The Florida Trip Pt. 04

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Welcome to Part Four of The Florida Trip, aka The Baseball Trip: Season Two. You don’t have to read the earlier stuff to get what’s going on, but it’ll definitely help.

There is some light incest play in this one, so be warned. Everyone is over the age of 18.


I woke up feeling right with the world. The night before, I’d been with the terminally sexy Sarah (with a little assist from her younger sister). Afterwards, I’d gone out with my roommate and best friend, Julia. We’d had a serious heart to heart and then kissed in a way that was way less than wholesome.

My girlfriend, Alyssa, was lying next to me in bed, snuggling up to me. Both of us basking in the early morning sunlight like it was just another day for us as a serious couple. She didn’t care that I’d been with Sarah. Instead, my girlfriend had sent me a stream of increasingly inappropriate pictures of herself with the beautiful blonde Kelsey and her boyfriend, Kevin, in return. That didn’t bother me, either. After all, both of us having fun was the whole point of being together in the first place.

I’d finally figured it all out: my girlfriend, my roommate, my friends. All of us together at once and nothing in the world to worry about.

Well, there was one thing. I looked over at the bed next to us. Buxom brunette Sarah was slowly stretching awake while her younger sister Chloe stayed buried under the covers. Sarah saw me staring and gave her chest a playful little shake. Holy fuck her massive tits were amazing.

“I think I need a shower,” Sarah said. She grabbed a handful of clothes out of her suitcase and walked across the room.

“Is that an invitation?” Alyssa asked. She sat up slowly, blinking her eyes in the brightness. Sarah laughed, wagged her finger at us, and stepped into the bathroom, closing the curtain that served as a door behind her.

“Hang on,” I said, and jumped out of bed. Fortunately, I’d slipped into my pajamas the night before, so nothing untoward was exposed. Like everyone in the room hadn’t already seen everything.

“I’m pretty sure she was joking, Ben,” Alyssa called after me, but I was already behind the curtain.


The room was filled with steam and the hiss of water. Sarah was already under, unfortunately, but I could easily make out her shapely shadow behind the vinyl Mickey curtain.

“Hey Ben,” Sarah said as I walked in, “I’m sorry but I don’t think this is really a two-person kind of shower. Not that I don’t appreciate the thought and all.”

“Oh, that’s OK,” I said, sitting down on the closed toilet lid. This was becoming a very odd tradition: me sitting nearby while a woman who was not my girlfriend took a shower – my cum leaking out of her. It would have been creepy if it wasn’t already bizarre. “I just wanted to tell you a joke.”

Sarah didn’t say anything, so I took that as permission to keep talking

“It’s a quick one,” I continued, “Why did Chip and Dale take Daisy Duck to the hospital?” Pause. Still nothing but the ongoing splash of shower water. “Because they busted a nut in her.”

“That’s not really funny, Ben,” Sarah said, but I could tell she was smiling as she said it.

“So, hey, ummm, on a somewhat related topic. About last night,” I said,

“You don’t want me to tell your girlfriend?” Sarah asked, “I’m pretty sure she already knows. I mean, we sent pictures for God’s sake.”

“You’re not regretting things are you?” I asked.

“Oh GOD no,” Sarah said, then laughed, “Well maybe the stuff where my sister joined in. Nah – you know what? I’m good with all of it.”

“Oh, OK good. It’s just that last night, when we were, you know, doing stuff. You said it was OK for me to cum. You know, like, inside you.”

“Believe me I remember,” Sarah said, “It’s leaking out of me right now. When I told you to ‘fill me up’ you really took that seriously, huh?” Sarah stuck her hand out of the shower. She was holding a palm-full of my sperm, mixed with a bit of shower water. “Just because you fuck like a racehorse doesn’t mean you have to cum like one. Not that I’m complaining, exactly.”

“Yeah, well, I guess I wanted to make sure it was, you know, safe.”

“Oh Jeez, is that what you’re so worked up about?” Sarah asked, “Look Ben, I know I get into this stuff but it’s not like I leave my brain behind when we do it. Don’t worry, baby.”

Babies. Yes, that was exactly what I was worried about.

“I’m on the pill,” Sarah continued, “After I broke up with Rob I got a prescription. Yes, I know, I’m the only woman on Earth who starts birth control after she stops being sexually active. I guess I had a feeling it might be an issue going forward, or whatever. Not that I saw you reaching for a condom, either.”

“Good point,” I said. I really did have a box of condoms in my suitcase. It just seemed like every time an opportunity came up to use one, I kind of forgot? What can I say, I’m a classy guy.

