The Hottest Show on Earth

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Mark went to work feeling pretty good. He always liked working with Amy because they would talk and flirt a lot. Every conversation they had always ended up being about sex, sexual relationships, men and women, etc. Mark thought Amy was cute, but a little too brainy at times for her own good. Plus she was a little strange, she was big into science, meditation, and she was convinced that with enough concentration a person could control things with their minds. Mark loved her ideas but chalked them up to fun stuff to talk about but not to take seriously.

The two of them worked in the theater as lighting technicians and today they were running a tech rehearsal with some of the actors onstage. The job had a very relaxed atmosphere and everyone, actors and techs, got along very well. In fact, it was a very sexual place to work; there was almost more flirting than work on any given day.

This was Mark’s favorite production they had done so far, it was called Sex and Sensuality featuring an all female cast of hotties. The play itself was rather boring, but the girls playing the parts were all fit, beautiful and fun to be around. Plus the director was a woman and although she was older, she wasn’t bad looking herself.

Mark had seen most of the cast in very little clothing over the past few weeks and he was enjoying himself a little too much at times, or so Amy thought. They discussed at length the physical attributes of each actress and Amy was feeling a little insecure about it, but she wouldn’t let on to Mark.

Amy arrived in the tech booth, which looked over the stage, a few minutes before Mark. He would be there soon and she was feeling very nervous. She knew that today would not be just any other day. Today would change everything between them forever. She heard Mark coming and her stomach twitched in anticipation.

“Morning Sexy.” he said as he walked in.

“Hi, Mark. They are still wandering in down there, so we have sometime before anything happens.”

As he put his stuff down he could tell something about Amy was different.

“What’s up?” he asked. You seem . . . off.”

“Oh nothing big. I just figured a few things out last night, that’s all.”

She was smiling ear-to-ear. He smiled back and played along.

“Oh yeah? Like what?”

“Let’s just say I have some new abilities that might impress you.” She was almost snickering.

“Okay, I can’t wait. What is it?”

Amy rolled her eyes up at the ceiling being very playful.

“Well let’s see if I can find something to demonstrate.”

She looked around the room.

“See that bag over there?”

Mark looked at a gym bag on the chair across the room. He looked back at Amy as she focused her eyes on it. Suddenly the bag lifted itself off the chair and flung itself at Mark. He caught it and looked at the bag astonished.

“No way!” He examined the bag closely looking for strings, but found nothing. Then he walked over to the chair and looked for a device of some kind, but still nothing.

“No! I don’t believe it!”

“Believe it. I finally did it. Years I’ve been working at this and I finally found the solution.” She jumped as she spoke.

“There’s no way! Do something else!” Mark was incredulous.

He watched her again. She looked out through the window and onto the stage. She saw Kara; a girl she knew that Mark liked. Kara was wearing a towel over a “nude suit” which is a skin colored body suit that left little to the imagination. Mark watched as Amy focused on Kara and in no time at all her towel burst from her body and onto the floor. Kara was left standing in her body suit looking pretty naked from where they were standing. Mark saw the perfect shape of her breasts as she grabbed at the towel to cover up.

“I know you’re a boob man, so I figured I’d give you a thrill.” Amy said. She looked back at Kara. “Looks like it’s cold down there.”

Although Mark appreciated the sight, he was much too exasperated to react.

“This Pendik Escort is amazing. Amy, do you realize what this means? I don’t. But I know it’s pretty big! Think of what you can do!”

“I have. I’ve been thinking about it all night. And although there are a lot of amazing applications, there’s really only one thing I want to do with this power.”

“What?” Mark asked.

Amy focused on his jeans and before he knew it Mark felt his zipper pulling itself down. He quickly grabbed it and pulled it back up. He laughed very nervously.

“Okay, very funny. But seriously . . .” he cut off his words as he felt his shirt disappear. Mark looked down and saw that he was completely shirtless.

“Amy . . .”

Then he dropped about an inch and felt the cold floor on his feet. He looked down and his shoes and socks were gone. He looked back at her in shock.

“How . . . Don’t!”

She looked at him with a devious grin, Mark’s stomach filled with butterflies, Goosebumps broke out across his body and a sweat began to cover his back and forehead. Once again, his zipper pulled itself down, the button released and the front of his jeans peeled open. Mark grabbed the front of his pants and closed them, he pulled the zipper back up and buttoned them again.

“Okay, seriously now. That was funny, but . . .”

