The Dental Appointment

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I’d woken up a little nervous, I’d got an dental appointment and there was a possibility that I needed an extraction. The dentist had suggested that as a last resort but this troublesome tooth did need looking after. The appointment was quite early in case I needed to be put to sleep. Today’s classes at my boarding school in Cheltenham were on hold. I’d had to see my headmistress at the Cheltenham School for Ladies. She acknowledged the fact that I may miss the whole day and bade me good luck the day before. I looked over at my room mate and she was stirring too. She opened one eye and whispered ‘Morning Janet.’

I smiled back and said ‘Hey you, talking in your sleep again’

‘Oh I had this wonderful dream that papa took me to Saint Tropez and I was swimming with these French boys and it was dreamy and they were all dark haired.’

Vanessa had a thing for French boys. In fact German, Italian any boy at all. She spoke about boys like they we’re going out of fashion. Yet, she’d never been past first base and even then it was a rub of a boys hand over her jumper. He’d copped a feel and apparently it was amazing. She’d told everyone who bothered to listen.

I knew though that like me she would never lose her virginity. It’s not like we didn’t want to. We just thought it was the boys who were always so nervous.

This was our last term at the boarding school. We were 18 and looking to find positions at University.

We both rose out of our beds and began to get ready, earlier the previous evening we’d played netball and showered, so were quite fresh. Our linen white nighties were discarded and we rushed around naked having a quick wash, cleaning our teeth. I chose a light pink mottled bra with matching knickers. Vanessa chose a cream combination. I was really quite large in the chest and filled the bra, ideally I needed a bigger size. I must go shopping I said to myself.

Putting on a white blouse, I looked over Vanessa, she had a lovely shape and would draw a few whistles on the beach. I think she too needed to go shopping. As she turned around the cleft between her legs was certainly profound, I think boys would refer it as a cameltoe these days. I buttoned up the blouse and pulled out my green pleated skirt, put my feet through it, wriggled it up to my waist, tucked in the blouse and put on my green and black striped tie. I looked in the mirror and patted my tummy taking in my shape. I really was rather attractive in my uniform with long cream legs. I sat on the edge of the bed and put on white knee length socks and then some black shoes. Vanessa finished dressing and I applied a little lipstick. Not too much for fear of having to wipe it off if the headmistress saw it. We both looked at each other and set off down for breakfast. Chatting, laughing, anything to take my mind off the dreaded dentist.

I asked Vanessa if she was ok to come shopping with me on Saturday. She readily agreed because her allowance had come through from her parents. I was still waiting for mine though I did have three pounds left from the previous month. Three pounds went an awfully long way in the 60s but I had my eyes set on spending big.

Time was getting on and I couldn’t even attend morning assembly. Stiff starched middle aged teachers standing straight to All Things Bright and Beautiful. Well, this was my last term, I’d been a model pupil but bored with everything I wanted to experience the world, I wanted excitement, money, late night shopping on Carnaby Street, those exciting London bands The Kinks, The Who and even The Rolling Stones. I made my way out of school and caught a bus down to the High Street towards Pitville Circus. I paid my fair when the bus conductor came round and looked out of the window. I felt so different, so not like a schoolgirl at all. I felt that world was going to be my oyster. I felt, oh my god, the seat I was sat on was wet through. Soaked into my skirt and knickers. I stood up horrified and exclaimed rather loudly my distaste. The bus conductor came back and humbly apologised. The seat had needed to be cleaned and the bus should have been taken out of service. He deeply apologised. My skirt was soaked at the back but had also soaked the thin material of my pink knickers. I got off at the next stop in an attempt to dry off my skirt in the morning sun. A thousand eyes looked at my wet rear but in reality I don’t think anyone did. I went into one of the larger shops and made a beeline for the ladies.

Once inside the cubicle I took off my skirt to take a look. It wasn’t that bad but my thin knickers were really wet and uncomfortable. I hooked my thumbs around the waistline and slid them down my legs, well I say slid but more of jerky catchy movements as the damp knickers clung to my bottom. I put them in my school jacket pocket. Lifted up my skirt and took a peak. My long legs with strong thighs looked shapely and as I looked at my brown furry mound I thought it looked quite attractive. I parted my thighs slightly and could just see the hair coming to a point. My pussy lips were just in view. I bent my back a little more and tried to part the hair to take a closer look. I must have touched something because it felt quite nice. Kurtköy Escort I’d not done that before. I tried it again and it felt nice but nothing like, oh wait ‘wow’ I thought. I touched it again and let my finger just stay there. This was nice and something else. Funny, I thought, my lips earlier were just in view but they seem to have grown into something because they were protruding a little more. I began, tentatively to rub with the end of my finger. I stood with my back against the toilet door and slowly rubbed that area. Oh wow I thought, little circular motions and then rubbing back and forth seemed to do it. My I felt hot down there, hot and exciting. I heard a door go and footsteps. Somebody tried the door handle to the toilet.