“Anyway, if that’s all, do you mind letting nurdağı escort me finish up in here?” Sarah asked, “I don’t want to give Alyssa and my sister the wrong idea.”


When I opened the door to the bathroom, I saw that Alyssa and Chloe had definitely gotten the wrong idea. Or maybe I should say they’d gotten the absolute right one. Alyssa was lying back on our bed, completely naked. And between her legs – head down, perfect ass up – was Chloe. Sarah’s little sister was snacking on my girlfriend’s snatch like it was cotton candy.

“Oh, hey Ben,” Alyssa said, as conversationally as if I’d come by for tea. “You were taking a while in there and so Chloe and I started to get to know each other better.”

“I can see that,” I said. Boy oh boy could I see – just about everything, in fact. I’d been admiring Chloe’s bottom since the beginning of our trip and now I was getting to see her ass in its fullest glory. Pink and prominent, a perfect heart shape. And beneath that, her purple, dripping pussy. Chloe’s backside bounced up and down while she went to town on my lascivious girlfriend.

Alyssa had her head back against the headboard, eyes half open. Her red hair sticking out at all angles, still disheveled from sleep. Her legs were spread as wide as she could, granting Chloe direct access. Her freckled fingers held onto the back of the brunette’s head.

“Fuck that’s nice,” Alyssa said, “It’s been too long since I had a girl do this.”

“Holy fuck!” I turned and saw Sarah next to me, wrapped in a towel. She looked at the bed, mouth slightly agape.

“Sorry sis,” Chloe said, her mouth still full of Alyssa’s pussy, “Last night left me feeling pretty revved up and I needed some release.”

“It looks like Alyssa’s getting most of the release,” Sarah said. The redhead groaned as if in response. Her legs tightened. Once again, I was witness to all the subtleties of my girlfriend’s pleasure while I wasn’t taking part in it. It was like watching a familiar film, only all the actors were different. Odd yet not unsatisfying.

“We’re taking turns,” Chloe said.

“Although,” Alyssa let the word drag out with a smirk, “Chloe’s ass is right there. One of you could certainly contribute. I’m just saying.”

God, Chloe’s ass was certainly inviting. I could see standing behind her, my hand on each ample cheek, driving myself home into her waiting, wanting snatch…

“Please don’t Ben,” Chloe said, “I’m not ready for that. Not yet.”

Not yet? Sarah and I both shared a look.

“Well I’m going to get dressed and grab some coffee,” Sarah said, “Ben you should come, too.”

“Yes Ben,” Alyssa teased, “Oh FUCK I’m getting close… You should definitely cum, too.”

Sarah went around the bed, slid off her towel and started pulling on her outfit like nothing was going on. I took the hint from Sarah, grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom to get dressed. I heard a series of moans and groans coming from the bedroom. Like someone had left the porn station on.

When I came back, I saw that the girls had switched positions. Now Alyssa was giving while Chloe received. It was strangely familiar seeing Sarah’s little sister’s face twisted in pleasure. A lot like looking at Sarah, herself.

Alyssa’s bottom was the one pointed upward now. All tight and pale. Compared to Chloe my girlfriend had almost no ass at all, but her pussy shone pink and glistening – hanging open like it was calling to me – and at that point I couldn’t help but answer.

“Sorry,” I said to Sarah, “Got something I need to take care of before we head out.” I pulled down the shorts I’d just put on, lined myself up, and buried my cock right in my girlfriend’s aching pussy. She felt fucking fantastic, dripping wet and squeezing at my cock. She always tightened up after a good cum and I could tell she’d had at least two or three before my cock came along.

“Now we’re fucking talking,” Alyssa said, almost to herself.

“I’ll meet you guys at the bus when you’re done,” Sarah said, so casual I almost broke out laughing. Then Alyssa’s snatch squeezed my dick and laughter was the last thing on my mind. I heard the door shut carefully. I rested my hands on Alyssa’s bottom, then looked up and saw Chloe staring right at me.

In some ways, it was like we were both fucking each other. After all, my cock was in a pussy and Chloe’s own snatch was feeling pleasure. Chloe and I could look at each other, across the divide that was my girlfriend, and sort of pretend. That it was her cunt. That it was my cock.

“She doing you good, Chlo?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” Chloe said, “Your girlfriend’s a natural.”

I reached down between Alyssa’s legs and found her clit. Her whole body bucked when I did it.

“Fuck!” Chloe said, “Could you at least wait till I cum before distracting her?”

I apologized and let my hand slip back. Slowly, I drove myself into Alyssa’s cunt. My girlfriend made loud smacking sounds while she snacked on Chloe. The young brunette’s chest went red. Her mouth opened in a gasp but no sound came out.

