The Castle Ch. 03

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-You’ll have to excuse me for my English; it’s not my first language. I don’t think it’ll cause you big problems to read, but you’ll certainly find some mistakes. Also, some of the women in this story were “physically inspired” by some famous models. I give you the list here, but you can always make up your own images… (Vivian Heberlein, Alexah Adams, Stacy Sanches, Sung Hi Lee, Priscilla Taylor) –

* * * * *

Still feeling uncomfortably tight in my swimsuit, since Lucia got back on her horse only minutes ago, I guide the horse to the stable. I’m surprised yet pleased to see Vivian in there, tending the horses. When she recognizes me she looks afraid of my reaction: she was kind of rude in a certain way when she introduced me to this castle. But after seeing my smile, she asks:

“No hard feelings?”

“Why? You gave me my first taste of this castle…”

To my surprise and pleasure I see her blushing to the roots her of hairs. But I know that she’s not really shy: she’s probably doing that because Lucia, Lisa and Laurie are listening to what we’re saying. Then, to change the subject, she asks the three girls accompanying me: “Taking him to the baths I hope? He seems to be needing it.” And while Laurie answers, I wonder: are all the girls here telepaths? How could she have known that?

Anyway I give the reins of my horse to her and we each head for our rooms to change into something more comfortable. As I close the door behind Lucia, I ask her:

“What are we supposed to wear down there?”

“Anything you like, nothing if you wish so. But we usually arrive with swimsuits, which often disappear after the first dip. There should be another swimsuit in the top drawer if you feel like changing the one you have.”

“Thanks, good idea.”

We then head for Lucia’s room, a room that I never saw. Come to think of it, I didn’t see Alexah’s room either when I walked her there a few days ago. And as we stop in front of the large wooden door, Lucia turns to me with a shy smile:

“I don’t know what Vivian told you when you arrived, but our rooms are somewhat private. Don’t feel bad, I intend to spend the night in here with you tonight, if you so desire, but right now I would like you to stay here while I change.”

“Ok, I’m getting used to mysteries around here anyway. And, you know quite clearly that I do wish to spend the night with you…” Then she kisses me on the cheek and slips in the barely opened door. While there, she says:

“You might meet someone at the bath, a new girl that might catch your attention…”

It feels weird talking alone in the corridor, but I simply answer: “I might indeed, but I don’t think they’ll be able to drag me to their beds!” I laugh as I finish my phrase, but when she opens the door I take her in my arms:

“Physically you’re the incarnation of my most beautiful dream. And from what I’ve already learned about the rest of you, I don’t think anyone will be able to tear me away from what I’ve found.”

After kissing me once again, this time longer and with more heat, she takes my hand and we then head for the baths. She chose a wonderful bikini for our afternoon in the baths: blood red pieces of thin spandex barely covering her nipples and bush. But what the heck: she’s too beautiful to hide!

Or so I thought. For no apparent reason she often looks around and asks me to be quiet. In my ear, she whispers: “I have a surprise for you. Let’s hope that for some reason Vivian is there…” Completely unable to make any sense of all this, I simply follow her. After entering in what looks like a janitor’s room, she asks me to keep the lights turned off. I barely see her pushing away some huge boxes before a light beam streams from the wall. As she peeks in, I see a smile growing on her face. “Here Iann, take a look…”

As I lean against the wall and bend to look in, I’m shocked to see what’s behind the wall. It’s a huge room, richly decorated like the rest of the castle. It looks like the room where the maids come to relax because there’s a lot of discarded uniforms all over. But the most fascinating sight in there is barely 10 feet away from the wall: two maids, judging from their age, are completely naked and locked into extremely steamy sex. Lying down on a huge bear skin rug, they’re letting all the pent-up tension explode. I can even her them moaning and sometimes screaming. They’re not the only ones in there: three or four other nearly naked maids are sitting across the room talking as if nothing special was happening. But to me the sight, or show, is breathtaking…

A blonde and a redhead are dancing together: right now, the blonde has one of the red head’s nipples locked in her mouth. But it doesn’t seem to be enough: the red head is grinding her pussy on her friend’s thigh. After a particularly strong moan, the red head moves down on her friend and dives into a tongue-lashing kiss. But she seems to hungry to stay there and after sucking the blonde’s nipples, she continues down and quickly finds herself facing a blond bush. And as two legs lock around her head, she grabs the blonde’s hips and begins to eat her pussy.

