The Fantasy That Finally Came True

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For Women

I stare blankly at the text facing me.

Do you still want to have sex with me?

Scrolling up the page, I see that you are still online.

I quickly type back: Are you serious? I mean, are you asking if I would want to if you were willing – or that you are willing…?

I quickly hit send.

I click over and over on my profile… anxious to see the inbox fill once again. I dare a couple of brief glances over the beautiful pics of your incredible body on your profile.

Finally a message.

Do you want to?

A thousand thoughts flood my mind as I look at those four heart throbbing words. It takes me what seems like an eternity to click the reply button and type my two word response –

God yes

After scribbling down your phone number, I call you.


“Its Mike…”

“Oh – hey” your voice … as lovely as it sounds its not quite what I expected. There’s something about your tone.

“Hey… is everything ok? You sound… I don’t know – upset?”

“Oh, it’s nothing…”

An hour later you’re done spilling your heart – leaving me wondering why you e-mailed me in the first place.

“Well, after that ass hole of a boyfriend I was dating cheated on me, at first I was heart broken –”

“- It sounds like you still are,” I reply.

“Yeah, well… I hear the best medicine for a broken heart is finding a new one or taking revenge on the one who broke it. I figure with you, I could kill two birds with one stone. You just seemed so sincere before, when you told me you wanted to.”

My mind flashes to a few months ago.

Lauren, honestly I don’t mean to offend you… it’s just… your just so… beautiful… I mean, who wouldn’t want to make love to you?! I mean, I don’t want to just you know, one night stand wham bam thank you mama… I want you to enjoy it, as much as I know I would… I mean, that’s the whole point. I don’t just want to have sex with you… I want to please you. I want us to enjoy simply being with each other. No strings – you won’t have me calling you the next day sayin when can we do it again – nothing like that.

“Well,” I reply, “I was sincere. I meant every word…”

“Do you still mean it?”

I hesitated.

“Lauren… I’d love – LOVE to have sex with you… you just have no idea… But the whole revenge thing? …”

A moment of silence.

“So you’re saying no?”

“No. Not that…”

“Then what,” you ask softly.

I took a deep breath.

“I don’t want your ex to be on your mind when you’re with me. Be it thinking of revenge or wishing you had him back.”


“Look, I know how it feels having a broken heart… I think I’ve had more than my fair share of them.”

I pause considering my words.

“How bout we hang out. Catch a movie, get some food, walk the mall and window shop, what ever you feel like.”

“What if what I want is to have my ex see me with you?”

“Then I’ll have to find some way to get your mind off him and back onto us.”

I can almost hear the shock ringing through your mind.

As my car pulls into the parking space, my heart begins pounding.

One of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen is probably already in the mall, waiting to meet me. And she’s willing to have sex if I wanted to!

Even the clearest skies in early spring are rarely as beautiful as today.

As I approach the food court, I see you rise from behind one of the small shrubs used to decorate the area, your eyes fixed on me. Wearing a softly colored sundress that looks light enough to float off your slender figure, a soft yet warm smile spreads across your lips.

My heart is a cannon pounding in my chest.

You are… magnificent.

My feet begin to drag as I approach, stumbling slightly, weak at the sight of your luscious body finally standing before me – in person.

You giggle softly as I recover my composure. As I approach, you hold your arms wide and we embrace. After what seems like a rather long moment, I place a soft peck on your cheek and we sit at the table.

“Thank you for coming Mike. It really does mean a lot to me.”

“Please, are you kidding? Miss a chance to meet you face to face? And for the record, you should update your pictures. The ones you have on your profile don’t do you justice.”

A flirtatious kind of smile forms on your face as your head tilts slightly to one side and a slight awww escapes.

“Well, I thought your pics were kinda cute,” you reply. “But I think you look a lot better in person. Your eyes are absolutely hypnotizing! And you’ve got much broader shoulders than it looks like you do in your pics.”

“Yeah, a much broader waist too.”

You laugh heartedly.

“No you look good. Maybe you could be in better shape, but you aren’t scrawny like a lot of guys I see. And you aren’t bulging obscenely at the waist.”

You laugh as you see me cringe.

