The Courtship

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I didn’t set out to fall in love that day, in fact for once I wasn’t even thinking about girls. Which was unusual for me, since that subject was usually on my mind. I was twenty-four years old and separated from my wife of only four years. She had left me for a guy that she worked with and had taken almost everything that we shared. However, this day was going to be special. It was a Friday, and I had taken the day off work to play music with my buddy who lived in another town. I was a weekend musician, trying to make some extra cash back in those days. I played drums along with my buddy on guitar. In addition to my love of music, I also loved sex, and had an extremely strong sex drive. I had learned to masturbate at around age ten. There were a lot of cum stains on my sheets, but my mother never said anything when she washed them.

Today sex wasn’t on my mind, well, not yet anyway. I had stopped at the local liquor store around 9 AM, and bought a twelve pack of beer for the day. Then I was off to jam with my buddy in our practice shed, which was about an hours drive away. When I arrived, my buddy and I went out to the practice shed to get ready to jam. It was not a big building at around ten feet by twelve feet, it was basically a tool shed. It had a gas stove for heat in the winter, but unfortunately, no air conditioning in the summer, just a fan.

There were also no windows, so without lamps it was also very dark. It had been sound-proofed to try and contain the noise level of the music. It was the middle of July and it was going to be hot that day. I took my shirt off, to try and stay cool. I normally played shirtless anyway because playing drums is hard work and usually got intense as I worked up a sweat. My buddy and I had been playing together for the past six years and we were fairly tight musically.

We jammed for a couple of hours, and were sitting around drinking beer when there was a knock on the door. I got up, still holding my beer in my right hand, as I opened the door with my left. As the door opened, I saw two girls. I couldn’t even describe anything about the first girl because I was blinded by her companion. For purposes of the story I will refer to her as my girl. A small dark-haired beauty, not Playboy material, but cute. I wasn’t looking for perfection. I wanted someone to love me just for me, faults and all. I invited them in and closed the door. At around 120 square feet, the room felt cramped. With our music equipment setup, more people made it feel a lot smaller. However, in this case that was fine by me.

Both girls had been there the night before. I wasn’t aware of that yet, since I lived an hour away. One of them was dating my buddy, her name was Anna. My girl had driven her over since Anna didn’t own a car. As it turned out, my girl’s father was a cop. He sometimes let what he called “strays” have a shower, a meal and a place to sleep for a night. Then he would send them on their way. Anna was one of those strays that had problems. My girl was just doing her a favor by driving her across town.

A third person stopped by a short while later. It was our bands bass player, Ted. We had been jamming as a guitar and drums duo at first, but now we were a trio. There were now five of us in this tiny room. As we jammed, my girl moved to my right toward Ted. She sat down on the stove, close to where he was. The four of them had been together the previous night, when I wasn’t there. I took that as a sign that she liked him. I resigned myself to thinking that nothing was going to happen between her and I.

As the afternoon wore on, we all were getting hungry. We decided to have a cook out of hamburgers and chips, so we pooled our resources. I volunteered to walk the half block to the nearest grocery store to get what we needed. To my amazement, my girl wanted to go with me. Maybe there was something there after all. We walked side by side to the store, talking all the way. She didn’t drink beer, so I bought her some Pepsi-Cola. My girl had just turned eighteen four months earlier. She was shorter than me with medium length dark hair and beautiful hazel green eyes. As we walked, I felt my skin tingling just from being near her. I was smitten and already head over heels, but I tried not to show it. We walked back to the practice shed with a sack of groceries for supper.

We then made an impromptu grill by using a galvanized steel garbage can lid. We turned it over and lined it with aluminum foil then added the charcoal briquettes. My buddy borrowed an oven rack from the stove in the house to use as a grate. The lid was placed in a pothole in the gravel drive. Several bricks were rounded up and made a ring around the lid. The oven grill was laid flat on top of the bricks and we had a place to cook hamburgers.

My girl Kolej Escort volunteered to be our chef. It was late in the afternoon, and we all sat around talking while we waited for the meat to cook. After we finished eating, we jammed for a couple more hours. Once the coals were cool, I started to clean up our mess. My girl was helping me, the others were off doing their own thing. So it was just her and me. I turned around to empty the ashes from the garbage can lid and when I turned back she gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I was surprised, I thought that she was interested in Ted. We finished cleaning everything up and went for a walk.

As we were walking along the road she suddenly stopped, looked me in the eyes and said to me, “I love you.”

“You’re too young to know what love is.” I said.

“You don’t get to tell me how I feel.” She replied.

I then told her, “I am married, but my wife left me for another guy. There are only three women in my life that I love. My mother, an aunt, and my grandmother”.

“Well, I’m going to be number four.” she said with confidence.

We continued our walk, now holding hands. By the time we got back it was getting dark. Even at eighteen, she had a curfew. She was still in high school with a year to go before graduating. After the two girls went home, I also left since I still had an hours drive. Before we went our separate ways, my girl and I made plans to meet again the next day.

That night I had a hard time getting to sleep. I kept fantasizing about what my girl would look like naked. I masturbated to the thought of seeing her laying on my bed, and spreading her pussy open to put my cum deep inside her. After which, I finally drifted off to sleep.

