The Conference

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Social media is a strange beast. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn – the list goes on. I’m on a few, used to be on more, but it tends to take over your life. Always needing to share every single event whether big or small, with a network of people you may or may not even know. It’s also connected me with many people I have lost touch with over the years – whether personal or professional.

Through a tangled web of people, I’ve been connecting with friends that I have not seen or heard from since my early childhood. Just the other day I received a request from a friend I had not heard from in almost ten years. It was a nice surprise, one of those ‘holy shit, it’s been too long’ friends. He was mixed in with a bunch of other requests from the same group of friends, from that one time in my life.

The next day, I’m busy at work when the green indicator light on my phone blinks. Not really thinking much about it, I unlock and see a small bubble picture of Blake. I read the message and see that he’s in town for a work conference and wants to meet up for drinks and happy hour at The Brooklyn. I quickly agree, still in shock I’m going to get to see him.

Blake’s sitting at the bar when I walk in. He looks the same, handsome with a killer smile and the most beautiful dark eyes. Obviously he looks older since the last time we saw each other in person we were 14 years old. But I would recognize him anywhere. My heart skips a beat as I look him over. Standing 5’11, his body fit under his perfectly tailored suit. Dark hair, still with a slight wave, olive skin and those eyes. Even after all this time, as soon as he locks eyes with me I’m lost. His grin mirrors my own as I walk towards his open arms. He embraces me, strong and tight. My lips are right near his neck when I crane my own to look at him. He smells of cigarettes and cologne, and I nearly protest when he pulls back. He kisses my cheek and holds me at arm’s length.

“Holy fuck, it’s really you,” he says smiling.

“Yes it is, and it’s really you,” I reply, “It’s been a while.”

“Too fucking long,” he says, his arm snaking around my waist.

We turn to the bar and he grabs us two drinks, beer for him and a diet coke for me. A small table is open and we sit down, side by side so were able to talk in the crowded bar. We toast to friendship and reconnecting and talk pleasantries. We order some oysters and other appetizers to snack on as we talk. Blake tells me his is in town for two days, meetings and speakers during work hours, dinner and entertainment at night. It all starts tomorrow, so tonight is his only real free time. Real estate development, which makes me laugh compared to my own. I watch as he talks about it and it’s clear: he loves it, and he’s fucking good at it. I meekly explain my own job, logistics, both international and domestic. Not something I’m truly passionate about, but I am damn good at my job and it’s paid the bills for almost a decade. Figure i must be doing something right.

“And your personal life?” I ask, might as well dive right in…

“I”m single, recently actually. Long term relationship but my job was taking me one direction and her’s was going in another. It wasn’t easy, but in the end it was mutual. What about you? I don’t see a ring on your finger.” He waited for my reply as he sipped his beer.

“I’m single too, long term, definitely one sided,” I joked.

He laughed and then frowned at my half-hearted joke. “No, no, I’m good. Really. Just haven’t met anyone worth spending time with, I guess. I have friends, but as for dating, I’d rather not if I’m honest. Not going to play the field. If I happen to meet someone, great. If not, I’m good too.”

“So I have to ask, it’s been so long and here you are – how did that happen? Did you remember I was in Seattle?” I ask.

“I was online, it was “suggested” that I link with you. I couldn’t believe it was you, so I just had to do it. Then I get to work and they tell me they’re sending me here for a conference so I figured at that point I had to reach out. What are the chances? And here, we are. Here we fucking are,” he answered with that thousand watt smile.

“I love how that happens,” I smile and we clink our glasses.

After another drink the bar is getting louder as the night wears on. It’s getting harder to hear one another so we agree to head back to his hotel bar instead. The Alexis is right downtown and a very nice hotel. We walk hand in hand through the quiet streets, the rain drizzling down lightly. Turning onto First Ave, the wind picks up and I let go to wrap my coat tighter. I move in closer as Blake’s arm wraps around me as we make our way. At an intersection, he stops and turns me in his arms. My breath catches as he moves in slowly and our lips touch. The kiss is soft, gentle and almost tentative. My body is humming as our lips press together a few more times before we pull apart. I watch as he catches his breath before he wraps his arm around me again.

