The Great Covid Breakout Pt. 01

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Note to reader.

Although there are references in his account to Scat, none is included. The Scat element will be covered in part 2. Therefore those wishing to enjoy my true life adventure without covering the more extreme side can do so by reading parts 1 and 3 and omitting part 2. I have therefore divided the account to avoid any unnecessary offence to my readers.

Thank you for your interest.

Luv Rachel xx

I was absolutely shattered as I flopped down on my sofa, coffee in hand, and reached for the remote to catch up on the current news situation, which all seemed to be bad.

I listened as the reports covered the ongoing covid crisis, the potential expulsion of a young Russian skater from the Winter Olympics in Beijing and the worrying alleged build-up of Russian forces on the Ukraine border. I turned the TV off and began to ponder my week.

I had so much work that I needed another colleague to help me keep on top of things or keep the paperwork in order while I was out doing site visits. I had clients, estate agents and solicitors all breathing down my neck, wanting the information yesterday. It was pressure, pressure, pressure, and I needed a release.

I froze as the phone rang, wondering if it might be someone trying to chase me up at home. I recognised the number displayed to be from Glasgow, as I do little work in that part of Scotland, I deemed it safe to answer. I guessed it was perhaps one of those annoying surveys that seem to inundate so many of us.

‘Hello, Rachel speaking,’ I said cautiously as I lifted the receiver.

‘Hello, my little darling,’ a jolly voice almost boomed down the line. It was a voice I recognised from the heavy Irish County Offaly accent.

‘Hello, Tynan,’ I responded, relieved that the call would not be work-related. ‘ Long time no speak. How’s the form?’

‘Oh, the forms great, great, just great. Busy. busy, busy, not enough hours in the day.’

‘Tell me about it,’ I sighed, taking a sip from my coffee.

‘How’d you manage through covid?’ Tynan enquired.

‘One dose, thankfully fairly mild and ten days isolation,’ I replied, ‘and you?’

‘Escaped it. Totally. Not a whiff. Luck of the Irish, you see.’

I smiled. In all the years I have known Tynan, he has always been an optimist. It must be something to do with the greenness of his emerald isle home.

‘You did well,’ I laughed, ‘Not that I’d wish it on anyone. Despite being mild, it was no fun.’

‘Pity you didn’t let me know, you beautiful creature. I’d gladly have come up to care for you and rub your chest with something to help you breathe.’

‘Thanks. I could have done with a bit of care and attention.’

‘Anyway, I know it’s a while since I’ve been in touch, but how’s your sex life?’

‘Ha!’ I replied sardonically, ‘Pretty much dead these last two years.

‘Well then, Rachel, I’ve good news for you, my darling. Restrictions are ending, and I reckon a trip down here to Glasgow will remove the covid doldrums from your mind. What do you say?’

‘What for?’


‘What for? What do you want me to travel all the way down to Glasgow for?’

‘Oh Rachel,’ Tynan responded, sounding crestfallen, ‘Sex my darling, sex sex sex and more sex.’

‘I see,’ I replied cautiously, ‘Who with?’

‘Young men all eighteen and hot as chillies and keen as mustard.’

‘What in the world would eighteen-year-old Glaswegians want with a woman twice their age? I asked incredulously.

‘Sex, Rachel, and humiliation, total, absolute, degrading humiliation.’

‘I see,’ I said, sitting upright to take more interest. ‘Who are they?’

‘Three are new starters here at the factory. We took them on last year as trainees. Great lads, as I said, hot as chillies.’

‘So how come you want my services?’

‘Long story, Rachel, long story. I overheard them in the canteen describing how vanilla their sex lives were. One described a scene he’d seen on the internet with a woman being humiliated. He said he’d send them the link, but that sort of thing never happens in real life.’

‘I see,’ I responded, feeling a little moist in a specific area.

‘A couple of days later, I heard them talking about the clip when they’d all seen it. It did sound hot, and it is as I’ve seen it myself.’

‘So what’s it of?’

‘A secretary type woman, blindfolded and handcuffed and being pushed around by these guys who slowly remove her clothes while mocking her. It’s in German, so you have to guess what they say. Then they pee on her then make her pee herself, they also spit on her and slap her a bit.’

‘And you want me to play her part for these young men?’

‘You’re on the ball there, Rachel, except they found another video they like too.’


Yes indeed, yes indeed,’ Tynan enthused. This is similar with a girl taken off the street and used and abused. The guys want to incorporate aspects of both videos. Are you up for it?’

