The BBW’s Guide To Sex

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I skimmed over all the articles in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, and an ad in the back caught my attention, claiming to be the surefire guide for large BBW to pick up men for great sex, or as the ad stated, how to get P-E-N-I-S:

P erfectly
E enjoyable
N aughty
I ncredible
S ex

I was taken in by the model, who was probably my age, 26, and my size, 5’6″, 268 pounds, and filled out the order form, inserted my check for $29.95 plus shipping, and sent it off. Three weeks later, I was unwrapping the DVD and manual and slipping it into the player.

Over the weekend, I ended up watching the DVD 3 times and reading the manual from cover to cover twice. It gave incredible advice on how to find your appropriate quarry, how to get them out on a date, how to get them and bed, and sexual techniques once you had them there, to drive them wild and make them totally willing to please. It even provided a quick reference guide in the end which summarized the whole program:

1.Identify your “lucky” male (Should be shy, well mannered…best success)
2.Make your approach (Ignore his shyness and initiate talk)
3.Continue Pursuit: (Bend over to show ample cleavage)
4.Continue Pursuit: (Initiate Physical Contact)
5.Set Date for after work (Don’t allow time to back out)
6.Stay aggressive during date (Shy men love a woman who can lead)
7.Drive him home and ask to come in.
8.After small talk, initiate kiss, then initiate sex (Continue to take the lead)
9.Fuck his brains out

I had chuckle a bit at number nine, but if this plan got me to that point, I would not complain one bit since it has been six months since I had a good fucking. I memorized all of the steps and planned and practiced all weekend.

When Monday morning rolled around I showered and applied my makeup lightly to bring out my full moist lips, and deep blue eyes. I wore my jet black hair pulled up and away from my ears to reveal sparkling diamond studs in my ears.

I slipped into a scoop necked sleeveless dress which clung to the large curve of my ample buttocks, with the hem ending three inches above the knee. I topped off the outfit with a pair of toeless heels which accented the pink polish of my toes.

I entered the lobby of Jason Williams and Son, my place of employment, and also the employment of the man I had identified as my first sexual target. Jerry Walters worked in Accounting. A cute guy who was quite a bit older at 53, but he had all the qualities I was looking for in my plan. He was a gentleman, shy, divorced, so he had at least a little sexual experience, and his boss was an aggressive woman, so he had no problem with assertive women.

I went to my office and dumped my briefcase, and retrieved the spreadsheet I was going to have Jerry look over.

I went to his office and tapped on his door and said “Good Morning Jerry. Got a minute?”

He looked up from his computer, took off his glasses then quickly looked down at his desk and said in his quiet voice, almost whispering, “Sure Ms Richards. Please come in.”

I moved to the front of his desk and watched his eyes as they surveyed my ample curves and breasts. I leaned over, placing the spreadsheet on his desk and made it impossible for him to look up and see anything but my ample cleavage. I could fee the slinky material fall away from my breasts, so I knew he was getting a clear view of my soft fleshy mounds lightly contained in my sheer lacy black bra.

My confidence took incredible leaps as I watched the pencil shake in his hands as he tried to concentrate on the figures in the spreadsheet but was unable to keep his eyes from returning to my nearly exposed top.

After 15 minutes he had reviewed all the figures and I could see sweat actually begin to bead up on his forehead as I slowly moved, so my breasts were having a hypnotic effect on him. He pushed back from his desk to put a distance between us, but still snuck peeks at my enticing mounds of flesh.

“The figures look fine Ms. Richards.”

“Please Jerry. Call me Sharon.”


“Now that we got that little bit of business out of the way, do you mind if I talk to you about a personal matter?”

Jerry squirmed in his chair with a half smile, still avoiding my eye contact and said “Well sure. I guess that would be all right.”

“You don’t mind if I close your door do you?” Without waiting for an answer, I slowly turned and walked to the door accentuating the sway of my massive hips fighting the constraints of my skirt. I could feel his eyes on my shapely thick legs as I reached the door and gently closed it.

I turned and leaned up against it, crossing my left leg over my right, with my hands behind my back and my huge breasts thrust forward.

“Jerry, I just wanted to tell you that I find you quite attractive.”

I thought he was going to fall out of his chair and land on his head, but he caught Pendik Escort the edge of his desk at the last moment and stammered, “Oh sure.”

