The Going Away Gift

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The one way ticket to Los Angeles lay on the coffee table in the living room of Rita’s apartment. Once Rick was gone, there was no turning back. Rita stared at the boarding pass knowing that after tonight she would be on her own. The leggy brunette with long dark chestnut hair and blue eyes sat on the sofa and poured a glass of wine from the bottle sitting next to the ticket. Taking a deep drink from the red liquid she had to remind herself that Rick was serious about making a new start and he was proving it. He had been her best friend since childhood and always there for her when she needed him. Now it was his turn to do something for himself. She couldn’t stop him nor did she want to. It wasn’t her style to keep someone from pursuing their dreams.

Rick was a tallish man with a medium build and toned tanned body. He had close cut blond hair, grey green eyes and a smile that could melt the heart of the coldest of women. Rita always had a crush on him, but it seemed to him she was just a good friend and nothing more. She took another sip of the wine before placing the glass on the coffee table. There had to be something she could do before he left so he would remember her. There just had to be.

Rick had closed up his house earlier and asked to use the shower before heading to the airport. Rita didn’t mind. At least she got to see him before he left and that was when the idea came to her. While he was in the shower, she went into her bedroom and undressed and waited until she heard the water stop and prepared herself. When Rick came out of the bathroom he was toweling nizip escort himself dry and Rita caught him off guard. For several moments they just stared at each other as if they had never seen each other before. Rita gazed at his body with the water droplets streaking down his chest. It was all she could do to speak.

“I’m here to give you your going away present,” she said lowly with her eyes focused on his.

“And what would that be?” Rick asked tossing the towel to the side so that she could see his erection growing harder with every breath he took.

Rita patted the bed beside her with her hand.

“Come lay down and let me show you,” she cooed in such a sultry tone that Rick did what she asked without hesitation.

As he lay on his back, his hand brushed against her breast causing her nipple to jump at his touch.

“It seems you will be enjoying my farewell gift as much as I will,” he chuckled softly.

Rita didn’t answer but slid between his legs lowering herself far enough so that her lips were at the base of his shaft. Gently she cupped his balls and ran her tongue over one then to the other. His shaft jumped and tightened.

Rick took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“Are you sure this is what you want to do?” he asked hoarsely.

“Shhhhh,” Rita said as her hand slipped around his shaft.

Rick bit his lower lips as Rita began to stroke him slowly up and down, up and down. Then with her tongue she licked his shaft from the base to the tip where she flicked the head of it with her tongue with short quick strokes tasting the saltiness of his precum as she did. Her tongue circled the head of his shaft like she was licking and ice cream cone. Rick gripped the bed sheets.

“I don’t know how long…” his voice trailed as Rita’s tongue slid back down his shaft.

Rita then raised herself enough to slide her breasts around Rick’s shaft and slid them up and down on while Rick watched the head of his shaft slip into view then disappear as Rita buried it between her succulent mounds. She slid back down and when the head of his shaft appeared again she lowered herself so that her mouth covered the head of it. All Rick could see were two full pink lips taking his shaft into her mouth then rising again only to go deeper down her throat. Rick moaned as she sucked him, her hand fondling his balls as she did so. Rita loved the taste of his shaft, the way the ridges of it rubbed against her tongue, the way he pushed with his hips to push it further down her throat. The softness of the inside of her cheek a warm and wet cave for him to explore. She placed her hand around his shaft and stroked as she guided it into her mouth, faster first with short strokes then long deeper strokes. Rick’s thigh’s tightened.

“Don’t stop,” he begged.

Rita smiled up at him releasing his shaft from her mouth, “Oh but I must to give you everything. You want all of your present don’t you?”

Rick sweating licked his lips.

Rita raised up on her hands and knees and dragger her full breasts, her nipples taut, and ran them along his hips to his waist and over his chest. She straddled him and allowed her breasts to hang over his mouth and slid side to side so that both nipples brushed against his lips. Rick cupped each in a hand and squeezed them then brought one to his mouth and sucked deeply on it and then released it to suck on the other.

“Now what?” he said between gritted teeth.

Rita sat up and guided his shaft to the swollen warmth of her pussy and slid down on it, rose up and slid down on it again. She could feel her own desire beginning to rise, but held back. This was his present just for him. She slid on him like silk and gripped his shaft soaking it with her juices.

“You’re going to make me cum,” Rick growled.

Rita acted as if she didn’t hear him and climbed off him only to slide between his legs once again. This time she stroked him, firm slippery wet strokes before sliding his shaft back into her mouth and she began suck.

Rick leaned back, his back arching, his legs quivering as she sucked him harder, drawing his cum from the base of his shaft to the tip of its pulsating head. Rick could not hold back and shot his hot cream into her mouth. She drank him in swallowing and swallowing after each eruption. It was hot, thick and salty as it slid down her throat. His mind went blank as he convulsed in her mouth until he could no longer give her anymore and collapsed on the bed. Rita slid his shaft out of her mouth and kissed the head of it before rubbing it over her lips to catch the last few drops of his cum.

“You better hurry or you’ll miss your plane,” Rita cooed rubbing his shaft against her cheek.

Rick opened his eyes and chuckled.

“I’ll catch the next flight out and trust me I’ll be coming back.”

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