The Door Opens

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I have been nervous and on edge since I awoke this morning. Showering, dressing and eating breakfast did not alleviate the situation. I pace back and forth across the living room of my apartment. Finally, I go to the side of the window and move the drapes so I can see out.

You are lying by the pool in your bathing suit. A wave of desire floods my body. I realize my problem. I am horny. It has been so long, too long, since my body has enjoyed the feel of a man’s body against it. I ache for a man’s penetration, the feel of him thrusting against me, in me, as I move against him. I yearn for a man’s hands on my breasts, to feel them squeeze and rub me. I long for a man’s mouth on mine and on my breasts.

I am infatuated with you but it cannot be. You are 18. I am 39. I could be your mother, in erotik film izle fact, I am older than your mother. With my aerobics, diet and exercise I am in good shape. I like my body. I am neither to large nor to small. But the age differential is just too great.

I turn away from the window and sit and scoot my butt to the edge of the couch. Kicking off my shoes, I put my feet of the side of the coffee table and let my knees flop open. The bottom of my skirt slides toward my waist. I pull it higher until I can see my panty clad mound. I can feel the need throbbing deep inside my pussy. I lightly caress my panties with my fingernails and enjoy the tickling tingles radiating and spreading throughout my body. I squeeze a breast through my blouse and bra. I can feel them swell and my nipples harden.

I am going to masturbate. I am going to frig myself until I lose this feeling deep within me. I strip my clothes off, scattering them on the couch. Nude, I begin to caress my body. It feels so good, but it would be better if it were your hands, instead of mine, stroking and sliding over my skin.

I go back to the window and peer out. Are you looking at my apartment? I do not think you can see me, only my head is exposed. If I open the drapes, and stand before the window, you will be able to see. What will you do if you see me? As soon as the thought flits through my mind, I am pulling the drapes open. I stand before the window, legs slightly spread, hands on my hips, with my breasts jutted forward. My eyes are closed. My desire and my need is getting greater. I try to feel your eyes on me. I want them to caress me, to take me, to devour me. I open my eyes and you are gone!

Frustration. Pure frustration. I drop both hands to my pussy and insert a finger from each hand, soaking them in my wetness. I rub gently on my clit with one and bring the other to my mouth and suck the wetness off. I close the drapes and start for my bedroom. I must finish myself, but it is not I want. I want you.

Damn. There is a light knock on my door. Who can that be? I do not want a visitor, not now. I look through the peephole. It is you!

As if it belonged to another person, I watch my hand and arm reach for the knob. If it turns and pulls, I will be standing before you in my birthday suit. I giggle at this thought. Do I want the door to open? Do I want you to see me standing here, to look at me. Do I want you to enter the apartment, and me? God, YES!

The door opens.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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