“Really. I do. I find you very attractive and was wondering if you had a steady girlfriend or if you were available.”

Jerry gave a nervous laugh, wringing his hands, straightening his tie and whispered “Well thank you Ms. Richards…I mean Sharon. Um…No I haven’t dated much since my divorce five years ago, so I don’t have a steady girlfriend.”

I repeated silently to myself ‘Continue pursuit, Continue pursuit,’ and slowly moved toward him as his eyes grew wide.

“Please stand up Jerry.”

Again he gave a nervous almost giggle and said “Why?”

“Just stand up. You’ll see.”

Ever so slowly he pushed back his chair and rose, but stared down at his feet unable to meet my gaze as I stood now just two feet from him.

“What are you, about 5’9″?”

“5’7 ¾”

“I’m 5’6″. That’s a pretty good height differential between a man a woman don’t you think?”

“Um. Yes, I suppose it is.”

“I’d like to hug you Jerry. You wouldn’t mind would you?”

“I…I guess it’s alright.”

I moved my big body into his and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Put your arms around my waist Jerry.”

His shaky moist hands were only able to reach around to the edges of my broad back, and he held them motionless, unsure of my next move. I smiled and without asking, moved in, and joined our lips in a soft kiss. I rubbed my hands over his neck, then began to move them over his slim frame, down his back, and when I squeezed the cheeks of his buttocks while inserting my tongue into his mouth, he let out a startled moan, which quickly changed into a moan of pleasure.

I withdrew my tongue and invited his tongue into my mouth. As I gently sucked and held it captive, I slowly moved my hand around to his crotch and felt the hard rod causing his pants to stick out. His legs parted with a will of their own, and I knew he was where I wanted him, so I removed my hand and broke the kiss, leaving him breathless as he tried to hide his erection, looking a bit bewildered, begging with his eyes, ‘why did you stop?’

“I would like to continue this after work Jer. I’ll come by around 5:15. I can follow you home, then we can go out to eat and take it from there.”

Not believing his good fortune and still out of breath, Jerry gasped, ” Well okay. Sure…sure. That will be great.”

“Fine. I’ll see you at 5:15 then.”

I turned and slowly slunk out of his office, wanting to jump for joy with how well part one worked, and how easy it was to grab control. I hated to leave the poor man in such an aroused state, but I planned to more than make up for it later in the evening.

I had to admit, I was riding a super high, returning to my office, and my pussy juices were flowing from the mixture of power and lust, having him in the palm of my hand. I couldn’t wait until part two of my plan, and was thrilled when 5:15 finally rolled around.

I grabbed my briefcase and went to Jerry’s office. The poor man looked like a bundle of nerves and let out a little shout of surprise as I tapped on his door. God, it was fun feeling like a femme fatale.

Once again I took the lead and told him that I would follow him home, then take him to dinner at Le Maison de Fleur.


After parking his car, he entered mine and sat in the passenger’s seat. He let his eyes constantly move to my meaty thighs, and I let my skirt ride up six inches above my knees so he had an ample view of my parted thighs all the way to the restaurant. I had to carry on 80% of the conversation, but that was expected.

When we were directed to my table, he seated me like a gentleman and took the chair opposite me. I took the liberty of ordering the wine, and the meal for the two of us, which brought no objections to Jerry, and even seemed increase the looks of admiration he was giving me for taking charge.

With the wine and the terrific meal, Jerry seemed to be loosening up, to the point where I was only having to carry maybe 65% of the conversation.

“Well dinner was fabulous Jerry, and I thank you for joining me.”

“It was my pleasure Sharon.”

Just as he was drawing the coffee cup to his lips and taking a sip I calmly said, “After dinner, I would like to take you home and make love to you.”

Jerry choked, nearly spewing coffee everywhere, and coughed until his face was a deep scarlet. “You…you want to make love…with me?”

“Yes I’d like that very much. We’re both adults, so I thought I would be honest and just tell you what I want.”

“Well, um, yeah. Sure. I guess. What I mean is, yes, I would like that too.”

“Great that’s settled. Shall we go?”

Jerry was once again a nervous wreck, but managed to help me up from my chair and open the door for me as we reached my car. The trip to his house was made in complete Kurtköy Escort silence, but I was okay with it, and let the sexual tension build up in Jerry’s mind.