The next day was Saturday, and I was up and set off early for the hours drive. My girl arrived sometime in the afternoon along with Anna. Sometime after that, my girl and I set off on another walk. While walking, I asked her why she had moved over by Ted yesterday. She answered, “To get a better view of just you. With two guitars in the way, I could not see you.”

My buddy worked at the livestock sales barn there where the practice shed was. It had a huge set of buildings just a short distance away from the shed. There was a gravel driveway that wrapped around the other buildings. The two of us set out for the sales office. Even though it was a Saturday, there were no livestock sales events scheduled. The large building was deserted, with no one around but us.

Off to the side was a lean-to where the livestock bedding was kept. It was full of hay bales and loose straw so it was a good place to stop. My girl was wearing a green sundress about knee length. We both sat down on the straw and started to kiss. From there, it got hotter. I reached under her dress and felt her panties and in between her legs. I felt the wetness between her pussy lips as I gently kissed her. I laid her back against the straw and knelt on the ground in front to pull down her panties.

“Please be careful.” she said. “I’m still a virgin.”

I was not about to hurt or frighten her since I was five years older than she was. She had only been kissed a few times and maybe held hands before this day. I was going to go slowly because I didn’t want to be like a bull in a china shop.

Gently, I pulled down her panties revealing her beautiful pussy to my waiting eyes. She had a small patch of dark hair that covered her pubic mound above her slit. Her large pussy lips were soft and hairless, and her clitoris poked out between them. A small, pinkish brown butthole trailed between her butt cheeks.

I ran my tongue gently over her little butthole. Then up between her smaller pussy lips. Gently, opening her large lips and gazing at the tiny opening of her pussy. She moaned softly as I ran my tongue gently over her opening and tiny pee hole above it. She moaned again, as I applied gentle pressure to her clitoris.

I held back my own excitement because I didn’t want to push too fast. I was afraid of scaring her. Although I wanted more, it would have to wait. This went on for a few more minutes. Then I had a feeling that someone was coming. I have always had a sixth sense, and I told her to sit up and pull up her panties. We had just settled back down on the straw when Anna then came around the corner, looking for where we had disappeared to. We didn’t want Anna to report what we were doing back to my girl’s father since she was still living at home. We went back to be with the others for the rest of the afternoon. I now had a taste of what I would have again the next day. It had been less than forty-eight hours, but I was already in love.

My buddy told her, “Don’t fuck with his head, he’s been through Sincan Escort enough already”.

He told me, “You should just fuck her until you’re had enough and move on.” That’s not how I operate or what I was looking for. I was looking for love and stability, not a fling. As it would turn out, I would never get enough of this girl.

The next day was was Sunday, and we met again for a third day in a row. It was too late to turn back now. My feelings for my girl were growing rapidly by the second. Even though, I technically was still married, I didn’t care. My short marriage was broken beyond repair. In fact, I should never have gotten married to her to begin with.

I was a virgin when we first met, but she was not. I had sex with her on my 18th birthday in the back of her 1969 Ford Econoline van. The year was 1975, and I had been raised up in the church to believe that you should be married to have sex. I did marry her, but I was too naive to see the writing on the wall. Eventually, we drifted apart, after she met a guy that she worked with. The marriage was over. She left me trying to take everything but the kitchen sink. She would have taken that also, had we not been living in a house that my mother co-signed for and had zero equity in. This made the house mine.

It had been six months since my wife left. I felt no remorse as my girl and I again went for a walk. This time over to the sale barn office. As it was a Sunday, no one else was around. There was a small room with a couch in the office and we went in there and sat down. We were kissing, but this time I was more passionate. I wanted to show her that I cared for her. This wasn’t just about sex. It was about the very strong bond that was forming. Sex would be the ultimate expression of that love.

There was also a desk in the room that was empty, so I asked her to lay down on it. We both stripped completely naked and I got to see her young body as it was meant to be seen. Her breasts were tiny about 32A and very soft. Her nipples were smaller then a half dollar coin. Her pubic mound stuck up as she laid down to top of the desk. I was hard and very excited, but I kept my composure. Again, I licked her pussy as I had the day before, but I did not want to rush something this beautiful.

My erect cock, while not huge by any means is still about seven inches in diameter at the base. I wasn’t going to enter her little wet pussy just yet and hurt her. I wanted her to get used to my cock before trying to have sex. As she lay there, I got on top and gently rubbed against her tiny slit. Spreading her big pussy lips and gently rocking back and forth against her clitoris. We kissed and gently rocked together. It was sweet and she tasted fantastic. I was head over heals in love with her, after only three days. I couldn’t stop now even though I thought we were moving too fast.

We were apart for the next week. I had to go to work on Monday and so did my girl. However, she called me during the week when she could, and we made plans for the following weekend. The week went slowly for me, as I wanted my girl next to me in bed. As the days drifted slowly by, I became more excited thinking about what I had felt. I kept replaying in my mind licking her sweet pussy.

