The Giant and the Dwarf Pt. 02

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Chapter Six

One time, while we were driving back home returning from the mall a cop waved us over to the side of the road while Little Tyke was sucking my cock. Quickly, I grabbed a beach towel from the back seat and threw it over my crotch and legs to hide Tyke who would not let go of my cock that was in his mouth.

The cop got out of his car and walked over to ours, asked for my licence. He went on to tell me that I had a burnt out stop light.

Meanwhile, Little Tyke kept on sucking.

The officer kept looking inside the car with a quizzical expression on his face. He was very kind and ended up letting me off with a warning.

“Is there anything I can do to thank you officer?”

With that the cop looked into the car and said, “you might share the good action going on under that towel.”

Gladly, I invited the hunky officer to come sit in the front seat with me. He willingly sat in the passenger seat.

I lifted Little Tyke up without taking off the towel and parked him in between the officer’s open legs. I thought it best to cover his crotch with the towel that way he could pull his cock out and let Tyke service him discreetly.

When the kid put his mouth on his cop tool and started sucking it the officer said, “now were talking, holy crap buddy, who or what is under here?”

I told him it was my little dwarf friend, and that he was one of the best cocksuckers in town.

The officer agreed.

Little Tyke was doing an exceptional job of sucking and licking and nursing the cops huge cock.

It was about 8 inches long, nice and thick and cut. His balls hefty and hairy, this was a new and welcomed experience for all of us concerned. While being sucked, he told me he had not cum in quite a few days and was concerned for the little guy because he usually delivered a huge pay load.

I assured him my little friend was cum greedy and he would gladly swallow his huge load.

Little Tyke worked on the officer’s cock and sucked until the guy let him know he was going to shoot his load and that he did. His man load gushed out of his meaty cock into the little guys wanting mouth and drank it all down, then licked the big cop’s cock clean.

He patted the little guy’s head, thanked him and asked if he could see us again?

I gladly gave him my phone number and let him know he was welcome to visit at the house.

With that the officer left and wished us well. He was one happy camper.

Once Rick was gone, I asked Little Tyke if he enjoyed sucking the cops big cock.

Little Tyke was really excited about it and loved the fact that it was an officer in uniform he sucked.

We both knew the guy would be calling very soon as it was obvious he loved getting sucked by Little Tyke.

Rick said it was the best blowjob he had ever had.

The following day Jim stopped by to propose an idea to me and Little Tyke around supper time. He arrived with bags of take out Chinese food.

Out to the patio we went to eat and hear about Jim’s idea.

“So, Jim what do you have on your mind?”

“Well, I was thinking, how about we form a cocksucking club that accommodates suckers and feeders. Something discrete, private and very accessible; in other words, you can get sucked when horny without formalities and waiting times. There is always a hungry mouth to take care of your hot cock.” “So, what do you think fellas?”

Little Tyke and I were all for this idea.

Turns out Jim and I discovered we liked sucking cock as much as we loved getting sucked.

I volunteered the use of my place for our club meetings. I thought of doing a little renovation to the basement to make it more user friendly for the club. It needed help. My goal; to create a comfortable seating space, install a wide screen T.V. and a gloryhole and a little galley kitchen. Even have a suck bench.

We all agreed the basement idea was just right for our purposes.

Jim was quite the carpenter. He and I started to work out plans to transform the basement right away.

While we were busy doing that, Little Tyke was under the kitchen table taking care of our cocks and sucking away with great enthusiasm. He got each one of us to cum twice. The little guy had a voracious cum appetite that needed taking care of.

And we being his buddies gladly obliged feeding him our horny hot loads full of rich wholesome protein.

Jim and I decided to install a bar with stools that sat four comfortably. There was a fridge and stove set in a galley style kitchen and two big old comfy sofas and three wide upholstered chairs to accommodate big men.

Now all we needed was men to join our new club.

Jim had two men from work join right away.

Tim the Pizza guy was excited about this idea and joined.

About a week later I received a call from Rick the cop. He was calling to see if Little Tyke service his cock and could he also bring a buddy along, his cop partner.

I let him know I was glad to hear from him Cebeci Escort and arranged for him and his partner to stop by after supper when it was dark…discretion being the better part of valour.