The bar oğuzeli escort is quiet when we arrive and we find a booth after ordering our drinks. I’m having hot tea to warm me up after the walk and Blake orders a scotch. He holds my hand in his on the table as we both stare as his thumb makes small circles on my hand. When the waitress arrives with our drinks, I move to pull my hand back but he grips tighter. Thanking her, she leaves us alone and our eyes meet.

“Do you remember the last time we kissed?” He asked me, eyes over the rim of his glass.

I blush, “no…well, that’s not true. I remember we kissed, but that’s about it.”

“You don’t?! I’m hurt!” he says, mockingly holding his hand to his heart. “That kiss was the definition of Seven Minutes in Heaven.”

I laughed, remembering how we made out in my parent’s basement. He laughed too, we were so young.

“God, I had the biggest crush on you. It was teenage love at it’s finest.” I smiled, sipping my tea.

“What? This is news to me,” he replied, his eyes teasing. “I remember not being allowed to do all I wanted with you. And here you are telling me you were in love with me? What a fucking tease!”

“And what exactly did you want to do with me?” I asked, unable to remember.

Blake leaned in close, his fingers deftly moving my hair back behind my ear. I shivered at his closeness and almost moaned when I felt his lips brushing against my ear.

“I wanted to lick your pussy.”

My body trembled, unable to hide the pleasure that was rolling through me. I could feel his lips curl into a smile, his mouth still hovering next to my ear.

“That was ten years ago and we were just kids,” he paused. “Now we’re sitting here and we’re both adults. And I still want to lick your pussy. Question is, will you deny me again?”

Before I could formulate a reply, his mouth was moving down my neck. His lips kissed my sensitive skin making me bite my lip to stay quiet. When he bit me, at the base of my neck I couldn’t hold back.

“Blake,” I whimpered, my head falling to the side.


His lips vibrated against my skin as he moved back towards my ear.

“What is your answer, Mia?”

“Yess,” I hissed turning my head and kissing him.

Our lips pressed together and this time his tongue pushed into my mouth. His kiss was strong, demanding and controlled. I could feel my body melting and bending to his desires as they became mine. Our kiss became more passionate, but the sound of new patrons startled us from our trance. Blake pulled away with one last kiss, sipping his drink. I sat, stunned and so turned on I couldn’t think for a moment. When I finally looked up at him, he was smiling at me.

“You are so fucking gorgeous,” he said. “The things I want to do with you…”

His voice was almost a growl as he spoke, his eyes so dark and staring into me. I could feel every nerve in my body reacting to his stare. My nipples grew hard beneath my top and suddenly it was warm. Too warm. Beneath my skirt I could feel my thong soaked through with my arousal. I wanted him. My body was fucking screaming for him. I was just about to reply to him when an older gentleman approached our table. Blake sat up, startled and released my hand.

“Mr. Richards,” he said, standing and shaking the man’s hand. “This is my friend Mia. Mia, this is my boss, Dan Richards.”

I smiled and shook Dan’s hand, praying he hadn’t seen our kiss or the way my body reacted to him. Dan smiled and turned back to Blake.

“Blake, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. There’s a potential client that I just ran into in the restaurant. He’s on his way in here for drinks. I think you should sit down with us.” He paused turning to me and then back to Blake. “I’m sorry to interrupt, and I see why you weren’t answering your phone.”

Blake looked at me and back at his boss. I could tell he didn’t want to go, but knew he should.

“It’s okay,” I said first. “Go do your thing, it’s late and I should get home. It was great to see you again.”

I gathered my purse and turned for my coat. Blake turned to his boss and they chatted briefly. He turned and took my hand and led me out of the hotel.

“I’m so sorry, Mia. I don’t want you to go, but I really should…” he trailed off looking back at the hotel.

“Don’t worry about it, really. I have work tomorrow and still need to get home. Text me or something tomorrow if you have any free time. I don’t work far from here, maybe we could have lunch or grab coffee.”

“Thanks, babe. I will see you again – and I will text you tomorrow.”

We kissed again briefly as my Uber driver pulled up.

“Goodnight, Mia.”

“Night, Blake.”


The next morning I was tired when I woke up, but still smiling. All night I had scattered dreams filled images of stolen kisses and lingering touches. When my alarm went off I was severely disappointed to wake up alone in my apartment. Shaking out of my stupor, I showered and I was off to work in a less than an hour. The day seemed to dragged on and with no word from Blake it felt like even longer. Just before I left for my lunch break, the green indicator light went off on my phone.

