The Neighbor

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You’re probably going to dismiss this as an urban myth or just another locker room story, but the guy who lived it told it to me and I think it means something. I just don’t know what yet.

We’ve all had encounters with ex’s, wives and girlfriends who come back or show up after a time. Sometimes we even take them in again — or they take us in. Those things are pretty common and follow a few predictable patterns. This one was different. Sit down. We’ve got time. Swallow it down or don’t, I don’t care but this is the story as he told it to me.

It seems that this guy and the woman in question had known each other for several years through business, had been lovers once for a brief time and had wound up in the same luxury townhouse complex a couple of years later — after she married someone else. They had managed to remain friends and often exchanged greetings and jokes when they encountered each other briefly, but on this particular day she seemed somber. He had run into her at the gas station just down the street from the complex and they had talked for a minute, then started Afyon Escort to get into their respective cars. Just as the guy started to pull his door closed he looked up and saw her there. She must have turned and followed him to his car.

“Would you like to come up for a minute? I’ve something to ask you,” she said softly, her eyes downcast. He started to beg off, not wanting get into the middle of anything, but she seemed to need something so he went.

Inside her place, she set down her purse and removed her coat then turned to him. For the first time he detected the bruise beneath the makeup near her right eye. She said nothing more but placed her arms around his shoulders and laid her head on his chest.

The first kiss was light, almost — friendly. But the second was hot, with tongues slipping over each other. He was only a little surprised. The sex between them had always been great and, if he was honest with himself, he had to admit that he had missed her long legs and slender figure. Still, there is a small alarm that goes off at times like this, Afyon Escort Bayan so he broke the kiss and looked down at her.

“What’s the deal” he started to ask. She shushed him and they kissed again. Finally, she broke away and tugged him by the hand into the bedroom. Two suitcases sat before the closet door. She stopped beside the bed and came into his arms again. This time her hand slipped down to his half-hard cock and squeezed. He decided what the hell and got on board. After a couple more heated kisses she sank to her knees and expertly fished his now-raging cock out of his slacks. She started to suck with a will and a heated passion that he remembered from their days together. Her tongue pulled and rolled on the head of his cock, her teeth nipped excitingly and she juggled his balls on her fingertips as she used to do. After a couple of minutes she let her lips slip tightly off and said, “Don’t hold back . . . please!” He relaxed and in a few seconds shot a spurt of hot semen into her mouth. She backed off immediately and used his cock to spread it Escort Afyon on and around her face. He went off several more times and she caught it all on her lips and face. When it was over she rose from her knees and lay on the bed.

“There’s a Polaroid camera on the chest,” she said. “I want you to snap a couple of pictures of my face, please.”

The poor guy started to protest but she cut him off.

“Please! Just do it!”

So he did it. He took two close-ups of her cum-smeared face as she lay in the bed that she shared with her husband. When he was through she rose and went into the bathroom. He went back to the living room and waited. He heard her turn off the water then return to the bedroom. When she came into the living room she said, very calmly, “Can you help me get the suitcases down to the car? Jack will be home soon and I don’t want to be here when he comes.” The guy said nothing but followed her back to the bedroom. The bedside lamp was on now and the two Polaroid shots were propped against it.

He helped her take the suitcases and an overnight bag down to her car. She opened the driver’s door and turned to him. She kissed him softly on the mouth. “Thanks,” she said and smiled for the first time that afternoon. She caressed his cheek and slid into the car, started it and drove away.

He never saw her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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