‘Won’t be a sec…’ removing my hand I brushed out the creases on my pleated skirt and pulled the chain. I opened the door and a middle aged assistant stood there. We both smiled as we passed each other, she closing the door behind her and me washing my hands at the sink. I looked in the mirror as I did so, my cheeks were red, flushed in the excitement through where I was rubbing. That must be it because I didn’t feel unwell.

I turned off the tap, dried my hands and walked out of the door. Walking past the womens clothing section a few items took my fancy. I stopped to check the prices on the labels. They were a little expensive and so I needed my allowance to come through from the Post Office.

Walking through the exit door a little draught went up my skirt. Just enough to make me recall I wasnt wearing knickers. I brushed my skirt back down. There was nothing on show thankfully but it did feel odd having that slight updraft between my legs. I hadn’t realised just how wet my pussy had been earlier. It felt cool around the dampness.

I turned around every so often to see if the people noticed that ii hadn’t any underwear on but I was being silly now. It still felt strange, that earlier tingling sensation. That tingling warm feeling between my legs and the breeze that told me I had got a wet pussy.

I approached the dental surgery, pushed open the door and went to reception. I announced my name and I was told to sit in the waiting room.

I sat down on the rough textured settee and realised that I’d not sat down properly. I hadn’t sat on my skirt. I felt the course settee covering against my bottom. I almost stood up then realised that as I bent forward my pussy contacted the settee as well…Oh my, I felt that tingling sensation again. What was going off. I rocked forward a little and then back and again. There was nobody else in the waiting room. The tingling grew in a slight intensity. I knew that if I leaned forward a little more, it was even lovelier. Gentle rocking, in fact the slightest of rocking. No, it wasn’t rocking it was more of a sliding forward and backwards motion. It was the friction of my bare skin against the rough fabric. A tingle was being set off, a heat and tingling sensation once again. I looked around, there was nobody. I pressed deeper into the settee. I became quite adept really. Rubbing against the settee faster now. The sensation had built up again. I could feel my cheeks getting redder. I ran a tongue across my lips at the same time. They’d become quite dry…

‘Janet Anderson…Janet?’

I stopped immediately, the dental assistant had popped her head round the corner, shouting my name.

Startled but composed I said,

‘Yes, that’s me’ and stood up. I followed her into the dentist’s surgery. I felt a moistness as I stood up and as my cleft came together. Cheeks glowing, I walked in.

‘Hello Janet, how are you? I’m David your new dentist and how have you been? I’ve been looking through your notes and I think we can save that tooth.’

‘I’m ok thank you and that would be great, I am a little nervous though.’ I replied.

He bade me sit in the chat and as I looked around the room I noticed his jacket hung up and on the table at the side, a wallet.

The chair began to raise but fall backwards taking me by surprise and not realising that my skirt was being slowly pulled up as well, in fact a couple of inches above the knee.

The dentist asked me to open wide and my mouth fell open. He read off to the assistant my teeth one by one. Afterwards he checked over an x-ray from the previous time.

‘Well Janet, I think we can get away with a very minor filling on one side. The problem is the enamel is quite thin there causing more sensitivity than it should. So we’ll freeze that tooth and sort it.’

The assistant handed him the needle and he injected my gum. In those days injections usually came with a little gas and air as anaesthesia wasn’t as effective on its own.

He stood up and said ‘Right we’ll leave that for 10 minutes and in the meantime you sit there and we’ll go next door for a cup of tea. We’ll be back shortly.’

I watched as they went out of the room. Looking round and feeling all alone I looked at the wallet. A sudden air of urgency and desperation blew over me. I sat up and making my mind up walked quickly over. Opened the wallet and saw a mix of notes. Quickly calculating I took out 3 x £1 Pendik Escort notes and 2 x 50shilling notes. That still left him with quite a bulky wallet. Stuffing them in my skirt pockets I fairly ran back and settled myself.