“Go do some sit ups and get back in shape and you’ll Bostancı Escort look great. And like I said, I love your eyes!”

“Yeah, its all about the baby blues…” I lean forward resting my chin on my wrists, batting my eyelashes in mocking flirtation, “chicks dig the eyes.”

You let out a loud chuckle that draws the attention of other shoppers around us.

Leaning forward, hoping to draw less attention, I softly ask, “So, what did you have on the agenda?”

“Well, I thought first a little shopping, then a stop by the Marble Slab for some mint chocolate I’ve been craving the past few days since we talked on the phone. From there maybe the park for an hour or so – so I can get my sun for the day. Oh, and I looked online to see what movies are playing, nothing looked all that appealing, so I thought we’d go back to your place – or mine – and rent a movie and hang out.”

My mind registers every word you say, but it’s focus is on the slightly strawberry tent to your brown hair, a perfect match for your light brown eyes. Your plump rosy cheeks as you smile, the subtle curve of your cleavage under your dress.

I want so desperately to reach across the table, pull you into my arms and kiss you forever.

After I get a drink, we start walking the promenade. My senses are keenly aware of how close you stand to me as we talk. The scent of your perfume…

I try desperately keep my attention on the conversation. We are here for you. A chance to get your mind off things and just have a good time. But being so close to you, after wanting you so badly for the past 8 months, is intoxicating.

You stroll into a few clothing stores with me tagging behind. You look at a few shirts or jeans, holding the various articles up for me to give my approving nod or sour shake of the head. As if I’m one to judge fashion.

Before I know it we’ve made a lap half way around the mall. You hold your head proud for having – so far – not purchased a thing. As we round the corner I notice a twinkle in your eye. I turn to look in the direction your looking and the cannon in my chest goes off once again.

You bee-line straight for Victoria’s Secret.

I am so not making it out of this mall alive.

You scurry about, from one display to the next, avoiding picking up any one item for fear of purchasing it, yet its there plainly on your face – you are on a mission.

I bask in the knowledge that the passers by, the customers in the store, the employees… they all know that you are with me, shopping for bras and panties. It could only be better if there were bra and bikini clad sales women to present you with your selection.

“I think I’ll try these on real quick,” you say, curling up a rather skimpy wad of cloth in your hand.

“If you don’t mind that is?”

“Of course… I’ll wait right here,” I reply trying not to look obviously curious as to what you are trying on.

I try to look not so out of place in the middle of a lingerie shop while waiting for you to return. Just, think casual…

You finally appear, seeming to be rather pleased, and head straight for the register. You shoo me away as I approach, the cute cashier glancing up giving me a sly grin while giggling. As I step toward the entrance of the store, out of the corner of my eye I see you seem to whisper to the cashier. Paying it no mind, I wait. You dart again into the dressing room and after a few moments reappear and address the cashier.

Finally, clutching your new purchase like a badge, we stroll out of the store back into the bustle of the promenade. You seem a bit more at ease, yet inexplicably excited, especially considering the reason for our meeting – your ex.

We finally come to the Marble Slab. For once, they have my favorite… mint chocolate. The perfect blend of chocolate with a syrupy swirl of mint. Divine.

You start to nibble on yours as you set down your V.S. bag.

“Oooo this is soo good!”

“I told you, like an orgasm – in convenient easy to carry ice cream form,” I tease.

You let out a healthy snicker as you continue to eat.

The silence breeds time for my mind to wander again… covering your body in this minty treasure, being forced to slowly lick your body clean of every drop.

I shovel larger bites to my mouth, and gulp what’s left of my soda from the food court.

Finally we stand and head toward the exit that I entered from. You seem to bask in the warm sun as we step outside. You cup your free arm under mine as I lead you to my car. I unlock the doors remotely and open yours for you. As I slide into the drivers seat, I can’t help but notice you’ve kept your V.S. bag on the floor, on the side opposite from me and buried under your legs.

My interest is peaked all the more for it.

We chat lightly as you direct me to the park you requested. It’s difficult for me to come up with anything to talk about, wanting desperately to Kadıköy Escort avoid anything that could bring your ex to mind, and my raging hormones. You tilt your head back in the seat and to the side a bit, looking up out the cracked window.

