The Masseuse

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Mandy has been under a lot of stress lately. Talking about it with one of her friends she’s decides to go get a massage. So Mandy heads off to see a masseuse. When she gets to his studio she notices that there are candles and sweetly scented oils that ignite her senses. The masseuse introduces himself as Antonio and takes her to the room where he will massage her. The room is comfortable and has a nice bed, it is dimly lit and has the most wonderful aromas.

Antonio asks Mandy to remove her clothes. Shyly Mandy takes off her clothes and covers herself with the towel that Antonio hands her as he beams a cheeky smile. He tells her to lie on her tummy and he places the towel over her smooth warm ass. He starts to massage her tense shoulders, smearing loads of warm silky massage oil all over her delectable back. Antonio massages her gently at first gradually becoming more intense. He feels her shoulders soften under his expert touch and they begin to relax. Mandy is enjoying the massage as she lets out some sweet feminine sighs. He moves his hands skillfully to her lower back and begins to focus the massage on that area. The feel of his strong warm hands and fingertips ploughing deeply into her cute little ass thrills Mandy. Her body grows warmer and Antonio can sense that Mandy is beginning to feel more comfortable as his hands continue to slide all over her body. His hands drift further down and he begins to massage her shapely thighs and legs. He pushes his hands between her legs and starts to massage her inner thighs avoiding her clearly wet pussy, easing all the tension away. Mandy loves the feel of his hands exploring her body.

Antonio then asks Mandy to lie on her back, she seems a little hesitant. He can tell that she is shy but his deep reassuring voice manages to persuade her. He confides in her not to worry, calmly reminding her that she will be totally satisfied by the end of the massage. She rolls over onto her back – Antonio is breathless at the sight of her large, youthful & perky breasts. Still a little shy she reaches for the towel and covers her soaking wet pussy with it. He asks if it would be OK for him to work a little on her breasts as it is a great place on the body to help her relax even more. She is not sure if she should agree but the flickering lights of the candles coupled with the fragrant aromas of sensual oils work their magic – she wants to say no but in a trance-like-state the only word that exits her mouth is “yes”. He takes a small hand bowl from a side table and with great precision drizzles warm massage oil all over her tits/breasts and tummy. Each droplet that strikes her sends shivers and wonderful sensations throughout her entire body.

Rubbing gently in a circular motion Antonio initially concentrates on Bostancı Escort her highly erect nipples. He starts to gently touch, rub and tease both of them in turn. She feels another round of chills and relaxes even more, her eyes closing … she lets out a delightfully sensual little moan.

Antonio continues to massage her breasts and tummy, sliding his hands right from her jiggling breasts down to her curvaceous hips, thighs and legs. As he moves his hands back up to her breasts he very subtly but intentionally brushes her pussy. So wet is her pussy after all this arousing massage his hand gets coated with her sweet juices. This sends jolts of electricity through his entire body as he feels her wetness all over the back of his hand. Mandy freezes, opens her eyes and stares deeply and intently at him. Antonio apologises with a charming little smile and glint in his eye. As she closes her eyes again Antonio raises the offending hand to his waiting mouth, eager to tease himself with the taste of her sweet pussy nectar.

As the massage continues Antonio whispers into Mandy’s ear that he would like to try a new experimental technique on her. Something that will compliment the work he’d been doing earlier on her breasts. She hesitates as usual, and he starts to get a little frustrated with her. He looks straight into her eyes under the hypnotising spell of the candlelight. With a sincere tone in his voice he asks if she is enjoying the massage and, if she is she must trust him. Mandy has been enjoying this most unusual massage very much so far but she feels just a little inhibited and therefore somewhat hesitant. Not wanting the surprises to end Mandy ultimately agrees to allow him to try his new method.

He walks away briefly and returns holding a small box.… it looks just like an ice cream container but Mandy isn’t exactly sure and she doesn’t ask…. she wants to trust Antonio and his new method. He takes Mandy’s hands and places them above her head. He tells her not to move them. He puts some of what is in the box on her nipples, it is cold and Mandy squirms.

He starts to lick her nipples and squeeze her breasts like a hungry school boy. He teases her nipples and starts to gently bite them. With her eyes closed and in a trance Mandy is not afraid and is enjoying herself immensely. In the meantime he moves his free hand down to her soaking pussy. Mandy starts to object but he motions her to just lie back and relax. She decides not to resist and obeys without question.

