this right. Can we stay here the extra night? This place is fantastic. I have some money with me.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll call the front desk and arrange the extra day. After that, I think I’ll shower, shave and molest you. Beautiful ladies who sit around cross-legged with no clothes on are almost sure to get molested.”

“You have a filthy mind. For all you know I have other plans.”

“Yeah, like what?”

“Maybe I’ll shower and shave my legs and molest you.”

“Oh good, we can form a mutual molestation society.”

“Call the front desk. And put your phone on the charger. I’ll meet you in the shower,” Carol said, wrinkling her nose at my bad joke as she uncoiled her body and slid gracefully off the bed onto her feet. “And don’t take too long at it either. Naked ladies don’t like to be kept waiting.”


In the few short minutes it took to arrange the extra night in our room, shave and brush my teeth, Carol had completely steamed up the bathroom. The source of the heavy mist was a shower stall at least twelve feet in length. A set of double width swing-out frosted glass doors allowed entrance. Opening one of the doors, I stepped inside.

I was impressed. The entire interior was finished in off-white marble. The stall was dome shaped inside, making the interior much larger than it appeared from outside the doors. Indirect lighting, installed at the apex of the dome about ten feet high, bathed everything in a soft light which was further muted by the steamy mist. The curved walls flared down into a continuous marble bench seat that traced the perimeter of the stall from door to door. Three large shower heads sprayed heavy streams of hot water down into the stall. Clearly the shower was designed to accommodate multiple bathers. The exact center of the enclosure was occupied by a low round İstanbul Escort pedestal seat, also made of marble. Carol was perched there shaving her legs.

The misty atmosphere, the soft lighting, and the unconventional layout of the shower room gave her an ethereal appearance that was highly erotic. Like most women, Carol shaved her legs with long graceful strokes that made the exercise sensual all by itself. In these surroundings she radiated a sexuality that was overpowering. My cock responded instantly.

Ignoring me for the moment, Carol completed her work, rose from the pedestal and stepped into one of the shower streams to rinse the soap from her legs. Then, turning in my direction, she summoned me with a provocative look and a graceful motion of her hand. I moved eagerly into the water and into her arms.

“I want you to do exactly as you’re told,” Carol said.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Wash my hair,” she commanded, handing me a tube of shampoo and turning her back. I began to slowly work shampoo into the mass of heavy wet hair, massaging her scalp and the back of her neck as I did so. She leaned against me in a relaxed stance as I worked. Thick streams of soap began to ooze down her back and coat my chest and stomach.

Soon we were sliding against each other in a slow sensuous dance timed to the motion of my hands through her hair. Reaching down with one hand, I coated her ass and inner thighs with the creamy suds. Applying more soap to myself, I slid my cock in between her thighs so it was positioned solidly across her pussy from back to front. As I began to move back and forth, Carol cried out softly.

“Oh Christ! Stand still. I’ll do it,” she ordered. “Hold on to me.”

I released her hair and slipped my arms around to cup her breasts with soapy fingers, delighting in their silky firmness. As I caressed her she reached down to grasp the end of my cock where it protruded from between her legs and pulled it upward to apply pressure to her clit. A shiver of excitement raced through my body. Slowly she began to move her hips back and forth, sliding along the slippery shaft. In response, I softly kneaded her breasts, rolling the nipples gently between fingertips and thumbs.

“Oh fuck!” she panted, picking up the tempo of her thrusting, her round soapy ass slapping softly against my upper thighs.

We remained there under the hot water for a minute or so, soap streaming down from her hair to lubricate our bodies; I remaining motionless, Carol continuing her rhythmic dance as she spiraled quickly upward toward orgasm, her cries echoing softly off the walls of the shower.

I began to fear that Carol would not reach orgasm before I lost control and ejaculated between her legs. I had been dangerously close several times already and was not sure how much longer I could hold out.

As if in answer to my silent prayer, Carol threw her head back against my chest and clamped her legs tightly around my cock just as a spasm raced through her body. Continuing to knead her nipples with the fingers of one hand, I dropped the other arm to her waist and tightened my hold on her.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!” she exclaimed, her voice high pitched and straining. As a second, more acute tremor sliced through her, Carol pitched forward slightly and her knees started to buckle. I held her firmly so she wouldn’t fall and concentrated hard on fighting down a powerful urge to cum. By the time her body quit shaking and she regained some strength in her legs, I had forced myself under control.

When she was able to move, Carol turned in my arms to face me, now straddling my still painfully erect cock from the other direction. As she clasped me gently with her inner thighs, I dropped my hands to her ass and pulled her tightly to me. Her breasts were still heaving from excitement and exertion.

“Don’t move!” I ordered, urgently.

“I can’t move,” she gasped.

We stood motionless for a minute or two, her face against my chest, luxurious hot water streaming down our bodies. Finally, Carol disengaged herself and walked over to the bench seat. She returned a moment later with a bar of translucent amber-colored soap.

