The Business Trip

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Here I go again; another business trip, another hotel, and worst of all, another lonely night. As of late my boss has been sending me to attend all these meetings and the majority are out-of-town. OK, I can understand she has a family. It gets tough to leave your kids all the time, but what about me? At the rate I am going I will never find anyone.

For some reason tonight I am feeling extremely horny. I have this strong desire to just fuck. I’m just being silly, or it must be that I am that lonely. I have decided to simply order room service, not in the mood to dine out alone. I placed the order. I have plenty of time to take a shower before dinner gets here. I start to undress, leaving a trail of clothes leading to the bathroom. The shower looks like a box with transparent glass going all around it. I step in and turn on the water. I see it has a removable shower head. Hmmm, now this shower can be fun. Like I said, I do feel like fucking. I unhook the shower head, spread my legs a bit, and turn the nozzle so the water is shooting out with a bit of force. Mm mm. As the jet stream hits my clit Bostancı Escort it is instantly stimulating me. I start running it up and down my clit. I feel my pussy lips pulsating. As I am doing this I take my free hand and start fingering my pussy. In and out, I am fucking myself. Oh My God! This feels so good!

The whole time I am satisfying myself, Room Service is knocking on the door. Naturally, I don’t hear a thing! He turns the door knob and sees that the door is not locked. As he is opening the door he is calling out my name.

“Hello? Ms. Stevens, this is room service. I have brought up the dinner that you ordered. “

He calls out a few more times, but still he gets no answer. All of a sudden he hears moaning coming out of the bathroom. Slowly he walks over, pushes the door just a bit, Only to see me, a petite brunette with long hair, standing 5’1”, 125lbs, curved hips, fine ass and gorgeous tits, satisfying my smooth pussy with the shower head. Well, this got him aroused! He starts to disrobe. He is standing there naked, stroking his cock! That is when I caught sight Kadıköy Escort of him. I could not believe what I was seeing! He was such a handsome, European looking guy. Standing at 6’5”, 250lbs, jet black hair, gorgeous smile to go along with his god like body.

I snap the shower head back into place. He then says.

“Ms. Stevens, dinner is served.”

I then ask. “Who will be serving dinner?”

He says, “Gian Carlo will be serving dinner. Ms. Stevens, are you hungry? “

I answer that I am starving, and that he can call me Melissa.

Gian Carlo opens the shower door and steps in saying, “Melissa, is this what you ordered?”

As I say yes, he puts his big hands on my shoulders and lowers me down to my knees saying, take it Melissa, it’s all yours.

With great fury, I grab hold of the hard cock and start sucking it with such force that I take him by surprise! I was sucking his cock fast and furious. Saliva was dripping down my neck. Gian Carlo grabs me pulling me up.

Let’s go slow Melissa; we have a long night ahead of us.

I asked, “What about work?”

He Göztepe Escort told me this was much better than working.

He then grabs me, has me wrap my legs around his waist and positions me, sliding me down on his rigid cock. Holding my hips he is lifting me up and down on his cock. OMG! I have never felt anything like this before. His cock was so swollen and long that I could feel it into my stomach.

I hear him telling me that it wasn’t time yet.

That is when he stops and lifts my legs up in the air only to put them over his shoulder. Looking down at me Gian Carlo tells me that he is going to give me the ride of my life. He then slips his cock into me fucking me hard and deep.

Before I knew what was happening he stops and turns me over getting me on my knees and doing it doggy style. This went on for most of the night until finally it came to the last time and we were both so tired that we collapsed in each other arms and fell asleep.

The sunlight in my eyes is what woke me up. Looking around I could see that there was no Gian Carlo. What I did find was a single rose with a card attached to it.

It read, “Mia Cara Melissa, Hope you found dinner to be fulfilling. Till we meet again, Gian Carlo.”

I just lay there with a smile on my face thinking that business trips may not be that bad after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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