‘After lockdown, I’m up for anything,’ I laughed, ‘Especially if some hunky, sexy, eighteen-year-old Glasweageons Didim Escort want to use an old hag like me!’

‘When I saw the videos, I thought only of you Rachel. I knew you could fulfil their fantasies. Have you done any shit lately?’ Tynan asked bluntly.

‘In what way?’

‘Well, I know you have attended some of these messy, smelly events in the past. Does that still excite you?’

‘Tynan,’ I responded seriously, ‘I engage in that sort of activity purely for the benefit of the guys who request it. For me, it is far more an endurance test than something that excites me.’

‘So you’d be happy for the lads to include it?’

‘Oh yes, of course, I will,’ I answered a little sarcastically, ‘If that’s going to turn them on. I’ll become their shit slut or toilet tart. Anything to please.’

‘Great, any limits?’

‘Oh, you’re a tease Tynan,’ I replied with a slight giggle, ‘You know what they say, in for a penny in for a pound. No limits other than my usual of no cutting, burning, puke or blood and respecting my safeword at all times.’

‘Oh yes, they will have no problem respecting those, but just to be clear, you’re happy for them to use you as their toilet?’

‘If I must to please them. And they do want sex as well?’

‘Oh yes indeed, sex, slapping, smacking and shit.’

‘Hey, that’s pretty good,’ I answered, ‘Four S’s nearly makes my internet name Sexusuperslut.’

‘You’re definitely that alright, Rachel. So absolutely no limits on using you as a toilet.’

‘No! In at the deep end, as they say. Now normality is returning, I may as well start in style. My only request is they test for Covid each day in the five days before we meet. I think we need some precautions.’

‘I agree,’ Tynan replied, ‘When do you want to meet the guys over facetime?’

‘Whenever we are all free to do so.’

‘Well, Rachel, all three have been listening to this conversation in my office. I had my phone on speaker. They are here with me now.’

I nearly spilt my coffee in surprise. A spluttered ‘Really?’ was all I could muster in response.

‘Yes, they are, and I can imagine they are hard as steel listening to you.’

‘You rat, Tynan!’

‘I’ll ring you straight back on your mobile so you can chat face to face.’

I never even had time to check in the mirror that I looked passable before my mobile in my handbag started ringing.

‘Hello, my little northern beauty,’ Tyan echoed in his Irish brogue. ‘I’d like you to meet Kevin, Brett and Tom.’

I smiled rather sheepishly at the three images on my phone.

‘Hello guys,’ I managed to croak out at this wholely unexpected turn of events.

‘Hey?’ One of them said, directing his remarks in Tynan’s direction. ‘Is that really her? She doesn’t look thirty-six, and she’s gorgeous.’

‘I did tell you, boys,’ Tynan responded off screen, ‘I did tell you!’

‘Hello Rachel,’ Kevin finally managed to say, smiling cheesily at me.

‘Hi guys,’ I repeated rather tamely. ‘Well, I have obviously passed the looks test from that comment?’

‘You look great.’

‘Why, thank you, kind sir,’ I replied cheekily.

‘Have you really done all those things you wrote about on that sex stories site?’ Brett questioned with the incisiveness of a Columbo.

‘Guilty as charged,’ I confessed.

‘Wow! You are a filthy whore.’

‘Not all the time. Just when I find some sexy guys who enjoy making me one. Otherwise, I’m a bit dull, really.’

‘Rachel,’ Tynan called butting in, ‘I think I’ve found those sexy guys you were looking for!’

‘Umm,’ I teased, ‘Sure looks like it, but are they up to the task?’

‘If you are, we are,’ Kevin retorted enthusiastically. ‘Can we show you what we want to do?’

‘What, right now?’ I questioned.

‘Yes, Tynan has edited the two videos together to take out the boring stuff, so you can see what we want to do to you. We think they are so hot!’

‘Okay, play away,’ I giggled.

I watched as the phone was put in front of Tynan’s iPad, and I saw a woman wearing a white blouse, sports jacket, and knee-length skirt marched into a room with a paper bag over her head and her hands cuffed behind her back. From the cuffs dangled her handbag. The girl was pushed around between four men before being partially stripped, groped, slapped, smacked and hit, with something that looked more like a fly swat than a horse crop, over her ample breasts and pussy. The woman was made to pee, forced to squat while the guy’s pissed over her head, then used her as their sex toy.

‘What do you think?’

‘Poor girl,’ I commented.

‘Would you let us and three others do something like that to you?’

As I looked at the guys on the screen, I pondered, ‘I might, but who are the three others?’ I concluded.