“It’s such a beautiful day,” you murmur. My eyes dart from the road to the line of your neck.

I lead the car down the winding entrance of the park, passing several lovely spots, heading to the location you direct me to.

It’s a bit isolated from the rest of the park, but its beautiful none the less. Just off the road tall trees provide shade to a trail which follows a small stream to a secluded lake. You casually climb out of the car as it comes to a stop, stretching in the sunlight. The arch of your back causes your already attractive chest to scream for that much more attention.

We stroll along the trail, a gentle breeze waving the branches of the trees.

When we eventually reach the lake, you look in awe at the ducks and geese scurrying about. There are a couple small families about, the children tossing handfuls of bread to the birds. You notice me toss a few pieces and turn to look at me in surprise.

From seemingly no where I pulled a baggie with a few slices of bread, torn to shreds. Perfect for bird feeding.

“Where did you get that?”

“Hey – Boy Scout motto. Always be prepaired.”

You grin broadly as I had you some bread.

After all the bread is gone and we tire of watching the birds, we find a swing set and have a seat, watching the sun slowly inch its way toward the horizon.

Finally, just as the last sliver of light slips out of sight, we stand and start heading back. As we approach the front of the car, you take my hand into yours. Pausing a moment, you look down, as though you’ve suddenly lost your voice.

“Mike, I really want to thank you for today. You’ve kept your word better than I could have imagined. You’ve been able to keep my mind completely off of Daniel all day.”

“I aim to please,” I whisper back.

As I turn to continue to the car, you seem to linger, still holding my hand.

I step closer toward you.

Your dress billows lazily, hair kissed softly by the breeze.

My free hand seems to lead itself up your arm, across your shoulder and finally come to a rest on your neck, its thumb resting on your cheek. My amusement at the seeming self motivation my hand has discovered within itself evaporates as I look into those beautiful eyes. Together, we lean inward, our lips ever so softly touching. A soft peck, lingering. Another. The cannon that is my heart feels like a 21 gun salute. Our tongues mingle together in an unhurried dance. Our bodies move closer together. My hand slips from your grasp and slides itself behind your back.

And with a snap of the fingers, I’m hard.

We both step back from the kiss slowly. You look down at my erection, and then back up, into my eyes.

I have no embarrassment. I have no shame. I make no attempt to hide my growing cock. Here, with you, it feels as though this is exactly how things are supposed to be. The two of us kissing, a growing bulge in my pants…

All was right with the world.

I feel your thumb softly stroking my arm.

I turn and lead you to the car.

As we reach the door I firmly take your arms and spin you around to face me. Our lips meet once again as you throw your arms around my neck. My hands slide down and grasp your midsection. We kiss as though it had been several days since our last, rather than the 10 feet from where we had just been standing. I press my body against yours, pressing you against the car, my plainly obvious erection presses against you.

I break the kiss, fearing that to not do so would lead to me ripping your clothes off right there in the park for everyone to see.

Our eyes meet for a long moment.

I open the door and allow you in, our eyes never breaking their lock until I walk around to the driver’s side.

Neither of us speak much on the way to my house. I take a moment though, to describe the extent of my movie collection and you quickly agree – there’s not much point in getting a rental. I’ve probably got something we’ll both want to watch at home.

When we arrive at my house my erection has subsided, but my heart is still pounding with adrenaline. I wait for you to round the car, your Victoria’s Secret bag in hand, and take your free hand in mine, leading you into the house. As most of my movies are in my room sitting next to my PC, I lead the way to the back of the house.

As we enter my bedroom you notice that two pieces of furniture fill the room. One is my computer desk. Why it’s in the bed room rather than some other part of the house you can’t fathom. But, the other item is my king size bed which takes up half the room.

I sit you down in front of my collection as your jaw drops. A 6 foot tall book shelf is covered Göztepe Escort top to bottom with DVD’s. I pull out two CD binders – each holding at least 100 – both full of movies.

After flipping through page after page you finally sigh softly and surrender, hopelessly over whelmed by sheer numbers.

Looking up at me you whimper, “umm, why don’t you just pick something you think I’ll like?”

