The Insomniac

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Note to reader: This is a true story. I normally masturbate myself to sleep, but I never have real orgasms. I wanted to share this in case there are other women like me who read stories on here, but get frustrated when everyone gets these amazing earth shattering orgasms, when I never get them. Even though, I still get pleasure and reach a peak, but it’s a mini orgasm at best. I hope you like my first story, I tried to make it realistic and sexy.


I look over at the clock, it reads 12:07 am. ‘I should probably go to sleep’ I think to myself. I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and then head to my bedroom. I get undressed and get into bed naked. I often like to go to bed naked because it makes me feel sexy, but it also makes me horny.

I have chronic insomnia so I just lie there in bed trying to sleep but not succeeding. After awhile I look at the clock again and it reads 12:32. As I lie there in the dark trying to empty my mind so I can fall asleep, I feel myself getting wet between my legs.

‘That’s it, I’m never going to sleep unless I help myself’ I think, so I turn over onto my stomach to masturbate. Aliağa Escort Masturbating was a way to fall asleep I had figured out since I was 7 years old. I of course had no idea what I was doing at the time, only that it felt good and it made me tired enough to fall asleep. I masturbate in a less conventional way, but hey, usually it works.

I put my arms under the pillow my head is on and I spread my legs apart. I start to move my pelvis in a circular motion and grind my clit into the bed. I start off slow. I imagine myself in bed with a man. I am on top of him and he puts his erect penis against my wet vagina. It goes in and his hands roam on my body feeling my breasts and running over my butt as I grind my pelvis into him.

His mouth finds mine and we kiss each other passionately, our tongues swirling over each others as our bodies move in sync. We start to move faster and harder, his penis going deep inside me. I break our kiss as we keep going as fast as we can. I moan into his ear and keep on moving my hips so his penis can fill me up even more. After awhile, he makes a sound and Alsancak Escort I feel his hot semen shoot into my body.

The fantasy in my mind changes and now we’re in the shower together. He presses me up against the wall and kisses me hard as the hot water of the shower runs down our naked bodies. I lace my fingers through his hair and press my body against his as our mouths are intertwined. I can feel him getting erect and it turns me even more on. I take his hard penis and guide it into my vagina. He starts thrusting while I’m still pinned against the wall. My moans are muffled by the running water and he begins to kiss my neck which I love.

Then he withdraws, leads me away from the wall a bit, turns me around, and goes in from behind. His hands are on my hips and I put my hands on the wall where I was just against to steady myself as he pounds into me. The feeling of his penis going in and out of me fast and hard feels amazing. After what seems like forever, he thrusts once more deep into me as he goes off inside me.

My pleasure keeps building, and finally it reaches it’s Balçova Escort peak and I feel momentary bliss, and then it dies down, and the fantasy vanishes from my mind. I’m exhausted, but I turn over again onto my back, chest heaving as I breathe heavily and push the covers off of my sweaty body. I don’t get real orgasms, so that is as much of a climax I get, but I always get even more wet after I “finish”. I use the extra lubrication and get my fingers wet with it and start rubbing at my swollen clit.

With my right hand, I pull back the clitoral hood, and with my left I use my index finger to rub my overly sensitive clit. That is what really feels good, and I moan loudly and arch my back and neck. I keep rubbing and lightly scratching my clit, occasionally dipping my finger into my slit to get more lubricant. My legs start shaking on their own and my stomach muscles contract with every pass of my finger over my clit. It feels so good and I moan even louder. My neck is arched back and eyes are closed. My breathing gets heavy and my mouth is dry. The feelings almost gets unbearable, but I make myself keep going for a bit more. Eventually, the pleasurable feelings get too strong and I can’t take it anymore and I have to stop.

I pull up the covers partway and turn onto my side, one leg over the covers with the sheets between my legs and against my soaking wet vagina. I take a minute to catch my breath. I feel relaxed, my body and mind exhausted, and I drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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