The Meetup Pt. 02

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Doggy Style

We must have dozed for a little while because I suddenly woke, the inside spoon, one of your solid arms around me cupping a breast, and the recognisable feel of a semi-erect penis nudging between the crack of my buttocks. Waking, I reached a hand back to adjust your penis so it slid up my back instead.

You were awake as I turned into you, naked on the bed, because your eyes were open but slightly foggy. Without speaking we leaned into a mild kiss, slightly open-mouthed, our sleep saliva mingling as we emerged. I nuzzled the crown of my head into your face as I kissed down your strong jawline to your collarbone, gently kissing along that thick muscle that slopes from neck out to shoulder. One of my hands glided along your flat stomach, down to your pubic region, and gently scrunched your thick, short pubic hairs. Your penis twitched and firmed in response.

Your own hand stroked along my inside thigh, and I turned more onto my back and opened my thighs to allow you access. You just gently drizzled your fingertips over my pussy, very slightly stroking my labia, not penetrating, just stroking. I playfully bit my teeth into your shoulder here and there, small bites. You brought one hand to your mouth and slid a finger all the way in, and drew it back out slowly, covered in saliva. Looking me in the eye, you took the wet finger down to my pussy and gently just peeked it beneath the fold of my outer lips at the bottom of my pussy, only penetrating shallowly. Then you slid your wet finger along one side of my lips, slowly tracing upwards, and I had that delicious sensation of my outer lip being ‘pushed’ aside as you traced the outline of my vagina with your finger, all the way slowly to the top, avoiding my clit, and back down the other side, opening me up as my own juice started returning.

Back the way you came, your finger tracing my lips to the top and back down again, gently pushing my labia, and then back, deeper the third time, feeling your finger brush my inner lips, not inside me yet. I opened my thighs wider and kissed you harder, drawing your tongue into my mouth and biting it while you stroked my hot cunt.

My own fingers were now slightly drawing on the head of your wonderful cock, now stiff again, gently pulling your foreskin over your cock head and back down, just playing with it, not urgent. Your other hand cupped one of my breasts and gently pulled on a nipple, letting it bounce back. I wondered if later I might put your cock between my breasts, or even let you come there.

You shifted on top of me and moved down, sucking a nipple into your mouth, and suddenly slid your whole finger inside me. My pussy was wet again and the shock of penetration sent a shiver through me, my nipple stiffening in your mouth as I arched my back into you. You curved your finger upward and slowly withdrew it, stroking my wall. I angled my hips down for your finger to hit that sweet spot inside, grinding my pelvis against your hand. You moved your head to my other breast and slid your finger back in, stroking my inside with firm but gentle movements.

“Kiss me hard baby” I whispered, and you lifted your head back up to mine and I thrust my tongue into your mouth, hungry now, hungry for you to be inside me. I was stroking your cock gently all the way up and down, and you were ready. I slid my tongue along the underside of yours in my mouth, feeling your saliva, loving the taste of it.

You broke off the kiss to move back down to my breasts, kissing each hard pink nipple, and moving down to my stomach again, but I had other ideas. I wanted your cock. “Fuck me now please” I ordered, looking into your eyes. You smiled and rolled to the other side of the bed to take out a box of condoms (just in case, good boy). Breaking one open, you pinched the tip and peeled it down your erect penis, stretching it at the bottom. I nestled my body into the bed and opened my hips to you as you positioned yourself above me, your penis angled and ready to slide in.

“Could you … get me hard again?” you whispered as you let your weight settle on me slightly, biting my ear. I reached down and gripped your sheathed cock, pulling it up and down, making it hard again. “I’m ready”.

I assumed my normal ‘starting position’ for missionary, one thigh up highish, the other neutral, ready to shift depending on his lovemaking style and type of penis. I felt your weight wonderfully, deliriously settle heavy on me as your cockhead played at the entrance to my wet vagina, my lips open, waiting for you. Your cock dragged up and down a little as you searched for the opening without haste, and gently you found it, my secret warm hot hole, and the tip of your impossibly hard penis slid in. I gasped a little and you moaned. “All of it now babe” I said, and in you went, thrusting forward with your hips, your knees fixed on the bed. It was a little more than I thought and you felt my hips push against you a little and you eased back a tiny bit, while I opened my hips a bit more, angling one Kurtköy Escort thigh out as I wrapped my calf around your masculine ass.

