The Meeting Ch. 04

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“I’m getting hungry,” she said, sitting up. ” I think I worked up an appetite!”

“Yeah, me too!” he answered. “Although you do make for a tasty appetizer!” He grinned at her, licking his lips, the taste of her still lingering there…

“Do you want to go get some breakfast?” he asked.

“Sure. But I need to get cleaned up first. You mind if I take a quick shower?” she asked.

“Not at all,” he replied. He lay back, admiring her shapely body as she got up from the bed, stretching.

“I’ll be right back,” she said, giving him a kiss before walking into the bathroom.

He heard her turn the water on, and immediately regretted not going to the bathroom before she got in there. God, did he have to go! He lay there for a while, trying not to think about it as he heard her turn on the shower. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore, and went to the bathroom door and knocked.

“Do you mind if I come in and pee?” he asked through the closed door.

“No, of course not,” she answered.

He opened the door and walked into the bathroom, which was already getting steamed up from her shower. He felt a little awkward, but his need was greater than his discomfort, and he quickly relieved himself.

“Do you want to shower too?” she asked over the sound of the shower. “Why don’t you join me?” she said, peeking coyly around the shower curtain.

“OK, I think I will” he said, and climbed in the shower. She turned toward the shower head to rinse the soap off her face, and he embraced her from behind, letting the hot water run over his head and back. She felt wonderful, her skin all wet and slippery against him.

“Would you mind washing my back?” she asked, handing him the bar of soap.

“I’ll wash yours if you’ll wash mine,” he replied playfully, taking the soap and lathering up her back, enjoying the feel of her. He started at her shoulders and worked his way down to the small of her back, making little circles with his hands as he went, continuing down across her bottom. His soapy hands massaged her round buttocks, slipping down the crack of her ass, his fingers rimming her anus, then moving down between her legs.

“Mmm, that feels good!” she said. “I love the way you touch me…”

“I want to make sure I get you all clean- don’t want to miss anywhere…” he said with a smile. Dropping to his knees, he used the soap to lather up the tops of her legs, paying extra attention to the insides of her thighs. She slowly turned around so the front of her was towards him, and he brought the soap to her mound, gently massaging it.

She closed her eyes and leaned back, letting the water rinse the front of her body and run over his head as he knelt before her. She could feel his hands araban escort busy rinsing the soap from between her thighs, enjoying the feeling of his fingers grazing against her labia as he bathed her. She leaned back against the shower wall, lost in the sensation, and then let out a low moan as she felt his tongue licking her, very lightly, from her pussy up to her clitoris; the delicious combination of his warm tongue and the hot water made her juices start to flow again…

He slowly rose to his feet, letting his hands run up her body as he did so.

Still holding the bar of soap, he began to massage her breasts with it. Her erect nipples stood out from the lather, which was quickly rinsed away. She still had her eyes closed, with a look of pleasure on her face, and he thought to himself how beautiful she looked. His mouth moved to her nipples, licking and sucking them, sending electric sensations through her.

Opening her eyes, she saw him standing there before her. Looking down, she could see his almost fully erect penis. Taking the soap from him, she began to lather up his chest, then took his cock in her hands and washed him, letting her soapy hands move down to his balls, then back onto his cock, slowly stroking him. She grew more excited as his member seemed to grow larger in her hands as she rinsed it off. She sank to her knees before him, and started licking around the engorged head of his hard cock, and then slowly letting her tongue drift down along his shaft.

Her hand was cupping his balls, and as she got to the base of his cock, she brought them to her mouth, gently sucking each one in and swirling her tongue around it. He let out a groan as her mouth came back to the end of his cock and sucked hard on the head. Her hands went behind him to his ass, pulling him deeper into her warm mouth. He felt her fingers slipping between his cheeks, lightly touching his hole there. As she continued to suck his cock, she gently worked the tip of one of her fingers into his opening- he couldn’t believe how good it felt!

“Do you like that?” she asked, taking her mouth from his cock for a moment.

“Oh my god, yes!” he replied excitedly. His obvious reaction to the pleasure she was giving him aroused her even more: her pussy was dripping wet, and not just from the shower! With her free hand, she started rubbing her pussy, feeling the hot, sticky liquid there, covering her fingers. She reached further back, spreading her juices to her asshole, touching herself there, too. Feeling her anal muscles relaxing in response to her touch, she thought of her girlfriends who had told her how pleasurable it was to be touched there….