‘Friends who want to join in. If you came, you’d be meeting six of us, so lots of fun. Can we show you the other video?’

‘If you wish.’

The second clip played out similarly with a girl, much more in keeping with my build but wearing something more Didim Escort Bayan akin to a nylon hood, paraded into a room to be used by four men. They slowly stripped her, occasionally slapping her face, tits and bum before spitting in her face, peeing over her and then fucking her.’

‘I take it you want a combination of the two films?’ I said as the clip ended and the faces of Kevin, Brett and Tom reappeared.

‘Yes, but do you think those slaps and whips hurt those girls?

‘I wouldn’t have thought so. They were acting.’

Exactly. That first bitch, forgive my description, screamed every time that guy tickled her with his whip thing. I’m sure it never hurt her.’

‘So you want to hit me harder.’

‘Oh yes. We don’t want you to act but scream in real pain.’

‘Ha! Thanks,’ I countered.

‘And we want to do something else to you?’


‘Yes, we want to shit on you and make you clean our arses. Total degradation.’

‘Oh boy! You do want a lot.’

‘And we want to fuck you hard too, over and over.’

‘Anything else I can help you with?’

‘If we can treat you like a filthy whore all weekend, we will be thrilled.’

‘Wow, Tynan. You certainly found some interesting characters.’

‘Yes, they are, aren’t they. When they described those films and then showed them to me, I immediately thought of you, Rachel.’

‘Thanks. After two long years of forced abstinence, I have to decide whether I want to start back with a bang or let these young men down.’

‘Come on, Rachel, you know you want to please these guys, and you did say you had no limits.’

‘Did I?’ I laughed as I stared at the screen.

‘Yes, you did,’ Tynan reminded me.

‘Does that mean,’ Tom broke in, speaking for the first time, ‘Does that mean we can shit in your mouth.’

‘No! I do have some reservations.’

‘But you promised no limits a few minutes ago, Rachel. You said it yourself.’

‘Yes but…’ I stammered.

‘You did it once in Manchester,’ Kevin responded, ‘I read about it.’

‘That’s the only time, though, and it was so gross I vowed never to do it again.’

‘Won’t you reconsider just for us? Please. It would be so hot for a woman to allow us to do that to her.’

‘Would you let me do it to you?’ I questioned.

‘Yes, absolutely, if it meant we could do it to you in return,’ Brett responded.

‘I’ll think about it.’ I finally added closing that part of the conversation.

Two weeks later, having finished work early, I took the scenic A82 south towards Glasgow to face a weekend of dirty defiling debauched degradation. At thirty-six, I knew that I really must be mad to be prepared to be treated in the way I knew I was going to be when I arrived at my destination.

One of the three young men had contacted me daily since that first introduction made by Tynan. On occasions, they just wanted to chat about everything and anything. Other times it was telling me just what a time I was to expect when we met. I am sure that their equipment was almost bursting out of their trousers as they described their intentions. Oddly my own sex gauge turned damp each time I listened. Together we planned the weekend meticulously, and I knew that although it might be a real test of endurance for me, I was sure the young men would be rock hard all the time.

The three apprentices, where Tynan was foreman, had been joined by their three other friends. These six had also asked my permission to allow other friends access to watch. Having spent some time during my days at university working as an amateur stripper, I could not really object. I might enjoy the whole dirty experience better if I knew others were getting hard-ons due to my activities. As I had said to Tynan, ‘In for a penny in for a pound.’

Tynan had chosen the building for the weekend’s activities well. It was a place that the company he worked for was renovating. It bore an uncanny resemblance to the places on the two videos, both of which I had during the intervening days viewed in their entirety.

I was met warmly enough by all six strapping young Scotsmen and ushered into the building where the event would take place. We sat on makeshift seats of wooden planks sitting on old fashioned milk crates as we had a short ‘get to know you’ session before embarking on anything more intimate.

The first night had been planned for sex, and I had promised to open my legs and mouth to them while any of them who wanted to opened my arse. I confess that at thirty-six, I thought my days of wanton abandon with men half my age were long past. How wrong I was.

I stood up and slowly and provocatively started removing my clothes. The following day I had agreed to them being torn off; however, on this first encounter, I would control what was removed and when.

When all that was left was my bra and knickers, I could see that tantalising the guys further would be cruel, so I offered to allow them to take off my remaining garments. Hands grabbed underwear and skin, leaving me feeling like Escort Didim a rugby ball amid a ruck.

I was soon on my back, lying on a large but firm mattress, with my legs wide apart as the first of the six teenagers prepared to make full use of my expectant pussy as others clamoured for the attention of my hands.