Around 9pm that evening the two cops arrived.

Down to the basement we headed to join Little Tyke.

Turns out Rick’s partner Steve, was straight and married yet loved getting sucked and wanted to experience getting sucked off by a dwarf. The idea of a wee guy sucking on his big tool turned him on.

He let Rick go ahead first so he could watch the little guy suck his buddy’s big tool. Rick sat down on the sofa and invited Little Tyke to come stand between his legs.

Steven was amazed to see that the little man’s head just made it to his buddy’s crotch…just the right cock sucking height.

Rick and Steve were still in their uniforms and this excited Little Tyke a lot and me to for that matter.

Rick was aware that his uniform was a big turn on. So, while the little one was standing between his legs with his mouth at his crotch he said, “do you think your worthy of sucking on my hot police cock little fellow?”

“Yessssss uttered the little one, oh yes, please officer let me suck your big tool, let me be your cocksucker.”

“OK little man, I am putting you in charge of this big whopper. You suck it good now and make sure you suck my partner well to.” Without further ado Rick unzipped his pants and brought out his proud cop tool for the little guy to suck on and slipped it into his anxious needy mouth.

Steve was in awe that the little guy could swallow up his buddy’s big hard cock without a problem and then watching him suck it gave him a huge hard on. His cock was leaking so much it was wetting his pants.

He loved seeing his partner getting sucked and was impressed at the size of his cock. I think he had a crush on his partner. He was sure looking forward to getting sucked.

Little Tyke put on a remarkable show as he nursed on the big cop tool. You could see he was happy to have his mouth on a cop’s cock.

Suddenly Rick gently put his big hands on the little guy’s head and told him to get ready for his reward and reward him he did. He unleashed a mammoth load of hot cum into the little one’s mouth. It took awhile for him to unload.

He did not let go of Little Tykes head until he was ready to and the little guy loved the feel of his big manly hands on his head.

“Wow! that was sure good little guy. You can suck my cock anytime baby. I may even take you with me sometimes when I do my rounds with Steve here, if that is ok with you Dwayne?”

I let them know it was up to Little Tyke to decide what he wanted to do and of course wild horses could not of kept him away from going along for the ride with the officers, he was absolutely thrilled with the idea.

With that little Tyke walked over and positioned himself in between Steve’s wide-open waiting legs, his big cock was out and hard as steel, leaking like a faucet. Little Tyke opened his mouth wide and let Steve slip it into his hungry mouth and Steve started moaning. This got Little Tyke revved up and sucking with great enthusiasm.

Steve could not believe how good it was as the little guy sucked and slurped on his big 7 ½ thick cock. It was a beauty. Steve was worried that the kid might not be able to swallow all his load coz his was an immense load feeder and on top of that he had not cum for over a week, so his hairy low hangers were chockful of hot man sauce. He voiced his concern.

I assured him the little guy could eat it all up.

Steve could not hold back any longer, grabbed Little Tykes head like Rick did and hollered, “get ready kid, daddy’s hot load is on its way. Eat it all up now, don’t waste a police officer’s special man juice.” With that he just let out a huge burst of cum and continued to deliver a generous load into the little one’s mouth non-stop.

The kid was in heaven as he swallowed and gulped down Steve’s delicious hot treat.

Wow! what a site.

Steve spoke up when the little guy had cleaned his cock and balls. “You can be my cocksucker little one. That was incredible and you can ride with us any time you feel up to it.

Little Tyke was elated to hear the good news causing him to smile from ear to ear.

With that I decided to let the guys know about the cocksucker club we were forming and asked if they wish to be part of it.

Without hesitation Rick and Steve gave a thumb up and asked to be counted in.

I told them it was going to be a 24/7 club.

Steve said he knew two firemen friends who would join right away.

Rick said there were maybe three cops he knew who would love to get serviced regularly.

I went on to explain the rules and that there would be a small monthly fee to cover things like beer and soft drinks and snacks.

I let them know Little Tyke was the main cocksucker and that Jim and I would also service feeders.

Steve Kolej Escort and Rick asked if they could sample our sucking abilities. Both were ready for another round of sucking.

