The Hot Seat

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She rocked slowly back and forth in her swing moaning. She had stopped for a short time but then Tammy had gone to work cleaning her. “Oh my fucking god.” She moaned then clenched her mouth closed. She pulled at the plastic handles and for a moment she had her back up off the strap that ran below her shoulder blades.

“You okay?” I asked her. The truth was I was concerned. “Dakota?” I asked her quietly. It was her safe word. It meant everything would come to a stop.

“Not yet.” She breathed at me. “Not yet.” She muttered it a couple more times. It was difficult for her to speak really. Tammy was really good at what she was doing. I would have kissed my wife but for the cum that clung to her cheek and chin.

“Do you want a towel?” I asked her.

“No. No towel. What are we on, four? Who is four.”

“You know I can’t tell you.” I grinned at her. I wasn’t 100% in with her game but it was her idea.

Robert had moved up behind our friend Tammy. Tammy was aggressively bisexual. When she heard Emily’s plan she wanted in. “Let me lick it. You know, in between.”

“I don’t know,” Emily responded. “Doesn’t it defeat the purpose?”

The two of them decided it would be okay. I think Em’ was surprised at how hard it was to take a tongue on her just fucked clit. She moaned loudly as she was fucked but it was when Tammy took to cleaning her sweet little pussy that she actually squealed.

Robert positioned himself between her legs. Emily was suspended from the ceiling held over the foot of the bed by a series of black padded straps. There were stirrups that held her feet high in the air and spread wide. She had tried a couple of times to close her thighs but it was impossible. We had modified the stirrups that held her ankles with cuffs that buckled holding her legs in place. Her hands were similarly bound at the end of a long stretch of plastic pipe. It was her design, I had only engaged to make it work.

“Who was number three? Where is number three?” she called out. After you fucked the men fucked her, after they had cum inside of her, they rotated. The strap that ran at the back of her neck allowed her to lay her head back. She wasn’t really giving head, that phrase suggests she had something to do with it. What she was doing was getting fucked in the mouth while she got fucked in the pussy. She gagged frequently but she knew how to do it. Still, most men pulled back when she gagged just to be courteous. Robert was not overly endowed but number three, a man named Dave was immense. As Robert began to fuck her she struggled to keep him between her lips. “Don’t hold back. Fuck me.” she growled. No one really knew which dick she was referring to so they both picked up their pace. Linda, Robert’s wife was watching closely. I didn’t blame her tandoğan escort for wanting to play with Em’s tits. Emily has great tits. When the woman began to tease them I paid close attention. I didn’t want it to be too much. When she shook her head enough to shake the dick out of her mouth and sneered that she wanted it harder, Linda smiled and complied. The moaning was loud.

Tammy was the first one to ask if I was okay. She had just cleaned up after Robert. She moved to the bed beside me as Emily began to suck Robert’s dick. Number five was up. Number five was Andre and Andre lived up to the reputation of a black man with a long and thick schlong. It was impressive and intimidating. Emily had never been with him before. When he began to fuck her she let go of Robert, gripped the handles pulling her self up out of the strips.

“Oh fuck!” she cried. She repeated it. “Oh fuck.”

“I can’t believe she can still come.” Whispered Tammy.

“Go! Go! Go!” my wife barked. Andre growled. I watched the clock. There wasn’t any sort of time limit. I wondered if there should of have been. “Go — Fuck! Go — Fuck!” she growled. He liked the encouragement. He moaned when he came pulling his anaconda out of her he coated her in four long dripping shots of cum.

“Next, just go. HARD!”

Seven took his place. She cried out. “Don’t stop. Go. Fuck, Fuuuuuck.” She said. It looked like an orgasm. Somehow she beat Randy to the punch. He stopped fucking her and pulled out, stroking his cock. “Someone fuck me.” she said. He jacked off on her as my friend Dave took his turn. Dave had been divorced a while and hadn’t been dating anyone. He wasn’t the typical invite to our swinger parties but she had wanted ten. I needed numbers. He moaned louder than she did. She slapped against his hips, her tits Number two was back, he noticed she wasn’t sucking a cock so he moved up to her face and laid his cock against her mouth. She took it. It was what she wanted. She moaned into it as she slapped back and forth between the two of them. Her moans were louder when number two pulled at her tits in a way I knew was painful. She typically wasn’t into that but in the right mood it was okay. I suppose she was in the right mood.

I kind of hated myself for finding this as hot as I did. I never really thought of myself as a cuckold but I suppose I was. Still, I was worried.

“Maybe you should stop her,” whispered Tammy in my ear.


“Hon’ I can tell. Trust me. You want me to do it?”

“No. It’s okay. She can stop it if she needs to.”

“You don’t seem to be enjoying it.” She said, teasing my soft dick to point out how she knew.

“Well crap.” I said. Knowing I was almost up.

“Lie back.” tunalı escort She said.

