The Deal

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She had rehearsed this or had at least tried to. The question was whether or not she could convince a devoted father and presumably faithful husband to engage in an affair. She now knew her own husband was an arrogant ass who possessed her. In the man in front of her she found the man she hoped her husband could be on the inside and was not. In the man in front she had found a way to see the inner beauty. To be fair, Hale possessed handsome features and the large frame of a former athlete covered in over one hundred extra pounds.

“Are you serious?” Hale couldn’t believe his ears.

“Serious enough to not want to say it again. At least not here.” Jen looked around to make sure no one had heard. Part of her wanted to take it back, but it was out there now and she needed to hear a response.

“Let’s take a walk into the foyer.” They were in the group fitness area of the gym she trained at and had convinced Hale to join. Jen had met Hale several months ago in the parent area of the martial arts center their children attended and found new reasons to like him every day. She hadn’t realized she felt an attraction to him until very recently and her tendency to swoop in and solve the problems of others was taking center stage. To look at the two of them as an item would be interesting indeed as Jen was the image of physical beauty and Hale was in need of some serious work.

“I’m sorry if I offended you.” She began to back pedal as they reached the lobby.

“Stop right there. I’ve got something to say about this, but first I have to understand why you would want to. Yes, I need help, yes you are a personal trainer and are in fantastic shape and if I may add that I do find you to be beautiful – now might be the appropriate time to mention it. But why? Why me? We are both married.”

“Because we need each other at this moment. How many times have you told me about how often you fail to go to the gym? I thought a little incentive might help. I see you as a great man and dad, you seem to be a great husband too, but I don’t want to hurt your marriage, I want to help it. This would just be reward sex, no emotions for you and no strings for you.”

“You are crazy. What can you really see in me?” Hale could be effortlessly self-effacing, but also really approaching the danger zone of low self esteem.

Jen was feeling as though she had made a critical mistake. She signed and began to explain in a defeated voice: “You are one of the few men I’ve ever met that seems to respect me for more than my face and tits. It seems weird. I erotik film izle married the wrong man, that is my fault and I have no right to project his on you. I need you more than you need me and I just hoped you might find me attractive enough to take a chance. I don’t know maybe I hoped this would give you enough incentive to take you to the level you need to get to in your life. Are you satisfied? If not I can help. The reward is for both of us.”

Jen was overwhelmingly honest. She had never really expected him to say yes, but was at a desperate point. She now feared she may have lost this chance and everything with it. Her job, her marriage, her friend Hale.

She watched as Hale wrestled with the concept. He was covered in sweat from the workout she had put him through. She had honestly hoped he would not have done this well on the first day, so she could use it as more incentive. He had the inner strength to do this by himself, but he just didn’t realize it yet. Finally he slumped his shoulders and looked at her again. “What was the offer again? I just need to hear it again.”

Hope returned briefly, maybe she had him. “You work with me for one year. As an incentive to losing weight and staying on track, I’ll give you a blow job for every ten pounds you lose. Every time you lose ten, I suck you off. If you lose one hundred pounds, I’ll let you choose what we do until we decide not to do it anymore.”

He seemed to be wavering. “Look, Hale, I’ve really only got one incentive here. I don’t want a relationship that goes too deep. Call it what you want, friends with benefits, whatever. Even though he is an ass, I’m not leaving my husband and kids. I live a great life and this can spice it up for me and I want you to succeed. Yes or no, you decide, but do it because it is what you want to do. Let me know when you decide.”

When Jen turned on her heel and went back into the gym, Hale looked like a lost puppy. A big, lost, helpless puppy. He followed her into the gym, but only watched her from a distance and then escaped from her view and into the men’s locker room. Emerging several minutes later and freshly showered he beckoned her over to the shake bar and looked as if he had made a decision. For several moments Jen believed that his answer was going to be no, that his marriage vows had won out and that he would reject her advances.

“Any luck Champ?” she quizzed. Jen was aware of the presence of others and wanted them to think this was just another conversation between a trainer and her client.

“I think so,” he began slowly. “Hey, any chance we could discuss it in the back room? My back needs adjusting and you cracked it before.” This was code for Hale wanted to talk to her in private.

