The Girl Next Door

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When I was around 19 I was still living at home. We had some new neighbours move in next door during the summer and I ended up getting to know them very well indeed. Their names were Natasha and Kevin and they would invite me over all the time to have dinner with them or to watch a movie with them. It wasn’t until after I had been friends with them for a few weeks that they told me the true reason they had wanted to get to know me.

“Jessica we have a little confession to make and we really hope it doesn’t freak you out,” said Natasha as I sat between them on their couch one afternoon.

“Oh?” I said as I looked at Natasha. Kevin shifted in his seat a little as if he was nervous about whatever Natasha was about to say next.

“Well I think you know how much we both like you Jessica, and it feels like you are very fond of us too,” she said.

“Oh I do. I love you guys,” I interrupted which made Natasha smile.

“Well… we have both always had this fantasy of watching each other with another girl, and we would love more than anything if that girl was you,” she said as she looked at me and smiled. To say I was a little surprised by their revelation was kind of an understatement. I think I may have actually blushed a little, but as well as being surprised I was also extremely turned on by their question. Even though they were both older than me Natasha was gorgeous and I had liked Kevin from the start. I think I must have sat silent for a few more seconds than felt comfortable as Kevin shifted again until he sat on the edge of the couch.

“Jess?” he said in a nervous tone. I didn’t say anything but I reached out and took one of each of their hands in mine.

“Is that a yes?” Kevin said as they both held my hands.

“I can’t think of anything I would want more,” I said as I smiled at both of them. Kevin pulled my hand to his lips and kissed it. Natasha leaned towards me and kissed me softly on the lips.

“So how about right now?” Natasha asked as she pulled back from the kiss. I let out a nervous little giggle but also nodded a yes. Natasha stood up still holding my hand and pulled me to my feet.

“Kevin is going to wait here while you and I go and get ready for him,” she said as she led me to the stairs.

“See you soon girls,” he said as I looked back and gave him a naughty little smile. Natasha led me up the stairs to the bathroom telling me that she wanted her and I to have a little time together before we joined Kevin. She started to undress and I followed her lead until we both stood naked facing each other. Natasha was a very sexy woman with a great body and lovely long blonde hair. She reached into the shower and turned on the water. Then she stepped into the shower and held her hand out to me. I took her hand in mine and joined her as the warm water cascaded over both of us. We both giggled like little schoolgirls as we got our hair wet and splashed each other. Then Natasha pulled me to her under esat escort the spray of water and put her arms around me. I slid my own hands around her back and we kissed. She kissed me like I had never been kissed before and it was the most sensually erotic kiss of my young life. Sliding my hands over her, wanting to touch every part of her as she eased one of her thighs between my legs. I started rubbing myself against her thigh as she slid her hands down to my ass. Kissing her lips as the warm water poured over our bodies.

Natasha spun me around so I was facing away from her and told me to put my hands on the wall. I did as she told me and watched as she grabbed some soap and the slid her soapy hands over my shoulders and down over my breasts. I let out a little gasp as I felt her hands caress my breasts and I felt my nipples harden under her fingers. I was so damn horny for her as she slid her hands down over my tummy and then back around me until her hands were soaping my ass cheeks. As she caressed my ass I opened my legs a little wider as I stood with my hands against the tiles.

“Good girl,” she said as I felt her hand slide down between my ass cheeks until she was soaping up my pussy. I moaned out as she rubbed her hand back and forth over my pussy lips. If she had pushed a finger inside me at that moment I think I would have cum. Oh god I was so turned on. Natasha pressed up against me from behind and kissed my neck softly.

“I’m getting you ready to fuck my husband. I want you to imagine him downstairs waiting for us. He will have undressed and is probably thinking about you while he sits and strokes his cock in his hand. He will be thinking about how tight this pussy is going to feel around his cock. You want Kevin’s cock deep inside you don’t you Jessica?” she whispered as she rubbed my pussy. My heart was racing and I was almost breathless as I listened to her words. Her fingers moved to my clit and she rubbed so fast that I squealed and arched my back into her. I was cumming so hard, gasping as my head fell back against her shoulder. My whole body trembling in her beautiful embrace.

“Cum baby cum!” Natasha gasped into my ear as my orgasm rocked me to my core. She grabbed the shower head and slid it between my legs, aiming it at my clit making me squeal and cum again even harder. She held it against me until my second orgasm slowed and then started to spray me, rinsing the soap from my body. She stepped out and held my hand to help me out as my legs were still trembling. She grabbed towels and we dried ourselves as we stared into each other’s eyes.

“Shall we go and find my husband?” she said as she took my hand. I nodded and held her hand tightly. She led me downstairs and I saw Kevin sitting just as she said he would be. He had his cock in his hand as he started at his wife and the girl next door. He watched as Natasha whispered something into my ear and I immediately etimesgut escort walked to Kevin and kneeled down in front of him as he sat. I slid my hands up his legs and over his thighs until I took his cock in my own hand. He gasped hard as he felt my fingers wrap around his hard shaft. I looked up at him as I leaned in and closed my red lips around his cock.