I got busy sucking Rick.

Meanwhile, Little Tyke devoured Steve’s cock for a second time.

Rick did not last long as he was excited seeing his partner getting sucked and liked how I was sucking his cock. Once Rick unloaded his load into my hungry mouth he called on the little guy to suck his cock while Steve got sucked by me.

He unloaded in no time at all giving me a substantial load.

I really got off sucking the two officers in their uniforms.

I let them know that once a month we would hold a gathering for members so they would get to know one another, otherwise any member could call or text when they needed to get sucked night or day.

The officers were very excited about this kind of service and their buddies would also take advantage of this great offer.

Finally, it was time for Rick and Steve to go as they were doing the late-night shift that particular week. They let Little Tyke know they were taking him for a run soon and they would let him know exactly when by tomorrow.

Chapter Seven

Little Tyke and I were at home relaxing after supper, we had settled in to watch a movie. We were hanging out in our t-shirts only.

Tyke loved sitting on my lap while watching a movie, that way we cuddled nicely. That evening I noticed Little Tyke moving his butt in such a way that his little crack was rubbing against my big tool and of course I started getting a hefty hard on. Nothing was said yet the little guy seemed to enjoy rubbing his little ass on my tool and I must admit I did not mind the feeling.

There was no lube in the house.

I lifted the little guy off my lap and onto the sofa, excused myself as I headed to the kitchen, found what I wanted and returned to the living room pronto, sat down and lifted Little Tyke back onto my lap. I quickly took a big dollop of shortening with my fingers and proceed to smear Little Tykes tiny ass crack.

The kid did not say a word and nor did I. In the interim Little Tyke took some shortening and spread it on my big meat gently massaging my tool with his little hands.

I must have massaged his little crack for a good 40 minutes patiently going deeper and deeper opening my little buddy’s tight hole.

Little Tyke was purring and moaning with anticipation as I lightly greased him up.

Finally, I picked up the little guy with both hands lifting him up to have him hovering above my huge erection; it was leaking wildly, dripping on all its fleshy veiny sides and then slowly I lowered my little buddy onto my throbbing cock head and ever so slowly and carefully I let him slide down on my huge erection.

I was going wild with excitement at the sight of Little Tyke taking my cock in his tiny ass.

He was taking it extremely well because I was thoroughly greased up and his crack was ready and willing to receive my monster dong.

I asked if he was in pain and Little Tyke said there was a little discomfort yet he was liking how it felt.

I just held him up and kept lowering him on my big shaft and again gradually the kids tiny crack opened wide to receive my massive piece in his little ass. I could see he was loving having my big hard on up his ass and before long Little Tykes ass cheeks where sitting on my pubes.

My enormous manhood was all the way in. I was holding onto him and letting him adjust himself to the girth of my hardon now lodged in his ass.

Then slowly I lifted him up and let him down again sliding him up and down on my full 9-inch cock. The little guy was moaning with joy and loving having me inside him.

The visual was incredible.

My little 20-inch-tall man sitting on my giant whopping man specimen, sliding up and down nice and slow on my greased-up pole.

I was beside myself with excitement and it was taking all I had not to cum fast. I wanted to enjoy this wonderful sensual feeling.

While I was fucking my little friend, I got him to call Jim on his cellphone to let him know he was being fucked by me. This was a first for all concerned. Sure enough, Jim answered and I let him know what was happening.


I could hear Jim holler with delight through the phone. He was not far from my place and asked if he could come over to see the action. Fifteen minutes later he was at the door.

I carried Little Tyke up the basement stairs with my cock inside him to answer the door and let Jim in.

He was awe struck at the site of our little buddy sitting on my hard rod. Jim wondered how he managed to take my big cock up his little ass. Jim was rock hard, his pants and briefs off in a minute and ready to put his cock in the kid’s mouth.

I managed to position the little guy in such a way as to facilitate him sucking Jim’s big cock while being fucked by me.

What Yenimahalle Escort a scene.

The little guy went down on Jim’s cock like some wild hungry animal. He wanted that big tool and it was dripping wet letting out gobs of precum as he worked it like the pro he was.

