The Mom Pt. 01

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This is a tale of a star-crossed relationship that had to end in spite of the love of both people in the story. I was 38 and she was 37.

I remember that Saturday morning well, in fact, it is as clear today as ever.

It seemed that she didn’t move back when I walked past her while in the room.

She also made an additional change of perfume that week.

We had our pleasantries out of the way and I began my work teaching her child.

There was talent there, was the drive and motivation going to be a problem with this kid?

It had been a long six months and progress was finally happening.

But, this Saturday morning the mom gave a “thank you” hug that lasted much longer.

My SO was in the house and I knew from the energy from the hug that the mom was thinking what I thought she was thinking.

Since returning from a vacation without me, my SO was distant and not nearly as much fun in bed as in the beginning of our relationship.

Back to “the mom.” After the session, she suggested we meet for lunch later in the week, I agreed to her choice of restaurant and off she went. At lunch we knew that there was an underlying tension, we also both knew that we were both in not the best of situations in our homes. We talked a bit about araban escort this and that had a nice lunch and got up to leave the bistro.

As we were saying our goodbyes, she reached in and hugged me again. This time she pressed her breasts into my chest. I was trying to stay in control, but it didn’t work out that way. I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. As I was moving back, she pulled me in and kissed me lightly on the lips. It was electric, she knew that she had captured her prey, or that she wished to be captured. We were then, and now at a loss of what to do with any of this energy.

I saw her again that week and the energy in the room was akin to being in a fission reactor. She would touch me each time I passed her, I would return the touch as well. This was a “sticky wicket” at best, and an exciting adventure in the offing. Little did I know at the time what she would do to me for years to come.

We decided to meet in a local park for lunch, bringing the lunch of sandwiches and sodas we sat on a park bench talking and eating.

We decided to take a short walk in the park. The park was in full loom and the greenery was nice. As we walked she leaned into me and took my hand, the feeling was electric.

It was as though thousands of volts had moved through my being. We stopped walking and knew that we were about to cross a point of no-return, what we didn’t know was how long the juxtaposition of the journey would be over the years. We kissed and it was as though time had stood still. It is, in fact, standing still to this day.

We were both hesitant but knew that our ardor, our desire, our pent-up lust was not going to be rebuffed. We walked to her car and sat in the back. We began to kiss and touch each other as though our lives were depending on this moment of furiousness groping and peeling away of clothing. We dared not take all of our clothes off, the park was public, and we both enjoyed having a career. I began to lightly touch her nipples and she stiffened. I moved my hand lower and unbuttoned her trousers, she lifted her rear from the seat and I pulled her panties aside and began to rub the lips of her pussy. I reached her clit and began to make small circles. She stiffened a bit more, without thinking I moved my mouth down to her opening and I tasted her juices for the first time. It was truly a nectar of a bouquet that rivaled any wine imbibed by me up to that day. (I still think about it to this day)

As I began to suck on her clit she began to pant, and push my head into her wetness.

I licked her and fingered her mound until she began to cum. She came while I was eating her and looked beautiful as she reached the “little death” of orgasm. That was one of the closest moments of perfection in my life.

I leaned up and kissed her, I do not believe she had been kissed with her own juices on a lover’s lips prior to this point in her life, I didn’t ask her that question. We were so natural as lovers that we knew what to do and when. We kissed, and kissed. She reached down and slowly teased my cock, as she did I knew I was not going to last long. She began to pull on the head, she reached down and massaged my scrotum. Her touch was amazing, all the while we were kissing and losing all inhibitions with each other.

She kept pulling on my cock and I could tell I was close. As my hips began to move and buck she reached down and grabbed a towel. She covered the head of my penis with the small towel, and she began jerking me as though she wanted a geyser to erupt. That is what she got, a geyser, I came so hard that I thought my heart would stop. She laughed and said something about it being interesting watching someone come so hard. I told her, it was her, not me. She had taken me to a new plane of sensual pleasure that I had never found prior to her touching me as she did.

This is was the beginning.

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