Throwing her hands down to her friend’s mersin escort head, the blonde pulls her even closer and begins to trash around on the rug. Her plump breasts moving about, her back arched to thrust her pussy against her friend’s mouth and her head thrown back: she looks like the incarnation of ecstasy. Suddenly she opens her legs wide and cries: “I want your pussy… turn around for me baby.” And she does so quickly, as if realizing that they could have done that long ago. As soon as she squats over the blonde’s face, the eager tongue plunges in her pussy and she cries a low moan: “God this is good!” And then she falls back in between the blonde’s legs and literally envelops her pussy with her mouth.

While watching this magical scene unfold, I had not realized that my cock had grown out of the leg of my swimsuit into a full-blown erection. And when a hot and warm mouth engulfs it completely, I have trouble trying to control my moans. As I look down, I barely make out the contour of Lucia’s body, sitting in front of me. My cock easily finds its way down between her lips and she proceeds to slowly caress me. Her hands caressing my legs and ass, she simply indulges my cock in a delightful stimulation, clearly not aiming at my immediate climax. And so while I watch the two young girls hitting it off, I relax in the hot comforts of Lucia’s mouth.

But soon the emotions get too intense: Lucia’s doing a wonderful job and the two girls’ passion is so hot that I can’t control myself any longer. I begin to thrust my cock into her mouth and she knows fully well what that means. She sucks me harder and further down her throat as I explode in total silence. The only sounds in this room are the slurping noises of her mouth sucking me dry, without a single drop of cum falling off. With my eyes closed in the darkness, I see stars as Lucia’s tongue fill my cock with more feeling than I can handle at the same time. Before letting me slip away she cleans me completely, teasing my sensitive glans with her tongue a few last times. When I pull her up I take her in my arms and hold her there for long minutes. “You’re wonderful…” Then, slowly, we leave this room and now, I suppose, heading for the baths.

“Want to see Angelica and Alexah again Iann?”


“Good. I called them while changing into my swimsuit.”

“Called them? I didn’t hear a thing.”

“Oh, it’s a little system we all have in our rooms. I simply pressed three buttons: Angelica’s, Alexah’s and the hot baths’ room. Since I was calling from my room, they both received a personal invitation to join us there.”

“Simple and efficient.” I reply calmly. But Now I’m really beginning to wonder if these girls are not all telepaths…

But as we turn the next corner, Alexah joins us, wearing, just as Lucia, next to nothing. And seeing those two women, golden blonde and raven black, is more than enough to get this telepathy theory out of my mind. Alexah’s even wearing the same kind of swimsuit: three pieces of spandex joined by a handful of strings. Hers, to contrast with her blonde hair, is a beautifully rich green. “Hi there, nice seeing you both. It’s been a long time…” Yeah, two days!

But as she reaches us, she first takes Lucia in her arms in a few seconds long embrace. And then, with that smile I remember perfectly, she says to Lucia: “No offense Lucia…” Then she turns to me and latches her arms around me and continues her phrase: “…but it’s especially good to see you again!” With her head on my shoulder, she kisses my neck a few times. Then, whispering in her ear: “Nice to see you too Summer…” I remember her secret name as if I had learned it yesterday. Well it nearly was! Then, before letting her go, I slide my hands down to her ass and caress it a few seconds, a few delicious seconds.

But she quickly pulls away: “Hey, don’t get me too hot too soon, I want to enjoy the bath and if I keep thinking of you all the time, I won’t be able to…” We all three laugh at her comment and begin to walk again. Still trapped in my old set of values, I’m pleased to see that Lucia doesn’t seem affected at all by the intimacy between Summer and me. I don’t feel any tension from her when she takes my hand again, but I don’t know if I could do the same. But right now I don’t care. As we climb down the last stairs, I already smell the mineral vapors coming from the baths, and as we enter through the usual double doors, I’m amazed by the sight.

It’s like being transported to ancient Rome. The room is huge, easily thirty meters by forty, the ceiling held by fifteen or twenty large columns, finely crafted with sculptures of angels and all sorts of stuff. The vapor is thick but we can see all the way through, to what seems to be an open wall to the valley behind the castle. The light that shines through from there and the mist both fill the whole room with an eerie light, an appropriate light for what seems to be one of the most sensual room in the castle. But what’s more impressive, in this incredible setting, are the people. As always there are more women than men, and a lot of them are already nude, shamelessly walking around for all to see. Between the four large baths, a fountain stands there and ten or twelve people appear to be paying a game of some sorts under the splashing waters, which seem to be as hot as the baths themselves.