Better settled, I dug my calf into your ass to signal you to resume, directing you like a horse, and you thrust back in all the way and stayed there, nuzzling my neck, biting my ear. I love the feeling of being ‘tacked to the bed’ by a man’s weight while he is inside me, not helpless but deliciously pinned by weight and shaft. I grabbed the back of your head with my hand and brought your mouth to mine while you withdrew your hips and thrust your cock out and back in again, resuming an unhurried pace, enjoying the feeling of my slick hole gripping you as you dragged in and out, and I was in heaven feeling you on top of me while your hot thickness opened me up, filled me, and emptied again rhythmically.

We screwed like that for a while, making love unfrantically, both of us already having come from eating each other not long ago. I gripped your toned ass with both of my hands, kissing passionately, licking the beads of sex sweat off your neck, tasting all of you. After a while, you sat up onto your knees, staying inside me, and covered both of my breasts with your hands, kneading them and letting my nipples pinch between your fingers. I grabbed a pillow from the top of the bed, lifted my hips, and slid it under my own ass, wet and wide and ready for something deeper now, for the middle course.

Taking my cue, you pushed my legs together and lifted my ass high on the pillow, bringing your knees up to my ass. My legs went over your shoulders and you pushed your cock deep into me, still gripping my breasts. I moaned at the different, deeper, fuller feeling, my pussy burning and soaking as your thick cock punctured my lips wrapped around it and slid deep into me, hard, your cock head close to my gate deep inside me. You picked your pace up and fucked me harder. I couldn’t reach it now, but I felt your ass cheeks squeeze tight as you punched hard with rapid strokes, withdrawing only halfway to thrust back in again. I closed my eyes and pinched my own breasts as you gripped my hips for penetration, fucking fast and aggressively. You had that lovely focused, stern face that men get when they are fucking hard and rough.

I wanted to ride you at some point, but right now I was ready for a change. I wanted you to fuck me hard and deeply from behind, and finish for me. I wanted to feel your cock come again, inside me this time, even sheathed, and I wanted to feel you collapse on top of me, your lover, drained and satisfied.

I put my hand on your stomach to stop you mid stroke and slid my ass off the pillow, sitting up to kiss you deeply again, our tongues sliding over each other, eyes closed. Then I gently pushed you off me, feeling a slight emptiness as your cock withdrew, but knowing it would soon be back. I looked at you mischievously as I turned around and positioned myself on all fours, settling my elbows square in the middle of the bed, giving us plenty of room, my head down, a pillow ready to grab.

I felt you shift behind me and you ran your fingertips down my back, making me shiver. You moved your knees inside my thighs, opening them up, as you grabbed my hips. I absolutely adore the beginning of doggie sex, as the man explores his position and adjusts your hindquarters to suit him. The feeling of being readied, prepared, as his hand might push down gently on your lower back to lower your hips, or push your thighs open to open you up more, and his hands grip your ass and pull backwards to find the angle that allows entry.

Again I felt your hard cock explore my entrance, but I was slippery and ready now, and your tip found it easily as you prepared to resume making love. You pushed forward carefully, finding out where the new limit lay, but I pushed my own ass back onto you and you went in all the way and I could feel your gorgeous hardness exactly where I wanted it, thick and deep and nearly stroking my internal roof. I was horny now and knew what you would be seeing, my dripping lips exposed and wrapped tight around your penis, my inner lips showing as you dragged your cock in and out of me.

“Come for me” i muffled into my pillow, and I think you heard as you started fucking me deeply, pulling my hips strongly back onto you, forcing your cock through me until your hard pubic bone mashed against my soft ass. You thrust harder and harder, rapid shortish but powerful strokes that had me breathing hard and grunting in pleasure in time.

I turned my face to the side for air and slid one arm underneath me, searching for my clit while my hips were roughly manhandled back and forth as you fucked me. I planted the heel of my palm on my own pubic bone and found my aching button with my middle finger, just holding it on my clit, letting your movements do the work of rubbing it. I was incredibly horny and after only a couple of minutes, I could feel myself building to a climax, a warmth spreading from deep Maltepe Escort down in my abdomen, and a burning inside my pussy from bottom to my tingling clit, pressed hard against itself.

