The Last Time With Meleena

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We hadn’t spoken for a while, but I had heard through my family and friends that Meleena was back in town. So, of course, I called her up. She was happy to hear from me and said she was about to go running and invited me to accompany her. I accepted and met her at the local park.

We quickly caught up on everything new in our lives as I told her about my new shitty call center job, and she told me of her new job writing news stories for the local CBS network. This meant she’d finished college and was now back in town for good.

Despite all the crap we’d gone through in the past few years, I immediately saw the opportunity to get back with her. I no longer had to worry about making things work long distance and if I could make her fall in love with me once more, then everything would be great.

But, suddenly I remembered that the last time we’d spoken she had mentioned a “friend” that would come down with her to visit her family. This friend just happened to be a boy and although she never actually admitted to me he was her boyfriend, it was pretty much a given.

“And your friend, whatever his name is, how is he,” I asked.

And she willingly answered, “Oh, he’s ok. He still works for the city of San Antonio and works a lot, actually, and we still talk a lot, and he’s so nice to me…..,” and she went on telling me about him, but, still, never clarified to me that he was her boyfriend.

When she was done with her run, we walked to her truck and she asked, “Do you have anyone you’re seeing right now?”

“No. I haven’t even been with anyone since you,” i answered.

“You mean you haven’t hooked up with anyone besides me?”

“Hooked up as in going out? Or as in just hooking up? I’ve been to bed with other girls, but you’ve been my only girlfriend,” I responded.

“Why? Aren’t you interested in having a girlfriend?”

Truth is, I never did. She had basically made all the advances when we had first gotten together. I was only 15 years old, on my way to 16, and she was 17, on her way to 18 when we started going out. She was the one who asked if she could kiss me, and we then had our first kiss. But, after that, I made all the advances. It took me about six months, but finally she allowed me to have sex with her. We were only together for about five months after that and then she went to college. We didn’t speak to each other for about six months.

For the next few years we continued fucking. We had tried getting back together, but we could never work it out. But, we had a hell of a time fucking, and that was always right.

It was now about four years later and she had also stayed out of a relationship, until her current “friend.” I no longer loved her, but I could learn to love her again. The conversation that we had had a few years before kept playing over and over in my mind. I thought it was the biggest fucking mistake I ever made. She told me that she wanted for me to live with her and that I didn’t have to pay any bills and that she would support me.

At the time, I felt offended. When we broke up, one of the reasons she gave me was that she didn’t think that I would go to college and that I’d ever have a good job.

But, at the present time of this story, I realized she was right. This is where I saw my opportunity. I wanted to steal her away from this “friend” of hers and make her mine again.

“I actually am interested in having a girlfriend, but I don’t know….” was my response to her last question.

“You were never that type of guy, anyway. Well, I’m going home now, and what are you gonna do,” she asked.

This was my opening. I should’ve said something like, “Go home with you.” She probably would’ve answered, “I’d love that, but my parents are home.” And I would’ve answered back, “Well, let’s go somewhere else then,” and off we’d go to fuck in a hotel or maybe the back seat of her truck. But, what she’d said offended me. What did she mean by saying I was never that type of guy? I could be that type of guy and wanted to show her so.

I told her I was going home to eat and then Anadolu Yakası Escort go to sleep since I had to work early the next morning.

We didn’t leave yet and kept talking about all that had happened to us during the time away from each other. And, she kept asking, “So, you’re just gonna go home now?” I was getting the idea that she really wanted me to accompany her home or wherever for some fun.

But, I pussied out, each time telling her I was going home. I knew if we just went somewhere and fucked that a real relationship was no longer an option. So, finally, I told her I really had to get home for dinner with my family, and we parted.

I couldn’t stop thinking of her for the next few days. On friday evening I called her, but got no answer. I fell asleep without getting a callback from her. Early saturday morning, the phone rang, and it was her, “Sorry I couldn’t answer last night, I forgot to mention that I work graveyard shift at my new job, and that’s where I was when you called. I’m on my way home, do you want to come over?”

I accepted her invitation and made my way over to her house. When she answered the door we hugged and then went to the family room to watch tv. She laid down on the couch and covered herself with a blanket, and I sat down on a recliner.

“Do you wanna sit here on the couch with me? We can share the blanket and it’s much more comfortable here,” she asked me.

But, again, I pussied out and told her I was fine where I was.

We didn’t speak much. She just asked me about my family and told me about getting a tattoo since our last get together at the park. I, in turn, asked her about her family and told her more about my new job.