“Sure.” She nodded to the blank eyes of the girl making health shakes. “Alyssia, I’ll in the back for a few, if my next appointment comes early, tell her I’ll be right out.” With that she led Hale in back, ready to hear his rejection. Rather than being offended, she actually found herself more endeared and started to say so when Hale stopped her.

He entered the treatment room and hopped up on the table and lay on his stomach as he began to speak. “Look Jen, I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate the sentiment and the offer, and I acknowledge that I really need help. Sorry if I flaked out, but I just needed a minute. My answer is yes.”

“Oh!” Jen was happy and confused at the same time. “Oh, well, wow! That is great.” With this she moved in and hugged the object of her offer.

“You’re the hot girl offering sex for physical progress and you’re hugging me? This is one hell of a strange offer and I almost did say no, until I thought of what you said.”

“What part?” she asked as she began working his shoulders and back to attempt some amateur chiropractic pressure.

“The part about your tits.” Hale smiled. “I do respect you as a person. You are smart and sexy and what you said struck a chord.”

“In what way?”

“Well, I couldn’t get a certain image out of my head…so to speak of your face and tits. They are phenomenal by the way! But that image is crowding out my better thinking and this might just work and I really need it. In the long run, if I am happier and healthier….”

“….then this might really work for both of us.” She finished his sentence with a nod and a laugh at his appreciative comment.

“One question Jen.” Hale asked. “Um…what type of payment will this be……”

Unfazed and amused, Jen cut off his question. “Hale, I can’t take money for this. The gym won’t know how I’m billing you for the training. As for the other angle, well, let’s just say I’m deriving a mutual benefit.” She didn’t know if that satisfied him as he looked ready with another question.

“Okay, um one more thing and I’m a bit embarrassed to ask, but….”

“Just ask Hale.”

“How would you feel about an advance, er, treatment?”

It was more the way he asked then that fact that he asked, but it tickled Jen. She turned him over and noticed a pronounced bulge in his pants. A bit shocked and finding the humor of the moment she laughed and stepped slightly into the hallway before stepping back in and closing the door.

“We aren’t going to have much time, but that might not be a problem today right?”

She quickly unbuckled his pants and pulled them down with his boxers to just above his knees. His quickly rising cock sprung out. Hale was a bit larger than average size in every way she thought to herself.

“I went into the locker room as confused as ever, but couldn’t avoid thinking about this.” Hale whispered as his breathing began to quicken in excitement.

Jen approached his face and removed her top revealing an eye opening pair of breasts. She kissed him quickly on the lips and grabbed his cock with her right hand.

“Hale, rest assured that I do want this too. Put away any reservations about being heavy.” She moved her hand up and down on his hardness.

“I am going to suck your cock.” Jen lowered her lips to his cock head and licked him, enjoying his taste and his sharp intake of air.

“I am going to suck you until you cum.” She raised his shaft and plunged her mouth over him.

“I am going to swallow your cum.” She repeated her actions with a slow motion, flicking her tongue on the tender under side of his cock head, tasting the pre cum.

“Then I am going to kick your ass in the gym for the next year!” She slid up and down his shaft twenty times over the next minute.

“And I am going to let you fuck me wild after you reach your goal.”

She licked his balls and went to a fast tongue bath on his cock head again.

This last bit was too much and Hale’s whole body stiffened.

Realizing she had pushed him over the edge, Jen moved him fully back into her mouth just as he came. The first pulse hit her square in the nose as she reached him and she received four more jets of cum in her mouth. She swallowed as promised and wiped the rest of his juices off with her fingers and licked them clean.

Wide eyed, breathing heavy and thoroughly happy with his decision, Hale could not resist her when she kissed him again, tasting his cum in her mouth and staying hard as she swirled his taste around their mouths with her tongue.

Jen offered a small giggle at his expression and grabbed her shirt and redressed as he did the same. Quickly assembled, the opened the door and exited the room. Jen returned to her outwardly professional demeanor as the rounded the corridor to the front and in a voice louder than needed announced: “Alright Hale, see you tomorrow! Get ready for an ass kicking, because tomorrow we are going to work on some strength and endurance!”

So began the deal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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