After the first shock of this place’s beauty, I notice that a lot of the people that I thought had bathing suits are only wearing some kind of body-paint. Yes, as I see the swell and move of some breasts, they’re definitely wearing nothing except paint. I’ll have to ask Lucia about this later. But some people have kept their bathing suits and that’s just what Lucia and Alexah are doing right now. Pulling my hand, Lucia says: “Come on Iann, don’t just stand there gawking, come in.” And with that we climb down the large rock stairs down to the floor, the hot-water-flooded floor. There are at least three or four inches of hot water all over the floor’s surface, adding to the ambiance of this place.

Since every surface in there is water or hard rock, there’s some kind of weird echo that adds yet another weird aspect to the room. But instead of making it easy to talk, the background noise of all the talking drowns everything else and we have to stand close together to talk or else try to shout through it all. And indeed Lucia and Alexah are standing closer to me than before, conscious of the limited sound range. As I make comments about this place to Lucia and Alexah, we move down in the baths and find a place to sit down. The water is sensationally good and when completely seated in the rock benches, the water rises up to my shoulders. But, to my great displeasure, since the only light comes from the far side of the room, the water appears pitch dark and we can’t see a thing under water.

But when I feel Lucia’s hand in my thigh, I understand why the dark waters are definitely not a curse! After all the sex I’ve had during these past few days, I wonder why I feel my cock hardening painlessly to Lucia’s touch. As I lean closer to ask her about it, she simply answers:

“We don’t know exactly, but every visitor told us the same thing. Some say that they put something in the food, others say that it’s the source in the mountain which gives us all our water… we don’t really know.”

“Ok, just wondering… Oh, and how long are we supposed to keep our swimsuits?”

“Ah, you’ll see…” And her smile is, once again, incomprehensible.

But after a while of this incredible relaxing, with all those beautiful and completely nude women walking around and Lucia’s hand on my cock through my swimsuit, I turn towards her and slide my hand up her thigh. When I reach the tiny bikini bottom, I caress her through it. But when she reaches under my swimsuit to grab my cock, I do the same and find the sweet confines of her pussy. When I begin to caress her clit through her thick black bush, she leans into me and kisses me. I let her tongue guide my fingers through her pussy and when she discovers this, I hear her laughing a bit. But she soon returns to the kiss with renewed passion.

Two of my fingers mimicking the movements of her tongue, I let her guide all my movements. When we kiss without tongues I simply cup my whole hand around her pussy and massage her lips, mound, clit and hole all at the same time. Then her tongue appears for a few seconds, which are mirrored by an equally short burst of direct stimulation on her clit. I feel her shivering when I stop. Before long she offers me her tongue once again, this time in a slow dance with mine. So my thumb moves to her clit once more and slowly massages it around in its folds, not touching it directly yet. She then pulls her tongue away and she relaxes against my hand on her whole mound. But after a while of these caress-relax shifts, I feel her juices even in the water and my thumb slips in between her lips, directly on her engorged clit.

At the same time her tongue seems to explode into a frenzied dance, which is copied perfectly by my fingers. Turning to the side towards me and opening her legs as much as she can, Lucia then darts her tongue directly into my mouth, passing through my lips and teeth. A fraction of a second later my two devoted fingers are buried deep within her hole, reaching for the warmth and wetness beyond her lips. For a while she darts her tongue in and out of my mouth, fucking it restlessly. As my fingers copy that move, she moans through the kiss and increases the rhythm.

Instead of fucking my mouth with her tongue for a long time like I thought she would, she instead begins to twist and turn it in my mouth, pushing it as deep as it will go. My fingers doing the same thing inside her, I finally find a spot inside her that doesn’t feel like the rest of her pussy. When I press against it, she arches back and her whole body shakes. Does the g-spot really exist?

She breaks the kiss and leans into my shoulder. She obviously wants me to keep my fingers there but she also whispers in my ear: “Can you place your thumb against my clit?” When I do she wraps her hands around me and squeezes me tight. Moving around inside her to keep my fingertips lubricated, I always return to the spot and of course keep my thumb locked against her clit in a smooth stimulation. This intense stimulation lasts for a long time but even she can’t hold her climax too long. Whispering: “Oh God, Oh my God, this is too much…” continually in my ear, I feel her climaxing but hear nothing, not even a small moan. Everybody around us knows what’s going on, but it seems that there’s some kind of ethic to this place that prevents her to explode into loud moans.