Simultaneously I was fucking his little ass and driving him crazy.

He was obviously loving the feel of my friendly giant member filling his little ass.

We carried on for a good 30 minutes or so until Jim announced he was ready to unload and I expressed the same and then we both came at the same time. Holy crap! We were keening and lamenting horny pumping our hot cum loads into the little guy at both ends.

Once we all calmed down we could express what we felt about this new chapter in our relationship.

Jim and I asked Little Tyke how he felt and he told us how much he loved getting fucked and wanted our cocks in his little ass often and we wanted our cocks in his little ass.

Jim was real anxious to have a try.

I sucked Jim’s cock to get it good and hard while he enjoyed his beer. I then generously greased Jim’s hot pole.

Little Tyke was ready to sit on it, so, I picked him up and gently sat him down on Jim’s throbbing member.

This worked out well because I was very strong, so for me it was nothing lifting and holding the kid up. Ever so slowly I let him slide down Jim’s hot cock.

Jim could not believe the feeling.

Then I started sliding the kid up and down on his rock hard stick. Both were moaning wildly.

I got so excited I wanted little guy to suck my cock and so I slipped it into his eager mouth and let him suck on my manly tool while he was being fucked by Jim.

This time we came faster and again Jim and I unloaded at the same time filling up our little buddy at both ends.

It was getting late so it was decided Jim and Little Tyke sleep over.

The next morning officer Rick called to ask if Little Tyke was available that night to accompany him and officer Steve on their night shift.

I let Little Tyke talk to Rick and he eagerly agreed to go with them.

Rick arranged to pick him up at 11 pm that night.

So, I made certain Little Tyke rested for a few hours during the day to be awake and happening at night. He was really excited about this invitation to go riding around with two big police officers.

Before long Steve was at the door calling on Little Tyke. We said our goodbyes and Steve picked him up and carried the little one under one arm to the patrol car as if he was carrying a doll and amazed at the weightlessness of Little Tyke.

He opened the door and hollered, “look who I have here Rick as he stood the little one on the seat between him and Rick.”

Once he was settled in the guys took turns explaining their night shift routine to Little Tyke. Conversation flowed nicely asking Little Tyke questions about his upbringing and how he coped with his size and all and how he discovered he liked sucking cock.

Little Tyke gladly shared his story with the men. When he got telling them about his cocksucking experiences they both started to adjust their bulges and then both lowered their zippers making ready for action.

“Why don’t you stand between officer Steve’s legs little one Rick said, you can suck his big cop cock and help him out. He sure needs release.”

Then little Tyke looked up at the officer and asked if he could suck on his big cock. “You sure can little buddy, this big cock is just for you. Suck it all you like, officer Steve gives you permission to suck it.”

With that Little Tyke wrapped his amazing mouth around the officer’s throbbing hard on and proceeded to suck and milk it nice and slow and easy.

Officer Steve was beside himself as he moaned becoming very verbal which excited his partner Rick a lot.

He encouraged Little Tyke to suck his partner, telling him to show respect to Officer Steve’s big manhood. The more he went on the better the kid sucked and gorged on the officer’s cock. It was leaking and dripping huge amounts of precum, like he was cumming and yet he was not unloading.

Steve measured about 6’3 inches and weighed about 230…all muscle. It excited him big time to look down and see Little Tyke wolfing down his big hard cock and so expertly. He was beside himself with the excitement of the whole situation. He had never given so much precum before.

The little one had such endurance, he could suck for a very long time.

After a while, Steve asked the kid if he wanted his bonus for a job well done?

The kid nodded in the affirmative.

The officer gently grabbed hold of Little Tyke’s head, held in place as he began unloading his massive man treat into the little ones waiting mouth and what a reward it was. Officer Steve delivered a humongous batch of home made man pudding into his hungry mouth. It kept coming out for quite a few minutes and the little one kept eating the goodies with great pleasure.

The little guy carefully cleaned up the officer’s big man package.

Steve lifted him up and placed him between Officer Rick’s waiting throbbing cock ready to suck.

The kid did not need a rest, on the contrary he was eager to suck Officer Rick. He had his mouth on that big cock in no time flat and started working it with great enthusiasm.

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