Blake: Hey you, how’s your day? I’m in between speakers. Boring as fuck. We have this formal dinner tonight. Want to be my date? Don’t make me go alone 😉

Me: It’s going, just about to grab a bite. Tonight and formal…damn, you sure know how to make a girl rush! Guess I’m going shopping!

Blake: Be at the hotel at 6, I’ll meet you outside. Wish I watch you try on clothes…

Me: Ah, well, you’re swamped. So I guess I’ll have to go get naked and try on pretty dresses all by myself. Sigh.

Blake: Or you could send me pictures and I can say yes or no?

Me: Where’s the fun in that? I need to surprise you if you’re not going to be there to help me pick it out. You’ll just have to sit through your meetings and know that I’m off somewhere alone and naked. Trying on all different dresses to make you want me.

Blake: Not possible to make me want you more than I do now. Fucking hard as a rock sitting here. Hope no one expects me to stand up any time soon.

Me: MMMMmmm…you hard. Now there’s an image to get me through my day. I’m off – see you at six.

Blake: TEASE!

I laughed at his last message and put my phone away. Grabbing a granola bar from my desk I headed out to shop. Three stores and what seemed like a hundred dresses later, I had found the one. A black dress, strapless, long and fitted with a slit up the left leg. Paired with simple black heels, and simple jewelry, it was perfect. Sexy but sophisticated, showing off my ample cleavage without looking slutty. I wore my hair down, the purple color new dyed and curled to perfection. My makeup was light, accentuating my eyes. A warm, white shoulder wrap was perfect for the cool fall temps.

I arrived at the hotel right at six and saw Blake waiting outside for me smoking a cigarette. He smiled as I stepped out of the car. When he got a glimpse of what I was wearing he smiled and walked over.

“Gorgeous. Fuck, Mia…” he trailed off, pressing his body against mine.

I could feel his cock, hard and thick as it rested down his thigh. He was huge! I leaned into him a bit more, wanting to feel his desire for me. We kissed briefly before breaking apart. I pulled out my own pack and lit up next to him.

“You look pretty fucking good yourself, Blake.” I said taking a drag and eyeing him up and down. “I can’t get over how sexy you are.”

A big smile came across his face at my words and he leaned in to kiss me again.

“I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this dinner.” He said.

“And why is that?” I teased.

“All I want to do is take you somewhere private and do all sorts of dirty things. My mind is reeling with images of what I want to do to you.” He said, smoke floating out of his mouth.

My body was on fire listening to him, as I tried desperately to keep it together and finish my cigarette. I could feel my body flushing and my tits were swollen, nipples aching as we stood there. We finished our smokes with quick glances and knowing smiles. Taking my hand, he led me inside. Placing my purse and wrap at our table, we went to the bar to get a drink.

A few of Blake’s colleagues came by and made small talk, all very nice and most without dates. Blake seemed happy to tell them that we were old friends and newly connected, his arm firmly around my waist. We chatted and made our way back to the table as dinner was being served. Dan was at our table and we chatted about the previous night. He apologized again for interrupting our reunion and then told me what a valuable asset Blake was and how much he and everyone else enjoyed having him work there. I couldn’t help but smile, proud of Blake for all he had done. He found something he loved and he was great at it – and it was being seen and acknowledged.

Throughout the whole meal, Blake’s hand never left me. Whether he was holding my own or resting his on my thigh, we were always in contact. At one point his arm was around the back of my chair, finger tips making lazy circles on my shoulder and back. I had to make a conscious effort not to tremble under his touch. Every once and awhile there was a lull and Blake never wasted it.

“You are the most beautiful woman in the room. I can’t stop looking at you in this dress. You are so fucking sexy.” He whispered in my ear.

I would moan quietly in reply, trying my best to keep my composure. All the while my body fighting against me, my pussy wet and aching.

“My cock is so hard,” he said and I couldn’t help but reach out.

My fingertips grazed slowly over his leg, feeling his huge cock bulging beneath his suit pants. I ran my nails over it, slowly, feeling the length and width.

“Holy fuck,” I gasped against his neck.

