The Bigger They Are… Pt. 02

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Big Tits

The Bigger They Are . . . (Part 2)

Valorious had been at it for weeks now, destroying one woman after another, spreading the legend of his incredible manhood across the land, if not the world entire. Each time he made his most recent conquest stand in front of Gar’s pit and describe how unbelievable his cock was, and how pathetic and weak Gar had become. Each time they complied without hesitation, eager to please him, and then limped away to spread his gospel.

Gar was still a bit shocked at how much watching Valorious work turned him on. He saw the absurdly masculine Valorious as the pinnacle of manhood, especially his gigantic cock, and he just couldn’t look away. His penis was as in awe of the man as the women he ruined.

Speaking of that, even Gar was amazed at how quickly each conquest returned to receive another pummeling. Considering most of them could not walk for two days after the event, it was obvious they spent much of their time dreaming of the next encounter. Valorious had effectively created a Harem of literally hundreds of beautiful women that worshipped him and his incredible cock, and new members seemed to arrive daily. He had bedded more women in a few weeks than Gar and his brothers had collectively in their entire lives, and his prowess went beyond Legendary. He was truly a God among men.

Gar awoke from a rare moment of rest to the sounds of Valorious punishing yet another helpless maiden. Not that Gar could see them, but Valorious had already worked his way through a dozen women that morning and was showing no signs of fatigue. His enormous cock was still rock hard, and he was ferociously devouring the poor wench before him. Not only was he not sweating, but he actually looked a bit bored. As she finally collapsed to the ground (like all the others), Valorious looked vaguely annoyed.

“How is it you cannot find me a woman equal to the task?” he said to one of his henchmen, who lowered his head in shame. Valorious walked to the other side of the altar, cum dripping all over from his titanic manhood, which still pointed out from his body at a nearly perfect right angle. He grabbed some type of ointment, rubbing it up and down the incredible length of his massive cock, and then walked back to the maiden.

Gar began rubbing his once remarkable cock almost in synch with Valorious as he looked on. He was hanging on the edge of his seat.

Valorious scooped the girl up easily with one hand using the other to place the huge head of his monster between her ass cheeks, and he slowly pushed in. Within moments he was buried halfway within her ass, and he grabbed her by the hips again as he began pumping back and forth. She was barely conscious but started moaning more and more as his impossibly big dick stretched her asshole beyond comprehension.

Her whole body shuddered as cum dripped out of her pussy, and he started pumping harder and faster. In just a few minutes she convulsed again, and cum rolled down her legs, and she finally went completely limp. He had fucked yet another one unconscious.

Valorious released the girl, who was little more than a puddle on the ground now and grasped his huge cock with one hand as it slid out of her, as if unsheathing his sword. He marveled at the incredible dimensions of his awesome manhood, looking all the more amazing covered in a mix of that poor girls’ cum, blood, and shit.

He had truly ruined her for all other men. No man was even half what he was. His cock was literally bigger than some men’s arms. And even after fucking more than a dozen women in every available hole he was still hard enough to smash diamonds, and he still had not cum. No woman had come close to making him cum, no less fully satisfying him. He noticed Gar watching.

“I see you are awake. My dilemma continues. None of these women can satisfy me.” He began pacing back and forth along the edge of the pit, his cock swaying magnificently as he walked. “I had hoped to wait. To draw this out a bit more, but it seems it is time to enter stage two of my revenge.”

He paused and faced towards Gar; his huge cock seemingly pointed at his prisoner. “None of these women could satisfy you, so why keep wasting my time? You are only a man. I am a God. How could they possibly entertain me? I will waste no more time with common women.”

A weird mix of sickness and excitement bubbled in Gar’s stomach as Valorious continued. Gar began rubbing himself.

“I have always planned to get around to someone more remarkable, but I’d thought to wait for the sake of showmanship. No more. Let us get to the point. Who is the most beautiful woman in all the land? Perhaps someone that no man could master? One that even you couldn’t tame?” He paused for dramatic effect.

“Of course!” he said, an expression of mock realization on his face. “Kyla Bessen.” He winked at Gar and said in conspiratorial tones, “Thank you for your inspiration.”

Gar was simultaneously horrified and excited. He could hear Valorious chuckling as he walked slowly away from the pit and şahinbey escort to a distant hallway, his voice becoming gradually more muffled. He barked an order and then all was silent.