“I’m close my love” you shouted, and i replied “Come inside me now”. You reached forward with one hand and gripped a bunch of my hair. I raised my head, allowing you to pull my hair back as your other hand tightly gripped my shoulder to pull me on to your cock as deeply as you could. I angled my ass higher in the air and widened my knees, feeling your balls now slap against my pussy and the finger on my clit as you fucked me.

I came, and my pussy clenched and released, clenched and released around your cock in contraction from my orgasm. I took my finger off my clit and slumped forward, exhausted. I heard you let out a guttural ‘fuuuuuuuuuck’ and you rammed inside me one last time, up to your balls, hard and warm and feeling wonderful, your cock now twitching inside as you pumped cum into the reservoir.

You ground your hips deeper into me as you spurted, grunting and sweaty. Still hard, you slowly withdrew and rammed back in a few times, cumming a little each time, your cock swollen. You pushed me down on to the bed and collapsed on top of me, hips still firmly pressed into mine and penis unmoving, as you gently bit my neck and lay there.

You didn’t move until you’d softened, and I felt you carefully withdraw and leave the bed for a second, to get rid of the evidence. I turned on to my side facing you, content and spent, as you returned for our second post-lovemaking cuddle.

After a while, we realised that we were utterly ravenous. I wrapped an enormous towel around me, naked underneath, while you slid your boxers back on and called for room service; some spring rolls and assorted Thai food. “Get a bottle of wine too thanks babe, any white will do” I asked, and you added a crisp Riesling to the bill. I giggled as you answered the hotel room door just in your boxers, but quickly dived under the top sheet when i realised the hotel staff were coming in to the room to lay the room service out!

The waitress was a young woman herself and I swore I caught her smiling as she thanked my lover for the tip and walked back out. It couldn’t have been more obvious what we had just been doing! The sheets were a mess, we were barely clothed and the room reeked of hot recent sex. I was not a particularly prim and proper lady, but this illicit encounter was a first for me.

We fell on the food like hyenas and drank the wine, talking like old friends again, catching up. You had had a few relationships since high school but only one really serious one, which she ended, and I talked about my own relationships except my current one, and you gently understood I think and didn’t enquire or try to play silly man-games. As early lovers do, we talked about some sexual adventures, where we had tried things, sex that was great, sex that was hilariously bad. I nearly sprayed you with a chilli moneybag as you told me about the time you thought your female flatmate had left early for the weekend, but she was only walking her dog, and both flattie and pug were shocked to their core to come home to the sight of your girlfriend bent naked over the dining room table.

It was close to ten pm, and I told you I had to go very soon. “Should we have a shower together?” you asked, and while I wasn’t sure I wanted to have sex again, the wine had given me a pleasant buzz and the thought of soaping each other under a warm shower made for a lovely end to a hot evening. We disrobed and moved into the hotel bathroom, a nice big wet room in the modern style, with an open shower space and two shower heads, one wall and one above. I got the temperature just right and loosely bunched my hair, not wanting it to get too wet or it would take years to dry.

Then, suddenly, the lights were out and the shower was dark! You had turned the lights off and closed the door to give us a naughty time in the dark together. I was facing the wall shower, enjoying the warm spray over my breasts and stomach, washing the sex sweat away, slightly tipsy. I could feel you walk up behind me, reach in front of me and take the soap bar from the holder. You wrapped your arms around me, pulling me close, rubbing the soap over my chest, tummy, lifting an arm and washing under there, now sliding the bar over my nipple, then down to my lower tummy and across my pubic hair. I felt your penis swinging down there, brushing my buttocks or nestling in between.

I turned to face you and took the soap from your hands and started washing you myself, feeling your chest muscles, washing under your arms, kissing your biceps, kissing your neck. I turned you around and washed your wide back, feeling you flex your musles back there. I cupped both of your ass cheeks and playfully lifted them and let them bounce back a few times, giggling. Then I squatted down and started washing your legs, starting at your calves, then your Tuzla Escort thighs, before finally running the soap bar between your ass cheeks to give your ass a thorough wash. I turned you around one more time to find in the dim light that I’d worked you all up again, as your penis was semi-hard again.