Several minutes later and my heart coming down from the earlier rifling of the wallet, the dentist and assistant came back. Asking how I was I thought I saw him looking at my skirt and legs as I lifted my head up.

Oh my goodness I thought, my skirt had ridden up to my mid thighs. Had he seen that I wasn’t wearing knickers.

He said that everything should be ok now as the tooth should be well frozen. But with that he stood up and made a beeline for the wallet.

‘Julie, I’ve just remembered. I’ve got your expenses here for your dentist assistants course.’

I peered over my cheeks as he opened up his wallet. He rustled through his notes and murmuring something unintelligible, pulled out some cash and passed it over to the assistant.

He sat down and proceeded to look in my mouth again. Adjusting the big bright light and with drill in hand he drilled the slightest of holes. Popping in the amalgam, the whole process took a couple of minutes.

He turned to his assistant and thanked her but he could finish off now, if she cared to do some revision. Thanking him she walked out if the door and closed it. The Yale lock fastened the door behind her.

I moved to get up and he firmly put a hand on my chest.

‘Not so fast you little thief. You’ve been in my wallet haven’t you?’

‘But…but I…’ he stopped me in mid sentence.

‘Dont lie to me and here’s the proof.’ putting his hand in my skirt pocket he pulled out the missing cash.

I flushed with embarrassment.

‘I’m going to phone your school you little thief and you will be in for it.’ he said.

Tears welled up and I tried to apologise.

‘Dont give me those crocodile tears young lady.’ and with that ran his hand up my skirt and put his hand between my legs. My thighs clamped together but too late. His finger had already found the entrance to my virgin hole. It slid in with ease.

‘Shut it and I won’t say a word, now open your legs.’

I did so and his finger slid in and out. It was taking over where the settee had left off.

‘You’re fucking wet through. You’ve got a wet cunt my tight little bitch. In fact I’m going to fuck you and you’re not going to say a word.’

I was shocked and scared, his misdemeanor had changed from kind dentist to a nasty bully. But I had stolen his money and being exposed by him would do untold damage to me. l looked down at my legs. My school skirt had now risen up and I could see my pubic hair. My legs apart and him fingering me. I could hear slight squelching noises and realised it was timed to his fingering.

I looked at him and the evil in his eyes. He kept looking at me up and down, his eyes feasting on me.

‘Where’s your panties?’ he asked, ‘I knew you hadn’t got any on when I walked over to my wallet.’

I explained to him the reason why and he felt in my blazer pocket. Pulling them out, he held them up.

‘Beautiful and so pure, so very virginal.’

He held them to his face and sniffed the fabric. ‘Oh yes’ he exclaimed, ‘There’s nothing like a little thief who if I should call the police right now will be taken to court and her parents shamed, the school embarrassed and your friends will talk about you. Definitely nothing like a young virgin in her school uniform with no panties on.’

I felt shame already, he still sniffing my knickers and looking into my eyes. He put the knickers down and with his right hand parted my thighs. He began to finger me again.

‘You like that my young virgin and oh my, I can feel your hymen. So fragile and tender and ready to be broken. I’m going to pull my cock out and fuck you to my hearts content. Lift your legs higher.’

I did as he commanded, my knees and legs lifted and open. He sat astride the chair stroking my young legs and leaned forward. Both hands went to my pussy and parting the lips he roughly opened them. Exposing my inner secrets he used the light to his full advantage.

‘Oh yes, you have been good. I can see your cherry and so ripe for picking.’

He began to rub a little higher and on my clitoris. I flinched a little and he said, ‘Don’t worry you’re going to get even more shortly.’

He unbuttoned my blouse exposing my bra, pulled me forward and unhooked it. Pushing me back down he pulled the bra up. My breasts so pert and nipples hardened I was everything he could have wanted.

‘Turn round you bitch and get on your knees.’

I couldn’t disobey him. I tried to kneel on the chair but it was too narrow. He adjusted my legs so I straddled the chair. He pulled up my skirt exposing my bottom. I was leaning forward on my elbows with my bottom in the air. He began to roughly tweek my nipples. I heard him unzip and unbuckle his trousers which fell to the floor. He managed to free himself of one leg. As I looked round and as he rolled his shirt up I could see his large cock, hard with a purple head. Hairy balls hanging low. I was very scared. I knew Mutlukent Escort a penis had to be relatively large to penetrate the female for copulating but not that big. I was scared it would hurt and the more I thought about it the less I was looking forward to being penetrated.