Gar lowered his head, closed his eyes, and tried to picture Kyla naked to help push away his suffering. He rubbed at his shrunken testicles and slowly drifted away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gar was awakened by the sound of men scuffling out of sight. Several grunts of exertion and a few howls of pain preceded a group of six men literally dragging Kyla into his view near the edge of the pit.

Then, from out of view in the opposite direction, Gar heard Valorious shout, “Careful you cretins, she is our guest of honor. I’ll not have her harmed.”

At that his men stopped struggling with her immediately and stepped back from her. Kyla responded by punching one man and then kicking another in the groin. Both ended up rolling around on the ground. She looked defiantly over at wherever Valorious was standing and said, “You’d best tell your men to keep their hands to themselves, unless you prefer them in pieces.”

“Indeed, I do not,” Valorious replied with a chuckle. Gar could hear heavy footsteps once again and Valorious appeared at the edge of the pit once more. He was wearing a more ornate and colorful version of the robe that he had worn when Gar first awoke in the pit.

“Where is Valorious? I assume he is the one that has been abducting women and bedeviling them with some sort of enchantment. He’s just pathetic enough to try such a thing, though such magic has generally escaped him.”

“Indeed,” Valorious responded, impassive. His face gave nothing away.

Kyla looked him over quickly, trying to get the measure of him. “You’re not his usual type of henchman, but you look a bit familiar. He must have lucked into to some very remarkable magic or a large sum to have gained the services of such a remarkable individual. Are you one of those eunuchs from Gelt? A half-breed giant from Morvard, perhaps? They run quite large, although a bit lacking where it counts.” At that last, she pointed to her head and her groin.

Valorious cracked a smile. “I am from here milady, and we have indeed met before,” he said, pausing for a moment to glance at Gar. “But we’ll get to that in a short while.” He motioned to his men, who took a wide berth around Kyla, and moments later a winch with a large basin dropped down from the ceiling. One of the men dragged it to the edge of the pit and then scampered off.

“And what do you expect to do with that,” Kyla said, a fierce grimace on her face.

“Milady, no one will attempt to force you to get in the basin,” he said, as he shot a quick but stern glance to his men. “I would simply like to introduce you to another of my guests.”

Gar buried his head in his hands to avoid Kyla’s gaze. She clearly did not yet grasp what was happening, and he did not want her to see him like this. He could feel his shriveled cock stiffening at even just the sound of her voice. His desire for her was boundless.

“I am no one’s prisoner. And I would like answers to my questions,” she said, still wary and defiant.

“Milady, I assure you that despite our rough beginnings you are not a prisoner, but a guest. I simply ask you grant that poor wretch the kindness of your presence,” he said, keeping all notes of sarcasm out of his voice.

Gar looked up at that, excitement and horror once again toying with his stomach. He was afraid of Kyla’s reaction, but he would give nearly anything to be in her presence again. His weakened cock became harder than he thought possible.

Valorious looked over at Gar in mock pity, and then back to Kyla. “On my honor, I will answer your questions once you have spoken with him. Truly.”

Kyla still looked suspicious but was likely looking for a way to buy time to come up with a plan. She nodded. “On your honor then, whoever you are.” And with that, she stepped into the bucket.

After a few cranks, the rope went taut and Kyla grabbed the ropes to steady herself. Slowly the basin lifted until it was perhaps two feet above the ground, and then the arm swung ponderously until it was nearly centered over the pit, gradually lowering to the floor. Kyla unceremoniously stepped out of the basin and surveyed the pit with grim curiosity.

She looked over at Gar and asked directly, “What happened here?” Gar did not respond, a little struck by her beauty, and a little afraid of what would happen if he revealed himself. She walked over to him and touched his arm. “I see that you are suffering, but I have little patience, and I rarely dabble among the common folk. Our captor has made us allies. If you tell me what happened I may be able to find a way for us to escape. Assuming you can keep up, of course.”

Gar was annoyed by that last and looked at her, eye to eye, and he fairly spat the words back at her. “Take a good look fair lady. Perhaps you will recognize this commoner.”

