The Desert Ch. 01

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You invite me to join you on a trip to your place in the desert. I have had a crush on you for months so I eagerly agree to join you on your trip. As we ride along in your car I keep staring at your amazing body and want to touch it badly. The more I look at you the more excited I become and I feel myself getting wetter and wetter as we go. When we arrive we enter your house and you show me to the room I will be staying in which is right next to your room.

Exhausted from our trip we decide to lie down and get a nap before you show me around. As I undress to get ready for my nap I can’t help myself I have to touch my clit. It is swollen and I am wet from looking and thinking about you all day in the car. Gently I rub my clit and from being excited all day I immediately begin to moan and start to tremble. As I slide my fingers inside myself I lose control and begin shaking as my orgasm moves through my body. After masturbating I lie down and quickly fall asleep.

You wake me up and tell me to get ready to go walking. I get Büyükesat Escort my shorts and a halter top on and we start walking out through the desert. As we walk you take your top off and let the sun shine on your beautiful breasts. I try not to be obvious every time I look at them but I know you see me looking. I start to take my top off and you stop me and tell me that I need to put sun block on them to keep them from getting sun burnt.

We start back to the house to get the sun block cream and I trip falling into your arms. My face presses up against your breast and my excitement soars. I don’t want to move as I feel your breast against my cheek. You place your hand under my chin lifting me up then kissing me passionately. As we walk on to the house you hold me close and tell me that you had been hoping we would become closer on this trip.

When we walk in the door I begin removing my top and shorts as we walk toward the bathroom. By the time we get there Beşevler Escort we are both naked and our hands are sliding up and down each other. You turn the water on and we get in the shower as I slide my hands over your sexy butt. With the water running down over us I slide my hands up and down your body washing you. Softly I wash your breasts feeling your hard nipples. Slowly I slide my soapy hands down your stomach and between your legs washing your sweet pussy. As I wash between your legs we kiss passionately and our breasts slide back and forth against each other.

The water rinses the soap from our bodies and I get down on my knees in front of you. Softly I kiss your stomach as I slide my hands up and down your legs. You move your legs apart and I gently kiss closer to your pussy. Softly I kiss your clit and feel how swollen and hard it is. When I kiss your clit I feel you jump and you put your hand on my head. Gently you push me against your pussy as I keep Cebeci Escort kissing your clit. Softly I slide my tongue over your clit and start rubbing. Gently I push my fingers inside your pussy and slowly move them in and out as I rub your clit harder with my tongue. Feeling you tremble I start rubbing your clit harder and sliding my fingers in and out of you faster. You begin to shake as your orgasm rocks your body.

You pull me up and I softly kiss your breasts then we kiss passionately. Our bodies press together as we kiss and your hands slide down to my butt pulling me tighter against you. We get out of the shower and dry off then you lead me to the bed where we lie down holding each other close and kissing.

Pushing me onto my back you begin kissing my neck and then move down to my shoulders. You get on top of me and softly kiss my breasts and slide your tongue around my nipples. Your soft kisses on my breasts and body are causing my excitement to climb higher. The closer you get to kissing my pussy the more my excitement builds. I feel my body trembling as you kiss my clit. You start rubbing my clit with your tongue and your fingers slide inside me. Shaking all over as you slide your fingers in and out of me my orgasm thunders through my body.

Exhausted from the day and our passion we lay there holding each other and kiss tenderly as we drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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