The Life of Ronald

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A day like any other day. As I toss and turn, the heat becomes unbearable. I try removing blankets, even my shirt, but to no avail. I’m going to have to get up. Sitting up in my bed I squint over at the clock on the floor. Two thirty- three. Damn. It’s times like this I really wish my house had air conditioning. Every day the summer heat wakes me from my blissful sleep. I rise slowly, brushing my hair behind my ears as I stumble out of bed to look for my glasses. Finding them right on the floor where they belong, I am now free of my Barbara-Walters-interview-special vision. I don’t even bother to get dressed. There’s no special occasion today.

Walking down the stairs, the air is slightly less hot and thick. I sit on the couch, trying desperately to think of something to do. Somehow, I should try to make this day different from yesterday. That being said, things weren’t off to an extremely auspicious start. All I did yesterday was sit on my ass and play videogames. Oh, yeah, let’s not forget my fabulous trip to the mall with my friend Todd. As I sit there, the walls practically melting from the heat, the doorbell rings. Looking out the peephole I see my gorgeous girlfriend, Jennifer.

Now I remember! My parents are out of Anadolu Yakası Escort town today! Jennifer and I were planning on spending the day, um… together. Yeah, we were going to screw our brains out. I can’t believe I could possibly forget something like this. With my trembling hand on the doorknob I take another second to gaze lustfully through the peephole at her. Man she looks beautiful today. Her shoulder-length, perfectly straight black hair shines in the afternoon sun as it hangs gracefully about her face. Her full, pouty lips are glossed, but no lipstick. Amazing. She’s wearing a thin white shirt- clearly no bra today. Jennifer’s young, pert breasts and large, full nipples never cease to amaze me. Suddenly I remember myself, and seeing the impatient look on her sexy face I throw open the door.

“Geez, Ronald, with all the time you took opening the door you could have at least gotten dressed.”

Jennifer stands there for a moment, stiff as a board with her arms crossed feigning anger. I wasn’t fooled for a second. I smile at her, looking far into her sapphire blue eyes searching for her smile.

“I’m really sorry, Jen. I totally forgot about today,” I say , holding my arms out to her.

Then Kartal Escort I can see it, and her eyes begin to betray her. Suddenly her lips follow suit and start to turn up at their corners, ever so slowly. As she gives in to her true feelings she grins broadly and throws herself into my arms. We embrace, mashing our two horny teenage bodies together. I can feel her hard nipples poking into my chest, and her hands massaging my back. I kiss Jennifer passionately on the lips, which she eagerly parts awaiting my tongue. The two tiny pink organs writhe and contort in unison as the two of us take turns sucking the other’s into our mouths. Still kissing feverishly I move my hands down to her perfectly rounded buttocks.

“Ohh yeah, that’s it.. grab my ass…,” Jen moans into my mouth. Slowly I squeeze her cute little bottom as she continues to moan her approval. Then I slide both hands under her summer shorts so I can really feel her creamy flesh. She’s so soft, I think, as I begin to trace her panty line with my fingers carefully. I’m so hard with anticipation my penis breaks free of my flannel pajamas and begins to rub between her satiny thighs.

“Ooohh, Ronald, I want to suck your cock…now!” Jen breaks Maltepe Escort our kiss and smiles at me with nothing but lust in her eyes.

I watch this gorgeous girl bend to her knees looking up at me, and I can barely believe what’s going on. Taking off my glasses and throwing them onto the couch, I gently caress the back of Jen’s head. Her smooth, raven colored hair feels like silk. As she brushes a strand of hair out her face, Jen begins to slowly tease the head of my cock with her expert tongue. Then she unbuttons my pajamas and pulls them to the floor. With her hands on my ass she slowly engulfs my erect cock in her hot, wet mouth. My eyes are practically bulging out of my head, to say nothing about my cock. I’m throbbing in her mouth as Jen begins to move me in and out, tonguing me all the while. To my complete surprise, she quickly thrusts my entire length down her throat! I can feel the head of my cock getting sucked my the back of her throat.

” I thought you couldn’t do that,” I manage to say.

” I’ve been practicing at home. Mom’s starting to wonder where all her vegetables are going!” Jen says with a devilish grin on her face, looking into my eyes.

With that piece of news she slides my aching cock back into heaven and continues to work her magic. Throwing my head back, I moan in pleasure. Suddenly I realize I am about to come, and I pull my penis out of her mouth. Bringing Jen to her knees, I tell her I better return the favor before I have to rest for a few minutes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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