Annoyance drifted across her face, and then she really looked. It took a few moments, but she finally saw him. Her look quickly changed to one of shock and revulsion, and her lingering glance at his once proud cock brought a look of pure nausea. Then another realization, and she looked across the pit at the ruined bodies of his brothers, and horror once again. She looked down at the ground facing away from Gar, her eyes closed, trying to collect herself. Valorious snickered, and Gar glared at him, which only made him snicker a second time.

“How did this happen? You and your brothers have been gone for weeks, but we all just assumed you were on another of your droll quests. Valorious isn’t strong enough to do something like this.”

Valorious interrupted. “Our dear friend is in no shape to answer your questions, so I shall do as you requested. Please return to me and you shall have your answers,” and with that he shot a warning glance to Gar.

Kyla looked up at Valorious and nodded, looking back at Gar as she walked to the basin. Despite her disgust, Gar found that he was still intoxicated by her incredible beauty. She was still every bit as stunning as he remembered, and his cock was painfully erect after having been in her presence.

In short order she stepped into the basin and was back high above at the edge of the pit, looking even more wary than before. “How did this happen? Who is your master?” she said, her feet having barely touched back on solid ground.

“Let us get to the second part first, since it is most germane to the conversation. You were quite clever to assume that the great Valorious is involved. He certainly is,” he said smiling broadly.

“Are you mocking me? You are quite large, but I’ve found the mightiest fall the hardest.”

“Oh, you are so very right about that,” he said looking over at Gar with a cruel grin.

“Enough with the games. Explain yourself,” she said forcefully.

“As you wish. It was indeed magic that ruined Gar and his brothers, but no women have been abducted, and no magic was used upon them. But most important of all, I am my master”, he said, “Valorious at your service.”

She huffed loudly. “So you’re either enchanted or a damn liar. Utter nonsense. You expect me to believe…” she trailed off as he pulled out a certain tiny and famous robe, still covered in the shit of a Princess. He held it out at arm’s length and dangled it by the tips of his fingers, and even the smell hit her immediately.

“Surely you recognize this. Fallan made sure everyone in the kingdom knows the story,” he said tossing it aside. “Not enough? How about this?” he said, as he grabbed a pair of silken undies with an easily recognized crest on the hem from the small table beside him. “I also know that you and Princess Amara are acquaintances, and the ladies of the court do so love to talk.”

Kyla was visibly surprised. “How could this have happened? The magics of these two things are beyond you.”

“Ah, but they are one thing. You see, the spell that unmade Gar and his obnoxious brothers was also the one that changed me for the better. And you haven’t seen the best part yet.” He strode over to where both Gar and Kyla could see him, and then let his robe fall to the ground.

Kyla’s jaw dropped open, and it was several seconds before she thought to close it again. She stared at him, breathless, unable to look away, hypnotized by his incredible body. Her eyes crawled over him inch by inch, from his shoulders to his feet, scouring every bit of his huge, sculpted muscles, and savoring every detail. She marveled at his thick pecs and huge biceps, his flawless abs, and his massive legs, which looked like the columns of some great temple.

After taking in his frame her eyes went to his awe-inspiring manhood, and she unconsciously bit her lip as she absorbed how remarkable it was. It made every other cock she had ever seen look like a toy, and she thought that even Gar’s formerly exceptionally large dick seemed small by comparison. At that thought, her eyes flicked back to Gar, and guilt flashed across her features for a moment, but passed quickly. Her eyes went back to the incredible jackhammer with a look of pure desire, and she studied it for a few moments more.

Watching Kyla take in the wonders of Valorious’ body made Gar’s heart beat faster. When his body was still impressive, he had gotten a similar look from many women, but never from her, and her awe and astonishment excited him. This is what it looks like when Kyla Bessen is overwhelmed with desire.

At last, Kyla regained her composure. “You said that you didn’t need magic to seduce all of those women. Now I see why. But do not expect the same results with me. I’ve had better luck with machines than men.” Gar winced.

“Yes, so I’ve heard. I have had little luck with these feeble wenches, as well. Perhaps we can help one another,” he said, very slowly stroking the incredible length of his cock.

She looked on admiringly for a moment, before replying, “Perhaps.” Then she looked around briefly, before asking, “To bed then?”

“Not exactly. I prefer an audience,” he said waving his hand at the pit.

