The Dinner

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The first time I noticed your legs under the table starting to touch me, we were expecting the starters to be served by any minute. We had just ordered carpaccio with rocket and Parmigiano cheese, after having a little bit of a small talk.

When we had met in front of the restaurant I felt some tension in your hug already. Some excitement in your smile. Some arousal in the way your eyes stared at me. And I sure felt your attraction for me, when the 12 cm long heels of your adorable black stilettos went up my legs under the table. You have a look on your face which is a delicately irritating mix of complete innocence and the most sinful intentions. I guess it’s on. Carpaccio isn’t the only meat I’m longing for at the moment. Your legs and shoes were already turning me on when we met in front of the restaurant. At that time I hoped you haven’t noticed my desiring glance and now, just half an hour later, I am feeling those heels on the inner side of my legs, caressing them very gently.

Your shoes have gone all the way up my erotik film izle legs, while you were still keeping eye-contact and enjoying the carpaccio. While going further up with your legs, you take a sip of your wine, still not breaking eye-contact. Just before the moment you arrived at the right spot, touching my penis through my pants for the first time, giving me that typical feeling of relief, the waiter is coming to serve the main dish. It’s rump steak with rosemary potatoes lovely arranged on the plate. When you dip your fork into that homemade steak sauce, I start revenge. Underneath the table, my leather shoes touch your naked legs and open them a bit. I am getting appetite on something warm and juicy. And I don’t mean the main course.

I use both feet now and I slowly open your legs with them. Right after that I cut my medium-rare rump steak open. It is still red in the middle. I turn around my plate, so you can look at the open side of my steak. I use my fork and knife to further open it very slowly, making you look at the red inner part of my steak. While doing that I have a serious look on my face. I lean back, take a sip of wine and look you in the eyes. I see desire. Lust. I see you forgetting everything around you and just wanting me inside of you. Without stopping the eye contact, I am sipping another bit of wine and then putting the glass back. I continue looking you into the eyes. Then I slowly lean across the table. I pull aside your hair with my finger, pull your head slightly towards me and whisper something in your ear:

“I want you to listen very carefully now and I don’t want you to ask any questions. We will now finish this dish and we will enjoy it. We will not rush, instead we will eat it in a normal tempo. But at the moment both of us have finished and there’s nothing left on the table, the following will happen to you. We will both clean our lips with the napkin and stand up. You will go in that lady’s bathroom over there, and I will follow you. I will close the door of the cabin. We will not say a word and it will happen fast. I will turn you around, bend you over, press your hands on the wall, and slightly pull up your dress to expose your ass, spread your legs, and pull down your thong just a little so that it is held by the tension of your spread legs slightly above your knees. I will get out my hard, warm cock. I won’t wait, I won’t ask. I will just put it in front of your wet warm vagina and press my naked, unprotected dick fully inside you. I will fuck you hard, fast and rough. As I haven’t pulled down my pants completely, you will hear the belt-buckle of my pants every time I push my hard dick into your body. I won’t care about the cabin shaking. Without warning or asking you I will pump my hot load very deep inside your naked vagina and you will politely keep it there for the rest of the dinner. I will lift up your panties, pull down your dress and we will get back to our table to enjoy desert. Your heart will still beat, your hands will shiver and your head will feel warm, when you try a spoon of the ice-cream.”

Then I lean back as slowly as I leaned in start eating my steak slowly and without saying another word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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