The Mall

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I’m sitting at a table somewhere in the middle of the food court area, slowly sucking on a straw. I set my drink down and reach down to adjust my shoe. When I look up again, I can feel someone’s eyes on me. I slowly look around and my gaze lingers on you. You are staring at me intently, a smile brightening your handsome face when you catch me looking in your direction. I blush and quickly look back to the book I was reading a few moments before.

A few seconds later I feel someone standing next to my table. My eyes slowly travel upwards; long legs in khaki pants, muscular chest and shoulders in a loose t-shirt. My gaze meets yours and you smile down at me.

“May I sit with you?” I nod and move a shopping bag so you can have the seat next to me. You slowly drop into the seat and I can’t help but notice the obvious bulge in your pants and I feel my face flush. Your eyes travel over my body as you smile, quite pleased with what you see. Patent leather shoes, a dark red and black wool skirt and a simple black sweater. I was feeling a bit girlish that morning when I chose the outfit, but I felt now, it was the one of the best decisions I had made all day.

We exchange simple pleasantries and talk about ourselves a little, feeling more comfortable with each other as time passed. I am pleasantly surprised when I feel your hand sliding up my leg and underneath the skirt, pulling it a little higher as you reach the tops of my thigh highs Feeling the smooth, warm skin above the stockings, your breath quickens for a few seconds in surprise You slowly rub my skin as your hand travels further up my thigh. A little moan of surprise escapes your lips when your hand reaches my pussy and I smile knowing you have reached and area of skin that is totally bare and smooth. You smile, surprised and very pleased.

While asking me a few questions about myself you enjoy the reaction you are getting from my body. My gaze is locked with yours, my face flushing in excitement. You slowly run your fingers along the slit, exploring a little and feeling how wet I am. You slowly slide one finger in as deep as you can from the angle you are in and I grab onto your knee for support. I suppress my moans and the urge to push myself further onto your hand. You slowly slide your hand away from my pussy and from underneath my skirt. Holding you wet hand in front of me, you smile and trace your fingers over my lips, encouraging me to clean off your fingers with my tongue. You tell me softly all the things you are going to make me do when we are alone somewhere that day.

“You are going to be my little slut for the rest of the afternoon. By the end of the day you are going to beg me to pound that bare pussy of yours with my hard cock. I will use your body in any manor that pleases me.” You tell me softly while I continue to suck my juices off your fingers.

Once your fingers are clean to your satisfaction you pull them away and lean close to me. “You will call and cancel whatever plans you have for the day. Right now, I want you and I always get what I want.” I stare at you, a little scared but curious about what could happen. You lean back and gesture towards the cellular phone sitting beside my book. I pick it up and quickly cancel an appointment and a dinner date I had that evening. When I hang up, you take the phone from me and turn it off, dropping it into your shopping bag. You stand, offering me a hand to help me up. While standing you push against my back for a moment so I can feel you throb against my ass. You lean close to my ear and breathe softly into it.

“Near the bathrooms there is a large family restroom. I want you to go in there and wait for me. I will knock twice and then let me in. I can’t wait long enough to take you to my place. I have to feel those lips around my cock now.” You hand me my bags and then give me a nudge forward and I concentrate on walking to the bathrooms. Once inside I lock the door and make sure that I look good. My face is flushed and my breathing very fast so I tell myself to calm down.

Knock! Knock Two very firm raps on the door and I open it slowly to admit you. You slide in and lean against it, locking it behind you and dropping your bag onto the floor. Your eyes meet mine and the desire I see in them makes my whole body flush. You cross the room and quickly pull me to you, wrapping a hand in my long hair; your other hand came to rest on my ass. I wrap my arms around you and you bring your lips down to mine. The kiss is electrifying and I feel my body flood with desire. You tilt my head back and proceed to kiss my neck and ear.

“I want to feel those sexy lips wrapped around my cock.” You whisper softly in my ear. My hands go to the front of his pants and softly caress the large bulge. I slowly undo the button and zipper and slide my hands along the waistband. I pull them down and slowly sink to my knees.

Your cock is beautiful. It is thick, the head a red-purple color and it throbs under my touch causing you to moan.