“You’re insatiable, how can you be hard again?” I tittered, kneeling in front of you in the dark. “Are you serious”, you said. “I’ve been hard thinking about this for the last three years!”

The wine having a little effect, I said “Well, we had better wash this then” and took your penis in my mouth one more time, just playing with it, not sucking hard, idle, slow strokes with lots of lubrication. I slid one hand behind you and just gently stroked between your ass cheeks, not prying.

You stood me up and said “Time to wash you now” and turned me to face away. I bent forward ever so slightly as you wiped the soap across my back, your other hand kneading parts of me, my shoulders, my waist, a slight press of my ribs, one of my ass cheeks. I felt you kneel down and you washed my legs as I had, calves, thighs.

You washed between my ass, but started kissing the bottom of my cheeks as well. You moved up and kissed the small of my back, leaving little bites, which made me shiver. You took one finger and gently slid it between my ass cheeks, over my rosebud, not pushing, just gliding over it. I felt your tongue slide up one buttock to the top, and then the other side.

You bit harder on one cheek and your finger returned to my asshole, stroking over it, still not pushing. I leaned forward more. As with all new lovers when they play with that area, I was a little nervous but was enjoying the sensation. I could feel your hand slightly push against my inner thigh and I opened my legs a little wider. You got deeper underneath me and pushed both of my ass cheeks apart as you kissed the space between my pussy and my asshole.

I moaned slightly and then gasped as your tongue then slid directly over my clean, puckered rosebud in the dark. I had never had a tongue there before and it felt wicked and dirty, but also horny. You didn’t try to penetrate, just slid over the forbidden entrance, while you stroked my thighs.

You stood and I reached around, exploring with my hand, to find a very hard penis. “Did you like that?”, you whispered, and I murmured intelligibly in reply. “Is there anything else you want there?” you followed up, and I replied “Use your imagination…”.

I had had anal sex with two previous boyfriends, after dating for some time, and enjoyed it, but something about the raunchiness of cheating with an old flame had brought out the slut in me. I knew I wanted his cock there; I just hoped he would be as gentle as he had showed. Also, I wasn’t sure if we would even see each other again, or if I would go home to my fiancée and live happily ever after, so I abandoned myself to what was happening.

“I need to get something” you said, but I replied “You don’t need to wear something sweetheart, it’s ok”. I wanted to feel your bare cock inside me. “But YOU’LL need some … assistance” you said, and left me momentarily in the dark while I swear I literally heard you run in the bedroom and return.

I reached up and adjusted the wall shower so it was spraying away from us, while still receiving enough to keep us wet and warm. You gently pushed my upper back, so I was bent over more, and I opened my legs to give you access. I felt wanton, bent over in a hotel shower with an illicit lover, about to have his gorgeous cock inside my most private space.

I felt your tip, slick with lubricant, slide between my cheeks and position at my asshole. You slid one thumb down my ass crack until you reached the head of your penis, and I could feel the pressure of your thumb as you ever so gently used it to pry the head of your penis just inside to start. I breathed deeply a few times, in and out, knowing that patience was required and not to try and hurry this part. You gently kissed my back while you kept your cock there, insistent but not driving forward yet, waiting for my asshole to relax as it became accustomed.

“ok babe” I said, feeling more ready and aroused, and you drove in with your hips just a little more and I intook my breath sharply as the large head of your cock pushed just inside my asshole. It felt dirty and amazing. You stopped there, waiting for me, for my reaction. I reached around to stroke the length of your penis outside me. “A little more is ok honey”.

You pushed more and I gasped again as I felt punctured by your cock, stretching my ass. I don’t know how much was in, perhaps half gauging by the length I felt still outside. You gently withdrew slightly, and then pushed forward again to the same length. My head dropped at the feelings in me and the thought of being fucked in the ass in the shower.

You gripped my hips and angled me down a little more, and started rhythmically fucking now, not too deep or fast, just enjoying the feel. After a few minutes of this, my ass had relaxed more and I was also very much enjoying the sensation. One of your hands reached under me to play with my clit, but I batted it away. “I can’t stand up if you touch me there!” I warned.

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