“Oh my fucking god!” he gasped as I started to suck his cock. Natasha slid onto the couch next to him and I could see her cuddle up to her husband and kiss him as my mouth slid up and down his cock. One of his hands went to the back of my head as he guided me on and off his cock and his other hand caressed his wife’s breasts. Seeing them kiss so passionately turned me on even more and I sucked Kevin’s cock harder. After a few moments Natasha broke their kiss and slid her hand under my chin to slowly lift my mouth from his cock. She bent down and kissed me.

“It’s time you fucked my husband Jessica,” she said and as she helped me stand up. She stood behind me as I slid over Kevin and straddled him. I put my hands on his shoulders as I felt his wife take his cock and start to rub the head along my wet pussy lips. I felt her guide his cock inside me and I pushed down and moaned as I felt his cock slide up inside of me. Oh god his cock felt incredible as my wet tight pussy enveloped his rock hard cock. I started slowly bouncing up and down his cock as he grabbed my hips and guided me on and off his cock. My eyes were locked on his as we both moaned hard.

“Oh fuck… ride my cock Jessica,” he gasped as I glanced sideways and saw Natasha was laying back on the couch watching us as she fingered her pussy. Her nipples looked achingly hard as she moaned and plunged her fingers in and out of her wetness as I kept bouncing up and down Kevin’s cock. As I bounced he leaned in and kissed one of my breasts before sucking on my hard little nipple. I squealed in pure delight and threw my head back as I rode him harder. His hard cock thrusting up so deep inside me until I couldn’t hold back and I started to cum on his cock as he pumped inside me. As I came I looked at Natasha and she arched her back as her whole body tensed as she came on her fingers. As I calmed a little Kevin stopped my bouncing.

“Stop Jess, I don’t wanna cum yet! My wife needs you,” he gasped as I lifted me off his cock. I climbed off Kevin and slid over to Natasha as she opened her legs to me. I buried my head between her legs and licked slowly along her soaked pussy lips. Tasting her cum as I felt her fingers slide into my red hair. She started grinding against my mouth as I licked her pussy harder. Pushing my tongue as much as I could inside her. I slid two fingers into her wetness as I licked over her clit, flicking my tongue side to side as I plunged my fingers in and out. Natasha was squealing as she bucked under me begging me to make her cum. Kevin came over and stood etlik escort over me as I knelt and licked and fingered his wife’s pussy. He leaned forward as he offered his cock to his wife’s mouth. I glanced up and saw Natasha take her husband’s cock into her mouth and I knew she would be tasting my cum on his cock. I fingered her harder and sucked her clit as Kevin fucked her mouth.

I heard muffled moans escape her lips that were wrapped around Kevin’s cock as Natasha came against my mouth. I licked harder as I held onto her thighs as she tried to hump against me as she came. She tasted so amazing and I couldn’t get enough of her.

Kevin pulled from her mouth and his cock was throbbing so hard. He grabbed me and picked me up and almost tossed me onto the couch. He flipped me over until I was kneeling on the couch and without any hesitation he pushed his cock deep inside my pussy as he grabbed my hips and groaned. I grabbed the back of the couch as he started fucking me hard, just taking my pussy as he wanted. My breasts were bouncing as I screamed out as Kevin’s cock pumped so deep into me that I knew I was going to cum again for him. Natasha knelt next to me on the couch in the same position and I turned to her and kissed her. I started to cum as she kissed me and my pussy soaked her husband’s cock. Kevin pulled out of my dripping pussy and then shoved his cock into his wife’s pussy and she moaned into my mouth as we kissed. He grabbed her tightly and fucked her as hard as he could. Powering his cock into the woman he loved as she kissed the girl next door who he had already just fucked. I slid my hand between her legs and rubbed her clit as her husband took her. She broke out kiss and started squealing and bucking back onto him as he fucked her.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” Natasha screamed so loudly as Kevin slammed into her even harder. I kept flicking over her clit as she threw her blonde hair back and screamed. Cumming on her husband’s thick aching hard cock. She was panting as her whole body shook from her huge orgasm and Kevin was gasping like he was also about to explode inside of her.

“Fuck, where should I cum?” he shouted out and Natasha reached back and pushed him back until he popped out of her soaked pussy.

“We both want your cum,” Natasha said as I joined her on the floor kneeling in front of her husband. She pulled my hand up to his cock and I grabbed him and started stroking him as we put our heads together, our mouths open as we stared up at Kevin. My hand pumping his cock as he grabbed hold of our hair in each of his hands. We both stared at his cock waiting for him to explode for both of us. My hand stroking him as he almost roared with pleasure as his cum splashed into our mouths and over our faces. I kept milking him as thick gooey cum covered our tongues. Then Natasha and I turned to each other and kissed. Kevin’s cum dripping from our mouths and over our faces as we kissed so hard. All three of us collapsed onto the floor together panting and laughing. Cuddling each other.

“Does this mean I’m your girlfriend now?” I asked both of them as I cuddled up with them.

“Fuck yes you are!” Kevin said as he held both of us tightly against him.

“Oh yes baby you are. Now let’s all go get in bed,” added Natasha as she kissed me softly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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