“Suck my cock, Pendik Escort my little slut.” You wrap your fingers in my hair and proceed to pull gently. I put my hands on your hips and slowly run my tongue from the base to the tip. I proceed to do this a few more times before gently wrapping my hand around your cock and bring the tip to my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the head tasting the first drops of pre-cum leaking from the tip. As I suck the tip into my mouth you gasp and you hands tighten in my hair.

“I knew choosing you would be a good idea.” You moan. I suck more into my mouth and the pull back, applying firm pressure. I continue to suck in an inch and pull back half that till I have him deep in my throat. My throat massages the length of your cock and then I pull back, tongue swirling around the head. I tell myself to relax and slow down my breathing, wanting this to last.

When I have just the head in my mouth, you tell me to suck you and begin fucking my mouth, you hands in my hair keep me in place. I feel you throbbing and growing harder in my mouth. Your fingers tighten in my hair as the first jet spurts in my mouth. I hold you in my mouth, drinking greedily, as you cum in my mouth.

I clean you off with my tongue as you hold my head for support. I slide your boxers and pants up your legs, redressing you, surprised that no one has knocked on the restroom door. You release my hair and offer me a hand. I take it and stand, my own juices running down my legs.

“Get a drink.” On shaky legs I walk to the sink and turn on the cold tap, cupping my hands to collect the water. As I drink you fix your clothes and then walk up behind me, pressing yourself to me. You are hard again. As I stand you shiver as my ass presses against you. You wrap yours arms around me so you can fondle my breasts as you kiss my neck. I moan softly, leaning back against you. “Do you want this to continue?” You ask softly.

“Yes.” You suck gently on my ear and pinch a nipple.

“Good. I want to fuck you and I will. But I also want to feel you cum on my fingers and mouth. I want to feel my cock buried in that beautiful ass.” I whimper as you brutally pinch a nipple. “If there is something you don’t like, you will tell me. But I ask you to have an open mind to all possibilities.” I nod. “Do you understand?”

“Yes.” You turn me to face you, putting your hands on my cheeks. “Do you want me?” I nod again and you kiss me passionately. “Good.” You release me and pick up our bags. “I’ll meet you outside the main doors in ten minutes.” You leave the bathroom and I leave a minute later. I quickly go into the ladies room and into the handicap stall because it has it’s own sink. I use the bathroom and clean up. I think my pussy is wetter then it ever has been before. I glance at my watch and leave the restroom.

I wait at the main entrance for a few minutes before a black Ford Mustang pulls up to the curb. You get out and smile and circle the card to open the door for me. I slide in, but not before you pinch my ass. You close the door and go around the car to get in.

After leaving the mall and area you smile and look at me. “Show me your wet pussy, my beautiful cock sucker.” I lift my ass and slowly pull my skirt up. Your eyes are on me as I slowly reveal the top of the thigh highs. Your smile widens and you run a finger along the top on my left leg. I pull the material to my waist and you moan. Knowing you have to focus on the road you pull your eyes away. Your right hand caresses the bare skin and spread my juices around. I close my eyes, shifting in the seat so you can touch more. You push a finger into me and I moan. After a few minutes of fingering me you pull away. I was close and must of pouted because you laugh softly.

“Soon my pet.” You bring your hand to your mouth and inhale deeply. I watch, becoming more turned on as you slowly lick your fingers. Your tongue is very long and agile and I am more aroused just watching you. When your hand is clean you reach over and pull the skirt down. You rest your hand on my knee. I look at you a little confused and alarmed. You smile.

“I would hate to crash and bruise that amazing body that I want wrapped around mine.” I laugh and we start chatting. I mention that nothing like this has ever happened to me and you admit the same. You want it to go the full distance, and I agree. We leave it at that and talk about music or movies. I am really not paying attention. My thoughts are focused on feeling your tongue in my pussy, flicking my clit as I cum on your face.

You pull up to an apartment building and park. You shut off the car, get out and come around to open my door. As I get out I flash the top of my thigh highs and you laugh softly. “You will leave those on, I hope.” You close the door.

“If you wish me too.” You nod and take my hand to lead me inside. Your apartment is clean and nicely decorated. You close the door and pull my body against yours.

“Nervous?” I shake my head no and you Kurtköy Escort smile. You kiss me softly but very passionately. You wrap fingers in my hair and one hand rests on my waist. You pull back and look at me. “Undress for me.” You release me and walk over to the stereo. You turn it on and hard rock blasts out. I laugh softly as you grimace and turn it down. I cross the room to you and you watch me.