Throughout the entire time I was there she kept asking, “Are you sure you don’t wanna sit over here on the sofa with me?”

I told her I was fine on the recliner and they’d I’d be leaving soon, anyway, to go to work.

We talked a while longer and continued watching tv, and then I told her I had to leave because I still had to get ready to go to work. So, she walked me to the door, but just as I was walking out she asked, “Wait, don’t you wanna see my tattoo?”

“Sure,” I replied.

She turned around to give me her back, lifted her shirt a bit to reveal it, and stuck out her ass a little to make sure I could clearly see it.

There it was. The tramp stamp.

“I can only see half of it,” I told her, “the other half is blocked by your pants.”

So, she reached around and folded down her pajama pants to fully expose the small of her back and her newly aquired ink.

If I hadn’t really been in such a hurry to get ready and go to work, I would’ve have completely let loose and stopped being a pussy. I would’ve grabbed her right there and then, and told her how beautiful she and her tattoo were and taken her to her room for some fun. But, I didn’t because I really did have to go to work.

Again, I thought about her all day. I kept replaying what had happened that morning over and over. She had given me so many chances to make a move and I hadn’t taken advantage of any. I made up my mind. Next time I saw her I’d do it. Just like old times, I would wait for her to give me any little sign of what she wanted and then just take the opportunity to have sex with her again. But, I couldn’t. I wanted to have a real relationship with her, not just sex. I wanted to setup an official date with her to show her I was interested in more than just sex.

So, I called her after work and asked her to go out with me on Sunday. She told me she would love to, but already had a day out planned with her Mom and Dad, and agreed to call me afterward to set something up. I told her that was cool and we hung up.

I waited all day Sunday for her to call me. My family invited me out to lunch and I declined the invitation. My cousins invited me to a cookout and I declined their invitation, as well. I wanted to leave my time open to enjoy with Meleena. But, she never called, and I didn’t want to bother her, so I didn’t call her until it was ten at Pendik Escort night.

I asked her, “Hey, why didn’t you call?”

“I’m so sorry,” she replied, “I was just so tired after I got home, and I’m going in to work in a few hours, so I took a little nap.”

“Well, that’s cool,” I told her, “but, can I see you tomorrow?”

“Yes! Of course, I want to see you,” she replied, “I’ll call you tomorrow morning when I’m on my way home from work.”

“Yeah, that sounds good. We can go have breakfast or something,” I told her.

So, I fell asleep early in anticipation of the next morning. I awoke to her calling me at around eight and she said, “Hey, I’m so tired so I’m going to go home and sleep some, but you can come over and accompany me if you want.”

“Sure, I’ll be there in just a bit,” I told her.

It was clear she didn’t really want any type of relationship with me, nothing more than just sex. So, I accepted that and decided there would be no more pussying out for me and I was going to fuck her no matter what.

When I arrived, she opened the door looking sexy in a light pink negligee, with her around-the-house glasses, and barefoot. I loved her in those glasses. She always wore contacts, so I loved seeing her with glasses the few times she wore them. I hugged her, and she said, “I’m so sleepy, is it okay if we chill in my room so I can lay down and rest?”

“Of course, yeah.”

Once in her bedroom she lifted her blankets and lay down under them and told me, “You can lay down if you want, too.”

Still pussying out a bit, I just sat at the edge of the bed. Then, we spoke about nothing, really. She told me about her job duties for that previous evening and then there was silence. I guess there was nothing else to talk about. So, I said, “I’m gonna lay down, okay.” She responded, “Yeah, I told you already that you could.”

I lifted the blankets and lay next to her. At first I was flat on my back staring at the ceiling. I still had nothing to say. I kept looking over to my right to see her, but she was turned away from me. I turned over and on to my right side and began talking to her again.

“Hey,” was all I could come up with.

She turned to lay on her face down, but faced me and responded, “What?”

I asked, “Why aren’t you talking?”

“Well, you stopped talking, too. And, I’m just so tired and sleepy. I think I was already falling asleep.”

“Do you want me to leave?” I knew she’d answer no, but it was proper to ask.

“No, not at all. Just keep talking to me and I’ll stay awake.”

I looked at her as she had her eyes closed and took in all of her beauty. I was no longer in love with this girl, but was still super attracted to her.

I noticed her ear had a small scab on it and asked, “What happened to your ear?”

She answered, “Oh, I’m such a dork. I got my earing caught on my shirt and I pulled at it and ripped a little bit of my ear.”

“Does it hurt,” I asked.

“Yeah, just a little.”