After the first well-endowed penis had thrust deep and hard between my parted thighs, shot his load, and exited, I was placed on my hands and knees, making my mouth available to all comers.

I was given no time to feel sore or tired as all six guys filled each of my exposed orifices with warm, sticky cum. These eighteen-year-old horny guys seemed to have very little need for a time to recharge. One out, one in, one waiting was the order as they made full use of the middle-aged slut naked before them. Having had no group sex encounters for nearly two years, I was tight again, and the young men were well endowed and enjoyed stretching my bum and pussy as they pushed deep inside.

After over four hours that flew by filled with none stop sexual activity, we were sweating and messy as I lay still prone and breathing heavily on the mattress.

‘Well,’ I questioned, ‘How did the old hag do?’

‘Fucking great,’ Kevin replied, smiling. ‘Tynan was right; you certainly know how to please guys.’

‘I always try my hardest,’ I smiled, ‘I hope I don’t let you down tomorrow.’

‘I’m sure you won’t,’ Tom interjected, ‘I’m certain you will be much more fun than those two lassies on the videos.’

‘Um. I’m not sure about that, but I will try.’

‘One thing is for sure,’ Brett added, ‘You’re a hundred times prettier. The two girls both had okay bodies but ugly faces.’

‘I didn’t think they were that bad,’ I countered.

‘Yeah, but you’re incredibly sexy, beautiful and hot as fuck and prepared to be as filthy as muck. You couldn’t be better.’

‘Thanks,’ I responded, and what about my age?’

‘Okay, okay, if we could knock ten years off, we would, but beggars can’t be choosers,’ Kevin replied with a half-smile.

Due to the state of the building, washing facilities were primitive, just a hose in a small yard. It was cold as I allowed the lads to wash me down before I headed to spend the night at Tynan’s house. I wondered how things would be twenty-four hours later when I washed, having been a human toilet much of the day.

The following day I dressed, as requested, in a matching short-sleeved blouse and long flowing skirt. Tynan looked at me quizzically. ‘How do you feel,’ he asked.

‘Scared, nervous, worried, petrified,’ I confessed.

‘Sorry. I should not have got you to come,’ he confessed.

‘It’s okay. I’ll survive. They seem like nice lads.’

‘I think you should wait until tonight to give that assessment,’ he said, smiling.

I was pleased that Tynan had agreed to spend the day with me. His presence gave me confidence that, if required, he would step in. Not that I had any concerns about the young men. They were polite and courteous, and I was sure that what they intended to do to me would be the highlight of their young lives. I took a deep breath and walked back into the dilapidated building to meet my fate.

‘All ready, Rachel?’ Kevin asked almost sympathetically.

‘As ready as I’ll ever be,’ I responded sheepishly.

‘Please forgive us for what we are about to do to you, Rachel,’ Tom asked.

‘I do. All I request is you enjoy every minute of it even if I don’t. If I see you guys with mega-sized cocks during the day, I’ll be well happy, if somewhat smelly and repulsive.’

My hands were cuffed behind me and my nylon hood placed over my head before I was led into the main room where others were seated to enjoy the proceedings.

As soon as the door behind me closed, the ‘fun’ commenced as I was pushed and jostled between my six captors.

‘Titless slut.’

‘Dirty whore.’

‘Filthy fucker,’

‘Bog brush.’

The humiliating names and insults came thick and fast as I lost all sense of my bearings as shoving me around continued apace.

‘Get off me, you filthy creatures,’ I called out under my nylon head covering.

‘Shut up, you stinking slut.’ I was told with a moderate slap across my face.

Eventually, I was held tight facing someone as I felt my skirt lifted and a hand slap my backside hard. After being passed around a little longer, I was again seized as my blouse was ripped open, revealing my lacey black bra.

Another couple of passes between various hands saw me restrained as the front of my skirt was lifted, and several hands felt my pussy area, slapping it over my tights and panties.

The next stop saw my bra pulled down to sit below my breasts, raising them and making them appear more like a B cup than an A.

‘Where are they?’ one of my detractors questioned.

‘The bitch ain’t got any tits!’ another responded.

I heard someone clearing their throat and then a popping sound before something landed on my chest. I realised I was being spat on.

After my initial outburst, apart from a few groans, I remained reasonably placid until this point. When someone grabbed my left nipple, squeezed it and pulled it tight, I screamed blue murder.

‘Noisey little pig, ain’t she?’ Someone called out from the crowd. ‘Make her do it again.’

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