She considered, doubt lingering for a moment. Valorious responded by performing an exaggerated yawn, his huge muscles shifting and tensing outrageously, and his gigantic cock bobbing magnificently. Her hesitation vanished, and Gar felt a mix of desire, excitement, and horror.

“Here is fine,” she said, perhaps a bit too eagerly. Then she began stripping down, her more practical hunting garb more easily removed than the traditional dress at court. When she turned back to Valorious, even he was impressed by her incredible, luscious beauty. His giant cock showed its admiration for her, lifting up instantly from its semi-hard state and continued to rise until it exceeded 90 degrees, and his huge balls pulled tight to the base of his massive cock. This was the stiffest Gar had seen him, and it was both impressive and horrifying. Awe and wonder battled with pure desire on Kyla’s face, and Gar was struck again by his own incredible desire for her. He cock positively throbbed.

Valorious pointed to the altar, and Kyla walked over to it, as he slowly followed. His every step sent ripples across his huge muscles, and his fully engorged cock had reached a new level, exuding overpowering manliness.

“How shall we begin? Ladies choice.”

Kyla mused for moment, and then said, “Lady on top.”

Valorious walked over to the edge of the altar then laid back, his cock standing up like a flag on a parapet. Gar marveled at how huge it looked even lying down, and that his feet still touched the ground hanging off the altar.

Kyla climbed atop him and began stroking his magnificent cock with both hands, each barely covering half of his girth, while licking his huge cock-head. She couldn’t fit the monster in her mouth but was sucking and licking with a slow intensity. Valorious grunted in pleasure, and Gar remembered how gifted Kyla was at pleasing a cock, even a very big one.

She licked and stroked her way down his absurdly long and thick shaft, making her way to his baseball-sized testicles. She rubbed them with a gentle ferocity, while still licking his huge shaft, and Valorious responded with another grunt. “Your reputation is well deserved,” he said, holding the back of her neck to encourage her as she continued. She worked her way back up his shaft, and then finished up with a flourish at his cock-head. Foreplay concluded, she stood up to her full height and grabbed hold of his shaft with both hands, slowly guiding the enormous mushroom-like head of his monster into her cunt.

Gar’s cock twitched as Kyla reacted to mounting the incredible beast with a pleasured grimace, Valorious smiling at Gar with evil glee all the while. Kyla took one last pitiful look at Gar, and then faced front, all business. “Let’s begin,” she said.

Kyla smoothly wiggled her hips taking in more and more of Valorious, dropping steadily down his massive pole. To his delight he found that, while a snug fit (as usual), she was mostly able to accommodate his incredible size. With a pleasured moan, she brought him just a couple of inches short of fully hilting inside her and it felt magnificent. She half-whispered, “No one has ever come close to filling me up. You are the first.” Gar winced, and briefly looked away, but was drawn back to the awful spectacle.

Suddenly, Valorious could feel a powerful grip on his cock, and Kyla began sliding up and down his monster, effectively massaging his manhood with her pussy. She let out several low groans as she worked, a mixture of pleasure and effort, and Valorious felt genuine pleasure through his titanic cock for the first time, Kyla’s velvet vise squeezing it hard enough for him to enjoy every thrust. He could feel how wet she was, and the occasional shudder as his beast brought her pleasure, and her face was taut from trying to control his mighty cock.

Valorious’ hands went to wandering, working their way up her lush curves to her huge breasts. He squeezed and massaged them for a few moments, to another pleasured groan from Kyla, and then his right hand worked its way up her neck. His fingers rubbed at her full lips, slowly parting them, and working into her mouth, and he could feel her wetness continue to grow.

Gar had begun stroking himself and was hypnotized by the display. He was conflicted, still intoxicated by Kyla, but also enjoying seeing the powerful manliness of Valorious at work. His testicles had begun twitching as he watched, and his stomach hurt a little from how hard his dick was.

Kyla doubled-down and began kneading Valorious’ huge jackhammer even more forcefully, and his balls spasmed a little, a first for his magnificent cock. He was enjoying himself more and more, and he began to raise his hips to meet her mid-stroke, pushing deeper inside her with every thrust. She finally had her first orgasm, and the velvet tightness of her dripping wet pussy was slowly building pleasure in his enormous cock. Valorious grabbed her waist mid-stroke and spun her around facing away, mild shock on her face, and he gripped her amazing ass and began pumping her from his prone position.

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