I listened to number nine and number eight fuck her. I listened to her moans. I listened to the squirting slappy sounds of her being fucked and as Tammy sucked my cock hard I relaxed enough to recover.

“Are you okay?” I asked her.

“Are you up already?” she asked me.

“Almost done.”

“Do me baby. Give me that cock, you know its my favorite.”

Tammy chased away the cock that had come looking to get sucked by sitting herself over Em’s head. Em craned her neck as if to suck a dick and was instead presented with tammy’s large perfect breasts. She grinned and sucked them instead. I slipped my cock into the wet sticky mess that was my wifes cunt and began to fuck her. Her ass slapped against my hips.

“I’m going to come again.” I heard my wife tell our friend. Tammy kissed her. Emily is not into girls, not even in the way most swingers are kissing and such to entertain the men. She made an exception for Tammy though and as the women kissed I cleared my mind and fucked her.

We moaned together. Tammy had released her arms and pulled off the blind fold. We looked at each other. I gripped her hands firmly and used them to pull her to me as I thrust. Emily talked to me, mewing profanities. “Fuck your slut wife. Like that. Oh, fuck me good. Fuck me hard. You know your cock is my favorite. It didn’t take long, watching her fuck and just having my cock sucked there was no way I was going to last longer than a minute or two. When I came I released her hands and gripped her tits, now also slippery, sticky, and wet with cum. She cooed at me when she felt me come inside of her.

The party filtered out of our room while Tammy and I freed Emily and helped her out of the swing. I held her about the waist while she recovered her ability to walk getting over the pins and needles.

“You okay?” I asked her again. I got that it was getting old.

“You can stop. I am good.” She growled the word good.

“I’m okay. I worry. It’s my job.”

Tammy was as uncomfortable as we both seemed to be. She pulled my wife away from me. “Lets get you cleaned up.” She said. I tried to follow and was sent away. “Girl stuff. Go host.”

“The party that had retreated from Emily’s birthday present had found their way to the living room and started a more proper orgy. I watched the fucking and sucking and drank first one then two beers down quickly. As stragglers began to break loose I wandered with them to our back patio where I mooched a cigarette off of one of the smokers and sat chatting with them on the patio. I declined the opportunity to fuck Laura but when she insisted I allowed her to give me head. türbanlı escort I am a sucker for oral sex and Laura is a striking women for over fifty years old. I was relaxing and grinning stupidly when the tall bonde and short curvy redhead slipped onto the patio. Emily was in a nightgown, Tammy was in one of my dress shirts.

Okay, I am a dirty old pervert. I wanted them right then and there. I didn’t quite get to but I did get to suck on Tammy’s perfect tits while Laura finished what she had started on my cock.

It was still early and the pile of flesh in the living room continued for an hour while my wife and I sat with our closer friends on the patio. It wasn’t yet midnight when the last party goers filed out. Tammy was still at the house but had slipped off to our guest room. She typically stayed over. Emily and I left the mess where it was and made our way to bed. I unfastend the swing.

“The swing work out okay?”

“Come here.” She called to me. I crawled along the bed and met her. “Stop worrying. I got what I wanted. It was awesome.” She kissed me. “I was a good slut. Wasn’t I.”

“The best.” I told her.

“You are not actually poking me with a boner right now, are you?” I just smiled at her.

“Can’t help. You are the hottest slut I know.”

“You know I don’t want to say no, right?”

“I know.”

“I just can’t”

“It’s okay.” I told her. It really was. The hard-on had surprised me as well. I wasn’t really intending to use it.

“Go on.”


“you now what I mean.”


“Go. I got my little fantasy tonight. Go give her one.”

“That’s against the rules.” I reminded her. She didn’t need reminding. She knew exactly what she was talking about. It wasn’t more than a month ago when Emily was planning her bondage, swinging, gangbang fantasy that she had asked Tammy what she would do. Tammy had just asked for a night alone playing house.

“I just took nine cocks bareback against the rules. Just go. Before he goes back to sleep.”

“You sure?”

“Stop being a pussy.” She told me. She kissed me. “I love you. Go.”

“I love you too.”

Tammy wasn’t in the guest room. I ran into her in the kitchen on the way. She was pouring a glass of wine. She asked me what was up. She asked if everything was okay. She asked if I wanted a glass of wine too. I didn’t answer any of them. I started kissing her, then undressing her. When I had my dress shirt unbuttoned and her chest taunted me I lifted her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me tightly.

We padded silently to bed. Once we collapsed together she spoke again. This time I would answer.

“This makes two fantasies you are granting in one night.” She said. “When do we get to make yours come true?”

Between kissing her on the mouth and breasts I answered. “What could I possibly still want?”

“I don’t know, but make it good because I can’t wait to give it to you.”

I let my mind go blank and took her, releasing the nights frustrations in a fury of lust, anger, fear, sex, and love. I would try to figure out a good fantasy tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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