“Can I kiss it to make it better,” I asked her in my sweetest, most playful voice.

“Sure,” she answered while playfully giggling.

So, I kissed her ear as sensually as I could, putting a little bit of it in my mouth and sucking on it justlightly.

She giggled, “That tickles,” and backed away from me a little.

“Did it feel good, though, did I make it feel better?”

“Uh-huh,” she answered, with her eyes still closed.

“Can I kiss you on your back,” I asked next.

Again, “Uh-huh,” was her simple answer.

So, I moved her blanket down a bit to expose her bare upper back and kissed her. And then I kissed her again. My left hand found it’s way under the covers and over to her ass which I began to caress lightly as I continued kissing her back and neck.

Her eyese remained closed and her body motionless, but she started to moan, I then reached down under her lingerie and found nothing but bare skin. “She isn’t wearing panties,” I thought to myself, “she clearly was expecting this to happen.”

I found her pussy already damp Kurtköy Escort and moist. She must’ve have really needed it since she was no longer getting it from her “friend”.

I continued kissing and sucking at her neck, upper back, and jaw line, while she increased the volume and frequency of her moans. I started fingering her wet, sticky crevice and all she could do was grind her pelvis back in to my hand while I continued to pleasure her, just like she’d wanted me to, for the past few days.

Then, as I started probing her hot hole with my fingers, she turned and grabbed at my crotch. I removed my hand from between her legs and helped her undo my pants. Once unzipped, she pulled my pants off and immediately sat over my erection. She lowered herself slowly onto me and immediately I felt the tightness of her little vagina enveloping the head of my penis. I had forgotten how small she was. And, her pussy so tight. It was the reason I had always gotten back to fucking her.

She rode me really slowly, taking her time to feel my thick cock move inside her. Her eyes were still closed. It was as if she didn’t want to open them because then she’d have to admit to cheating on her “friend”, but she was certainly enjoying my dick inside of her. I reached up to grab her double D tits and brought them over to my mouth. I suckled on them and immediately it felt nostalgic as I remembered the previous times we had fucked, just like this, and had enjoyed sucking on her huge tits.

Suddenly she stopped. She dropped her jaw, leavinig her mouth wide open, sat down to engulf my entire penis, from head to shaft, one last time, and let out her last moan. She had just orgasmed.

The one thing I always hated about Meleena was that she was happy to just come once, and that was it.

She lifted herself up and off of me, eyes still closed, and lay down where she’d been before, but this time on her side and giving me her back, like she had done at first. I placed my hand over her and onto her belly, but she didn’t respond. She even moved away from me as I did it.

So, I turned around as well. Something wasn’t right. I was more confused than I’d ever been with this girl, or any girl, for that matter. I didn’t know what was wrong. I even asked her, “Are you okay?” She answered in the lowest, most mono-tone voice possible, “Yeah.”

I told her I was leaving and she simply said, “Ok, bye.” No walk to the door,no hug, nothing.

So, I went home, got ready, and left for work. The whole day was spent with me contemplating what had happened and what I could’ve possibly done wrong to cause such an outcome. And, I realized, I hadn’t done anything wrong. I’d been the perfect gentleman and declined all of her previous attempts to get me to be intimate with her. For the first time ever, I felt used. I had basically been a dildo to her.

After work I called her, and she was still being weird. I figured I’d just say what I felt, “So, today was weird, huh, what happened?”

“I don’t know,” she answered.

“Did you feel bad about what happened today,” I continued.

“Ummm, yeah.”

“Why,” I probed.

“I don’t know.”

“Is it because of what’s his name in San Antonio?”

“Yes,” she answered in relief of finally saying what she’d wanted to.

“Just forget about him. I still love you and want to be with you. Let’s go out,” I invited.

“No, I can’t. I’m with him.”

Rage came over me. I wanted to be with her, but I couldn’t unless it meant simply screwing her. But, I didn’t want that. I wanted more, but she wouldn’t give me more.

“But, sex is better than getting nothing at all, right,” I thought as we both stayed quiet.

But, I was wrong. It had to end. After so many years of going back and forth in our relationship, I did what I had to do to end it all.

“You know what? You’re just a fucking bitch. Don’t call me anymore whenever you’re trying to get some dick. Go get it somewhere else!” I couldn’t believe the words that had just left my mouth. I had never spoken to her like that.

She started crying and yelled, “Fuck you! I already have found someone else. Bye.”

Never in my life had I felt that I had accomplished so much, with doing so little. I said, but just a few words, words that changed lives completely. And, that was the last I ever saw of Meleena.

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