The Meeting Ch. 02

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It has been a few days since Sherye and I shared that wonderful night together. I have been wanting to call her, but was not sure if I should. I have never been with a married woman before and I think that is what has been the cause of my reluctance to call her. The problem is that I can not seem to get her out of my mind. I keep thinking of the marvelous and lustful things we shared with each other and every time I do. I get this powerful erection.

It does not seem to matter what I am doing or where I am at, or who I am with, I get this arousal sensation in my groin. Finally I just could not stand it any more and I made the call. I let it ring 2 times and then I hung up. Sherye called me back on the phone.

I said, “Hello! This is Robin speaking!”

Sherye said, “Robin, this is Sherye and I am returning your phone call!”

I said, “Hi Sherye, glad you remembered me!”

I could tell she was pleased to hear my voice, because she said, “Yes Robin, how could I ever forget you”.

We made small talk for a few minutes and then I asked her, “Sherye I know it is early in the day, but would you like to come over? It is such a nice day, we can just visit for awhile and maybe have a couple of cocktails out on my balcony. It would be nice to just relax together and enjoy the warm sun as it shines down on my balcony.”

Sherye said, “I would love to come over for a little while, but only for a couple of hours because her husband will be getting off work and coming home soon.”

I said, “Sherye that would be fine and when you arrive, there would be no need to knock on the door, so just come in and I will be out on the balcony.”

She said, “Okay and will see you in a few minutes.”

When I hung up the phone, I got out my 2 lounge reclining chairs and set them up on the balcony. I then took off my clothes and just began to relax on one of the chairs, waiting for Sherye to arrive.


WOW! It was so good to hear from Robin! I went to my car and headed to his place. When I walked in and seen him naked then I just about had a heart attack cause it was not just a shock but it was an excitement in my pussy and a tightness in my tits. He is so sexy with or without clothes on.

I started stripping my clothes off slowly and seductively and he had this glazed look of lust in his eyes and I could see his cock getting harder. So I started moving like I was dancing and decided to give him a lap dance after I got naked. I walked over to him and turned around and started moving around on his lap with my ass and he started rubbing my ass and I moved away from him. I looked around and he had a look of disappointment, so I turned around and faced him and started moving my body side to side as I started touching myself and his face lite up and a look of hard lust came into his eyes and I knew he was hooked.

I started kissing him and rubbing my tits on his chest and started grinding my pussy into his cock and I took his hand and put them on my tits and started rubbing my tits with him. I reached down and inserted a finger in my pussy and got myself even wetter and pulled out and started rubbing my juices on my tits and leaned into his face and he started lapping my juices off my tits. It was so erotic that I almost came right then and there. So I started stroking his cock and pulled away from him and got on my knees and leaned over and licked the head of his cock which he already had pre-cum on the tip.

It tasted like I was in heaven, it was so good and sticky. It tasted like he had been eating sweet fruit which I heard made a mans cum even sweeter. Robin was moaning so much just from me licking the tip of his cock that I had to lick all around the head and the underside of the head too. Then I started sucking the head with suction and making it go in and out of my mouth without me moving my head.

He screamed out, “OMG Sherye! That feels like your pussy is squeezing my cock! It feels so good! Please don’t stop!”

I was not going to stop but I did deepthroat him real fast and he raised his ass off the chair in ecstasy. I stopped moving my mouth on him but held my mouth all the way to the base of his cock where his balls was and stayed there for a minute. He started humping my mouth so I came back up and started sucking on the head again.

He said, “OMG Sherye, what are you trying to do to me, make me cum!”

I took my mouth off his cock and stood up and straddled him and I sat on his cock and I was so wet that all he had to do was ram home all the way to the back of my womb in one thrust.

I screamed, “OMG Robin, please keep doing that! You are the best I have ever been with and wish I had met you before I ever got with my husband. I hope we can keep fucking all the time and I think you want that too!”

He was thrusting in and out of my pussy faster and faster as I said that to him that I knew he was thinking the same thing. “Please, Robin, don’t cum yet cause I want to suck my juices off of you!”