BAM, his pants disappeared off his body. Mark was now standing in only his boxers. Amy was chuckling enthusiastically. Mark instinctively covered himself with his hands as she looked down at his underwear. He felt the fabric of his boxers vanish under his hands as the all too familiar feeling of his naked penis filled them.

Amy was ecstatic now. She thrust her head up high laughing uncontrollably. Mark felt his face flush with rage, then humor. He realized this was pretty funny, but hoped it would end soon.

Amy stepped back and took a good look.

“Well hello Cowboy!” She laughed. “My, my, my what a nice little body you have.”

She looked at how red his face was, how every muscled in his nude form convulsed, how his biceps flexed while trying to conceal his nakedness from her. Mark had a great body; it was as good as she had always hoped.

“Mark, you are gorgeous. Look at you. All this time I watched you watching them, lusting after all the pretty girls down there knowing I could never have you to myself and yet here you are, completely naked and all just for me.”

“Okay, you had your fun. It was funny. I get it. I probably even deserve it. Now can I have my clothes back, please?” He begged.

“Well not yet. I haven’t seen the best parts!” She smiled and looked at his hands covering himself.

“You’ve seen enough, Please!”

“Turn around and let me see that wonderful butt.”

Mark considered running out but he knew there was nowhere to go, plus Jane the director would be coming up the stairs anytime now. He figured it was best to give her what she wanted. He turned around and exposed his naked butt to her. Amy whistled and applauded.

“Now that is one fine ass! Mark, you should be required by law to be naked at all times with a body like that!”

He turned back to face her. He was feeling a little pride in her appreciation of his physique.

“Thank you. Now clothes please.” He said smiling, almost enjoying the embarrassment now.

“Okay, just raise your hands if you will.” She said.

“Nope. That’s where we draw the line. This is getting out of hand.”

“That’s what I want. I want THAT out of your hands!” She laughed pointing to his manhood.

“Jane will be here any minute and you’re going to get me fired. Now give me my clothes back.” He pleaded.

Amy focused on his hands. Mark could feel his arms start to pull away, but he fought it.

“NO!” he yelled.

“I don’t want to do it this way, Mark. I’d rather you showed me because you wanted to, but if I have to . . . “

His arms let go and pulled his hands away. Amy Kurtköy Escort caught only a very brief glimpse of his naked penis when she was distracted by a voice.

“What the hell!” Jane said as she came in the door.

Mark quickly covered up again and ran out of the room. He could hear Jane and Amy saying something to each other as he ran, but couldn’t make out what it was.

Mark ran down the hall and into the stairwell. The cold stairs were stinging his bare feet, but he didn’t know what else to do. He knew there was no way out of this. He recognized that he should have just stayed in the tech booth, and asked Jane for help, but for whatever reason running away seemed to be the solution.

He got near the bottom of the stairs and heard some of the actresses coming up the hall on the other side of the door. He stopped and looked back; he could see Amy and Jane coming down the stairs. He was trapped in the stairwell. The only other door led out into the theater and he couldn’t go that way. He was going to have to make a move, but didn’t know which way to go.

He pushed the theater door open slightly to see if he could sneak away somehow. As soon as he opened the door, he felt warmer. He wasn’t sure why at first then he realized his clothes were back on. Mark looked down and saw that he was once again fully dressed. He reached down and felt the material just to make sure, then he quickly jumped through the door and into the theater.

All the girls on the stage looked at him and began saying hello.

“What’s the matter?” Kara asked. “Your face is red as a beat. What were you doing naughty boy” She laughed.

Mark just wanted to go home. He walked up onstage heading for the back door when he heard Amy call his name. Mark stopped and looked back. Amy and Jane were walking down the theater toward the stage. He was standing center stage. All the girls were looking back and forth from Mark to Amy wondering what this was all about.

“Mark has something to show us everyone take a seat.” Amy said. That smile never faded she was in all her glory.

Like a bunch of robots all the girls including Jane sat in the first two rows of the theater looking up at Mark. He wanted to run, but Amy wasn’t letting him; he assumed she was controlling all the girls too. He wondered just how much power she had.

Mark thought to himself that he just had to concentrate, if she could do it he could do it, or he could at least prevent it from being done.

The theater went dark and the spots were on Mark. He could still see all the girls looking at him. He tried to cover his crotch knowing what was coming, but his arms wouldn’t move. He was pouring with sweat, his heart was pounding, and his stomach felt like it was on the world’s most precarious roller coaster. Amy stood up and climbed onto the stage next to him.