“May I?” You nod and stand behind me. I slowly flip through channels. You put your hands on my hips and press your body against mine. I find a soft rock station and turn in your arms. You smile and take a step back. I take your hand and lead you over to the couch and you sit down. I stand in front of you and slowly begin dancing. I run my fingers through my hair, the run my hands over my breasts. I slowly pull my shirt up and turn, looking back over my shoulder. Your hand is rubbing your cock through your pants. I slide the shirt off and reach back to unhook my bra, turning back to you. You unzip your pants and slowly pull your cock out. Our eyes meet and you blow me a kiss. I drop the bra on my sweater and slowly unzip my skirt. I dance around, letting the skirt slide down on it’s own. I hear you moan softly and I smile. I step out of the skirt and stand before you in my thigh highs and heels.

“Come here.” You say softly. I saunter towards you and step between your legs. You sit up straight and I feel your tongue flick over a nipple. I moan softly and look down at you. Your eyes watch my face as you suck on my breast and bite gently. Listening to my moans you bite harder and I gasp. You suck on the nipple and lick it in broad upstrokes. You switch to my other breast and take my hand in yours. You bring my hand to my breast and I pinch the nipple. You continue working on my breasts and bring my hand to my other breast. You lick my fingers as I pinch my nipples.

You stand, your body brushing mine and I feel your cock press against my stomach. You pull off your t-shirt and I shiver as the material brushes against my nipples. I kiss your nipple and flick my tongue across it. You kick off your shoes and I push your pants down. You kick them off and then pull my face to yours.

“I want to feel those legs wrapped around my head. I want to feel them wrapped around my waist, squeezing me.” You slam your lips against mine and tighten your arms around me. We kiss passionately for several minutes, our hands wandering over each other’s bodies. I pull back and take a deep breath. You smile and turn me around, pushing me gently on to the couch. You look down at me and a half-smile plays around your lips.

“Spread yourself for me. Spread your pussy lips open.” You watch as I slide my hands to my breasts and take a few seconds to pinch my nipples, which are hard and sensitive from the bites you gave them. You kneel in front of me, pushing my knees apart with your legs and you lean forward to kiss my neck. You kiss the hollow of my neck and then nip gently at the skin. You kiss between my breasts and continue kissing along my stomach as my hands travel along my body. I pull my pussy lips apart and look at you. You look up and smile, licking your lips before you lean down and take a long slow lick from my ass to my clit. I shiver and half close my eyes. I want to watch you. You slowly explore around, taking long slow licks and then pull back. You slowly lick along the inside of one thigh and then follow the same path, biting and nibbling. You give my other thigh the same treatment. You growl softly and bite the skin of my thigh hard. I look down at you and you smile.

Using the tip of your tongue you run it along the lips of my pussy and then again inside it, but avoiding my clit. You kiss the lips and then again your tongue dives into my pussy. I arch my back and spread myself open further. You roll your tongue over my clit and cause me to push against your mouth. You return to exploring my pussy with your tongue, occasionally pushing it into me inside of me. You suck my juices into your mouth and slide your tongue over my clit. I feel my orgasm begin to explode in my body and you continue to flick your tongue over my clit. You slowly slide a finger into me and fuck me gently with it. You tongue licks around my pussy and then goes back to rolling and flicking across my clit. You slide another finger into me and I put a hand on your head and push your face against my pussy. I hear you laugh softly and continue working on my clit. My orgasm overtakes me and I call out loudly, my body shuddering against your mouth. You continue to slide your fingers in and out of me and slide your tongue along my pussy. You slide your fingers out of me and take a long slow lap at my juices. You bite the inside of my thigh and suck gently, marking the skin. You sit back on your heels, licking your lips. I shiver for several minutes as my body finally starts to relax. You rest your chin on my knee and when I open my eyes you smile.

“You taste better then I expected.” I blush Ümraniye Escort and that makes your smile brighten. I slide my hands along side my thighs and cup your face between them. I trace my thumb over your lips and you suck the tip into your mouth. You raise yourself up off you heels and lean forward to kiss me. I can taste myself on your lips and slide my tongue across them, gathering my juices.