As Sherye was riding my cock, kızılay escort it was all I could do to keep from cumming. I managed to hold back from squirting my cum into her. Then she lifted herself off of my so very hard cock and knelt down beside me and began to lick my cock to devour all of her sweet juices that just drenched my cock and balls. Then she leaned up to me to give me a kiss and share her sweet nectar with me. I pulled her down on top of me and held her close as we continued to french kiss each other with lust in our hearts.

As we continued to swap tongues with each other, I felt her grinding her cunt hard into my so hard erect shaft. I reached around her to grab her butt cheeks and help to push her down into me. As I did, I slipped my finger into her ass and began to finger fuck her there.

She said. “OMG Robin, don’t stop baby, finger me hard Robin!”

As she reached down to grab my hard cock and force it into her wet delicious cunt. Then she started to hump my cock hard and fast as I was pumping my finger in and out of her ass. I still had not cum yet because I was trying desperately not too.

Then I asked’ “Sherye, would you like to watch me masterbate myself.”

She said, “Oh Robin, I would love to watch you do that for me.”

She then got off of me and sat down beside me. Then I asked her to gently massage my balls. She reached down between my thighs and began to do just that. As she was massaging my balls, I began to stroke my cock for her. I needed no lubricant because her wet cunt juices did that for me.

As I continued to stroke my cock, I leaned over to suck on her nipple. I looked at Sherye and noticed that she was watching me stroke myself with intense eyes.

I said, “Oh baby, watch, it’s cumming. Watch it squirt out.”

Then it happened, I could not hold it back any longer. When it burst, it squirted out and some of it hit her in the face. Sherye was so surprised that she was startled for a moment. I then leaned up to her and kissed her lips and began to lick all of my cum off of her face. Then she leaned down and with her talented tongue, she cleaned my cock off.

Then we both laid beside each other for a few minutes and then she said she had to go cause her husband would be home in a few minutes. She got up and put her clothes back on.

Then she leaned down to give me a kiss and said, “Robin, I don’t want you to get up. I want you to just lay there and relax and I will let myself out.”

She stood up and blew me a kiss as she walk out the door. When I heard the door close, I realized that I was laying on my balcony totally naked, not to mention the fact that Sherye and I just made passionate love to her on my balcony. Then it hit me! I began to wonder if any of my neighbors heard us or did any of my neighbors see us. We were so passionately involved with each other, I never thought about my neighbors. OMG I thought, what if they did???


I blew Robin a kiss and walked out the door! As I was walking out I heard someone above me moaning and when I looked up I seen a couple of women that was directly across from the balcony from Robin’s balcony and realized that they must have seen us fucking. I wished I had time to talk to them but I had to go home before my husband got home and start getting supper ready.

But I thought for a minute and decided to have some fun and wrote on a piece of paper and tied it to a small rock and threw it up over the balcony and yelled out “Hey call me and we can all have some fun next time I come over here again to see my lustful man friend. Ok”

They nodded their head and went right back to having sex. I was so naughty that I could not believe I just told 2 women having sex with one another that! I wanted to see Robin again and I knew I would and now I have a surprise for him. So a few days go by and my husband came home and told me that he had to go out of town for a week on business and would I be ok here by myself.

I told him, “Sure I will. But I think I will go stay with Margie while you are gone.”

So the next morning after I helped him pack for his trip he left to go to the airport and I packed my bag. Since I told him last night that I might stay with a friend of ours for him to just call my cell phone and he said ok.

I was just fixing to call Robin when my cell phone went off and I answered it. “Hello! This is Sherye!”

“Hi Sherye! This is Dawn and Abby! The ones you threw your number to one day on our balcony!”

I said, “Hi and how are you today?’

“We are fine! We were wanting to meet you and your man friend. We have been watching him for some time now and have wanted to meet him!”

I said, “”Well, I am going to call him in a bit and ask if I can come stay with him for a few days and I will ask him if we can all get together. Ok!”

“OMG! That would be great! We will talk to you in a bit then!”

I said, “Ok bye for now and I will call you back and come get you when kolej escort I get there. Ok!”

“Ok, Sherye! Talk to you in a bit! Bye for now!”