Blake laughed lightly and turned his head towards me. He kissed me gently and we returned to our food and light conversation at the table. After dinner was cleared there seemed to be a short intermission before the evening speakers began. Many people took the opportunity to make trips to the bathroom or simply wander the room to stretch their legs. A queue had formed at the bar as well.

“Smoke break,” I whispered in his ear. “I’ll be outside, unless you want to join me?”

Blake turned, kissing me again. Fuck he was good at that, something I could definitely get used to. His kiss made me weak and left me wanting more. He rose, grabbing my wrap and holding it for me. We made our way out of the dining room, his hand firmly on my lower back, dangerously close to my ass. When we were finally out away from the main group, his hand groped my ass and squeezed. I jumped and squealed as he did it, causing him to slap me playfully. I turned and smiled over my shoulder at him.

“Oh you like that, huh?” he said playfully.

“Maybe.” I answered, thanking the doorman as he held it open.

“So my Mia is a kinky girl.” Blake said teasingly, lighting my cigarette for me.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” I teased back.

“I will. No doubt about that. I will know just how kinky you are.”

I could only laugh and smile at his confidence, mostly because he was right. We finished our smokes in silence, his arm around me as we watched the cars drive by. Some of his colleagues came out and we chatted as we finished and put them out. Blake held my hand tightly as we made our way past the lobby towards the large ballroom where the dinner was being held. Only just before we got there, he pulled me to the right and down a hallway. The only thing at the end of the hallway was the stairs. Pushing open the heavy door, he pulled me through. Once on the other side, he pushed me back against the wall and kissed me. Hard.

Our lips collided as we both let out a loud moan, finally able to release some of the tension that had built up since the previous night. The kiss was bruising, as our tongues battled for control. My hands were in his hair, pulling and gripping it. His hands were busier, moving up and down from my ass to my tits. He broke our kiss leaving me gasping for air as his mouth moved down my jaw to my neck. Biting at my skin, I moaned loudly and held him close. My back arched as he neared my tits, my pussy pressing greedily against him. When his mouth found the tops of my tits, my head fell back and I felt my body completely surrender to him.

Without a word he pulled down the top of my dress exposing my aching breasts to his view. A low growl escaped him as he attacked them. Sucking, biting and licking at my mounds and tips until I was coming undone in his arms. Blake’s eyes were wild when he looked up at me feeling my body recovering from my orgasm.

“Did you just?” he asked, stunned.

“Yess,” I moaned, my body still twitching slightly. “Fuck that was so good. I’m fucking dripping.”

He didn’t reply, but his hands moved quickly to my dress, finding the slit along my leg and pulling it up. When his fingers found my smooth, bare pussy he cupped me firmly and kissed me hard.

“Fuck babe. You are killing me.”

I pushed my hips towards his fingers and he relented, pushing one inside of me in one go. I cried out, but quickly softened my voice as the echo of my scream bounced up and down the stairwell. He kissed me again as he pumped his finger in and out. Wet, sucking sounds filled the air instead as I began to fuck back against him. When he pushed another finger inside and curled them, I lost control. My hips bucked violently at the invasion and then tensed. With a scream muffled by his lips and tongue, I came. A torrent of juices flooded his hand before he removed his fingers allowing them to squirt out.

“You squirt!” He gasped, looking down to watch my cum.

Unable to formulate any words, i could only tremble and moan against him. Blake’s cock was tenting his pants now, splattered slightly with my cum. Reluctantly pulling his fingers from my pussy, he licked them clean as I quickly undid his pants. We both moaned as they hit the floor, along with his boxers, his cock now free. I stroked him, marveling at his size and girth. As much as I wanted it in my mouth, I knew we were on borrowed time and I needed him inside of me.

“Fuck me, Blake. Baby, please!” I begged, turning around and pulling my dress up.

With my arms and hands stretched out above me on the cool wall, he pressed up behind me, his body strong and hot against my back. I felt his teeth in my shoulder as he pushed inside my soaked pussy, filling me and stretching me like no one had before. My body trembled at the massive invasion but slowly opened up for him. Before long he was fucking me hard, his hand on my hip, the other in my hair. My back arched my exposed tits pressed against the cold cement wall as he took me. Hard and deep, rhythmic thrusts. My pussy was so wet I could feel my juices as they splashed my legs and ran down my thighs and onto the floor below. I wasn’t going to last long as I felt my orgasm fast approaching.

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