“You up for a comedy,” I ask.


I ponder a moment before reaching for the shelf. As I pull “Tommy Boy” from the shelf, you walk from behind the desk and sit on the foot of the bed. Immediately you begin to sink into the foam mattress, feeling like your sitting on a large marshmallow.

“Yeah,” I say, “I should have warned you.. no one can sit on that bed and not fall over asleep soon after.”

“But, I thought you were an insomniac?”

“Yeah,” I reply, “But I’ve long since become immune to that beds effects.”

“How long have you had it?”

“Er.. 8 years? Yeah.”

“Wow! And it’s still this comfortable,” you say as you lie back on the bed, stretching your arms above your head.

“Wanna watch the movie in here,” I ask, trying to ignore the heavenly shape of your curves lying on my bed.


I pull up a few pillows and we sit against the head board of the bed as the movie starts. You cuddle close and I wrap my arm around you as we watch it. Your perfume catches my attention and before long I’m deep in thought about all the things I’d love to be doing with you.

After a while you glance up at me, as if in disbelief.

“Are you gonna be ok,” you smile at me.

“What do you mean,” I ask, hoping your not referring to my growing erection.

“I mean that,” nodding toward my cock.

“It’s not bothering you is it?”

You hesitate before answering.

“Well, actually,” you sit up and shift a bit holding yourself up on one hand, “I have to admit, it’s,” you seem a bit embarrassed trying to say it, “It’s a bit … distracting.”

“Yeah, well, think about how I feel.”

“… I am…”

I turn and look into your eyes.

“Well, there’s only so much I can do about it,” I say slowly. “It doesn’t exactly come with an on/off switch.”

“Well, it seems to be very firmly in the ‘on’ position.”

It’s at this point that I realize you have your hand on my thigh. How long its been there I have no idea. I look down at your hand, dangerously close to the throbbing mound forming more rapidly in my pants.

“What are you thinking about,” I ask.

The look in your eyes says the answer is there, immediately ready, but you hesitate.


“… I’m thinking,” you start hesitantly, “about the night you asked me if I’d be willing to have sex.”

Your hand inches closer.


“I was thinking about how sweet it was… how sincere… how I never get treated that way – at least not very often.”

You lean a bit closer to me, your head tilting toward mine

“I’m thinking about how much I wanted to say yes simply because of how kind you were, even though I was seeing Daniel. And about how he treated me the whole time we were going out.”

We lean closer, your hand slides

“I’m thinking that I don’t want to be treated like that any more. And..”


“I’m thinking”


“That I don’t have to worry about that…”

A mere inch from each others lips

“While I’m with you.”

My hand quickly slides up your arm coming to a rest at your neck, my fingers wrapping tenderly around the back of your neck, the thumb resting on your cheek.

We kiss.

This, unlike in the park, has an urgency about it, a desperation. Our lungs heave as we continue, arms, hands, lips and tongues intertwined. I lean forward, pushing you back down to the bed as I roll partially on top of you, my erection pressing into your thigh. Your breast flattens against my chest as I continue kissing you.

We remain like this for a few moments, kissing deeply, until I slide my hand across your nipple, softly grasping your breast. You let out a soft sigh.

My hand returns to your neck then slides under your arm, pulling you closer, tighter.

At this point we hear the DVD player eject. The movie is over.

While I’m momentarily distracted, you bolt upright.

“Umm, where’s your bathroom?”

I point you down the hall.

You stand and walk briskly down the hall, closing the bathroom door.

Oh no! Damn it, you were to anxious for her, dumbass, you scared her off, now shes thinking about that jackass and she’s not gonna be in the mood and shes gonna want to leave…

At that moment the bathroom door swings open. You walk back into the room and pick up your Victoria’s Secret bag and turn to me.

“Hey, I was thinking…”

SHIT Damn it she wants to leave! SHIT! SHIT FUCK ASS COCK DAMN FUCK SHIT FUCK!! I’ve finally got her here and she wants to bail out now?!? DAMNIT!

“I was thinking, I wanted your opinion…”


“I wanted your opinion on something…”

“err…” I try desperately to keep the panic out of my voice, ” umm, what did you need it on?”

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