Releasing his cock from the tongue-bath she was giving him, she rose to her feet to face him, pressing herself against him, rubbing her breasts on his chest. Feeling his straining penis slip between her legs, she straddled it, rubbing her swollen lips along the length of it. He turned her around, and she, understanding what he was up to, placed her hands against the far wall, bending slightly, spreading her legs in not-so-subtle invitation. Taking his cock in his hand, he began to rub it against her pussy, letting it slide up across her anus as he did so. Unwilling to delay any longer, he placed the head of his cock into her vagina, inserting a couple of inches into her.

“Mmmmmmmm, that feels good!” she said. He watched her reach her hand back behind her, spreading her cheeks apart to reveal her already puckering rosebud. Her ass looked so inviting! He pulled his cock from her wet pussy and bent over to lick her there, letting his tongue trace circles around her hole. He inserted his fingers into her swollen pussy, covering them with her juices, and spreading them up to her asshole.

He repeated this motion several times, until her anus was well coated with her slippery liquid. She groaned with pleasure as he slowly inserted one of his fingers there, running it around the entrance in ever-widening circles, letting it slip in deeper as her muscles relaxed more and more.

Straightening up, he took his swollen cock in his hand and slipped it into her hot, wet pussy, slowly fucking her while he continued to finger her ass.

“Oh my god, that feels amazing!” , she said- the feeling of his cock in her pussy and his finger in her ass was driving her crazy!

“Do you like having your ass touched like this?” he asked.

“Mmm, yes! It’s so… erotic!”

“Do you want my cock there?” He slowly withdrew from her pussy, his cock thoroughly lubricated with her juices, and placed the head at the entrance to her ass, rubbing it across her opening. The sensation of his cock head touching her anus sent shivers through her, filling her with lust.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m sure… just go slow, OK?” she said. Her girlfriends had told her it felt good to take a man that way, and the orgasm it produced was very different- and very powerful. She quivered at the touch of him there, and let out a loud moan as he slowly pushed the head of his hard cock up into her. A touch of fear ran through her- she couldn’t believe how big it felt! But her lust soon overcame any hesitation, as her body relaxed.

He waited for a moment, feeling her opening more to accommodate his turgid member, then began pushing into her ass a little deeper. She moaned loudly as she felt his thick shaft penetrating her tight hole. There was an odd combination of pain and pleasure as she felt him enter her, which quickly turned to all pleasure as she relaxed more and more. He began a slow, fucking motion, feeling her internal lubricant coating him with each thrust as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into her until he was completely inside.

She let out a low moan as his cock slid all the way into her tight hole, filling her. She couldn’t believe how huge it felt! She clamped down on his cock with her muscles, holding him there for a moment while she adjusted to the feeling of having his throbbing cock buried deep in her ass, then began pushing back against him, her body opening further as she took him in. She almost screamed with the movement as he slowly withdrew halfway out, then pushed back into her. She was completely open now, and he moved into her with ease. It felt amazing!

She gently squeezed his cock with her ass muscles as he slid into her; the sensation exciting him so much that in one swift motion, he thrust his cock all the way into her. She let out a little cry of pleasure, rotating her ass against his stomach, taking all of him in. Unable to contain himself , he began fucking her tight ass in earnest. She responded by rocking her body back and forth toward his, fucking him back with equal enthusiasm, delirious with the sensation of his thick cock sliding in and out of her ass.

She moved one of her hands to her pussy, furiously rubbing her clit while he pounded her ass, feeling his balls slapping against her pussy each time he slammed his cock into her. She could feel an intense climax beginning to build- she began flexing her buttocks, clamping down on his penis in rhythm with his fucking as she felt him swelling… her fingers flashed across the stiff nub of her clitoris as she felt the wave of orgasm begin.

“Oh, oh, OH—I’m going to come!” she panted. He felt her muscles constricting around his shaft, intensifying the sensation the tightness of her hole was already creating.

“Oh god; give it to me…!!” she cried as her climax came. Her legs went weak as the stiff cock thrust deep into her. She felt his body stiffen as his cock swelled and exploded, spurting his hot come deep into her…

She sagged against the shower wall, letting wave after wave of orgasm break over her. She nearly lost consciousness as he pulled his cock from her; colors filled her mind as the sensations rocked her. Spent, he sank down to sit on the bottom of the tub, pulling her with him, cradling her from behind. The warm water from the shower washed over them as the intensity of what they had just experienced washed through them. Nothing else existed; just the two of them, with no thoughts, just the overwhelming sensation of physical bliss, there was nothing left but to surrender to it, and let the ecstasy take them…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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