I didn’t have much to offer her, with only a mattress on the floor. My previous partner had taken the bed frame and box springs. I had no furniture except for a very nice hardwood roll top desk. I kept it at my mothers house, to prevent her from taking it as well. I told my mother that I had met a girl who loved me just for me, and that I was finally happy.

The next weekend arrived and I went over on Saturday morning. That evening my girl and I went to a movie that had just been released called Airplane! Inside the theatre when the movie was about halfway through, she took my hand and put one of my fingers in her mouth and started to suck. Instantly, I was aroused and I couldn’t wait any longer. We didn’t get to see the end of the movie, for years in fact, since we left early. We weren’t interested in the movie anyway, just each other.

The first place that we went to was a nearby park. We walked until we found an isolated clearing. My girl wasn’t wearing much, a halter top and a pair of shorts. I pulled off her shorts and panties in the dark and I tried entering her. The position was awkward and I could not get in her tight pussy. We got back in the car and drove to an isolated spot that I knew of by a small river a few miles out of town. It was around 10 PM, and with her curfew, we didn’t have much time. After we parked, we started kissing, this time with more passion then ever before, there was no holding back.

Shortly after we started kissing and fondling Yenimahalle Escort each other, the drinks that we had back at the theatre had us both needing to pee. We both got out of the car and went pee on the side of the road. Then we got naked and climbed into the front seat. My girl got on top of me and straddled my waist. My very hard cock found it’s mark as I slowly and gently pushed inside. Her large pussy lips opened for me as I felt her warm and wet insides take my whole length. She held on to my shoulders as I wrapped my arms tightly around her small waist, her breasts pressing tightly against my chest.

We gently rocked together panting like animals in heat, which of course we were. She was very wet, with part of that wetness being her virgin blood. I was inside only a few minutes before her little pussy got to sore to continue. I pulled out because I didn’t want to hurt her. I used her panties to clean the blood from her pussy. I had popped her cherry and she was no longer a virgin. We both had lost our respective virginities at eighteen, but sadly, not with each other.

I kept her panties with me after I took her home because she was afraid the blood showing would be a sign of what we had been doing. Yes, she could have just said that she started her period, but at the time, that thought didn’t occur to us. She was afraid of her dad’s reaction, should he find out. Besides, I got to keep smelling her pussy after I left.

The next weekend was even more special. It was then that I decided to ask the all important question. We had gone to a local Walmart to get a quart of oil for my car. While getting out of the car, I asked her to marry me. I know, of all places to ask a such serious question, I ask it in Walmart parking lot on a Saturday afternoon. Fortunately for me, the answer was yes. Fifteen days after we had first met, my divorce wasn’t even finalized, and I ask another girl to marry me. That was crazy talk, and not logical at all. But I did it anyway. Somehow, I knew in my heart that she was the one for me for the rest of my life and beyond. I was willing to go to deaths door for my girl and yet I barely knew her. I loved her that much and I didn’t want anything to ever separate us, not even death itself.

Sometime later her parents went on an out of state weekend trip. While they were gone, I stayed the whole night for the first time. We showered together and we went to her bedroom to play. She sucked on my cock for the first time and I came very strongly.

It was fantastic, but I asked her in a serious tone, “Where did you learn to suck cock like that?”

“From you”, she replied. “I was just doing to you, what you have done to me”. I guess I was a good teacher because I gave her an A+ grade.

We both slept peacefully through the night. I was curled up tightly behind her with my cock between her butt cheeks. It was wedged next to her little brown butthole. My cock is something like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears for her pussy. Not to big, not to small, but just right. We fit together like a hand in a glove. I supported her head with my arm while holding on to one her breasts, a position we still sleep in today. Her hair was clean and fresh and I was smelling her scent as it lulled me into a deep sleep. I had found my Heaven on Earth.

My divorce was final that November. My ex-wife made me out to be the bad guy when she filed for divorce, not wanting to admit to her affair. However, I didn’t care, I didn’t even show up for court. It was over and I was free to pursue my girl. We celebrated by making wild, passionate love. Of course, we had always made wild, passionate love, but this time it was for pure joy over my being free.

Nine months and eight days after we met, we were married. We are still married today, and we always will be. We are each others best friends, and naked most of the time. Living our lives together, skin to skin. Passionate sex is an almost everyday occurrence and has been for over forty-one years. In our younger years, sex was multiple times a day. Waking up in the morning hard and getting on top, then pushing inside. Coming home for lunch had a dual meaning. I went back to work after a nice meal and some pussy. Then again just before bedtime, having the best sleep aid ever made.

Today, after the birth of our four daughters, she is still very beautiful to me. Her nipples are much larger, as are her breasts. Her beautiful pussy is very hairy and smells like sex most of the time. She sucks my cock like a vacuum cleaner. Taking my whole shaft to the base and licking my balls and butthole. There isn’t anything that we have’t done that I can think of sexually, within a monogamous relationship. I can’t stop touching her, or looking in her eyes. Both of us have put on pounds, but we are just as horny as we ever were over forty-one years ago. And I have never regretted asking for her hand in marriage so soon after meeting.

All because I was in the right place, at the right time, answering a knock at the door. In the end, although I love my mother, aunt and grandmother, my girl is not number four, she is number one!

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