The Hotel Maid Pt. 03

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Annabelle awoke to a gentle hissing sound rising above that of the room’s air conditioning. Uncertain as to her whereabouts or even wholly to her own identity, she rolled over on the bedsheets to stare outwards to where a squatting, naked Gabriella was busily reliving herself over the carpet.

‘Hello lover,’ she said, the stream of piss leaving her lower lips not abating in the slightest. ‘I will be back with you in just a moment.’

‘No rush,’ murmured Annabelle. ‘I love watching you pee.’ It was an honest confession as she could not wrest her gaze from the squirting fountain of clear urine leaving as a torrent from Gabriella’s matted collection of black pubic hairs.

‘Good, I’m glad.’ The growing damp stain on the carpet was growing larger by the second, the Asian woman appearing totally unconcerned as to the mess her naughty toilet was making.

‘Aren’t you afraid that somebody will see the mark on the carpet?’ Annabel asked.

Gabriella looked up from where she had taken to keenly watching the playing impact point of her spraying piss arch as it landed on the plush floor.

‘I have a good friend who will help me take care of it,’ she said with a special smile. ‘In fact, once I’ve finished, then maybe you would like a go?’

Annabel checked her bladder, suddenly realising just how full it was after all the water she had drunk prior to their lovemaking. Another memory resurfaced.

‘You peed on me in the bed!’

‘Yes, I did.’ Gabriel had the warmest of smiles. ‘Would you like me to do it again?’

It took barely a moment for her answer to arrive. ‘Yes, yes, I would.’ The hot stream of Gabriel’s hot wet pee had been the most erotic of acts, a sharing of bodily fluids warmed to extreme heat before being squirted from the most special of places.

‘There, finished,’ Gabriella exclaimed as she sent one last quick squirt of piss from her pussy lips to add to the damp pee puddle glistening on the carpet.

‘Should I pee there as well?’ Annabel asked, already excited at the prospect of freely pissing over the floor.

‘I don’t think it could withstand it,’ Gabriel said as she rose from her pee squat. ‘Think of somewhere else to go. As long as I get to watch, then I don’t care where you pee, but I want to see that wonderful pussy of yours in action.’

A minute later and the role of the two women was reversed, Gabriella in the bed and Annabelle in position ready to start her toilet. She had clambered up onto the writing desk, completely naked before squatting sinop seks hikayeleri down. Spreading her legs as wide as possible, she made sure that Gabriel had a perfect view before she at last let loose with her much needed pee. Barely a moment later and from her pussy slit shot a twisting stream of perfectly clear urine, rising high into the air before forming a cresting arc that fell downwards, directly over the desk chair. Gabriel gasped in delight at the sight, revelling in the sight of her companion’s naughty toilet. A loud wet patter rose from the wooden chair as it received Annabel’s fountain of spraying piss.

The maid could barely contain her excitement. Peeing over the furniture was such a massive turn-on, more so for being watched by her companion in crime. She was making such a mess, streams of piss running off the thinly cushioned chair. From the bed, Gabriel gave a set of gleeful claps in appreciation. This only encouraged Annabel. Halting her shooting piss fountain for the briefest of moments, she took to standing, placing her bare buttocks against the wall before resuming her toilet. This time the arching stream of pee shot from her pussy slit and travelled further before raining off the chair’s backrest and creating a new splattering torrent of spraying pee that fell away as wet rain to a decorate a spot on the carpet below.

Annabelle’s toilet over the desk and chair ended, her pee hole closing as she exhausted her supply of piss. She was horny as hell and could not wait to return to the damp, piss soiled sheets, ready to screw her new found fuck-buddy for a second time. However, a sudden bleep of a message arriving on her mobile, hidden in her bag on her maid’s trolley, brought her sharply back to reality.

Oh my god, what have I done?

She was a maid, employed to clean rooms and on a tight schedule. Instead, she had purposely vandalised a hotel room by pissing over the furniture, and then by enjoying a golden shower in the bed whilst fucking a gust!

She was in so much trouble!

Horror replaced horniness. She could not afford to lose her job, but she had just effectively done just that. The seat that both she and Gabriella had pissed over remained a sodden mess. Then there was the gleaming damp spreading stain of piss on the carpet, not to mention the urine drench writing desk and chair, to consider. She had absolutely no idea how she was going to hide the evidence of her shared misdeeds. The only consolidation was that their shared piss in the bath would at least be easy to clean up.

