The Life of a Husband and Wife

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A Morning in the Life of a Husband and Wife

I woke up slowly, trying to remember my dream. It felt like it was a good one, but typically as consciousness returned, it escaped me. The bedroom window displayed the first dim light of a cold and windy late fall morning, but it was comfortable under the blankets.

We were spooned, our favorite position for sex. I snuggled my chest in closer to her back. Her regular breathing told me she was still asleep. Her short auburn hair tickled my face, her perfume reminding me of our recent intimacies. We usually slept in nothing but our wedding rings, and the heat of her naked body radiated against me enticingly. I ran my free hand lightly up and down her form, lingering over the swell of her hip, tracing her smooth thigh down as far as I could reach without moving. She didn’t react, but I did, and felt a shiver as it ran down my spine.

We had made love the night before, unprotected, as we always did. We weren’t exactly trying for a baby, but we weren’t doing anything to prevent it either. We had talked about it and we knew that what we had together was something special, and that whatever happened was going to be fine.

I’d fallen asleep after last night’s sex with my half erect cock still inside her. That’s easy for me because I’m quite a large man even when soft. And now this morning my cock was still embraced by her warm, wet pussy. Elazığ Escort I loved that about her. Unlike a lot of women who run into the bathroom after having sex, she never washed up after we had orgasmed together. She said she enjoyed the feel of my slippery semen inside her. It even excited her to feel my seed oozing out of her into her panties during the day. It also made her smell fantastic; that enticing fragrance of a freshly fucked young woman in her sexual prime. Out in public I had watched other men notice, and smile.

I carefully intertwined my legs with hers, and reached over her to enclose one of her breasts with my palm. I squeezed the warm, yielding mound gently, and my body reacted as it always does. I had a momentary flush of desire, and my hips involuntarily pushed against her warm buttocks.

Thinking about her hot, tight pussy around my cock stirred my desire. My wife had a classically beautiful vagina; a smooth, nearly hairless slit that made any sexual activity almost frictionless. As I pictured her in my mind, I began to stiffen, but I held still, allowing our bodies to fit themselves together naturally. She never moved or acknowledged the growing intrusion.

The sensation of my cockhead sliding up through her pussy into her tummy as I hardened was delicious. It took only a moment for me to reach my full size. I reached under us to feel Elazığ Escort Bayan her smooth lips expanded around the base of my rock hard shaft. Fantastic! I thrust just a little to push the bulbous head of my cock completely into her. I was right up against her cervix, and I reveled in the satisfaction of knowing I could fill her channel completely.

She did stir a little as my erecting cock opened and penetrated her, and I felt her nipple harden in my palm. But she made no effort to wake herself or signal to me that she was ready for sex. Nevertheless, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to fuck her, regardless. I gently turned her a little more face down and scissored her legs to more fully open her sex to me. She didn’t resist. I whispered into her ear, “Good girl” as I slowly pulled my hardness out of her, then thrust back in along my full length until I was rooted fully again. My God! I’d stroked into her just one time, and tight grip of her hot flesh was almost causing me to cum. Fucking a sleeping woman is so hot!

She had once told me that we were very fortunate that we were a perfect fit, sexually. My cock was long enough to bottom out inside her without exerting too much uncomfortable pressure, and it had enough girth to stretch her open almost, but not quite, to the point of pain. I’d heard that couples simultaneous climaxing was a rare thing, Escort Elazığ but we did it frequently, without even trying.

I was quivering madly inside her now, a feeling that usually drove her crazy, but she didn’t move or speak. Obviously she wasn’t going to take an active part in our sex this morning, but that was fine. She loved to get fucked while she was still half asleep. She said she felt warm and vulnerable and protected. She had told me that sex mixed with the half consciousness of sleep had created some of the most enjoyable orgasms of her life.

I wanted our coupling to last, but it wasn’t to be this morning. This woman just excited me beyond control sometimes. The liquid squeeze of her pussy on my pole was forcing me toward an orgasm that I was helpless to prevent. Despite my keeping completely still, the uncontrollable spasming of my cock radiated nervous energy into my back and stomach and signaled an unstoppable climax. I tried to calm myself, but the muscle tension in my lower body grew tighter and tighter until it released itself and I plunged over the waterfall. I involuntarily drove myself high up into her and grunted as the semen exploded out of my body. I lay there helpless as wave after wave of almost unbearable pleasure coursed through my vitals. I did not thrust through my orgasm this time as I usually do, and I thought I could feel the heat of my sperm flooding back along my cock as I filled her to overflowing. I continued to tremble against her motionless body for a little while as my cock jumped and I emptied myself completely. The last thing I remember before I slipped back into sleep was her soft whisper, “Good boy.”

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