She finally calms down and sits back into her seat. Looking at her I whisper: “I know you’re drained, but I have one favor to ask… I’m thirsty.” With that I plunge under water and as soon as I’m there I turn around towards her and slide my head between her thighs. Her bikini bottom is already pulled to the side and I open her lips to taste her juices. With all the water it’s weird and somewhat difficult but I still manage to taste the nectar there. Trying to get to the purest and least diluted juices that I know are there, I slither my tongue as deep as I can. So I bury my nose into her folds, probably tickling her clit once more. When I come back up I see every body smiling and looking at us. When I sit back between Lucia and Alexah, Lucia tells me, loud enough for a few people to hear: “You’ve made me moan with that tongue…” But she too has a smile and I guess that moaning isn’t such a crime after all…

After letting my cock soften from all this excitation, Lucia takes my hand and asks:

“Want to come and see the paint shop?”


“Coming with us Alexah?”

“No, go ahead, I’ll catch you guys later.” When we get out of the bath, I see Alexah turning around to the nice guy beside her and I wonder:

“How many residents are there here Lucia?”

“About eighty or ninety, depending on the seasons.”

“And how many men?”

“Oh, no more than forty or fifty at a time. We always like to have much more women than men here, to keep this smooth ambiance and not letting it turn into some orgiastic debauchery…” We both laugh at that last comment, but she probably right.

As Lucia walks me to one of the two side doors, the other one on the opposite wall, we begin to hear laughs and giggles from the paint shop. In that smaller room, about ten by twenty meters, there are four tables and about twenty people, mostly women, completely naked. Realizing that, and with the nature of this room, Lucia suggest that we take off our swimsuits. Seeing my hesitation, she says: “Look, there. Don’t worry about that, it’s not bothering anyone here or anywhere in this castle. In fact, it may please a few of them…” She had pointed to a large man in his forties, standing near a glorious red head who’s body was being painted. But exactly what Lucia was pointing at was quite obvious: the guy had a raging hard-on, and a big one at that. With all this skin and touching around here I was afraid, in fact I knew, that I would get one myself.

And that’s just what happens. But Lucia’s right, no one seems to notice. On the table in the back there’s a stunning blonde being painted all over by another girl beside her. As we approach, the tall brunette looks at us and Lucia asks her:

“Mind if we watch, it’s his first time here…”

“Of course not, come closer if you wish. I’m Stacy, and this is Priscilla. You must be Lucia?”

“Yes, you know me?”

“No, but I do believe you’re the only women here with raven hair as long as that. I’ve heard of you.”

“In a good way I hope?”

“Of course…” And the sweet look she gives Lucia clearly tells her that she wants to know her a lot better…

Lying on her back on this color-covered table, Priscilla smiles at us but doesn’t say anything. From head to her breasts, she’s covered with red, orange and traces of blue: a living flame. Introducing myself to both women:

“Hi! I’m Iann. You’re incredible with that paint. some kind of hobby?” Stacy answers me:

“Yes, I have not been here a long time but in real life I paint. Instead of using flat surfaces, I prefer to use some more stimulating curves to work on.” Priscilla smiles at that, flattered but obviously used to hear that from what must be a close friend.

Stacy finishes, as if only for me: “Could you imagine spending an afternoon of finger-painting someone as beautiful as Priscilla?”

“I sure can dream about it, yeah…” We finish breaking the ice by laughing and Stacy resumes her work.

I couldn’t quite admire their bodies until then, but I sure do now. Stacy’s quite tall with long curly hair, brown with natural touches of blonde. She has uncanny gray-green eyes, but the special lighting must play some trick on my eyes. She has perfect breasts, probably implants but right now I don’t give a damn: thrusting, round and so high on her chest! Her darker bush stands out quite nicely on her tanned skin and her long legs add the finishing touches to her beauty. On the table, Priscilla’s hair and dark blue eyes seem to shine: platinum blonde but it looks really good on her, with the deep blue of her eyes and pale pink lips. Her face is perfect and the small smile she has on since we arrived seems warm even though I don’t know her at all. Wonderful breasts like Stacy and a curvy body, like her friend said before. Her bush is now bright yellow, filled with paint, but I’m guessing that the real color beneath is not far from this yellow.

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