‘Are you not going to check your message?’ Gabriella asked from the bed. She had rolled over, hanging her head over the edge, her midnight strands of hair hanging as a curtain of night. Her exposed tits and hardened nipples were the most erotic thing that Annabel had ever seen. Emotions toyed with her. On the one hand, she desperately wished that she could walk over and have a long pee over Gabriella’s face before training her pussy fountain over the woman’s gorgeous breasts, soaking them with her hot piss stream. On the other, there remained the cruel call of reality.

‘I suppose I best,’ Annabel replied, her shoulders slumping as she wandered over to her cleaning trolly. That she had fallen asleep after fucking Gabriella was a testament to how tired her job made her. The message was most likely from her manager, demanding to know why she had not reported in after her shift.

With trembling hands, she retrieved her device and stared in disbelief at the waiting text.

‘Annabel Smith, you have been reassigned to act as a personal cleaning aid to Miss G. Miyho. I trust you will provide the best service possible as a reflection of your role as an employee…”

Annabel stared up in disbelief. The message had been from H.R.

‘That’s you, Miss Miyho?’ she asked in disbelief.

‘Money talks,’ Gabriella gave a mind-blowing gorgeous smile that showed perfect white teeth, as she rolled over on the bed. ‘You are officially mine now, so you are going to have to do everything that I say!’

‘I suppose that you will want me to clean up that?’ Annabel pointed at Gabriella’s gleaming piss puddle on the carpet.

‘No, no,’ laughed the beautiful Asian woman. ‘I want you to help make some more!’ She clambered off the sheets that had been soiled with piss and their shared love making juices. ‘Now, for starters, I think we need a new room to start over, one where the bedsheets are not wet, well not yet at least.’ She gave another one of her smiles. Annabel’s gaze had locked itself onto Gabriella’s wet matted muff of wiry black pubic hairs, wondering if she should simply not drop to the floor and stick her tongue into the woman’s pussy slit.

‘Come on, quick, grab your master key card and let’s move over the corridor. It is time we started drinking if we are to have more fun. Come on, you can pee on me in bed next!’

It was an instruction that was impossible to refuse. After a peek up and down the corridor from the safety of the doorway, the two naked women rushed over to the opposing door, which quickly opened after Annabel swiped her master card. They entered with a fit of giggles, Gabriella pushing Annabel up against the wall as they passionately embraced, questing fingers finding special wet places into which they could plunge. They fucked on the floor, not able to make the bed. By the time they had finished, they were plastered in sweat and it was time to shower, but not before helping themselves to the minibar.

Standing on spread legs, Annabel stared along her naked body, past her pert boobs and at the deep grove of her pussy slit. Gabriel’s naked form was directly below. She was ready! Annabel let go of her much needed bladder desire, feeling it rushing down to where her pussy lips waited. A second later and it found its point of exit. Her pee hole opened and a hot squirting stream of bodily warmed urine shot out as a golden rain to where her lover waited to accept its arrival. Gabriel groaned in pleasure as Annabel’s pee rained over her flesh. Annabel took great delight in tracing her toilet shower up and down her lover’s body, watching as her pee splattered over Gabriella’s pussy patch, the wiry black pubes matting together.

When Annabel had finished, it was Gabriella’s turn to pee. She repaid the favour in full, tracing her flowing pussy fountain up and over Annabel’s ample bosom. Then they fucked.

They lay gasping, entwined as one, the memory of their shared orgasms still reeling through their consciousness. They had soaked the bed with their piss, still deliciously warm as they lay in its embrace, both desperate to repeat their recent act and watching as their wet streams sprayed over the other’s skin. Annabel’s thoughts wandered. She could feel the pulse of Gabriella’s heart, the press of her wet flesh pressing her own. This had been a day like no other, such an amazing chance of fate that Gabriella had returned to her room only to find her maid pissing over the same couch that she had naughtily urinated only minutes earlier. A sudden stab of doubt pierced Annabel’s wandering thoughts.

Just why had Gabriella returned? Why was somebody with obvious wealth stopping in one of the standard rooms and not one of the superior suites in the lofty heights of the expensive hotel?

She opened her eyes, taking in her Asian companion’s exceptional beauty.

It was time for answers!

She was just about to demand an explanation when a sudden knock on the door disturbed the moment. Annabel’s heart raced. They were both naked, their clothes across the hallway.

Who could it possibly be?

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