The Fly on the Wall

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The night was hot; almost tropical in its feel. The neon light outside the window illuminated the ceiling as an overhead fan whirred silently. Each rotation created a strobe effect causing the light to travel over the room in an oddly disjointed manner; an eerie flickering rhythm. The walls were a giant panorama in black and white; shadow and light commingling. An earlier storm had passed but a new one was building. Thunder rumbled in the distance and the heat seemed to intensify. A lone fly buzzed around the room; flitting from wall to wall. The fly was an impassive observer of the scene playing out below. Another type of storm was building on the bed with a passion so intense it would become all consuming.

His hand was gentle as it swept the wet tendrils of hair off her brow. She smiled as he whispered something in her ear and her fingers lovingly caressed his face. The gentle brush of his lips on her neck made her arch her head as she held him against her throat. With one slow, deliberate move his body hovered over hers; then entered her. Each thrust of his hips pushed him deeper until their bodies were one. He braced himself on his hands and moved in a slow, rhythmic fashion. Each revolution of the fan brought the scene into sharp relief as their bodies moved together in a sinuous dance. The sheet lay across his hips; his only barrier to complete nudity. Underneath him she squirmed; her body pinned like a butterfly specimen on a board. Her soft whimpers were Anadolu Yakası Escort barely audible as her hands roamed his back. The sheet fell away exposing his body as he moved relentlessly on her. Thunder cracked once more; the creak of the bed; his labored breathing; her moans. Lightning flashed highlighting the beads of sweat on the muscles in his arms; his buttocks tensing with each stroke; her nails in his back. They all combined to make a rich tapestry of sights and sounds.

Her back arched; just her shoulders and heels touched the bed as he drove himself deeper into her. She took everything he had and begged for more. The small sounds that emanated from her throat built to a fever pitch as her orgasm approached. Their bodies slapped together; faster and faster until she reached that pinnacle; the point of no return. The rain came even as her body bucked underneath him and she cried out as waves of pleasure flooded her body. Spasms rolled through her; each one more intense than the last. Gradually her cries turned to moans; then soft sighs as he slowed his actions and ground their bodies together. The initial storm in her body had passed but with his cock pressed against her clit and his unceasing movements; her body began to respond again. Her hips met his and she felt herself surrender to him once more.

The storm was directly overhead now and the fly circled the room aimlessly. A flash of lightning illuminated the man as he moved back Pendik Escort and stood on the floor at the foot of the bed. In that unspoken language all lovers seem to have she followed him and knelt on the bed before him. His cock was still erect and in the shifting light her mouth enveloped his shaft. His head went back; his teeth bared in an almost feral grimace. As her mouth captured more of him, he wove his fingers in her hair and pumped his hips against her. Her eyes were on his face and as he looked down at her she seemingly intensified her efforts. As her hand cupped his balls he shook his head and with a groan pulled back. She whimpered in frustration but smiled as he gently guided her over onto her hands and knees.

He kissed his way down her back and his fingers moved between her legs. With his fingers slick with her juices he placed them at her tiny, puckered hole and pressed. She leaned forward; her ass in the air as his fingers slipped in and out. His cock slid effortlessly into her pussy and he stroked slowly. The thunder rolled overhead; lightning lit the room as he withdrew his fingers and cock. He ran his cock up her pussy until the head touched the tiny ring. Her gasp rang out as the head pierced her body and he slowly began to penetrate her. He fed her more cock with each stroke; his hands on her hips as he pulled her against him.

Their bodies touched and he felt her muscles grip him tightly. She heard his soft groan; felt the Kurtköy Escort quiver in his buttocks as he desperately tried to hold back. He held still and it was apparent he was willing his body to relax. Her face was buried in the sheet; fingers in a death grip as he started to rock in her body. It started slow much like the storm had; then gained momentum. With each stroke his hips moved faster; his body almost bouncing off hers with the intensity. She was wailing now; an almost plaintive cry as she waited for the sweet release. The fly circled his head and he swatted at it impatiently as he worked towards his own orgasm. Did the flickering images seem to be moving at breakneck speed now? Was it an illusion or did the fan seem to be moving faster and the storm intensify? What was reality anymore? The scene definitely had taken on a surrealistic quality.

His muffled groan signaled his impending climax and she sobbed as he pulled her hard against him. She shook as his body stiffened and he came in a wild jerking motion. With each throbbing pulse his body was wracked with the familiar feelings that only she could give him. His legs seemed to give way and he fell to the bed bringing her beside him. His hand moved between her thighs and she whispered his name as his fingers brought her once again to a pulsating orgasm. The storm was over and as the rain fell softly on the window he pulled the sheet over their bodies and wrapped her in his arms. His lips pressed against her back and he murmured something against her skin. She smiled contentedly; the storm in their bodies was assuaged and her eyes closed as sleep overtook both of them. Overhead the fly; an indifferent voyeur; lit on the wall as the scene below faded to black.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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