“OH!” Chloe said, her legs snapped shut around Alyssa’s head. She arched her back and she let out a loud, “fffffffffffffFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK! I’m cumming! Oh, I’m cumming so good!” Chloe sobbed and shook, then finally her legs flopped down on either side. Again, her peak seemed an echo of her older sister’s. Similar yet not exactly the same.

As Chloe slowed, Alyssa ratcheted upward. She brought her head up and planted her hands on the bed, letting me know that I was supposed to start plowing her. I reached down, found Alyssa’s clit again and started pounding my girlfriend as hard as I could. Her pussy clenched around me, rhythmic. Back and forth with my body. Side to side with my fingers.

Alyssa’s breasts trembled. Her elbows locked. “Now Ben,” she said, “Now.” Her head dropped and she moaned a long, low, “ooooooOOOOOOHH.” Alyssa’s cunt bore down on my cock and there was nothing I could do but cum. My first blast went right into Alyssa’s snatch and she giggled, happily.

I pulled myself out of her. Alyssa’s pussy made a wet slurp as I did. She looked back and smiled, seeing what I was up to. I gripped myself in my hand and my next ejaculation shot out onto Alyssa’s butt, her back. Again and again, the pleasure consumed me as I exploded over the bed.

When I was finally able to look up again, I saw that I’d gotten my goal. Alyssa had a smattering of white splatters running up her back like tracks. And, as I’d hoped, Chloe had several globs of my sperm on her stomach and chest, right near her breast.

“Ugh, Ben,” Chloe said, but she scooped it up and took a taste, smiling as she did. Alyssa flopped onto her side. Giggling.

“This trip,” she said, gasping for breath, “This fucking trip.”

Chloe gave a long cat-like stretch. “Need a shower,” she said and slowly rolled off the bed.

“Me, too,” Alyssa said, she padded after Chloe, a big silly grin on her face. I thought about Sarah saying the shower wasn’t for two before but decided I didn’t need to get in the way of their fun. I reached down for my discarded pants but fell onto the bed instead. The day had barely begun and already I felt blown out.

Suddenly, the front door of our room swung open, the bright light blinding me. “Hey dude, I was just coming by to get some of my stuff and…” Julia. She stood there frozen in the doorway. “Oh my God were you just fucking?”

“Well, Alyssa and Chloe were…”

“Fuck. Seriously, how do I keep fucking missing this stuff?” My cute, athletic roommate let the door close behind her and slumped against the wall.

“You’re not being left out, Jules,” I said. I climbed out of bed, went over and kissed her cheek, forgetting that I didn’t have pants on. My penis, pretty spent from the morning’s activities, left a post-cum trail on Julia’s leg.

Julia’s hand shot out and she grabbed my cock and balls together. My dick, so tired a moment before, began rapidly strengthening in my roommate’s tight grasp. Julia leaned in and kissed me hard on the mouth. She used my crotch to steer me back toward the bed, pushing me down.

“Show me,” she said and tore her top over her head. She gave me a hungry grin as her little titties came into view. I took my shirt off, mirroring her, then dove and grabbed my cute roommate by the waist, spinning her and throwing her back on the bed.

I went right for her tiny breasts, latching on to the nipples. I gave each a little bite and Julia groaned. Her hands reached down for my cock, fully hard now and far too much for one hand. She squeezed it, right on the edge of painful, until I took my mouth off her breasts. I started to kiss down her rib cage, her stomach, till my mouth was even with the buttons on her shorts.

I pulled them and her panties down in one shot, exposing her snatch. It was covered in short brown hair. Without another word I pressed my tongue into her clit. Julia snapped still like she’d been shocked.

She reached down and squeezed my head like she was testing it for ripeness. I felt her sharp nails digging into my skull.

“That’s it,” she groaned, “Oh God you were always so good… at this…”

Before I knew what was happening, Julia’s legs wrapped around me and a burst of warm, wet fluid splashed against my face. “Fuck YES!” Julia screamed, holding me so tight I couldn’t find the air.

“God. FUCK! I haven’t cum like that in… Holy fuck.”

I did my best to extricate myself and looked up at my roommate, smiling proudly. She grinned back at me, then suddenly her face got very serious.

“You think you’re done? Oh, you’re not even close,” Julia said. She grabbed my head and slammed it back down between her legs. If anything, now she was holding me even tighter and my only hope was to breathe through my nose and lick as if my life depended on it. Which, apparently, it really did.

Another burst of Julia juice splashed my face. Another. I heard Julia’s howls of pleasure in the distance, between the sweaty warmth of her muscular thighs. Finally, I felt her loosen and fall back. I picked my head up gasping for air. Julia reached down, grabbed me by the ears and pulled me up.