We entered Jerry’s house and after he closed the door behind him, he turned to me and looked everywhere but in my eyes.

“Sharon I don’t know if I can go through with this. I mean the difference in our ages; and my lack of experience, and well, I don’t have the best body on earth, and….” Before he could continue his tirade, I moved in and took him in my arms firmly and gave him a probing moist kiss. He had no recourse but to slowly wrap his arms around me and kiss me in return.

Once again I sucked his tongue and took the lead as I ran my hands up and down his body causing him to gasp for breath. I could feel his heart almost pounding from his body as I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the floor. I ran gentle slow circles around his nipples then pinched them, causing him to moan louder. I then proceeded to run a finger around the edge of his navel and into the small opening causing him to shutter and suck with abandon on my tongue.

I undid his belt and the clasp of his pants, lowered the zipper, and let his pants fall to his ankles. I went to my knees running my tongue down his stomach, then over his thighs as I removed his shoes, pants and socks. I was eye level with his jockey shorts protruding with his rather large organ, but I was not going to release it yet.

“Where is your bedroom Jer?”

Unable to speak, he pointed down the hall and I took his hand to have him follow me. Once in his bedroom, I asked him to undress me. Shyly, he approached me and awkwardly removed my dress, shoes and bra so that both of us were now just in our panties. Once again I took the lead and moved in to deliver little bites over his neck, cheeks and ears, causing him to moan with pleasure.

I ran my hands behind his back and massaged up and down his spine, then let them travel into his jockeys and squeeze the taut cheeks of his ass, as I whispered in his ear, “Take my panties off baby.”

He knelt and slowly pulled them down my thick legs. “It would really turn me on if you picked up my panties and smelled them Jer.”

It was obvious that Jerry had never done anything like that, but he slowly picked them up and drew them to his nose, taking a deep breath. He exhaled, then smiled, and inhaled once again, enjoying my musky feminine scent.

While he continued to smell my panties I dropped to my knees and slowly pulled his jockeys down over his raging hard on. I was pleasantly surprised that he measured about 6 ½ inches, but was very thick, with a huge dangling ball sack. I placed a hand on each side of his cock and gently stroked him up and down, then moved a hand to his balls and applied enough pressure to cause just the right amount of pain making him cry out.

“Be still Jer.”

“I’ll try, but it hurts a little.”

“Yes, but I can tell by the way you’re getting harder that it hurts so good. Now spread your legs a little more…yes, about shoulder width. That’s it.”

I went back to squeezing his balls, causing him to groan and flinch a bit, but otherwise, stand as still as a statue, trying to follow my directions. I slipped the purple head of his dick into my mouth as I kneaded his nut sack, licking the sweet precum, then took him into my mouth inch by inch. I had to admit he did have a gorgeous pink cock. Hard and smooth, sliding perfectly into my mouth and glistening with my saliva.

I increased the pressure and pace of my mouth on his dick as I squeezed and pulled on his ball sack.

“Oh God Sharon. That feels sooooo good. I’m going to cum any moment.”

I removed him from my mouth, and grasped the head of his cock and held firmly until the urge to cum had passed. I stood and while holding him firmly, once again ravaged his lips with my lips tongue and teeth, and then attacked his neck, sucking on his skin until it turned a deep brownish purple.

“Please let me cum Sharon.”

“In time Baby, but first I would like to you to do a few things for me. Would you do that Darling?”

“Oh yes. I’ll do anything.”

I slowly stroked his cock while making him moan by gently licking his ear, then whispered to him. “It would really turn me on if you would lick my feet.”

“Well, okay. I’ve never done it before, but will do my best.”

I slowly lay down on the bed as he knelt naked at my feet. He tentatively took my left foot in his hand and gave it an exploratory lick up my soul.

“Oh yes Babe. That felt good.”

He continued massaging and licking, getting bolder with my constant coaxing and directions, and began slowly taking each toe into his mouth and sucking on it hungrily. I lifted each huge breast in my hands and alternated on sucking each nipple as I stroked my hot wet pussy.

Jerry’s eyes were closed, totally absorbed in sucking up Maltepe Escort and down on my big toe like a tiny cock, then running his warm tongue in between each toe. I inserted two fingers in my dripping slit and pumped in and out as he sucked.