He plays with her pussy while licking her nipples. He can feel that Mandy is dripping wet. Antonio is getting horny and hard feeling her wet, juicy pussy between his roaming fingertips. Mandy has lost all pretence of shyness by now gets a little bold, asking Anadolu Yakası Escort if Antonio will allow her to “take charge” for a while. Antonio readily agrees, although it is the first time that something like this has ever happened with a client. She orders him to take off his pants. As she lies on the massage bed staring at him caressing her hardened nipples she notices his colourful boxer shorts…. she slides her hand inside to grasp his throbbing bulge. She feels him hardening even further as she pumps him slowly. Becoming more demanding she tells him to play with himself…. As ordered he takes out his cock with his boxers still on. He starts to rhythmically masturbate himself and Mandy gets even more turned on seeing him play like this for her. His cock grows and grows and Mandy fantasises that its the most beautiful cock that she has seen. She wants to taste it and asks Antonio if he would let her. Antonio ecstatically grants her the permission she knew would be hers…. At the thought of him in her mouth Mandy lets out a wicked little squeal.

While Mandy is still lying on the bed he positions himself above her face and slowly begins to fuck her mouth. She sucks his balls and licks his cock greedily as he gets harder. He moves his cock in and out of her mouth. He likes the way her tongue strokes the back of his cock. He feels himself getting harder. Mandy puts her now oily hands on his ass and squeezes his firm butt cheeks as she continues to suck him off. As she massages his ass one finger slides down to his butt crack and without warning begins to slide it deep into his tight virginal butt hole. Her angelic sucking gets faster and faster as she drives her finger in and out of his butt. With all the willpower he can muster he pulls away and tells her that she has an incredible mouth … he kisses her gently at first, then with passion… he loves the aftertaste of his cock on her lips and tongue. He tells Mandy that he has to finish the massage or she will not be completely relaxed and satisfied.

Mandy agrees happily. He turns her over onto her stomach and starts to massage her ass, since that is the other place that he has missed. He starts to kiss and lick her ass greedily. He pushes her legs apart and fondles her clit. Her oozing pussy stares him beckoningly in the face. He closes his eyes and remembers that first taste of her wetness from the back of his hand…. Without hesitation he plunges his outstretched tongue deep into her hot, wet pussy. Like a man on a mission he starts to lap & lick her clit and moves his tongue skilfully up and down reaching her ass. He feels her love juices running down her inner thigh and over his chin. He can feel her pussy throbbing as his tongue continues to penetrate her Pendik Escort love canal. He knows she loves the amazing attention her pussy is receiving. He pulls a previously hidden vibrator from his pocket and begins to rub it against her pussy, teasing her clit. Spreading her butt cheeks he starts to lick her ass while using the vibrator against her clit. He also starts to use the vibrator to fuck her soaking pussy. Mandy is moaning and groaning and she loves it. She cant take it anymore and lets out a shriek of pleasure as her pussy walls clamp tightly around the vibrator and an intense orgasm pulsates through her entire body. She shudders for what seems like minutes.

Without removing the vibrator from her pussy Antonio orders Mandy onto all fours. She moans and tells him that she wants his tongue over her ass and clit some more. In a swift move she shuffles onto her knees thrusting her butt into the air with her head still planted in a soft pillow on the bed. He continues licking and licking her whilst plunging the vibrator even deeper and trying to suck every last drop from her pussy as her juices dribble down. Just when she thought she could take no more she feels the warm head of his penis begin to slowly edge its way inside her eagerly awaiting asshole. The vibrator still purring its magic inside her stretched pussy and against her throbbing clit. As his slippery knob buries itself right up to the hilt in her ass she grabs for the vibrator still lodged in her pussy and starts pumping it herself.

Its almost more than she can take – a pleasure overload…. She isn’t even sure if the whole episode is real any longer or just part of some incredibly kinky dream. The sounds of this sexy little princess approaching yet another orgasm pushes Antonio right to the edge of his own cumming…. She feels his strong masculine hands firmly grasping her hips thrusting her willing butt forward then back in ever faster movements…. With a deep sigh his rapidly rising cum bursts from his aching balls firing stream after stream of hot thick cum into her tight little ass. To her surprise she can actually feel his cum as it rapidly fills her ass – delivering an amazingly kinky warming sensation deep in her back passage. Like a chain reaction she feels her knees weaken as another incredible orgasm washes over her – close on the heels of Antonio’s…. completely satiated she and Antonio collapse in a heap onto the massage bed…. As she drifts into a euphoric semi-conscious state she can still feel Antonio’s rapidly softening cock buried in her ass…. Locked in placed by her ring that has clamped itself tightly around it!!

The next thing she remembers is awakening as she is being lowered into a steaming hot bath…. Like the personal slaves of old, Antonio dutifully sponges down the Princess’s entire body, taking his time to ensure no patch of her delicate skin misses out on the soothing caresses of the cloth…. As she lies in the calming water she knows she will return often for Antonio’s “experimental massage techniques”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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