We kiss passionately for several minutes until you abruptly stand up. I lean forward and give your cock a long, slow lick. You shudder and reach down to grasp me by the waist. You pull me to my feet and take my hand. You lead me into your bedroom and push me back onto the bed. You lean over me, your hands on either side of my body.

“I am going to fuck you, my little slut, and I am going to fuck you hard.” You bite my neck and pull my hips to the edge of the bed. You reach down and slide your cock along my pussy, teasing me and pushing it against my clit. You slowly slide in an inch inside me and then pull back. You continue sliding your cock into me with agonizing slowness until you are deep with in me. You grab a hold of my hips and start fucking me with rapid, deep thrusts. I wrap my legs around your waist and squeeze you between them. You moan loudly when you feel my pussy tighten around your cock.

“Play with your tits. Pinch the nipples.” I slide my hands up my body and run my fingers over my breasts. Your eyes are watching my every move and when our eyes meet you slam into me even harder. My eyelids flutter and close and you pull out. I open my eyes and you look down at me. “Keep your eyes open, sweets. I want to see your eyes when you cum.” You lean down to suck on a nipple and slam your cock into me again. I moan and pinch my nipples. For several minutes, you continue sucking and biting my nipples and pushing your cock into me. My orgasm explodes inside of me and you gasp as my pussy tightens around your cock. I scream quietly and you hold yourself inside me, moving your hips slightly, letting my pussy throb around your cock. You pull out and stand back, looking at me. You slide a finger into my pussy and push it in and out a few times.

“Lay on your stomach, my beautiful one. Show me your ass.” I push myself further onto the bed and then slowly roll over. You run a hand over my ass and slap each cheek. I jump from the sting and gasp. You squeeze each cheek and then I feel you lean over me and run your tongue along the mark your hand left behind. You kiss your way up my back and kiss my ear. “Raise your ass in the air slightly.” You whisper. You lay over top of me and I feel you slide your cock into my pussy. “That’s it, slut. Move you hips a little. Slow and gentle.” I move my hips and your cock slides in and out of me. You kiss my neck and ears, alternating between sucking and biting. You speed up slightly, causing me to moan loudly and pull at the blanket with my fingers. I turn my head and we kiss. You suck on my tongue and I bite your lower lip. You pull out and pull on my hips till I am on my knees. You kneel between my legs and slam yourself into me.

“I want to fuck you hard. Like a good slut should be fucked.” You slide yourself in and out of me slowly for a few thrusts and then slam yourself in and out of me. Our bodies slap together loudly and I feel my juices run down my legs and over you. You reach around and roll my clit between your fingers. I shudder and you moan. “Yeah, tighten yourself for me. You like getting fucked by my hard cock?” You pull almost all the way out.

“Oh god yes. Fuck me hard. I want to cum so bad.” You push your hips against mine and continue fucking me hard for several minutes. My body shudders in orgasm and I practically scream out in ecstasy. You lean over me and bite my shoulder. “Cum for me slut, cum all over my hard throbbing cock. Milk me with that hot, wet pussy.” I feel your cock swell and I slide you out of me. You growl and try to pull me back onto your cock.

“I want to suck you.” You slap my ass again and I stand. You turn and face me and I push you backwards so you lie on the bed while I am straddle your waist. I lean down to kiss you and kiss along your neck. I bite gently and you shudder beneath me. I dip my tongue into the hollow of your collarbone, kissing down across your chest. I stop at your nipples and circle my tongue around them. I bite gently and you gasp. I enjoy the reaction and continue to lick and bite your nipples for several minutes.

“I told you,” You take a breath as I look up at you and pinch a nipple. “, I want you to suck my cock.” You put a hand on my head and gently push my head towards your cock.

I slowly trail my tongue across your abs and I trace my tongue around your navel. I grasp your hardness in my hand, gently squeezing the shaft as I lower my lips and kiss the head. Your eyes are closed and I trace my tongue around the tip, gathering up your pre-cum. You squirm beneath me as I take the whole head into my mouth, sucking gently. I take more and more of your cock into my mouth until you touch the back of my throat. I slowly pull your swollen cock back out of my mouth to the head, swirl my tongue around and take it all back in again. All of a sudden, I change the angle of my head as you slip deeper into my throat.

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