So I hung up and called Robin and he answered on the first ring and I told him that my husband was going out of town for a few days and would it be ok if I stayed with him for a few days so we could get to know each other better and have more time together and he said yes. I also said I had a surprise for him too! So I left and when I got to his apartment complex and knocked on his neighbors door after I called them back to tell them I was coming there first. They opened the door and let me in. I told them I wanted to surprise him by having both of them with me and for both of them to dress in their sluttiest outfits.

They came out in the sexiest outfits I have ever seen and I almost fainted from pure lust. So we finally walked over to Robin’s place and I knocked on the door. He opened the door. With a look of surprise on his face when he saw the 2 women, he looked over at me wih a confused look on his face!

I said, “Hi Robin, these 2 are your neighbors and they wanted to meet you. They told me that they seen us both fucking the other day and they got so horny that it made me think of your fantasy of being with 2 women. But now your fantasy is about to come true even more cause you are going to be with 3 women tonight!”

Robin said,”OMG Sherye, I can not believe this! I think I am dreaming. I now have 3 beautiful women in my place and I think my cock is trying to tear my pants open!”

Dawn started walking toward Robin and started rubbing her body as she started teasing him and Abby started kissing me. Dawn was rubbing not only herself but Robin too and she had Robin’s cock out and stroking it! I was so enthralled in watching that, that when Abby reached down and rubbed my pussy that I came right then and there and flooded my pants and panties in pussy juices. I walked Abby over to Robin and Dawn and we all started rubbing Robin all over as we all got him undressed as we each undressed ourselves.

Robin was breathing so hard that I decided to have him sit on the couch before he fell down. So when we were all undressed and then each of us, Dawn, Abby and I started kissing each other so Robin could watch us touch each other. He was stroking his cock as he watched us. We were licking each other all over even each others pussy and ass and I could tell Robin was enjoying this very much!

Robin said, “Thank you Sherye for this nice surprise! I will always treasure this!”

I said, “You are very welcome Robin but we are not through with you yet so now you have to come and join us but would you be more comfortable in your king size bed doing this?”


I said, “Yes Sherye, I would love to share my large bed with all three of you. But before we do that, lets just sit here and talk for a bit.”

Then I ask these beautiful sweet women if I could get them some refreshments. I offered them water, lemonade, or beer. All three said they would love to have some lemonade. So I stood up to go to the kitchen.

As I did, I heard Abby say quietly under her breath “OMG, I love his Ass”.

I smiled and went to the kitchen. I poured a glass of lemonade for each of them and one for myself. I put all 4 glasses on a tray and walked back out to the living room. As I was approaching them, I noticed Dawn concentrating on my shaft. I think she was enjoying watching it sway back and forth as I walked across the floor.

Each of the ladies took a glass from the tray, then I turned around to set the tray on a coffee table and I heard Abby say again under her breath “I love his ASS”.

Dawn, Abby, and Sherye were sitting on the couch together, so when I set the tray down, I turned and grabbed my computer chair so I could sit in front of them. I sat down in that chair which not only swivels, but it also rocks back and forth. As I was sitting there in front of them, I was admiring them all and the beautiful features they all possessed. They knew I was doing this and they all had a wonderful, almost gleeful smile on their faces.

But I was not the only one looking. I noticed that all three of these wonderful women were staring at me as well. I began to slowly rock my chair back and forth as we all talked to each other. Then I noticed that Dawn began to smile and she stood up to take a step towards me. Both Abby and Sherye were watching to see what Dawn was going to do. She then leaned forward lifted my shaft up and rubbed her finger across my cock slit.

Then she turned to the girls and said, “Look girls, Robin has pre-cum on my finger.”

They all started to giggle and then Dawn stepped over to Sherye and put her finger into Sherye’s mouth. Abby said “Oh Sherye, tell me, is it sweet or bitter tasting?”

Sherye replied, “Robin’s cum is the sweetest I have ever had!”

Abby turned to Dawn and said, “Oh Dawn, I want some”.

So Dawn turned to me then lifted up maltepe escort my cock and once again rubbed her finger across my cock slit. She then turned to offer her finger to Abby. Then Dawn turned toward me once again, lifted my cock and tickled my cock slit with the tip of her tongue.

She then turned her head towards Sherye and said, “You are right Sherye, Robin’s cum is sweet!”

Dawn sat back down on the couch and I asked Abby how her and Dawn even knew who I was.