“Wash me. All over,” she commanded, handing the bar to me. Without a word, I pulled her out of the direct stream of water and began to gently rub the soft soap over her entire body. Soon, except for her face and hair, she was completely lathered in thick creamy suds. I pulled her into my arms, reinserted my dick between her soapy thighs and pressed my lips to hers. Her tongue immediately began to probe my mouth. Our kiss intensified. Once again I felt dangerously close to orgasm.

In self-defense, I withdrew my cock from between her legs and substituted my left hand, now slippery with the mild soap. Carol parted her legs to permit better access and broke free of the kiss.

“I don’t know if I can cum again,” she whispered in my ear. “But don’t stop.”

“I have no intentions of stopping,” I whispered back as I slowly inserted my two middle fingers Anadolu Yakası Escort into her. A sharp intake of breath was her only response.

When my fingers were positioned precisely, I curled them forward and brushed them quickly over her G-spot, deep behind her pubic mound. The effect was instantaneous.

Carol stiffened and cried out sharply in astonishment at the thrill of arousal that shot through her body. Without giving her time to recover, I began to move my fingers quickly but softly over the same spot. Within a few seconds she opened her thighs wider to accommodate my hand and started a continuous chant as her arousal rapidly increased.

“Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh, fuck……”

I increased both the speed and pressure of my stroking fingers. Carol responded by pressing down against the palm of my hand, clasping her arms about my neck in a fierce grip and crying out sharply into my ear. “Oh, God! What are you doing to me?”

Sensing she was very close to orgasm, I dropped my right hand to her ass, pulled her tighter against my body and increased the speed of my fingertips once again.

Carol was crying out incoherently now, teetering on the brink of a thunderous climax, her body held tightly in my hands. Just as her body began to tense in preparation for release, I used my other hand to slip a finger deep into her ass and push her over the edge.

Spasm after spasm rippled through her body as I held her tightly against me, continuing to flutter my fingers softly inside her pussy and gently probing her ass at the same time. I could feel the sharp contractions of her powerful pelvic muscles. Her hands tore at the back of my neck.

Finally, Carol collapsed against me, once again nearly falling as her legs lost their ability to support her weight. Her breath was coming in sobs. I slowly withdrew my fingers and wrapped my arms tightly around her, holding her close as she recovered from what must have been the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. As her breathing neared normal, I tilted her face up to mine and kissed her gently. Soon she could stand unaided.

“Come with me,” I ordered, pulling her back into the shower stream. I began to slowly rinse the soap from her body, starting with her hair and moving down her body, gently caressing and rinsing in soft afterplay. By the time I finished, she had recovered significantly.

“I’ve never felt anything like that before,” she said softly. “Sometime you’ll have to explain exactly what you just did to me. It blew me away.” And with that she reached down to gently grasp my still painfully swollen cock.

“But now it’s your turn. Go sit on the pedestal,” Carol directed. I did as I was told, watching her as she moved about the enclosure, readjusting each shower head to produce a fine hot mist that rained directly down onto me as I sat in the middle of the stall. Satisfied, she scooped up the abandoned bar of soap and crossed the room to kneel at my feet.

Working the soap into a thick lather, she smoothed it over my stomach and thighs, lingering erotically near, but not quite touching, my throbbing cock. Then, apparently satisfied with the result, she rose to her feet and, with a graceful movement, moved to stand directly over me with her legs straddling mine.

Locking her hands behind my neck, Carol slowly lowered herself into my lap, my rigid cock slipping easily into her wetness.

The feeling was incredible. I had been aroused for so long that the delicate hot flesh encircling my cock was almost more than I could handle. Carol understood and remained motionless with me deep inside her for a minute or so while I fought for control. After a brief struggle I succeeded in forcing back the urge to cum. Sensing that I was now under some measure of control, she began to move.

I expected her to simply ride up and down on my cock. But she surprised me by moving gently back and forth, sliding easily in the soap that coated my lap. With each stroke, she rocked her pelvis in a sort of bump and grind that quickly began to drive me wild. Every fourth stroke or so, she would rise up until only the very tip of my cock remained inside her and then slowly ease back down to take me deeply into her once again. The entire time, she stared directly into my eyes. The effect was exciting and hypnotic.

Carol’s obvious intentions were to bring me slowly to orgasm, prolonging my release until the last possible moment. I don’t think she expected to become aroused again herself but she badly misjudged her own sensuality. Within a few short minutes her eyelids fluttered shut, her breathing began to accelerate and a series of low husky moans escaped her throat.

“Oh God,” she breathed into my ear, “It’s happening to me again. I’m going to cum!”

I answered by grasping her ass in both hands and adding my strength to her thrusting hips. Soon she was sliding madly across my lap and crying out continuously as she rocketed once again toward a shattering climax.

Just when I knew I was completely out of control and would cum within seconds, Carol arched her back sharply and let out a primal shriek as the first of several violent spasms racked her body. Letting out a loud groan, I exploded into her with a series of hot convulsive spurts that matched the timing of her contractions perfectly.

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