He reached over to his dental station and pulled out a tube. He told me it was a lubricant and he squeezed it out onto his hard cock covering it totally. Putting it down and I staring at him he positioned himself.

‘Right you fucking thief, keep your bottom still. I’m fucking that bottom first.’

He put his cock against my bottom and began to push it in. My bum cheek’s were being prised apart. It hurt like hell and felt hot and stinging. I started to cry and squeal. He pulled out my knickers and stuffed them in my mouth and held his hand over them.

It slid in further and when he got several inches in he stopped. It would not go any further. The more he pushed the more I squealed and the more tears ran down my face. He kept thrusting backwards and forwards. I looked ahead with my head bowed wishing for it to stop.

My bottom was on fire. Finally he withdrew and grabbed a tissue to wipe the lubricant off both his cock and my bottom. He showed me the tissue.

‘That’s your ass blood bitch and thats one ass well broken in. Turn round and lay back down. Now open your legs wide and bend your knees again.’

I bade as I was told, he reached over and took out another tube and unscrewed the top. His long thick penis stood wild against the air. It had been so painful that I felt sick with fear. Drops of sticky clear liquid seemed to glisten from the end and lit up by the dentist’s light. He put some cream on the end of his finger then moved it around my bottom.

‘This is what we use to put on the gums for those who are afraid of the needle. It acts as a densistiser and will take away the stinging.’

He inserted his finger inside my torn bottom and rubbed the cream in. For the first time since he penetrated my bottom I felt relaxed and calmer, it was soothing and gentle.

Once again he looked me in the eyes and then down to my breasts. He bent over and kissed them in turn, then pulled on a nipple with his lips. Whilst doing so he slipped off his shirt and he stood there naked except for one legs of his trousers around his foot. He kicked at them and his trousers and pants fell away. I didn’t care that he was stood there now in socks and shoes as silly as that was. I was more interested in his body. Bare chest and flat stomach, my eyes moved down to his cock again. Semen dripping slowly from that purplish red cock. His balls which appeared heavy before seemed to have tightened. He left my erect nipples and moved down to my vagina. Opening my pussy and pulling at the labia he peered again inside.

‘Oh yes, it always works. Your cunt has tightened up and your cherry maidenhead is ready for bursting. Fucking the ass first will make it all the more sweeter for me.

My bottom was now calming down after his breaking my seal as he called it. It felt slightly numb as did my mouth from my filling. My parted legs were beginning to shake a little and I wasn’t sure if that was through genuine nervousness or because of the angle.

He approached my face with that ugly erect cock. It looked massive and the thought that he’d just been inside my bottom sent a wave of panic through me.

‘Look at my thick cock you thieving little virgin. Can you see the precum glistening and dripping out of the end?’

I had no idea what precum was, after all it was all the same I thought, just another name for sperm and semen. He pushed it under my nose and I could smell the fishy odour. Shiny, see through liquid slowly oozing out of the hole at the end of his cock. I watched fascinated as he held it in his hand and pulled it forward. More precum oozed and in a long string of liquid elasticity it dropped on one of my breasts. Cock in hand he smeared it over the full breast.

There I was laid virtually on my back. Green pleated school skirt pulled up around my waist. My bra undone and blouse too exposing my virginal luscious breasts with their erect nipples. My tie askew. My legs wide open and bent and that large cock of his dripping precum onto my breasts.

He moved to get between my knees, taking his fingers and spreading precum over his cock head. He bent down and with a wet tongue lapped at my opening lips. He lapped up and then again, wetting my pussy even more. He flickered his tongue on my clitoris and for the first time in quite a few moments I actually felt a wonderful tingling sensation. Lapping and licking, flicking and kissing at last I began to feel wonderful sensations. I put my hands on his head, ruffling his hair, holding his face on my cunt. I’d started using obscene words in my head, mimicking those he’d used earlier. I could feel great intense feelings and my head pressed back into the chair, my eyes focussing on the bright light above, blinding me. Rainbow colours flashing across my eyes or was it the intensity of the bright light shining down, I believed now that I was experiencing my first orgasm. My breathing grew faster and quicker, my legs shaking, my hands grabbing his head asking him not to stop. I, stifling the noises coming from my mouth by putting a single hand across, burst into tears with pleasure, embarrassment, shyness and guilt. He stopped and looked at me while I caught my breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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