“Ladies, this young man has a crush on all of you. Or at least on all of your bodies. He has lusted after your breasts, asses, legs, and all other parts of your bodies. He has had fantasies about showering with many of you, at the same time of course, and he has masturbated profusely to the imagined representation of your naked bodies. In short, he is a typical guy! And like all typical guys he is a pervert. It’s not his fault really. He is hard wired that way. His penis does all his thinking for him. He is powerless in fact to do anything but spank that thing whenever he can. So I suppose we shouldn’t be mad at him, but at that.”

She pointed to his bulge.

“Now I think it’s time, since all of you have provided him with so many thrills, that he return the favor. It’s time for all of us to see what these boys do behind closed doors.”

Mark shuddered at that. He now realized what he was going to be forced to do. He was terrified and somewhat excited.

Amy took a few steps away as Mark’s arms were pulled out to his sides. He now stood in the pose of the Vitruvian Man. He could feel himself Maltepe Escort becoming a little aroused. He looked around one last time knowing that soon there would be no more secrets. Before he could conjure another thought all of the clothes were torn from his body and flew away.

He was now standing there in front of all these beautiful women completely nude. His penis flopped down against his balls. Every muscle in his body flexed against this action.

He looked at Amy, she was staring right at his piece.

“Looks like you need a little incentive Mark.” Amy looked over at Kara. Kara suddenly stood up drawing Mark’s attention. As she stood her clothes disappeared completely and she stretched her perfect nude body in front of him. But only for a second, then she was clothed and sitting again.

That burned an image in his mind of her perfect boobs, her tight little abs and that lower v-shape he loved so much.

His dick hardened immediately. He looked over at Amy as she watched his penis pulsate with pure, uncompromising desire. She then looked at his face and noticed how it had changed. He had a look of intent, of wild animal lust, she could feel his penis through this new power she obtained, but she wasn’t controlling it. His dick came to life. It throbbed, it wanted to feast upon this moment and Amy noticed that Mark wasn’t looking at Kara, he was looking at her.

He wanted Amy.

He wanted sex.

He wanted release.

And he wanted it now.

She focused on his body and became one with it. Amy mentally stroked his hard cock and as she did so she felt it, not as a woman feeling a man, but as a man feeling his own dick. The sensation was amazing. She could feel the tingling, tickling, and sparkling of a million nerve endings all firing at once. She could feel the hanging balls as they tightened, surged, and readied themselves; the miraculous synchronization of breathing, blood, and skin all joining together to create the most mind-blowing sensation imaginable.

Mark couldn’t believe what he was feeling; this was the best jack-off session he had ever experienced. Even though he could barely think at this point it occurred to him that the audience was also groaning in pleasure. ‘Was it possible?’ he thought. ‘Is she making them all experiencing my pleasure? Is this all of us climaxing at the same time?’

He looked out at the audience and saw a sea of women all wriggling in their chairs; their eyes fixed on his nakedness, their heavy breathing, and their sweat pouring down their necks onto their amazing breasts. He looked back at Amy, he saw her face flushed, her eyes blurred with pleasure and her nipples hardened under her tight shirt. She was standing with her hands cupped together in front of her, breathing uncontrollably, and undulating on curled toes.

He couldn’t take it anymore.

All of Mark’s muscles tightened and released as he fired his hot sperm into the air as all the girls watched in awe.

There was a collective gasp and release felt throughout the theater. Mark was exhausted. He fell to the floor and looked out at the audience. He saw that all the girls had felt what he felt, what Amy felt. He looked over at Amy she looked back to him and smiled one last time.

“Thank you” she whispered.

Suddenly they were back in the tech booth. Amy had used her powers to erase the last forty minutes.

“What?” Mark said as he put his stuff down.

“Nothing, I was just thinking.”

“There’s something different about you. You look more confidant than usual or something.”

“I’ve just . . . learned a few things that’s all. I think I understand guys better now.” She said as she moved in close to him. Mark was a little taken back. Amy put her lips against his and kissed him.

They separated and Mark smiled.

“Whatever you learned, I think I like it.” He moved in this time and kissed her, he pushed his tongue against hers. He pulled her in close and she felt the hardness in his pants growing. His hands slid up and found her breasts, she smiled. ‘Boys will be boys’ she thought to herself. ‘And now I understand why.’

Amy laughed and thought, ‘I’ll get those pants off you yet. And this time it will be your choice.’

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