She kissed me roughly, as if I hadn’t just been bathing in her essence. Then, in one move, she grabbed my shoulders and flipped me over to my back. Julia slid forward so that my cock was lined up with her pussy. She gave me a dirty little smile, then reached her hand up and aimed.


Julia cringed, then laughed. Her pleasure almost musical as her little pussy went red from the slap. Julia looked down at me very seriously. Her little breasts hanging down. “Not until I say,” she told me. In one swift motion she dropped down, burying my cock in her warm, gooey center. “FUCK that’s good!” Julia cried.

She started riding me with abandon. So hard her tiny tits were almost able to bounce along with her. Chanting. “fuck. Fuck. FUCK! I missed this cock so much! Oh, Ben you have no idea how good you feel.”

Well, she was doing a pretty good job of giving me a picture. Honestly, after all those oral orgasms, I was kind of surprised Julia had the stamina. I shouldn’t have been all that astonished. This was my roomie at her apex. Her pussy cinched around my cock so tight, I was afraid he might strangle the same way I had between Julia’s legs. Instead all it did was get him ready to shoot.

“Jules…” I started.

My athletic roommate reached back and gripped my balls. “Not. Until. I say,” she said through bared teeth.

The bathroom door popped open. Alyssa and Chloe stood there, both fully dressed, wearing goofy smiles.

“Hi Jules,” Chloe said and waved at us both, shyly.

“Hey,” Julia said, giving Chloe a quick nod.

“You need any help with that?” Alyssa asked.

“No, I got him,” Julia said and clutched my balls for emphasis.

“OK,” Alyssa said, “But don’t be too much longer. We have a whole day ahead of us.”

“No prob,” Julia said. She sat there, my cock buried in her snatch, while Chloe and Alyssa walked past. They were almost both out the door, when Chloe bounded back and kissed Julia hard on the lips.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” Chloe said. She reached down and pinched Julia’s boob. I felt my sex partner’s pussy tighten on my cock as my girlfriend did it. Ultimate lie detector.

Alyssa took advantage of the opportunity and did the same, pinching Julia’s other tiny tit. My wanton girlfriend cackled in delight, then both girls left the bedroom.

“Now then,” Julia said, “Where were we?”

She started pounding down on my pelvis. Shaking. Screaming. You’d think I was murdering her in there, but instead she was killing me. Raking her nails down my chest. Biting my neck, my nipples. My Julia rode me like I was a bucking bronco, but all I could do was hold on as she let out who-knows-how-much pent up frustration on my dick.

Yet for all her violence, Julia’s vigor and adoration for my member seemed to know no end, either.

“God, I love your cock,” Julia told me, panting as she came down from yet another massive cum. I’d lost count long ago. “So. Fucking. Fantastic.”

She started lifting herself up again. Dropping down. “Guh. God. I don’t know how I’m ever going to stop. Oh my God. OhMyGod. OH MY GOD FUCK!” Another burst of clear liquid exploded upward.

Julia looked down at me with something almost like fear in her eyes. “Seriously, I think I’ll die before I stop.”

Something about the way she said it, like I only existed for her pleasure – even if it gave me pain. I wasn’t going to lie back and take it anymore.

I grabbed Julia’s waist and ripped her over till she was on her back. I held myself over her. Glared down. Seriously. Seriously?! This was the girl whose boyfriend had said was too quiet? Who just laid there during sex? How was I the ‘lucky’ bastard who got this side of Julia? I mean, look, this was incredible. Amazing. But did she have to make it so painful at the same time?

“Sorry, Ben,” Julia gasped, “I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to…”

I rammed my cock into Julia’s pussy with a roar. Jammed it in full. She screamed in pleasure or pain I don’t know and I know longer cared. I reached up and crushed her little titties purple. Pulled on them for leverage as I pile-drived my penis in and out of my best friend’s pussy.

Julia gasped with every penetration. Eyes wide. I felt my pleasure building and I didn’t wait. If she was unprotected (I was pretty sure she wasn’t) well then too bad. If she wasn’t ready, if she wasn’t on the edge of her orgasm, then I would leave her wanting. It was the only choice she’d left me.

I leaned back and grabbed Julia’s legs. Pushed them back and wide. Held her open. Our pubic bones smacked as I drove into her. Loud slaps. Each punctuated by Julia’s sounds of ecstasy.

“Oh. OH! Fuck. Keep. Fucking. Me! Yes. Give me that cock. Pound me with it. Give it to me so fucking good OH! I’m getting close. So close. SO…”

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