Abby said, “Oh Robin, Dawn and I first saw you about a year ago sun bathing out on your balcony.”

I said, “You did?”

Abby said, “Yes Robin we did!”

I asked, “Was I naked?”

Abby said, “Oh Yes and what a beautiful site you were to us. You were actually asleep, so you never knew we were watching you and admiring your gorgeous manly body! As time went on Robin, we would see you out on your balcony, soaking up the sun or having a BBQ and you were always naked when doing so. But one day, we came out on our balcony to see if you were there and to our surprise, not only were you there, but you were laying back on your lounge chair and stroking that amazing cock of yours.”

Abby continued saying, “We were so surprised to see you doing that, we were speechless. Dawn and I sat there admiring with lust of what you were doing. We could not take our eyes off of you in fear of missing you come to a climax and OMG, did you ever climax. You shot your cum straight up into the air and there was so much of it, it almost looked like you were peeing.”

Dawn said, “Neither of us have ever seen a man with so much cum. It was truly a pleasure to witness such a remarkable event. Ever since that day, we have seen you several times masterbating yourself and each and every time, that we wished we could meet you. And thanks to your friend Sherye, we have finally gotten this wonderful opportunity to meet you in person.”

Then I noticed that Sherye and Dawn were getting to know each other on a more personal basis. They were embraced in each others arms. Their tits were pressed up against each other as they kissed. Then Sherye stood up with her hand out to Dawn. Dawn held Sherye’s hand and stood up as well. At that point, Sherye fell to her knees and began to lick Dawn’s furry love nest. As she did, Dawn spread her legs wider apart to give Sherye better access to her fruit.

Then Abby joined and and knelt down behind Dawn and began to lick Dawn’s anal cavity. She grabbed Dawn’s butt cheeks and spread them apart and then inserted her tongue into Dawns hole. Dawn was in a delightful state by this time. She was getting eaten out from both sides. I sat there and watch these three beautiful women enjoy each other.

Then I stood up standing to Dawn’s side. I leaned forward and began to suckle on Dawn’s nipples. Then I released her nipple and dragged my tongue down her side to her hips. By this time, I am on my knees and with each arm, I reached out to grab both Sherye’s ass and Abby’s ass. Then, I inserted my finger into each of the gorgeous women’s assholes. Yes, I was finger fucking both of them, while they were eating out Abby from both sides.

This was absolutely sexual heaven for me and I was loving everything we were sharing. I loved the fact the these women were not only sharing themselves with me, but more importantly, they were sharing themselves with each other. What was happening here was absolutely a dream come true for me.


OMG! Robin was actually fingering both my ass and Abby’s ass too! We both started moaning even more and Dawn started licking Robin’s ass and stroking his cock! I could tell he was enjoying himself so much cause as he was humping Dawn’s hand as she was also stroking him he would finger fuck our ass’s with the same rhythm.

Robin screamed, “OH FUCK YES Dawn, lick my ass and stroke my cock! I need that so much!”

Dawn said, “You better believe I will, Robin!”

All of a sudden I squirted cum out so much that it looked like I was peeing and Robin leaned over and started licking my pussy clean as he was fingering my ass. Cause not only was my ass stimulated by his finger but Abby had slipped a finger in my pussy and found the g-spot and it made me cum hard which was so hard that I started crying cause it almost hurt but felt so good!

I screamed, “OMG you 2 just made me cum the hardest I have ever came before and have never squirted like that before!”

Dawn took her mouth off of Robin’s ass and started sucking his cock and so I turned around and started licking his balls and Abby turned around and started licking his balls too!

Robin said, “OMG! I am in heaven cause this is my most treasured fantasy of having my cock and balls touched by women at the same time!”


OMG! Am I dreaming? I have one beautiful woman sucking my cock and 2 equally beautiful women both licking my balls! WOW! I leaned over to Sherye and asked her if she would let me put her panties on.

She smiled and started to giggle and said, “Yes Robin.”

She reached over on the sofa to grab her panties. I stood up and put her panties up to my face because I wanted to smell them first. I could smell the scent of Sherye’s pussy in the crotch of her panties. I then put them on and my hard erect cock was stretching them out of shape. Then I asked Sherye to suck my cock over the top of her panties.

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