“Yes Jer. Suck me hard! I’m cumming. Oh Yeeeesssss!”

After a wonderful orgasm, I brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked on them, taking in my juices, and Jerry stopped sucking on my toes, but continued to massage my feet.

In a quiet voice, he said “Um, Sharon. Would you mind if I tried something?”

“What’s that Hon?”

“Well, my ex wife never let me lick her vagina or buttocks because she thought it was nasty. So, well, if you wouldn’t think it was gross, could I lick you down there?” Unsure of my reaction he quickly added, “You don’t have to let me do it if you think it’s not right.”

“Actually Jer, I was going to suggest that you do that next, but instead of just having you lay between my legs and lick me, I want to sit on your face. That way it’s easier to move around and let you know where it feels best.”

I got up from the bed and let him lay down on his back, then gently moved my ass and pussy over his nose and mouth as I faced his feet. His cock was already rock hard at the thought that he would finally be permitted to taste a woman.

I took his cock in my hand as I lowered my ass to his lips. Taking his dick into my mouth I felt my first ever stroke of a man’s tongue on my ass as he made one long slow stroke from my pussy, and up high between my fleshy globes. Both of us moaned simultaneously as we began to devour each other.

His cock glistened as I fucked him up and down with my lips. I once again firmly squeezed his balls and inserted a finger into his puckered asshole as I held his head captive under my heaving pussy and ass. His tongue probed first into my pussy, then dove deep into my asshole, causing me to rock frantically on his face. Years of pent up need and frustration made him ravage my pussy and asshole like a starving man, and I once again exploded, covering his lips and mouth with my sweet pussy juices.

A little winded, I still wanted to feel this man move inside me, so I slowly got off his face and moved around to face him.

“God, that felt incredible. Now I’m going to fuck you ’til you pass out.”

I straddled his cock and took him in my hand, running the tip of his dick across the opening of my pussy, then I gently lowered myself down on him, causing his head to tip back, and a moan of pleasure escape from his lips.

I pinned his shoulders to the bed with my arms and leaned over so he was forced to take the nipple of a massive breast into his mouth and suck greedily. I was crushing the poor man with my great weight, but it only seemed to excite him further as I began to slowly move and suck his dick in and out of my pussy.

Over and over my big body came down on him, and I quickened the pace and devoured his lips with my own. I was an animal, attacking my prey as I pounded into him with my pussy over and over again.

Sweat was pouring from both our bodies as we panted and moaned with each thrust, and I could feel the muscles of my pussy tighten around his hard rod as a third orgasm shook me, causing Jerry to throw back his head and cry out as he shot a huge load of sperm into my body. I was totally spent, and lay my big body completely on Jerry as we both regained our breath.

Jerry almost begged me to spend the night, but with my newly found sexual freedom, I wasn’t really ready for a permanent relationship, so I explained that I had to go and got up to dress.

“May I dress you Sharon?”

“Sure Jer. If you’d like.”

He placed my massive breasts inside my bra and hooked the snap. Then took my dirty panties in his hand, and hesitated.

I looked at his expression, as he looked like he was searching for words, then said, “You can keep those if you’d like.”

A huge smile came to his lips as he exclaimed “Really”?!”


“Oh thank you Sharon.”

He helped me on with my dress, then helped me into my shoes, paying special attention and admiration to my toes and feet.

I grabbed my purse and we walked slowly to the front door. I turned to kiss him one last time, and added, “I had a wonderful time Jer.”

Jerry looked down at his feet and quietly said “You’ll call me sometime?”

I patted his cheek and said “of course”, and gave him one last kiss as I stroked his cheek.

As I closed the door to my car I thought to myself how unusual it was to have a man totally addicted to me, tying to do anything to please me. It might take some time to get used to, but after tonight, I knew that it was worth the effort. The $29.95 for the “Guide” was the best investment I had ever made. Some people might call the “new me” a wanton horny slut, but I prefer to think of myself as an emancipated woman who knows what she wants, and now knows how to get it.

I thought about Jerry’s boss’s boss, David Thompson, my next conquest, hopefully for the weekend and laughed as I started to drive home saying, “I guess that is what is meant by working your way up the corporate ladder.”

The End

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