The Elevator

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I get to work early and have to go to the 30th floor. I get on the elevator and you get in at the same time. We are going up and all of a sudden the elevator makes a strange noise. The next thing I know the elevator comes to a shaking halt. The lights on the panel are all flashing.

You start to get upset because we are trapped and we are alone. I put my arm around you and tell you we will be fine. They will get it going again soon and you don’t need to worry. You put your head on my chest and thank me for being there with you. I put my other arm around you and hold you tight to let you know that I will take care of you. I softly stroke your hair as you press your head against my chest. Telling you not to worry you look up at me and smile.

I lean down and tenderly kiss your lips. When our lips touch a passion is released like nothing I have ever felt before. You start rubbing your hand up and down my stomach as we kiss. My excitement just keeps building.

You nurdağı escort slide your hand over my erection sending my excitement higher. You slowly unfasten my pants and softly start stroking my erection. I start rubbing your back all the way down to your gorgeous butt. I start to slowly pull your dress up over your butt as I rub it. When I get it high enough to stay where I want it I move my hand back to your butt. I am surprised to find that you are not wearing panties. This just adds more to my excitement.

You get down on your knees and tenderly kiss my erection. Putting your lips around it you gently suck as you slid your mouth up and down on it. My excitement is spinning out of control as I erupt is a wonderful orgasm.

I pull you up and kiss you passionately as I hold you in my arms. I start kissing on your neck as my hand glides around your butt. You unbutton your shirt and I keep kissing lower to your breasts. You pull your wonderful breast out of your bra and I softly begin to kiss them. As I am kissing your breasts I push my fingers between your legs and start to trace your pussy. Softly I slide my tongue over your nipples feeling them getting harder. Wrapping my lips around them I suck them gently pulling them into my mouth. Lightly I pull them with my lips and let them slide free.

I turn you so that your back is against the wall and get down on my knees in front of you. I begin to trace the lips of your pussy with my tongue. Slowly pushing my tongue between them I slide it up and down. I taste the sweetness of your juices as my tongue pushes inside you. I slide my tongue up to your clit and back down again. Softly I brush my tongue back and forth over your little clit. As I feel your clit swell I start rubbing it with my tongue. As I rub your clit I slide my fingers inside you. Moving my fingers move in and out of you as I wrap my lips around your clit. I suck your clit gently pulling into my mouth. Holding it with my lips I rub it with my tongue as it starts the throb. I suck your clit harder and harder as my fingers move in and out of you faster and faster. Your body is trembling as I continue to rub your clit. I can feel you starting to shake and your body tenses and you near your orgasm Moaning loudly your orgasm moves through your body.

I remove my fingers from your pussy and lick them clean. Standing up we kiss passionately as we caress each other. You push my pants on down until they fall onto the floor. You put your arms around my neck and lift yourself up wrapping your legs around me. I place my erection at your opening and you start sliding down onto it. I push you up against the wall of the elevator and start pushing in and out of you. My thrusts begin to get harder and faster as I near orgasm. We begin to shake and erupt in a wonderful orgasm. We kiss passionately as we hold each other tightly.

We regain our strength and try to clean up as best we can. Just as we finish getting dressed the elevator starts moving again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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